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  Given a circular arrangement of r0, ns “ t0, 1, . . . , nu, we define a k-chord to be

a (possibly degenerate) chord whose (possibly equal) endpoints add up to k. We say that three

chords of a circle are aligned if one of them separates the other two. Say that m ě 3 chords

are aligned if any three of them are aligned. For instance, in Figure 1, A, B, and C are aligned,

while B, C, and D are not.

ABCDB ACDE0 nu vtn − t

Figure 1 Figure 2

Claim. In a beautiful arrangement, the k–chords are aligned for any integer k.

Proof. We proceed by induction. For n ď 3 the statement is trivial. Now let n ě 4, and proceed

by contradiction. Consider a beautiful arrangement S where the three k–chords A, B, C are not

aligned. If n is not among the endpoints of A, B, and C, then by deleting n from S we obtain

a beautiful arrangement Sztnu of r0, n ´ 1s, where A, B, and C are aligned by the induction

hypothesis. Similarly, if 0 is not among these endpoints, then deleting 0 and decreasing all the

numbers by 1 gives a beautiful arrangement Szt0u where A, B, and C are aligned. Therefore

both 0 and n are among the endpoints of these segments. If x and y are their respective partners,

we have n ě 0 ` x “ k “ n ` y ě n. Thus 0 and n are the endpoints of one of the chords; say it

is C.

Let D be the chord formed by the numbers u and v which are adjacent to 0 and n and on the

same side of C as A and B, as shown in Figure 2. Set t “ u`v. If we had t “ n, the n–chords A,

B, and D would not be aligned in the beautiful arrangement Szt0, nu, contradicting the induction

hypothesis. If t ă n, then the t-chord from 0 to t cannot intersect D, so the chord C separates t

and D. The chord E from t to n´t does not intersect C, so t and n´t are on the same side of C.

But then the chords A, B, and E are not aligned in Szt0, nu, a contradiction. Finally, the case

t ą n is equivalent to the case t ă n via the beauty-preserving relabelling x ÞÑ n´x for 0 ď x ď n,

which sends t-chords to p2n ´ tq–chords. This proves the Claim.

Having established the Claim, we prove the desired result by induction. The case n “ 2 is

trivial. Now assume that n ě 3. Let S be a beautiful arrangement of r0, ns and delete n to obtain

34 IMO 2013 Colombia

the beautiful arrangement T of r0, n ´ 1s. The n–chords of T are aligned, and they contain every

point except 0. Say T is of Type 1 if 0 lies between two of these n–chords, and it is of Type 2

otherwise; i.e., if 0 is aligned with these n–chords. We will show that each Type 1 arrangement

of r0, n´ 1s arises from a unique arrangement of r0, ns, and each Type 2 arrangement of r0, n´ 1s arises from exactly two beautiful arrangements of r0, ns.

If T is of Type 1, let 0 lie between chords A and B. Since the chord from 0 to n must be

aligned with A and B in S, n must be on the other arc between A and B. Therefore S can be

recovered uniquely from T. In the other direction, if T is of Type 1 and we insert n as above,

then we claim the resulting arrangement S is beautiful. For 0 ă k ă n, the k–chords of S are also

k–chords of T, so they are aligned. Finally, for n ă k ă 2n, notice that the n–chords of S are

parallel by construction, so there is an antisymmetry axis ℓ such that x is symmetric to n´x with

respect to ℓ for all x. If we had two k–chords which intersect, then their reflections across ℓ would

be two p2n ´ kq-chords which intersect, where 0 ă 2n ´ k ă n, a contradiction.

If T is of Type 2, there are two possible positions for n in S, on either side of 0. As above, we

check that both positions lead to beautiful arrangements of r0, ns.

Hence if we let Mn be the number of beautiful arrangements of r0, ns, and let Ln be the number

of beautiful arrangements of r0, n ´ 1s of Type 2, we have

Mn “ pMn´1 ´ Ln´1q ` 2Ln´1 “ Mn´1 ` Ln´1.

It then remains to show that Ln´1 is the number of pairs px, yq of positive integers with x`y “ n

and gcdpx, yq “ 1. Since n ě 3, this number equals ϕpnq “ #tx : 1 ď x ď n, gcdpx, nq “ 1u.

To prove this, consider a Type 2 beautiful arrangement of r0, n ´ 1s. Label the positions

0, . . . , n ´ 1 pmod nq clockwise around the circle, so that number 0 is in position 0. Let fpiq be

the number in position i; note that f is a permutation of r0, n ´ 1s. Let a be the position such

that fpaq “ n ´ 1.

Since the n–chords are aligned with 0, and every point is in an n–chord, these chords are all

parallel and

fpiq ` fp´iq “ n for all i.

