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The Advance of Russia and the New World

A new world is being born before our eyes.

Russia's military operation in Ukraine has opened a new era - and in three dimensions at once.

And, of course, in the fourth, internal Russian dimension.

Here begins a new period both in ideology and in the very model of our socio-economic system - but we should talk about this separately a little later.

Russia is restoring its unity - the tragedy of 1991, this terrible catastrophe of our history, its unnatural dislocation, has been overcome.

Yes, at great cost, yes, through the tragic events of the actual civil war, because now there are still brothers shooting at each other, separated by belonging to the Russian and Ukrainian armies - but Ukraine as the anti-Russia will no longer exist.

Russia is restoring its historical wholeness by gathering the Russian world, the Russian people together - in its totality of Great Russians, Belarusians and Little Russians.

If we refused to do this, if we allowed the temporary division to take hold for centuries, we would not only betray the memory of our ancestors, but we would be damned by our descendants - for allowing the collapse of the Russian land.

Vladimir Putin took upon himself - without a bit of exaggeration - a historical responsibility, deciding not to leave the resolution of the Ukrainian question to future generations.

After all, the need to resolve it would always remain a major problem for Russia - for two key reasons.

And the issue of national security, that is, the creation of Ukraine as an anti-Russia and an outpost for Western pressure on us, is only the second in importance among them.

The first would always remain a complex of divided people, a complex of national humiliation - when the Russian house first lost part of its foundation (Kiev), and then was forced to accept the existence of two states no longer one, but two peoples.

That is, either to abandon its history, agreeing with the crazy versions that "only Ukraine is the real Russia," or to gnash their teeth helplessly, remembering the times when "we lost Ukraine.

Bringing Ukraine back, that is, turning it back to Russia, would be more and more difficult with each passing decade - the recoding, derussification of Russians, and the setting against Russian Little Russians-Ukrainians would gain momentum.

And if full geopolitical and military control of the West over Ukraine were consolidated, its return to Russia would become impossible at all - it would have to fight the Atlantic bloc for it.

Now this problem is gone - Ukraine has returned to Russia.

This does not mean that its statehood will be liquidated, but it will be restructured, re-established and returned to its natural state as part of the Russian world.

In what borders, in what form will the union with Russia be fixed (through the CSTO and the Eurasian Union or the Union State of Russia and Belarus)? This will be decided after the end of the history of Ukraine as anti-Russia.

In any case, the period of the split of the Russian people is coming to an end.

And here begins the second dimension of the coming new era - it concerns Russia's relations with the West.

Not even Russia, but the Russian world, that is, the three states, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, acting geopolitically as one.

These relations have entered a new stage - the West sees Russia's return to its historical borders in Europe.

And it loudly resents it, although deep in its heart it must admit that it could not be otherwise.

Did anyone in the old European capitals, Paris and Berlin, seriously believe that Moscow would give up Kiev? That Russians would forever be a divided people? And at the same time that Europe is uniting, when German and French elites are trying to seize control of European integration from the Anglo-Saxons and assemble a united Europe? Forgetting that the unification of Europe was only possible thanks to the unification of Germany, which happened by Russian good (albeit not very clever) will.

To take a swing at the Russian land after that is the top of ingratitude, but of geopolitical stupidity.

The West as a whole, and even more so Europe separately, did not have the strength to keep in its sphere of influence, let alone to take Ukraine.

Not to understand this, one had to be just geopolitical fools.

More precisely, there was only one option: to bet on the further collapse of Russia, that is, the Russian Federation.

But the fact that it did not work should have been clear twenty years ago.

And fifteen years ago, after Putin's Munich speech, even the deaf could hear that Russia was coming back.

Now the West is trying to punish Russia for coming back, for not justifying its plans to profit at its expense, for not allowing the expansion of the Western space to the east.

In seeking to punish us, the West thinks that relations with it are of vital importance to us.

But that's not true anymore - the world has changed, and not just the Europeans, but the Anglo-Saxons who run the West, understand this very well.

No Western pressure on Russia will get us anywhere.

Both sides will suffer losses, but Russia is ready for them morally and geopolitically.

But for the West itself, an increase in the degree of confrontation has enormous costs - and the main ones are not economic at all.

Europe, as part of the West, wanted autonomy - the German project of European integration does not make strategic sense while maintaining Anglo-Saxon ideological, military and geopolitical control over the Old World.

And it cannot succeed, because the Anglo-Saxons need a controlled Europe.

But Europe also needs autonomy for another reason - in case the United States moves to self-isolation (as a result of growing internal conflicts and contradictions) or concentrates on the Pacific region, where the geopolitical center of gravity is shifting.

But the confrontation with Russia, into which the Anglo-Saxons are dragging Europe, deprives Europeans of even a chance for autonomy - not to mention the fact that in the same way they are trying to impose on Europe a break with China.

While the Atlanticists are now happy that the "Russian threat" will unite the Western bloc, those in Berlin and Paris cannot but understand that, having lost hope of autonomy, the European project will simply collapse in the medium term.

That is why independent-minded Europeans are now completely uninterested in building a new iron curtain on their eastern borders - realizing that it will turn into a corral for Europe.

Whose century (half a millennium to be exact) of global leadership is in any case over - but various options for its future are still possible.

Because the construction of a new world order - and this is the third dimension of current events - is accelerating, and its contours are becoming clearer through the sprawling cover of Anglo-Saxon globalization.

The multipolar world has finally become a reality - the operation in Ukraine is unable to rally anyone but the West against Russia.

Because the rest of the world can see and understand perfectly well - this is a conflict between Russia and the West, this is a response to the geopolitical expansion of the Atlanticists, this is Russia's return of its historical space and its place in the world.

