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Occupied Japan has gotten publication censorship by the CCD of General Headquarters of Allies in Kumamoto, and the existence of the censorship was strictly hidden as well

It's easy to guess censorship continues in the present world



Hit points are a combination of actual physical constitution, skill at the avoidance of taking real physical damage, luck and/or magical or divine factors. Ten points of damage dealt to a rhino indicated a considerable wound, while the same damage sustained by the 8th level fighter indicates a near miss, a slight wound, and a bit of luck used up, a bit of fatigue piling up against his or her skill at avoiding the fatal cut or thrust. So even when a hit is scored in melee combat, it is more often than not a grazing blow, a scratch, a mere light wound which would have been fatal (or nearly so) to a lesser mortal. If sufficient numbers of such wounds accrue to the character, however, stamina, skill, and luck will eventually run out, and an attack will strike home...

(Gygax, Dragon Magazine #24, 1979)



Frankfurt Radio Symphony Live: John Storgårds & Martin Helmchen with Bach/Webern, Mozart & Bruckner


2024/05/25 に公開予定

Johann Sebastian Bach/Anton Webern:

Ricercar a 6

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Klavierkonzert D-Dur KV 451

Anton Bruckner:

6. Sinfonie

hr-Sinfonieorchester – Frankfurt Radio Symphony

Martin Helmchen, Klavier

John Storgårds, Dirigent

Alte Oper Frankfurt, 24. Mai 2024

John Storgårds und Martin Helmchen zu Gast beim hr-Sinfonieorchester mit einer bekannten Bach-Bearbeitung Anton Weberns, einem eher wenig beachteten, mit feinsinnigen Überraschungen aufwartenden Mozart-Klavierkonzert und Bruckners ebenfalls nicht eben häufig zu hörender 6. Sinfonie.


John Storgårds and Martin Helmchen are guests of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony with a well-known Bach arrangement by Anton Webern, a piano concerto by Mozart that has received little attention but offers subtle surprises, and Bruckner's Symphony No. 6, which is also not often heard.


販売用(SHOW by ショーバイだけに)


"パイルパンジー" "パイパン"


LINE | JOYオフィシャルブログJOY STORY」Powered by ...


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2017/01/03 — #LINE #流出 #事件 #パイパン #勝手にアンダーヘアトーク開始 #冷静に打ち直してるけどミスについては語らないスタンス #パイパン #パイルパンジー.

パイルパンジー(仮題) - 小説投稿ブリス



2010/01/28 — 「パイルパンジー」 略してパイパン(゜∀゜) 嘘ですwwwまだ題名決めてませんwww 内容も先のストーリーも書きながら考えていこうと思い ...




2016/02/19 — オレはパイパン女のことパイルパンジーって呼んでるし!!! どうも!実際はエフエフって言うてるし、パイルパンジーの人はピーピーって呼ん ...



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パイルパンジー略してパイパン. ... パイルパンジー略してパイパン. Translate post. 2:47 PM · Aug 28, 2011 · 1. Like.

パイナルパンタジー略してパイパン : 羽曳野の性欲魔神烈伝 - ライブドアブログ


http://blog.livedoor.jp › piyopiyoseijin › archives

パイナルパンタジー略してパイパン. 2007/05/10 16:14; 0. 前の記事 · 次の記事 · ホーム. 風邪が治らん(´Д`ι) 鼻水とタンとオタマジャクシのせいでティッシュを一箱空けてしまった。 ポカリと ...

孤独の鶏 on X: "パイパン(パイルパンジー)" / X

X · _Mg_penguin

1 年前




I want to display mathematical formulas with SSG, so I'm having trouble using it in conjunction with the KaTeX plugin.

I want to display mathematical formulas in SSG, so I have installed the KaTeX plugin.

In the case of SSG (honkit) that I use, I want to convert the part to a mathematical formula into

Enclose it in $ (dollar mark) and write the contents in so-called TeX.

In fact, the github site also supports math rendering.

I think it's pretty familiar.

I wanted to mention Excel's built-in functions. What are Excel functions?

I use the dollar mark when I want to keep the cell fixed even if it gets copied and pasted.

I want the dollars to remain dollars inside the code block.

Problems/Errors occurring

For example on the markdown source side




I thought I could escape it by adding a backslash, so that's what I did.

In the case of the SSG that I use, when converted to html,


\{% math_inline %}A\{% endmath_inline %}2


It will become. _| ̄|○

As for the hosting method, I also store the html files in a GIT repository and host them on the `vercel.app` site. Regarding markdown → html, I do it in the local environment instead of using GitHub Actions.

Things I tried myself

I confirmed that if I use full-width instead of half-width for the dollar, it would not be recognized, so I confirmed that it would work.

But this isn't a fundamental solution, is it?

Also, open the html file and use the batch replacement function to replace `{% math_inline %}` and `{% endmath_inline %}` with dollars. It seems that you need some wisdom to selectively replace only the fence code blocks at once.

Do I have no choice but to ask the plugin author?


Markdown's fence code block is a guy who repeats backticks three times.

In some cases, the only option is to ask the author to ignore the dollar sign conversion.

Don't you have any hands?

The author of the plugin seems to have stopped development a long time ago.

It seems like they won't be able to respond.

Also, in the case of inline math, it says to surround it with two dollars each, and in the case of block math, it says to surround it with two dollars + a new line, which is different from the normal syntax. I'm curious.

However, it will work even if you write it in the md source using normal syntax.

