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Shouldn't "whites" be correctly discriminated against in corona?

Shouldn't "white people" be correctly discriminated against in corona?


Discrimination and persecution related to coronaviruses is now widespread worldwide.

There is a concrete and wide-ranging summary of the situation.


"List of Incidents of Foreign Fear and Racism Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic"



That is the English version of Wikipedia article.

With Google Chrome, right-click → Translate to Japanese, but the translation is a bit rough, but anyone can read it in Japanese.

The contents are like this.


>> In France, after the new coronavirus was confirmed on January 24, 2020, a lot of harassment and discrimination against Asians occurred [41]. It is aimed at Asians such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino [42], and taxis and trains that refuse to board Chinese, Korean, Japanese have appeared [41] [43] ].

>> French newspaper Le Courrier Picard featured an Asian woman in a mask on the top page on January 26, 2020 with the heading "Yellow Alert".

>> On March 8, 2020, a Japanese restaurant in Rivoli, Turin, Piedmont, was targeted for arson by a teenager who teased his owner and called him an epidemic carrier. [191]


Not limited to the above, Wuhan and Africans in China, Chinese and infected people in Japan.

Discrimination, whether in the United States, Egypt, Africa or anywhere in the world, exists at all.

In a sense, it's almost equal. Under extreme circumstances, it is not uncommon for "weak" people to be able to keep themselves without creating enemies.


However, what I want to say is not a used phrase such as "Let's live kindly with philanthropy."

There is no objection to it. If the world can eliminate discrimination and prejudice, I naturally want it.

But what I felt was a big question before that. It can be called academic interest.


Chinese discriminate against Wuhan natives, Japanese discriminate against Chinese, and Europeans discriminate against Asians.

I see, there is a reason to that, considering the spread of coronavirus infection. "From what you see, what's dangerous is that area".

Roughly, it may be the result of thinking about "weak" people.


But here's the strange thing. Asians, Africans, yellows and blacks, they are discriminated against in many places around the world.

Frankly speaking, it's safe to say that blacks have little to do with the coronavirus. It's just that the original sense of discrimination has surfaced.

These ethnic groups and regions are equally discriminated against. It is a sense of discrimination that is based on fear but is incorrect but makes sense.


However. Then why isn't "white people" discriminated against?


From April to May, the coronavirus showed an explosive spread in the West.

In the ranking of the number of infected people in the world, the United States is alone, with 1.34 million people, accounting for more than a quarter of the total infected people of 402 million people as of May 10.

After the second place, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Brazil and France are followed, and each has more than 100,000 domestic cases.

Excluding Brazil, everything from 2nd to 7th is Europe. The word "Western Europe" is clearly the most dangerous coronavirus-contaminated area / infectious zone in the world.


However. Strangely enough, there is little talk that "white people, Europeans, and Americans are discriminated against in the world."

Of course it is not zero, but while looking for one "white discrimination", it is possible to find "Asian discrimination", "Black discrimination" and "Yellow discrimination".

It is said that what is currently expanding in the world is not the first wave from China, but the second wave from Europe, which is the pandemic.


With this, it is still understandable that the "white man" continues to do the right thing cleanly and correctly and has succeeded in corona countermeasures.

However, white people have continued to discriminate among Asians since the beginning of the spread.

In January and February, it was not uncommon to hear that Asians were already walking around in the country, calling them "Corona Corona."

By all means, white people are the incarnation of evil. It's not a good thing.


Regardless of the early stages of the epidemic, now that the "hotbed of corona infection" has moved there, it should be possible for white people to hate it.

Otherwise, it cannot be called "equal discrimination". As a result, it is wrong.



If you think about the reason here, after all, "targets are races / objects that originally had hostility",

The hypothesis may be that "there are restrictions on mobility and there are white Asian societies, but few non-white societies are white."

It must be interesting to study the area academically.


However, historically, I've seen that "white people" crusade various places with the Crusades and do all they can to the contrary.

I think that the trilingual diplomacy of Britain has created the situation in the Middle East, where terrorism is frequent nowadays, and has repeatedly carried out wrongdoing by repeatedly discriminating against blacks, Indians, and yellow races.

So, isn't it right here to try to discriminate against white people correctly?


Non-white society is a little too kind to "white people".

It was around this time today when I was thinking about that.










根拠となっているのは上記のChildren vs ClimateCrisisで「ドイツフランスブラジルアルゼンチントルコ非難して排出トップ中国非難しなかった」という話だが、この五カ国は「国連子どもの権利条約」の第三選択議定書権利侵害された子どもたちが国連に救済を求めることができるというもの)を批准しているからそれに則って名指しされているだけで、グレタはTwitterで「もちろん五カ国だけの問題ではない」とし、この第三選択議定書批准していない国として「中国アメリカサウジアラビアロシアなど」を挙げている。またグレタに影響を受けて気候変動問題活動をしている中国人の少女を紹介して応援してもいる。

もう一度; これは5か国(ドイツフランスブラジルアルゼンチントルコ)だけの話ではありません。











もう一度; これは5か国(ドイツフランスブラジルアルゼンチントルコ)だけの話ではありません。




Howey Ouは真のヒーローです。私たちみんながあなた応援しています

このHowey Ouというのは中国でグレタに影響されて気候変動対策活動を始めた少女らしい。





Good Thursday, How are you today? Thanks a lot of kind words to me in your letter,

telling me about your blog-I can't open-here very old computers!

I never travel to another countries,but dream.

I like comedy & romantic movies. what about you? I don't have boyfriend,here mostly all men at war.

I had a boyfriend,but he died at war 1,5 years ago.I will be happy to have family with kids & marry with man older than me.

Today no lessons in college,I write you letters from library,because no private computer at home.

I had before a small smartphone,but change it for food 5 month ago. Now we use old nokia together with mom,Ha-ha!

Soon I will finish institute. But here very hard to find any job,all from war here.I know about sushi from TV programs,

but never eat sushi,because sushi restaurants very expensive here.

I don't have boyfriend now,here all men at war.

I have good news: yesterday evening was stopped fire between Ukraine & Russia.

We have big hope that this time it will be true words from Presidents & peace will come,

Because this "stop war" was many times,but it was only words...

I want to tell you that from yesterday really was no hear shots, bombings.

But situation with electric, water & mostly with food still very, very hard. It is very difficult to sell something or to exchange for food, many have no money, and rich people left from Ukraine.

It's a pity that without meat, meat here terrible expensive long ago. When was no war we could buy meat, not often, but we could.But we are happy that we have some vegetables.

Usually here very cold winter, normally-25, - 30, much snow,now autumn +10.

I like to cook very much! Today, I will tell you how to cook borsch:take piece of beef to weld in water, then to cook there potatoes, carrots, cabbage,

it is a little haricot, then we add a little tomato paste, salt, parsley.

Give a borsch very hot with sour cream and garlic. Its very good for health hot dish & you not catch a cold.

Of course garlic isn't good for kisses, but when we will meet I cook borsch for us & we will eat garlic together & then could easy kiss...

May be on today will come my friend Maria.I send you summer photo with my friend Maria.

She lost family at war & have no possible to live in this hard war period,

I was invite her for dinner. I wish you happy, warm day.


{You're stupid. Yamato Nadeshiko has gone extinct}

I noticed that 10 years passed since I started writing blogs.

While the world is increasingly connected to NET and scarping the gap between those who have information and those who do not have it every day, I think that it is unhappy that violence due to concentration of wealth is increasingly increasing power.

It is "religion" that is surprisingly personally surviving.

A certain great scholar is said to have said that "Religion is a drug of the poor"

Now that mobile phones are spreading in countries called poorest countries and the Internet covers the world now

I want to wish that such common sense is another few years of life.

"Enlightenment" which is the difference between religious leader and believer is only a concept,

The fact that Islam society does not accept social advancement as much as treating women,

It does not match the present era.

I feel even dizzy to the extent of Americans who still do not believe in the theory of evolution,

I think that it is sick if you are watching Korea who is singing and saying that it is the place of origin of its own country keyy.

I welcome the fact that China, which is misunderstood as a nationwide all countries other than his country, is finally getting cold from a hangover,

I am impressed with Putin who is handling Russia brilliantly but vodka is about to expire soon.

President of the world's largest military superpower, Christians of discrimination will truly be overworked by esprit.

The door to World War III has been opening much more than I feel.

It might be a trial from Gaia against an overly populated population.


















False friendsとは(1)

False friendsとは、二つの外国語綴りが似ているが意味が違う単語のこと。特に世界中ほとんどで非英語話者は英語第一外国語として学習すると思うので、第二外国語を学ぶとき英語とのfalse friendsについて注意しないといけない。ここでは特に英語仏語について特に述べます

たとえば英単語 "library(ライブラリー)" は図書館だが、仏単語 "libraire(リブレール)" は本屋である仏語図書館はbibliothèque(ビブリオテーク)、逆に英語本屋は、もちろんbookstore。

この例から、false friends学習問題になることがわかると思う。そんなfalse friendsを挙げていこうムーブメント


Russia’s Putin rejects Trump dossier report as plot against ‘legitimacy’ of president-elect - The Washington Post

Trump dossierとは何かというと、アメリカCIAFBINSAによる「プーチンサーバー攻撃しかけた」という報告書のこと。つまり"dossier"は、英語では「調査捜査資料関係書類」という意味になるようだ。

この単語仏語にもあり・・・というよりは明らかに仏語発祥で、こちらでの意味は単に書類、つまりdossier (fr.) = file (en.)となる。しかしdossier (fr.) != dossier (en.)というわけ。


たとえばcommencer (fr.)は単に始まるを意味しstartやbeginと同じ程度だが、commence (en.)はめちゃくちゃ厳かな開始で、例えば戦争が始まるときとかに使うレベル










危険で荒っぽい運転とその結末である喧嘩事故Russia car crash, Russia road rage専売特許である

エレベータ事故、女の集団いじめ China elevator, China bully専売特許である




ロシアとの会談の成果はアベにとって屈辱的 -フィナンシャルタイムズが報じる

The plan for the two countries to work together on the archipelago marks a significant concession by Tokyo, which has spent more than 70 years refusing to acknowledge Russian sovereignty. But there was no obvious quid pro quo from Moscow.


But the summit and its outcome will be seen as something of a humiliation for the Japanese prime minister.

FT.com:Russia and Japan agree economic deal on disputed islands より












H=Hong Kong(香港)






N=Nepal(ネパール),New zealand(ニュージーランド),Netherlands(オランダ),Norway(ノルウェー)





S=Singapore(シンガポール),Sri Lanka(スリランカ),Saudi Arabia(サウジアラビア),South Korea(韓国),Switzerland(スイス),Spain(スペイン),Sweden(スウェーデン)


U=Uzbekistan(ウズベキスタン),United kingdom(イギリス)













カジノ・ロワイヤル Casino Royale (1953年

死ぬのは奴らだ Live and Let Die (1954年

ムーンレイカー Moonraker (1955年

ダイヤモンドは永遠に Diamonds Are Forever (1956年

ロシアから愛をこめて From Russia, With Love1957年映画版邦題は「ロシアより」であるが、小説は「ロシアからである

ドクター・ノオ Doctor No (1958年

ゴールドフィンガー Goldfinger (1959年

サンダーボール作戦 Thunderball (1961年

わたしを愛したスパイ The Spy Who Loved Me (1962年

女王陛下の007 On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1963年

007は二度死ぬ You Only Live Twice (1964年

黄金の銃を持つ男 The Man With the Golden Gun1965年映画版邦題は「黄金銃」であるが、小説は「黄金の銃」である


バラと拳銃 For Your Eyes Only (1960年) 旧邦題007号の冒険

バラと拳銃 From a View To A Kill

読後焼却すべし For Your Eyes Only

ナッソーの夜 Quantum of Solace

危険 Risico

珍魚ヒルデブラント The Hildebrand Rarity

オクトパシー Octopussy and the Living Daylights (1966年) 旧邦題007/ベルリン脱出

オクトパシー Octopussy

ベルリン脱出 The Living Daylights

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