Similarly, since the pn´1q–chords are aligned and every point is in an pn´1q–chord, these chords

are also parallel and

fpiq ` fpa ´ iq “ n ´ 1 for all i.

Therefore fpa ´ iqfp´iq ´ 1 for all i; and since fp0q “ 0, we get

fp´akq “ k for all k. (1)

Recall that this is an equality modulo n. Since f is a permutation, we must have pa, nq “ 1. Hence

Ln´1 ď ϕpnq.

To prove equality, it remains to observe that the labeling (1) is beautiful. To see this, consider

four numbers w, x, y, z on the circle with w ` y “ x ` z. Their positions around the circle satisfy

p´awq ` p´ayq “ p´axq ` p´azq, which means that the chord from w to y and the chord from

x to z are parallel. Thus (1) is beautiful, and by construction it has Type 2. The desired result



Whole grains" such as brown rice and barley rice improve diabetes, sleep, and depression


Mental health Lifestyle Diet

 Eating "whole grains" such as whole grain bread, brown rice, sprouted brown rice, millet rice, and barley rice lowers the risk of diabetes and obesity.

 Studies have also shown that a whole grain eating style can improve sleep and prevent depression.

Not All Carbohydrates Are Created Equal

 Choosing the right carbohydrates and adjusting the amount of carbohydrates you eat is the best approach to controlling diabetes. Of the three macronutrients, carbohydrates are the ones that have the most immediate impact on blood sugar, so we need to be careful about how we consume them.

 Eating refined flour or white rice, for example, may contain the same amount of carbohydrates, but because they contain less fiber, they are absorbed more quickly, leading to an increase in postprandial blood glucose." For diabetics who need to control their blood sugar, the recommendation is whole grains," says Carla Duenas.

 Duenas is a dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, a clinical care network with seven hospitals in the U.S. state of Florida. She stresses, "To achieve a healthy diet, whole grains should be included in the diet, along with high-quality protein, vegetables, and fruits."

Related Information

What to do about diabetic staples? '50-55% carbs' is healthiest

Not a fan of brown rice? Glutinous brown rice can help.

Wakame seaweed suppresses postprandial blood glucose spike Lower GI of white rice

Replace white rice with brown rice

 Whole grains are grains that have not had their hulls, seed skins, embryos, or endosperm removed by processing such as milling.

 Many studies have shown that a diet rich in whole grains reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease more than a diet rich in refined grains.

 Familiar whole grains include foods such as bread, pasta, and oatmeal made from whole wheat grains, brown rice, sprouted brown rice, millet rice, and barley rice containing barley.

 Brown rice is a whole grain and rich in fiber. Although whole grains are not necessarily the best choice, replacing white rice with brown rice is recommended for people with diabetes or obesity," Duenas advises.

You get the fiber you tend to lack.

 Carbohydrates can be divided into simple carbohydrates, which raise blood glucose levels quickly, and complex carbohydrates, which raise them slowly. Simple carbohydrates are those found in sweets and fruits, while complex carbohydrates are those found in grains, potatoes, beans, and other foods.

 Complex carbohydrates take longer to be absorbed and raise blood glucose levels at a slower rate because they are broken down into simple carbohydrates before being digested and absorbed.

 Complex carbohydrates are "healthy carbohydrates. Whole grains such as unrefined flour and brown rice have properties similar to complex carbohydrates. They are rich in nutrients that are often lacking, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are lost during the refining process," Duenas points out.

Refined carbohydrates can also cause insomnia.

 Thirty percent of adults suffer from insomnia, and part of the cause may be dietary style. Refined carbohydrates may increase the risk of insomnia in women, according to a study.

 The study showed that postmenopausal women who eat junk foods and soft drinks, especially those high in carbohydrates, are more likely to develop insomnia.

 Conversely, women who consume more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables have a decreased risk of insomnia.

 The study was conducted by James Ganwish and colleagues from the Bagelos School of Medicine at Columbia University in the United States.

77,860 women were studied for three years.

 Insomnia is often treated with pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, both of which are costly to the patient and expensive. Improving one's diet is low-cost, easy to implement, and free of side effects," says Ganwish.

 The study is based on data from observational studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Women's Health Initiative Study (WHI) to obtain information to prevent and treat health problems among women.

 The researchers examined the association between insomnia and 77,860 postmenopausal women who participated in the WHI. They surveyed them about their dietary habits and followed them for three years from 1997 to 2001.

 The participants were analyzed by dividing them into five groups according to GI level, an index that indicates the ease with which blood glucose levels rise after a meal.

 The results revealed a 16% higher risk of developing insomnia and an 11% higher prevalence in the group with higher dietary GI values. The study also found that the higher the intake of vegetables and fruits, the lower the risk of insomnia.

The study also found a lower risk of developing depression.