China and India, Latin America and Africa, the Islamic world and Southeast Asia - no one believes that the West rules the world order, much less sets the rules of the game.

Russia has not just challenged the West - it has shown that the era of Western global dominance can be considered fully and finally over.

The new world will be built by all civilizations and centers of power, of course, together with the West (united or not) - but not on its terms and not by its rules.



India is figuring out how to establish a rupee payment mechanism for trade with Russia to soften the blow of Western sanctions





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2021/10/25 12:05 国際交換局から発送 MUMBAI ASPO INDIA

2021/11/02 13:31 国際交換局に到着 川崎郵便局 神奈川県





Country Deaths/1M pop
Peru 5,963
Brazil 2,833
Argentina 2,535
Colombia 2,466
USA 2,297
Belgium 2,230
Mexico 2,206
Italy 2,189
UK 2,057
Spain 1,868
France 1,798
Russia 1,634
Sweden 1,472
Germany 1,144
Netherlands 1,071
Malaysia 878
Israel 869
Turkey 825
Canada 759
世界平均 643.4
Sri Lanka 638
Mongolia 518
Indonesia 517
Philippines 387
Nepal 382
Myammar 341
India 328
Thailand 275
Vietnam 224
Egypt 178
Bangladesh 167
Norway 164
Cambodia 164
Japan 145
Pakistan 126
Singapore 69
Australia 67
S. Korea 56
Taiwan 35
Hong Kong28
Laos 9
New Zealand 6
Bhutan 4
China 3






英語のA--Alpha. B--Bravo. C--Charlie. D--Delta. E--Echo. F--Foxtrot. G--Golf. H--Hotel. I--India. J--Juliett. K--Kilo. L--Lima. M--Mike. N--November. O--Osca とかとおなじ


噛んだな… 噛んだな… They say it was in India



東京五輪バッハ会長「誰もが犠牲発言翻訳ミスでは? 同じ会議で「全員の安全安心は最優先」とも(篠原修司) - Y!ニュース


こいつこそちゃんと原文読んでる? 「The IOC chief said everyone has to make some sacrifices」(誰もが犠牲)はインド紙の原文に最初からある。デイリー誤訳したというのは完全に間違い。デマ検証デマでどうすんの[あたまがわるい]



それバッハ会長発言の原文でなく、The Times of India記者が書いた文(地の文)だよね










・Adguard Proのフィルタ機能や/etc/hostsファイルへの記述ドメインへのアクセス自体ブロックするなり

・uBlock Originフィルタ機能はちまバスターGoogleChrome検索結果から排除する拡張機能Google検索結果から非表示するなり










































この個所を読んで僕は首を傾げた。ここまで乳房の美しさを形容するってことは、シーターは上半身裸だったのか? 実際、インド東南アジアの神々の像では女性たちは上半身裸だ。以下はエローラの石窟の姿である






それを見て思い出すのは手塚治虫の「ブッダ」だ。正直なところ、みんなおっぱい丸出しで小学生の頃はエッチすぎて読めなった記憶しかないのだけれど、それはさておいて、あれは歴史的に見て正しいのだろうか? それとも、単なる手塚治虫性的空想だったのだろうか?


そういうわけで僕は「ancient india topless」と検索した。すると、肯定的証言をするサイトが数多く引っかかった]。特に英語版ウィキペディアのtoplessの説明がわかりやすかった。

In many parts of northern India before the Muslim conquest of India, women were topless. ……(中略)……Toplessness was the norm for women among several indigenous peoples of South India until the 19th or early 20th century……(以下略



また、「古代インド おっぱい」と日本語検索すると、次のようなツイートが見つかった。







The Breast Tax (Mulakkaram or mula-karam in Malayalam) was a tax imposed on the lower caste (Shudra) and untouchable (Dalit) Hindu women by the Kingdom of Tranvancore (in present-day Kerala state of India) if they wanted to cover their breasts in public, until 1924. ……The tax was evaluated by the tax collectors depending on the size of their breasts.




古代ローマにトイレ税、世界5つのヘンな税 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト
















赤毛のアン オープニングテーマ:きこえるかしら

Allowed countries

AD - Andorra

AE - United Arab Emirates

AF - Afghanistan

AG - Antigua and Barbuda

AI - Anguilla

AL - Albania

AM - Armenia

AO - Angola

AQ - Antarctica

AR - Argentina

AS - American Samoa

AT - Austria

AU - Australia

AW - Aruba

AX - Åland Islands

AZ - Azerbaijan

BA - Bosnia and Herzegovina

BB - Barbados

BD - Bangladesh

BE - Belgium

BF - Burkina Faso

BG - Bulgaria

BH - Bahrain

BI - Burundi

BJ - Benin

BL - Saint Barthélemy

BM - Bermuda

BN - Brunei Darussalam

BO - Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

BR - Brazil

BS - Bahamas

BT - Bhutan

BV - Bouvet Island

BW - Botswana

BY - Belarus

BZ - Belize

CA - Canada

CC - Cocos (Keeling) Islands

CD - Congo (Democratic Republic of the)

CF - Central African Republic

CG - Republic of the Congo

CH - Switzerland

CI - Côte d'Ivoire

CK - Cook Islands

CL - Chile

CM - Cameroon

CN - China

CO - Colombia

CR - Costa Rica

CU - Cuba

CV - Cabo Verde

CX - Christmas Island

CY - Cyprus

CZ - Czech Republic

DE - Germany

DJ - Djibouti

DM - Dominica

DO - Dominican Republic

DZ - Algeria

EC - Ecuador

EE - Estonia

EG - