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One thing that's being lost in all the talk of Russian logistical difficulties is the presence of and resistance of the Ukrainian army, both regular and reserve.

The narrative seems to have grown of late that the only reason the Russian forces aren't pushing forward faster and further is because of a lack of fuel for vehicles and food for its troops. This is exemplified by the discussion around "the column" north of Kyiv.

But that does a disservice in some respects to the thousands of Ukrainian troops fighting a bitter battle in front of the Russians. Yes, the supply problems are not helping Russia, but it's simply not the case that if they just had fuel they would be able to advance unhindered

There are many brigades holding the line around and inside Kyiv, providing a blocking force that is putting up a determined resistance to the Russian advances. This is not just scattered handfuls of SF and near partisan forces, this is several brigades of regular troops

Similarly, to the east of Kyiv there is something on the order of at least 8, and as many as 12-13 brigades, regular and reserve, holding a line that runs roughly to Kharkiv, down to the Donbas front, to Mariupol and back towards Zaporizhzhia.

That, arguably more so than logistic issues, is what has been holding the Russian tide back this long. Strung out their elements may be, but they're still providing a determined resistance across the majority of the front. The problem is for how long?

As much as they've been taking a toll on the Russians, they've been suffering casualties of their own, expending stocks of ammunition and losing critical equipment like tanks, artillery, and other armoured vehicles.

Even the Ukrainian defence ministry seems worried about the build up of Russian forces occuring in front of these positions and the fraility of their defensive line. Despite the stream of images of burning or captured Russian kit they've been advancing steadily this whole time

And while everyone focuses on Kyiv and the idea that the Russians are planning to storm the city block by block (which seems highly unlikely when they can just shell it to pieces from the outside), a lot of people have been missing the real danger in the east and south.

One area of interest is the Russian build up to the west of Kharkiv, which seems likely to result in a push towards Poltava and behind it, Kremenchuk, home to one of the few bridges across the Dnieper from there all the way south to Zaporizhzhia.

To the east of that, there is serious concern about a possible Russian thrust in the region around Izyum-Slovyansk-Severodonetsk, with the real risk of some Ukrainian forces being pocketed in the later

Equally as concerning, Russian forces have moved up to the area around Vasylivka-Orikhiv and are poised to move on Zaporizhzhia, which possesses the southern most bridge across the Dnieper available to the Ukrainians.

Not that this bridge doesn't need to be captured, nor even the city. The Russians merely have to get close enough to deny its use through artillery and direct fire as a supply route to their forces in the east.

This leaves the many brigades operating east of Kharkiv (possibly as many as 8) in a dire situation, where the only line of communication to the west of the Dnieper for all the brigades would be in the Dnipro/Kamianske region.

If they wait too late to try and make a break for the bridges, this will involve a running battle with the Russians across some pretty good tank country, with multiple Ukrainian brigades having to bunch together and cram themselves across four or five bridges in the region

To make matters worse, Mariupol is not expected to be able to hold for more than another four or five days, after which the forces surrounding it will be free to join the offensive north. In short, things are getting a bit dicey in the east.

They're not much better in the south, with Russian forces closing around Mykolaiv. The defenders are putting up a brave resistance, but inexorably being pushed back. Russian forces have already pushed on to the north and reached the area around Voznesens'k.

Here again they're facing fierce resistance as the Ukrainians fight to protect the next bridge across the Pivdennyi Buh river, but again the Russian advance keeps grinding on.

The latter course actually seems more likely as a force attacking Odesa more directly would be left miles from friendly forces and dependent on over the beach supply lines, whereas an attack just behind Mykolaiv would help support the assault there and be closer to friendlies

But then the Russians have not been averse to surprising us with some of their odd operational choices, so who knows, maybe they will go for the jewel that is Odesa and its port in one go?

And again, herein lies part of the problem with the Kyiv narrative, and the idea that victory will be defined by the capture or not of the capital. If Odesa falls and the Russians secure the entire southern coast line, that is a major problem for Ukraine and its economy

Obviously, I mean outside of the war itself, thinking ahead to the potential peace. If Russia maintains control of all these areas in a negotiation then they basically have Ukraine by the balls, so to speak. This in many ways is far more important than Kyiv

Thus I think we need to temper our expectations. The Ukrainians have done brilliantly, better than almost anyone expected, but we're gradually creeping towards the decisive moment and none of that has much to do with what's happening around the capital.

Slow Russian progress there is encouraging and that's helping to keep aid corridors open to the east, but I fear people are putting far too much emphasis on it just because it's the biggest city and the centre of government. Russia doesn't need to seize Kyiv to "win"

The fights in the south and east are far more important in the grand scheme of things, and unfortunately those seem to be the ones the Russians are winning, albeit it slowly. If the east in particular collapses, that frees up an enormous number of Russian men and equipment

Men and guns that can be shifted west and south, to Kyiv and/or Odesa as required. It's a grim outlook I'm afraid, but I wish the Ukrainian defenders the very best of luck. It's possible they can still carry the day, but it looks like it might take some kind of miracle 😞 /end





『はじけりゃYea! 素直にGood! だからちょいと重いのは Boo!』


同じアイドル…というかアニメアイドルだけどアイカツ!シリーズの初代トップアイドル神崎美月が歌う「Move on now!」もラップ調ではじまるんだけど


強気Move ハートKiss このまま未来も変えれそう』



『はじけりゃ Yea! 素直に Good!このまま未来も変えれそう』


私はアイカツオタクなためツイッターでちょくちょく「強気MoveハートKiss明日ポイント5倍デー」とか呟いては「Move on now構文」と言っていたんだけど嵐サクラップ構文として「はじけりゃ Yea! 素直に Good!明日ポイント5倍デー」って言ってもいいし都々逸っぽく楽しめそうだなって思った。他にも面白い言い回し探したいな。





強気Move ハートKiss このまま勉強がんばれそう!



WSL 2インストールドキュメント

今日Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2)関連の記事を読んで、そういえばWSL 2をまだインストールしていないことを思い出した。数か月前にWSL 2をインストールしようとしたものの、何かの理由で中断したのだ。改めて


を少し読んでその理由を思い出した。手順1でMicrosoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux 機能有効にするとき

ここで、手順 2 に進み、WSL 2 に更新することをお勧めしますが、WSL 1 のみをインストールする場合は、マシン再起動 して、「手順 6 - 選択した Linux ディストリビューションインストールする」に進むことができます。 WSL 2 に更新するには、マシン再起動を待ってから、次の手順に進みます

再起動必要になるが、次いで手順3でもVirtualMachinePlatform 機能有効にしてまた再起動必要だという。2回も再起動が要るのか、と億劫になって後回しにしたのだった。

しかしその時も思ったのだが、どうも手順1の日本語が妙だ。WSL 1をインストールするときにはマシン再起動。WSL 2に更新するときマシン再起動。どちらにしろ再起動必要なら、こんな書き方をする必要はない。「ここで、再起動します。WSL 1のみインストールする場合は手順6に、WSL 2の場合は手順2に進みます」のようになるはずだ。


To update to WSL 2, wait to restart your machine and move on to the next step.

となっている。この英文だけからでは私の英語力ではどう解釈すべきか自信がなかったが、そもそも手順1と手順3の機能有効化はWindows + X キー→「アプリ機能」→「プログラム機能」→「Windows機能有効化と無効化」の設定を変更する操作と思われる。このダイアログで2か所変更したいとなったとき、1個変更してマシン再起動してから、残りの一つを変更してまた再起動する必要があるだろうか?いや、ない。ということから、先の英文でのwait to restart は「マシン再起動を行い、それが終わるのを待つ」ではなく「マシン再起動を思い止まる。再起動しない。」の意味と思われる。

※ ひょっとすると「マシン再起動を待ってから、次の手順に進みます。」を、私は第一感では再起動すると解釈したが、再起動しないと解釈する人が多いのかもしれない。であれば、私の国語力不足だ。

ウェブ上の辞書でwait to ~ を調べると、大体はcan't wait to ~ で「待ちきれない、すぐにでもやる」という意味を大きく載せていた。また、手元のジーニアス英和辞典第4版を引いたが、「思い止まる、~しない」という意味ははっきりとは載っていなかった。あまりない用例なのかもしれない。

このWSL 2のインストールドキュメント機械翻訳ではなく人の手によるものと思うのだが(最近翻訳技術の向上はすごいらしいので断言はできないが)、翻訳する人もなかなか大変だなと思った次第。

そして、この文章を書くのに疲れたので、WSL 2のインストールはまた後回しになりそうだ。CentOSインストールしようと思っていたが何やらサポートが終わるらしいので、ゆっくり候補を考えようと思う。












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・7 ニ 第174話 私のMove on now!

神崎美月はやっぱ最強やな!と思わず評価する回でもある。あの時アイドルを志したのはいちごだけじゃないんやな、どれほど影響力あるんや美月さん…SHINING LINE*強過ぎやろ…。



・8 捕 第97話 秘密手紙と見えない星





・9 投 第16・17話 ドッキドキ!! スペシャルライブ PART1/PART2



そんないちご応援するあお蘭おとめにそれを近くで見守るジョニー先生があったかいんや……;; アイカツ!という作品は人の想いで出来てるんやなぁ…。




楽園こちら側」の「事実に誠意を」をほぼdeepLで翻訳してみた その2


12 Dr. Hiroshi Nishiura is one of the few professionals of mathematical models of infectious diseases in Japan, and it is well known that his ability is outstanding. However, many people don't understand mathematical models themselves (I must confess that I can't say that I understand all of the findings because I'm not a professional of mathematical models either), so his findings and comments are easily deified. Because the contents of the mathematical model are a complete black box to many people, it makes it seem like the oracle is coming out like a shrine's oracle. Much of Japan's infection control policy relies on the Nishiura theory. So there is nothing wrong with that, but one of the problems in Japan is that there is no plan B in case plan A goes bust. Dr. Nishiura is an excellent scholar. It is not God. Hence the need to have that Plan B with the possibility of making a mistake. I am greatly concerned that bureaucrats and politicians who are prone to infallibilism will mistake science for an oracle. It is only when falsifiability is assured that science can continue to be scientific.


13 数理モデル演繹法活用産物である演繹法帰納法アブダクションで補完するのが、学問の基本であり、臨床医学常識である演繹法的にどんなに正しく見えても実はそれは違っていた、ということはこの業界ではよくあることなのだ。ヘーゲルマルクスのような巨大な知性でも演繹法オンリーでは間違うのである

Mathematical models are the product of deductive methods. The deductive method is complemented by the inductive or abduction method, which is the basis of scholarship and the common sense of clinical medicine. It's a common occurrence in this industry that no matter how deducibly correct it may seem, it's actually not true. Even a huge intellect like Hegel or Marx can make a mistake by deduction alone.


14 モデルを使うな、といっているのでは決してない。ぼく自身モデルを用いて論文を書く。しかし、モデル無謬ではなく、そこには前提である仮定があり、仮定はしばしば間違っている。グラム染色活用するとは、グラム染色にできないこと、分からないことを知悉していることであり、グラム染色万能論者にグラム染色は使えない。同じことだ。英国でも数理モデル活用されているが、だからこそ英国人はその結語には非常に懐疑的で、常に反論異論が起きている。健全科学的な態度である

 I'm not saying don't use the model at all. I myself write a paper using a model. However, the model is not infallible, there are assumptions that are assumptions, and the assumptions are often wrong. Making use of Gram's stain means having full knowledge of what Gram's stain cannot do and does not understand, and Gram's stain cannot be used by Gram's stain universalists. It's the same thing. Mathematical models are also utilized in the UK, which is why Brits are very sceptical of their conclusions, and there are always counter-arguments and objections. It is a sound and scientific attitude.

感想:「前提たる仮定」がうまく訳せていなかったので「前提である仮定」にしたが、assumptions that are assumptionsになってしまった。


15 Japan's "now" is a well-controlled state of infection, which is much better than Wuhan at its worst, or Italy, Spain, France, England, or New York at the present time. The problem is that it doesn't guarantee that it will "always work".


16 懸念されるのは東京だ。感染報告が増えたことだけが問題なのではない。クラスター形成できない、トレースできない感染者が増えているのが問題である。そして、その陽性患者数に比べて検査数がずっと少ない。47人の感染者を捕捉するために100人未満(陽性者の検査日が不明だが、おそらくこのへんだろう)しか検査していないのは少なすぎる。

It is Tokyo that is of concern. The increase in reports of infection is not the only problem. The problem is that more and more infected people are unable to form clusters and cannot be traced. And the number of tests is much lower than that number of positive cases; it's too little that they only tested less than 100 people (the date of testing for the positives is unknown, but it's probably around here) to capture 47 infected people.

Again, it's not necessary to figure out all the infected people. However, it is troubling that the flow of infection, movement and clusters are out of sight. Therefore, the threshold for testing must be lowered in Tokyo. The threshold for testing varies with the circumstances. That's what I explained with the Korean example. Sticking to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "standards" will lead to a misunderstanding of the phenomenon itself. Already in the Kansai region, infected people have been found with taste and smell abnormalities, and clusters have been detected from there. I would like to make more use of the athletic sensibilities of these clinicians. I'm not sure "where" in Tokyo is the barrier to lowering the number of inspections, but that barrier needs to be removed immediately.



17 This conceptual diagram that everyone is looking at - lowering the peak of the infection and shifting it to the side. This is all a product of deduction, and I don't know if it's really true. As mentioned above, the UK estimates already suggest that this is not enough. It is possible that the damage that was shifted to the side could simply be "extra-long damage".


18  そして、ここが肝心なのだが、ピークを下げるという理念が、「ピークを下げなければいけない」という観念になり、「ピークは下がっているはずだ」という確信になり、「ピークは起きていないんだ」という自己暗示に転じてはいけないということだ。プランAに固執する日本あるあるの失敗のパターンで、ダイヤモンドプリンセスでは「二次感染が起きてはいけない」が「起きているはずがない」に転じてノーガード下船を許してしまった。「ピークが起きてはいけない」が「ピークなんて見たくない」にならないように現実を見据える必要がある。たとえ、それが我々の見たくない不都合な真実であったとしても。

And this is the key point: the idea of lowering the peak should not become the notion that the peak must be lowered, or the belief that the peak must be lowered, or the self-implication that the peak is not happening. In a pattern of Japanese failure to stick to Plan A, Diamond Princess allowed no-guard disembarkation by changing "secondary infection should not occur" to "it can't have happened". We need to keep our eyes on reality so that "peak shouldn't happen" doesn't become "I don't want to see a peak. Even if it is an inconvenient truth that we don't want to see.



19 Repeatedly. It's common knowledge in this industry that deductive methods are complemented by inductive methods. Nevertheless, PCR is often false-negative and has little power to determine the status of infection. That's why "testing everything" is so wrong. However, a serum test measuring immunoglobulin IgM and IgG would provide a more accurate picture of the "status of infection in the population. This, however, is not infallible. It is difficult to use for individual cases because it misses early infection, which is why it misses early HIV infection.Whether antibody testing is useful in individual cases remains to be tested, but it is well suited for epidemiological studies on a population basis. Roughly speaking, we can confirm whether the "infection is rampant" in Tokyo right now, or whether it's just an unfounded fear.


As a precedent, serology tests in London showed that the 2009 pandemic flu was 10 times more likely than previously predicted. Antibody testing is often performed after an outbreak, but now is a good time to examine COVID-19, which is becoming a chronic pandemic.


20 英国さらアグレッシブだ。家庭で抗体検査を行い、「感染である」とわかればそれを自宅での自己隔離根拠に使おうというのだ。ロックダウンが起きている中で、検査陰性は「自己隔離不要」を意味しないため、その戦略に欠陥はある。が、考え方としては「感染全体を抑え込みたい」というもので、検討価値はあると思う。

The UK is even more aggressive. The idea is to test for antibodies at home, and if they are found to be infected, they will use it as a basis for self-isolation at home. That strategy is flawed because with the lockdown in place, a negative test does not mean "no self-sequestration". However, the idea is that we want to control the infection as a whole, and I think it is worth considering.


21 東京でどのくらいの感染が起きているか帰納法確認必要であり、有用だ。その結果がどうなるかは預言者ではないぼくには分からない。が、どんな結果が出てきても、それを受け入れ、場合によっては自説を変えて、プランBに移行することにも躊躇しない態度が科学者には必要だ。科学者は、首尾一貫していないことにかけて、首尾一貫していなければならないのだ。形式においては首尾一貫していなくても、プリンシプルプロフェッショナリズムにおいて一貫しなければならないのだ。事実に誠意を。 

Inductive legal confirmation of how many infections are occurring in Tokyo is necessary and useful. I'm not a prophet, so I don't know what the outcome will be.However, no matter what the outcome, scientists need to accept it and not hesitate to change their thesis and move on to Plan B in some cases. Scientists have to be coherent in their inconsistencies.They may not be coherent in form, but they must be coherent in principles and professionalism. Good faith in the facts. 





ダークナイトライジング字幕を考える【the dark knight rises】



この映画テーマmove on(先に進む)と言っていい。前作で人生の唯一の救いであ婚約者(仮)が吹き飛んだことでブルースは失意に暮れる。

その中で、"move on"という単語が何度も出てくる。

最初ブレイクが、みんな孤児move onというがそれは無理だ、という文脈。ここで字幕ではこの訳は消滅している。確かに、この部分だけなら不要だ。削っても理解できる。

二度目はアルフレッドブルースに言う場面。そろそろ"先に進んで"くださいと言った部分。ここでは字幕でもmove onが強調される。

三度目はアルフレッドが去るシーン。ブルースの口からmove onという表現が使われる。ここでも対訳はなし。洞窟から出る のみが字幕として現れる。

で、実際のストーリーとしては死の恐怖を再び感じ始めたブルース奈落から"rise"して、その結果、move onできるようになったため、爆発の前に脱出して自分人生を生き始めた、ということになる。








「じゃカーティス・メイフィールドの『MOVE ON UP』をお願いします」とリクエストしたところ






Purchasing a Photos Occupation

Like any job from where the pathway is often a difficult an individual, a very important attribute you must have got is normally dedication to ensure success. If you agree perhaps nice becoming a specialist photography, nevertheless there are actually other occupations you might equally end up being completely happy throughout, really don't go for digital photography!

Hence, considering it is a career way you will completely ought to carry out, which inturn course may be for you?

Symbol photos

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Your way during the occupation relies all the about your current disposition like your own skill : if you customize your career further development to be able to which you can be, you will see increasing your current skills really pleasant.


















move on するために、指針となりうる情報(けっこうマジメなの)を求めてネット図書館徘徊してみた。







彼をget overするノウハウって、それを真正面から取り扱ったモンってどれだけあんだろうか。




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