 The study found that "a spike in blood glucose levels after a meal stimulates the secretion of insulin, which lowers blood glucose, and may lead to a state of hyperinsulinemia. As a result, blood glucose levels drop and the secretion of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol increases, which may disrupt sleep," explains Ganwish.

 The foods that trigger insomnia may be processed foods that contain high levels of isomerized sugar, which is composed of fructose and glucose. Such foods are not found in nature, but are mass-produced industrially and sold cheaply.

 Fruits also contain fructose, but they are also rich in fiber. Fruits have a low GI and are thought to be less likely to cause postprandial blood sugar elevation.

 A study of 69,954 women who participated in the WHI, published by Ganwish and colleagues in 2015, also showed that women who ate a high GI diet had a 22% higher risk of developing depression.

 Gunwish noted, "We need randomized clinical trials to determine the benefits of improving diet and increasing intake of whole grains and complex carbohydrates to prevent and treat insomnia and depression."

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昭和や令和も含む好きな漫画30選 anond:20220510105802



  1. I 〜アイ〜 いがらしみきお ←これが不動の1位、Sink も かむろば村へも好き

    【 昭和エリア 】
  2. 機動警察パトレイバー(昭和1988年)
  3. 奥瀬サキ (Flowersフラワーズ、コックリさんが通る、ドロねこ9、低俗霊狩り(昭和1986年))
  4. BASTARD!! (昭和1988年)
  5. AKIRA (昭和1982年)
  6. 萩岩睦美 (パール・ガーデン(昭和1985年)、銀曜日のおとぎばなし(昭和1983年)、小麦畑の三等星 (昭和1982年))
  7. 明智抄 (サンプルキティ砂漠に吹く風シリーズキャプテンコズミック、始末人シリーズ(昭和1986年))
  8. 動物のお医者さん(昭和1987年)
  9. 西森博之 (今日から俺は!!(昭和1988年)、道士郎でござる)
  10. 鳥山明 (ドラゴンボール (昭和1984年)、Dr.スランプ(昭和1980年))
  11. 藤子不二雄

    【 平成エリア 】
  12. エイリアン9
  13. ヒナまつり
  14. 千年狐 ~干宝「捜神記」より~/張六郎
  15. 魁!!クロマティ高校
  16. セラフィム 2億6661万3336の翼 /今敏 押井守
  17. アミテージ・ザ・サード /大棚ザラエ
  18. いぬやしき 
  19. MONSTER×MONSTER /飛田ニキイチ
  20. 漫☆画太郎(罪と罰まんゆうき)
  21. 河田雄志行徒行徒妹(学園革命伝ミツルギヴァン・ヘルシングドン・キホーテ北斗の拳イチゴ味)
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  27. GS美神 極楽大作戦!!

    【 令和エリア 】
  28. このヒーラーめんどくさい (これ、なんの話ですか?)
  29. 狐ヶ崎 ← 新都社の人、商業デビューした(ドM女子がっかり女王様)
  30. ドキュンサーガ いとまん← 新都社で描いてたのをTwitterに移しさら商業に移した




○ 30選じゃ無いけど令和にはじまって読んでるもの






○ 30選じゃ無いけど異世界とかクトゥルフとか百合とか男の娘とかkawaiiとか




○ 待ってる作品




彼女英語が好きで、『Round one, ready!』というふうに英語ゲームの合図をしたり、









増 "Well… do you have something you want to tell to Japanese people?"

B "yes, "Konnichiwa!" "

B "well, I would say something not only to the Japanese, but to many other people. how should I put this?

"Most people began to hate Russians by default. But this war was started by our government, not by us. Of course, we don't want this war, nobody wants it. And I assure you, our people have repeatedly gone to rallies against the government. But always people who participate in such events are sent to prison. Even people on the Internet who express a point of view that the government does not like are jailed for misinformation.

And I will not deny that some Russians have succumbed to the propaganda of our government and are expressing support for this "military operation". But many people in other countries are actually the same. They hypocritically pretend that they are concerned about the fate of Ukraine, although in fact they have only recently learned that this country even exists. In reality, if you ask them "What do they think about the DNR and LNR?", they will have absolutely no idea what are you talking about.

It's good if you sincerely worry about Uraina. But the majority worry about Ukrina and hate Russians only and only because it's a trend that their government has set. In other words, this is the same propaganda.