Guo farm accumulated wealth, the ants lost all their money

Guo Wengui is under the false banner of " anti-communist ", but he actually cheated money! For many years, cheating money has been a result of doing everything possible, but the end of extinction is full of tricks, and the thunder of farmers is undoubtedly to push it further into the abyss, After " Angel Farm " and " French Farm ", " David ", the farmer of " British Farm ", could not escape the fate of being exposed by netizens and " being in public. " Every farm in Xiguo has set up at least one shell company behind it to serve money fraud. Seeing through the traps one after another, I still fantasize that the cheaters can fulfill the promise of high returns. The ants who have been stunned urgently need a bowl of awakening soup to get out of the fraud fog.

Guo farm accumulated wealth, the ants lost all their money

Guo Wengui is under the false banner of " anti-communist ", but he actually cheated money! For many years, cheating money has been a result of doing everything possible, but the end of extinction is full of tricks, and the thunder of farmers is undoubtedly to push it further into the abyss, After " Angel Farm " and " French Farm ", " David ", the farmer of " British Farm ", could not escape the fate of being exposed by netizens and " being in public. " Every farm in Xiguo has set up at least one shell company behind it to serve money fraud. Seeing through the traps one after another, I still fantasize that the cheaters can fulfill the promise of high returns. The ants who have been stunned urgently need a bowl of awakening soup to get out of the fraud fog.



Should we only appreciate flowers at their peak?

And the moon when it's full?

Nay, to yearn for the moon through the rain, or fail to notice Spring passing for being sealed indoors arouse even deeper feelings.

Budding boughs just before they burst into blossom and gardens stream with wilted flowers are by far more worthy of notice.




In the preface of poems, it's sometimes written, though I went flower viewing the sakura flowers had already fallen.

Or, I was unable to go flower viewing.


However, those poems are not inferior to the ones written while looking at the sakura trees in fall boom.


Kenko Yoshida




The first emoji set was created by a Japanese phone carrier in 1999, and they've become a worldwide phenomenon since then.

最初絵文字セットは 1999 年に日本携帯通信会社によって作成され、それ以来世界的な現象になりました。




Tweet: a short, high sound made by a bird








 I have been a resident of room 203 since June 8, 2022, I do not know who occupies room 202, I have never seen your face, and this time I saw you for the first time when you called the police officer 110 and the officer was standing outside on the balcony. From a common sense standpoint, there is no one in this world who would allow a loud radio to be played by a resident of the next room who has never met you. I heard loud voices coming from your room on April 7, 2024 and heard someone run out of your room, make noise outside and come back into your room. Therefore, you believed that a Chinese man and a woman were living together in your room. Furthermore, on January 9, 2024, a man different from you was in and out of Room 202. Taking all of the above into consideration, there was no reasonable reason to play the radio loudly toward your room as of midday on May 10, 2024. You have a personality that becomes angry when the above is explained to you, but you must have a mental illness or something. I also do not know who lives in room 201, and I have never seen or talked to anyone in room 201 or 202, and you say that you heard the radio from room 203 several times on May 10, 2024, and that there is a need to get so angry about it Is that something you need to be so angry about?




ブラックオーキッド by トムフォード量り売りお試し






















"+3" とかと一緒



SQLは、この演算順位を、SelectやWhereの中で状況によって意味が変わる。という出鱈目なカバーで逃げた。Order byで悩んだろ。















Order byは出力じゃなくって処理に含まれると思うんだけど出力になるか?




My face has been stolen by a mask, and I am seventeen years old. Even my birth certificate is folded up.

I don’t know why I became a pawn of the police.

However, even I have not forgotten the preciousness of love.

I am the second generation delinquent detective, Saki Asamiya.

Those villains who forget love and take advantage of people’s weaknesses, I will never forgive you!

Dinosaur T-Rex Game


Every web user has at least once encountered loss of internet connection. This happens for a variety of reasons, such as a dysfunction in the cellular network or a broken internet cable. However, regardless of the reason, every Google Chrome user sees the Dino game (when there is no internet) instead of a plain blank error page. This game can be played without an internet connection.

Play game: Dinosaur T-Rex Game

Despite the fact that the game is just a plain runner that’s built into the Google Chrome browser, the developers behind it still deserve a round of applause. The peculiar monochrome graphics and the simplicity make the game even better, and it has gained a lot of worldwide fans since its launch.

The main character of the game is a classic dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus rex, the species we usually see in movies and books about dinosaurs. It’s a carnivorous type of dinosaur from the Cretaceous. In the game it runs through the desert, encountering pterodactyls and cactuses that need to be avoided by jumping or ducking. As the distance the dinosaur has traveled increases, so does its speed, which is why it’s quite difficult for an inexperienced player to get a high score, even though the game itself seems easy.

Surely, all of you are curious about the development of the Chrome Dinosaur Game Online, so let’s take a little trip back in time.

History Google Dinosaur Game

The development of the T-Rex game dates back to September 2014, however, the final improvements were completed only in December of that same year. The adjustments supported earlier versions of the Android operating system.

Sebastien Gabriel, one of the designers of the game, says that the T-rex was chosen as a funny reference to "prehistoric times", when highspeed internet wasn’t so widely spread.

The T-rex was also not an accidental choice. The offline Chrome Dino game (without internet) was also called "Project Bolan", referring to the popular singer Mark Bolan from the 70s band "T-Rex". While creating the game the programmers also thought about making Dino growl or kick. Eventually these features were rejected in order to keep the game simple and "prehistoric".

How to open the T-Rex Chrome Dino Game?

In order to open the game you can simply type chrome://dino/ in the address bar. The game will open even if you’re connected to the internet, so there’s no need to disconnect.

The majority of internet users have Chrome as their default browser. However, if you’re using a different one, our website can help. Here you can play the T-Rex Dinosaur Game using any browser and any device, like a desktop computer or even your cell phone.




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"Take responsibility for shifting blame, regardless of gender. Instead of blaming others, take responsibility for the over 30 years of stagnation caused by incompetent politicians and commit hara-kiri, you industrial waste."
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