Well, to summarize, I just wanna say "let's just be friendly to each other." Even if our governments are not friendly to each other, this doesn't mean that we should be the same." "




•what do you think about zelenskii

•do you know other politicians except him

•how future is you predict, how future is you want (i mean politically and concretely)

•What do you think about ukranians language law

•how DNR and LNR people life is?

did you see people which changed after starting this war

•what do you think that Russian army kidnap ukranians

•what do you think about that Russian language uses «в» for any country but «он» for yours?

and anything you want to say to Japanese


  • Что вы думаете о Зеленском?
  • Знаете ли вы других политиков, кроме него?
  • Какое будущее вы предсказываете для себя? Какого будущего хотите сами? (политически и вообще)
  • Что вы думаете о законе об украинском языке?
  • Как, по-вашему, живут люди в ЛНР и ДНР?
  • Видели ли вы людей, которые изменились после начала войны?
  • Что вы думаете о том, что русская армия похищает украинцев? и зачем?
  • Как по-вашему, как в русском языке правильно писать - "на Украину" или "в Украину"?
  • Хотите ли вы что-нибудь сказать японцам?


  • Зеленский это человек с Большой буквы, который с приходом обратил внимание на народ и его потребности, Украина менялась и меняться в лучшую сторону, благодаря Народу и его культуре
  • По поводу других политиков, в Украине каждый Украинец знает всех, так как каждый Украинец в Украине интересуется и переживает за свою страну
  • О будущем скажу только одно, Все будет хорошо, и будет ещё лучше... Одно только не вернуть это жизни других людей, детей, а также детей которые потеряли своих родителей.

О своем будущем скажу только одно, что после войны усыноввлю и удочерю детей которые потеряли своих родителей

  • По поводу закона об Украинском языке, так это у каждого государства приемлемо. Но люди не правильно трактуют его. Я только за него, но сам как видите пишу Вам на русском, и в Украине никто не запрещает говорить на русском, а гос. Учреждениях просят говорить на Украинском.
  • по поводу ЛНР и ДНР, то это колония где люди не имеют свободы слова, того слова которое они имели находясь под юрисдикцией Украинского законодательства
  • По поводу изменений людей - Мы стали ещё дружней и сплаченней, люди думают не только о себе...
  • По поводу русской армии: то у меня просто нету слов... (Это варварство)
  • правильно писать "в Україну"
  • Японцам хочу сказать огромное спасибо за поддержку, понимание, и за то что видят правду и не скрывают то что творится в Украине


About my future, I'll say that after the war I'll adopt children who lost their parents in this bloodshed.



1. Что ты думаешь на счёт Зеленского?

Моё мнение, что Зеленский является лучшим президентом, который не бросил Украину и народ во время войны, как сделал это Янукович. Зеленский, его команда и наш народ делают всё возможное и невозможное для сохранения нашей страны.

2. Знаешь ли ты других политиков кроме Зеленского?

Знаю многих.

3. Какое будущее ты видишь для своей страны?

Хотелось бы чтобы территории Украины вернулись в полном составе, так как это было признано международным правом.

4. Что ты думаешь о законе про украинский язык?

Я поддерживаю этот закон, хотя в нашей стране люди общаются на разных языках, в том числе и на русском, но я ни разу не слышал информации о преследовании или конфликтах на этой почве.

5. Видишь ли ты как люди сменились после начала войны?

Наш народ очень сплотился, каждый старается помочь друг другу, война наложила отпечаток на всех, это бесконечные переживания и боль.

6. Что ты думаешь по поводу того, что российская армия похищает украинцев?

Это является ужасным преступлениям.

7. Что ты думаешь о том, что русские для любой страны говорят "в", но в случае с Украиной говорят "на"?

Я считаю что это очень не красиво по отношению к украинскому государству и людям которые там живут.

8. Что ты хочешь сказать японцам?

Хочу поблагодарить за поддержку нашей страны, пожелать мира, добра и процветания.

9. Что ты хочешь меня спросить?

Почему тебя так детально интересует ситуация в моей стране?

Надеюсь всё правильно понял


•what do you think about zelenskii?

I belive Zelensky is the best president who did not abandon Ukraine and the people during the war, as Yanukovych did. Zelensky, his team and our people are doing everything possible and impossible.

•do you know other politicians except him?

I know many of them.

•how future is you predict, how future is you want (i mean politically and concretely)?

I would like the territories of Ukraine to return in full force, because this is what was recognized by international law.

•What do you think about ukranians language law?

I support this law. Despite the fact that in our country people communicate in different languages, including Russian, I have never heard information about persecution or conflicts on this basis.

•how DNR and LNR people life is?


did you see people which changed after starting this war?

Our people are very united, everyone is trying to help each other, the war left its mark on everyone in the form of endless experiences and pain.

•what do you think that Russian army kidnap ukranians?

This is a terrible crime.

•what do you think about that Russian language uses "в" for any country but "на" for yours?

I think this is very discourteous in relation to the Ukrainian state and the people who live there.

and anything you want to say to Japanese?

I want to thank you for the support of our country. I wish you peace, kindness and prosperity.


増 "Ah, turkestan ban Russian language?"

D "Not really "ban" but "limitation". This sounds more suitable in this case. it is the natural phenomenon for the mononational states. And multinational, actually. Using the one language as official. To strengthen the statehood. Same thing with Ukraine. More separation from the "big brother". That is the point, I guess.

By the way, they strengthened much more after these 8 years. I think it is too late to start an invasion now than these 8 years ago back then in any case. That does not mean that I support it, of course. You knew my point. We talked about it earlier. 🙂 I think that it is just "balls to the wall" (like the title from the one of Accept's albums). Recklessly in a word. It is naive to believe that they have stagnated all this time and have not developed or strengthened.


1) Another Ukranian president that just had "the luck" to get the war. Looks funny and trustworthy. Though he sometimes lacks the experience.

2) Yes I do.

3) I predict OK future for Ukraine, bad future for Russia. Russia lost any trust and contacts that it made for over 30 years. Dark decades ahead. I want good future, with no wars and with everyone helping each other.

4) Ukrainian language law? Well, it's their country. Let them speak what they want to speak. Besides, most Ukrainians speak Russian, and they even have mostly Russian cities, like Khar'kiv. I saw no oppression of Russian.

5) DNR and LNR are basically buffer states for Russia like North Korea with the same amount of freedom. It's hell on earth.

6) Had no information about that, but I had info about killing civilians and looting their homes. It's horrible. Those soldiers are monsters and they do not represent Russia. I don't count themselves as my fellow Russians. They're monsters. Barbarians. Putin's orcs. Not Russians.

7) I say let us use whatever we want. I use "на Украину" simply because I spoke it like that over 20 years and it's the correct one.

8) I love Japan and its people. I wish we could achieve peace and could work together. Please don't think bad of Russian people, we don't support this war. We're the same victims, like Ukrainians. Victims of Putin and his police state.




Приветствую всех и с добрым временем суток. Меня зовут Юра. Я из России. Это не моё настоящее имя, действую в целях анонимности, прошу любить и жаловать. В мире, как мы все знаем, 24 февраля началась и продолжается по сей день "Спецоперация на Украине". Воистину это ужасное событие, которое влечёт за собой тысячи и тысячи жертв с обеих сторон конфликта. Цель "Спецоперации на Украине" - Денацификация Украины. Если вам в новостных каналах и в средствах массовой информации говорят, что цель спецоперации - не денацификация - значит таковы новости, таковы их источники, ничего не поделать. Каково моё мнение на этот счёт? Начну с того, что лично я против любой войны. Для меня война - это зло, это насилие. И то, что всю Россию и россиян в целом считают агрессором и просто ужасными людьми - это плохо, потому что ужасные люди и аггресоры - это те люди, которые ведут себя подобным образом и хотят тем самым разжигать пламя войны ещё сильнее дабы получить с этого удовлетворение в виде ещё одного убийства, прощения со стороны жертв, которые молят о пощаде и прочего. В России и так находятся миллионы людей, которые категорически против войны и которые не хотят, чтобы их считали последними тварями только потому, что так всё получилось. У меня, например, есть несколько друзей с Украины, которые сейчас находятся там и переживают эти взрывы, бомбы, ракеты и всё остальное, что перечислять не хочу. Я продолжаю держать с ними контакт и мы, слава богу, не думаем обо всём этом и стараемся поддерживать друг друга благодаря весёлым мемам, смешным видео, просто хорошим новостям из разных индустрий, чтобы хоть как-то разрядиться. Ведь самое главное, самое главное - война не изменила наши умы потому, что мы знаем что война не должна быть тем препятствием, благодаря которому наша дружба должна рухнуть. За это я их и ценю. Что держатся и не падают духом даже в такие тяжёлые дни и не "ищут предателей среди своих друзей, только потому что они русские", так сказать. Конечно же, есть и обратные примеры, что с начала войны некоторые мои знакомые начали отстаивать свою позицию как русских, что украинцы не люди и вообще спецоперация всё сделает к лучшему, что "мы сравняем города с землёй" и "денацифируем всё"... К сожалению, с такими людьми уже и общаться стыдно, что уж говорить, всё очевидно. В моём городе, например, я пока не наблюдаю сильной пропаганды, что "мы должны верить в то, что мы следуем справедливой цели", что всё образуется именно так как надо. Ну, даже если пропаганда и существует у нас, то я её и не наблюдаю. Да и не хочу наблюдать, потому что, как мне кажется, такую информацию стоить игнорировать и жить дальше, следуя своей цели в жизни. Я никогда не считал себя патриотом своей страны. Это звучит странно, да, но и врать мне нет смысла в этом. Я родился в России - значит так должно было случиться. Тем более я б хотел, что бы один из моих друзей на Украине, вот как раз один из них, смог пережить эту войну и смог поиграть в ту же самую Kingdom Hearts 4, т.к. я его с этой серией игр и познакомил. Я бы очень хотел, чтобы он увидел продолжение данной серии игр, чтобы он смог это вё увидеть. Я очень на это надеюсь. Ведь я, он, и многие другие такие же обычные люди - ходим на работу, спим, едим, играем, отдыхаем. И также я просто хочу, чтобы те, кто слушает меня сейчас не считали всех русских и россиян плохими, потому что я в вас верю, абсолютно всех. И неважно какой вы расы, неважно какой религии верите, это неважно. Главное, что вы остаётесь теми людьми, в которых можно верить, на которых можно надеяться и которые продолжают думать о том, что всё будет хорошо. И даже если у кого-то есть силы на то, чтобы исправить эту всю ситуацию, у кого есть эти возможности - то они смогут это изменить к лучшему и всё сделать мирно, что очень очень важно для нас сейчас. Поэтому я верю в мир, который обязательно наступит. И он наступит именно таким, что украинцы, что русские смогут пожать руки и сказать, что "Всё. У нас будет мир, у нас будет всё." Спасибо за внимание.

Greetings to all and with a good time of day. My name is Yura. I'm from Russia. This is not my real name, I act for the purposes of anonymity, I ask you to love and favor. In the world, as we all know, on February 24, the "Special Operation in Ukraine" began and continues to this day. Truly, this is a terrible event that entails thousands and thousands of victims on both sides of the conflict. The purpose of the "Special Operation in Ukraine" is the Denazification of Ukraine. If you are told in the news channels and in the media that the purpose of the special operation is not denazification, then this is the news, these are their sources, nothing can be done. What is my opinion on this? To begin with, I personally am against any war. For me, war is evil, it is violence. And the fact that the whole of Russia and Russians as a whole are considered an aggressor and just terrible people is bad, because terrible people and aggressors are those people who behave in this way and thereby want to kindle the flames of war even more in order to get satisfaction from this in the form of another murder, forgiveness from the victims who beg for mercy and other things. There are already millions of people in Russia who are categorically against the war and who do not want to be considered the last creatures just because everything turned out that way. For example, I have several friends from Ukraine who are currently there and are experiencing these explosions, bombs, rockets and everything else that I do not want to list. I continue to keep in touch with them and, thank God, we don't think about all this and try to support each other through funny memes, funny videos, just good news from different industries to somehow discharge. After all, the most important thing, the most important thing is that the war has not changed our minds because we know that war should not be the obstacle through which our friendship should collapse. That's why I appreciate them. That they hold on and do not lose heart even in such difficult days and do not "look for traitors among their friends, just because they are Russians," so to speak. Of course, there are also reverse examples that since the beginning of the war, some of my friends have begun to defend their position as Russians, that Ukrainians are not people and in general the special operation will do everything for the better, that "we will level cities to the ground" and "denazify everything"... Unfortunately, it's already a shame to communicate with such people, what can I say, everything is obvious. In my city, for example, I have not yet observed strong propaganda that "we must believe that we are following a fair goal," that everything will work out exactly as it should. Well, even if propaganda exists here, I don't observe it. And I don't want to watch, because, as it seems to me, such information should be ignored and live on, following my goal in life. I have never considered myself a patriot of my country. It sounds strange, yes, but there's no point in lying to me about it. I was born in Russia - so it had to happen. Moreover, I would like one of my friends in Ukraine, just one of them, to be able to survive this war and be able to play the Kingdom Hearts 4, because I introduced him to this game series . I would really like him to see the continuation of this game series, so that he could see it. I really hope so. After all, I, he, and many others are just ordinary people - we go to work, sleep, eat, play, relax. And also I just want those who are listening to me now not to consider all Russians and Russians bad, because I believe in you, absolutely everyone. And no matter what race you are, no matter what religion you believe, it doesn't matter. The main thing is that you remain the people in whom you can believe, on whom you can hope and who continue to think that everything will be fine. And even if someone has the strength to fix this whole situation, who has these opportunities, they will be able to change it for the better and do everything peacefully, which is very very important for us now. Therefore, I believe in peace, which will surely come. And it will come exactly like that, that Ukrainians, that Russians will be able to shake hands and say that "Everything. We will have peace, we will have everything." Thanks for attention.



これについての私の意見は何か? まず、私は個人的にあらゆる戦争に反対します。私にとって戦争は悪で、暴力です。また、ロシア全体やロシア人全体を侵略者や単に悪人のようにとらえるのはよくないことです。なぜなら悪人侵略者とは、このように行動して戦火さら燃え上がらせることで殺人被害者の命乞いから満足感を得る人々のことだからです。









That court judge was a lier too.

One of the party doesn't need to hand the other party the copy of joshinsho (letter to the judge), but the judge wanted to hand it to them, Mr. Hanzomon.

The joshinsho is always open in the court record file, and the other party can see them if they really want.





頭がボケていたので、適当に設定していたら、ドキュメントデスクトップOne Drive上に移されてた。












of the topic (time frame given)

One of the most important events of the 1970s was ….

Traditionally, Xs have subscribed to the belief that ….

Recent developments in X have heightened the need for ….

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in ….

Recent trends in X have led to a proliferation of studies that ....

Recent developments in the field of X have led to a renewed interest in ….

Recently, researchers have shown an increased interest in ….

The past decade has seen the rapid development of X in many ….

The past thirty years have seen increasingly rapid advances in the field of ….

Over the past century there has been a dramatic increase in ….

X proved an important literary genre in the early Y community.

The changes experienced by Xs over the past decade remain unprecedented.

Xs are one of the most widely used groups of Y and have been extensively used for ….

Synopsis of literature

Previous studies have reported ….

Recent evidence suggests that ….

Several attempts have been made to ….

Studies of X show the importance of ….

A number of researchers have reported ….

Recently investigators have examined the effects of X on Y.

Factors found to be influencing X have been explored in several studies.

In the past two decades a number of researchers have sought to determine ….

A considerable amount of literature has been published on X. These studies ….

Surveys such as that conducted by Smith (1988) showed that ….

The first serious discussions and analyses of X emerged during the 1970s with ….

There have been a number of longitudinal studies involving X that have reported ….

Xs were reported in the first models of Y (e.g., Smith, 1977; Smith and Patel, 1977).

What we know about X is largely based upon empirical studies that investigate how ….

Smith (1984: 217) shows how, in the past, research into X was mainly concerned with ….

Highlighting a problem

However, a major problem with this kind of application is ….

Lack of X has existed as a health problem for many years.

However, these rapid changes are having a serious effect on ….

Despite its safety and efficacy, X suffers from several major drawbacks:

However, research has consistently shown that these students lack ….

There is increasing concern that some Xs are being disadvantaged ….

Despite its long clinical success, X has a number of problems in use.

Questions have been raised about the safety of prolonged use of ….

Along with this growth in X, however, there is increasing concern over ….

There are many ways to introduce an academic essay or short paper. Most academic writers,

however, appear to do one or more of the following in their introductions:

· establish the context, background and/or importance of the topic

· indicate an issue, problem, or controversy in the field of study

· define the topic or key terms

· state of the purpose of the essay/writing

· provide an overview of the coverage and/or structure of the writing

Introductions to research articles and dissertations tend to be relatively short but quite complex.

Some of the more common moves include:

· establishing the context, background and/or importance of the topic

· giving a brief synopsis of the relevant literature

· indicating a problem, controversy or a knowledge gap in the field of study

· establishing the desirability of the research

· listing the research questions or hypotheses

· providing a synopsis of the research method(s)

· explaining the significance or value of the study

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· providing an overview of the dissertation or report structure

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Examples of phrases which are commonly employed to realise these functions are listed below.

Note that there may be a certain amount of overlap between some of the categories under which

the phrases are listed.

Establishing the importance of the topic for the world or society

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In the new global economy, X has become a central issue for ….

X is the leading cause of death in western-industrialised countries.

Xs are one of the most widely used groups of antibacterial agents and ….

X is increasingly recognised as a serious, worldwide public health concern.

X is an important component in the climate system, and plays a key role in Y.

In the history of development economics, X has been thought of as a key factor in ….

Establishing the importance of the topic for the discipline

A key aspect of X is ….

X is a classic problem in ….

A primary concern of X is ….

X is at the heart of our understanding of ….

X is an increasingly important area in applied linguistics.







ハイハイハイハイOne TwoOne Two


Wasting time looking at trivial things in life is the journey, and going around (aparantly) in circles, enjoying getting lost is what makles it a wholesome adventure. I am not for the shiny treasure at the end, but for those faint delite I find in pretty rocks I see on my way to the picnic. "We live , not because we have great ambitions or goals, but because during our bleak like, sometimes there is something faintly amusing, something fun." If you are going to deny that, then this is just not my kind of thing. "This is not my battlefield". I'll quite anyday. I willeave day one. I will leave everything behind, the way it was before I came and kiss it goodby so I can go back to the familiar dark, smelly and moist hole, yet again. You can persuade me by showing pretty numbers, but in the end I choose my own adventure. And how I end it. I have my own share of code of respect to others, but This is my personal voyage, and I will let no one tell me where I go.




西最大の格闘技団体であるONE Championshipでは定期的な体重データの提出があって









だがこれは正しくない。margarine plastic とでも検索してみれば英語圏でやはり同じような迷信が普及しているのはすぐにわかる。つまり訳の問題ではなく日本ローカルでもない。

一例としてファクトチェックサイト大手のSnopesは2003年記事で当時流行したチェーンメールButter vs. Margarine」の文面を掲載している(*2)。

Margarine is but one molecule from being PLASTIC(マーガリンプラスチック分子1つしか違わない)

Would you melt your Tupperware and spread that on your toast?(タッパーウェアを溶かしてトーストに塗りますか?)


実際にはこのネタの出どころは昔から判明しており(*3)(*4)、Fred Rohéというアメリカ自然食運動家80年代に書いた「The Great Margarine Experiment」なる文章がそれにあたる。






1 https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/f694fdbf2143684adebc45f6e7d5d602b5da2099

2 https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/the-butter-truth/

3 http://wakegiorino.blogspot.com/2012/03/blog-post.html

4 https://neko73.hatenadiary.org/entry/20110104/p1


[]One heck of~


例)That's one heck of a machine compared to the price.



和訳】The Chapeltown Rag / Slipknot

[Slipknot - The Chapeltown Rag [Visual 001] - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2v4u7VhoPU)



Read all about it if you want to know

Read all about what they want you to know


知りたいのなら 全て読め

あいつらが知りたいこと 全て読め


[Verse 1]

Everything is god online, and it's as evil as it gets

This is not a fuckin' trick, either follow or repent (No choice)

Get infected by a vertical event

Check the meter, check your watch

Are they ever gonna stop?

Runnin' out of daylight, nighttime's better

But we know how to handle the truth, motherfucker

Scandalous know-it-all, feedback chamber

Nobody wants the proof, they want a number


[Verse 1]


これは糞ガキのお遊びじゃねぇぞ 従うか悔い改めるか(選択肢存在しない)





でもよ僕たちは真実の扱い方を知っているぜ マザーファッカー

胡散くせぇ知ったかぶり フィードバックチャンバー

誰もが証拠求めない 数字が欲しいんだ



We don't deny what is wrong with our lives

We can't decide what is left of our right to silence our remains

Buried in the back and I'm sick and alive

Hollow as a breath, the further you dive



人生間違ってるなんて 俺たちは否定しない

死骸を黙らせるために使える権利が何なのか 選り出すことはできねぇんだよ

影に忘れ去られて 俺は病んで生きている

息するように空洞になって お前はさらに潜っていく



Oh, how I've missed your honesty

You never miss with your intensity

You're gonna need a new disguise

Vessels burst, veins release

Just slide into the nearest lie









[Verse 2]

(One, two, oh my god)

All the ligatures are getting tight, like a style

Murder another mouth before the trial

Scalpel and then you scalp 'em to fucking death

Kills for the other vampires and surrogates

It's a ploy for attention and evidence

All your fucking monsters are flaws in your common sense

Do the dance while the shovels are breaking dirt

Everybody mind your fuckin' business or you get hurt


[Verse 2]

(One, two, oh my god)

縛りが全部キツくなってきやがった "スタイル"みてぇに

審判の時までには よその声は潰れちまう

メス くたばるまで手術する



見えるすべてのモンスターは お前の常識の中の欠陥


誰もがお前のクソビジネスに心酔する 怪我するぜ



We don't deny what is wrong with our lives

We can't decide what is left of our right to silence our remains

Buried in the back and I'm sick and alive

Hollow as a breath, the further you dive



人生間違ってるなんて 俺たちは否定しない

死骸を黙らせるために使える権利が何なのか 選り出すことはできねぇんだよ

影に忘れ去られて 俺は病んで生きている

息するように空洞になって お前はさらに潜っていく



Oh, how I've missed your namaste

You never miss with your integrity

You're gonna need a new disguise

Vessels burst, veins release

Just slide into the nearest lie










Read all about it if you want to know

(Everything is god online)

Read all about it if you want to know

(Everything is god online)

Read all about it if you want to know



知りたいのなら 全て読め


知りたいのなら 全て読め


知りたいのなら 全て読め



Stoned like a beast on a chain lookin' dead

Feelin' strange, what the fuck

I'm material to sew into the stains

Like a catalogue of pain, like a martyr in restraints

I can kill with a will, and it's stronger every day

I'm a knife, I'm a gun, I'm a slit, I'm a scar

I'm a scream, I'm a death, I'm a threat, I'm afraid

That you will never understand I'm not the same

You better call the triple 9, I want a face

That you can only recognize

I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid






痛みの目録のように 制裁された殉教者のように

意思を持って殺せる それは日に日に強くなる



君には理解できないだろうが 俺は同じゃないんだよ

トリプル9と呼ぶべきだ 俺は顔が欲しい





When everything is god online, nothing is

When everything is god online, nothing is















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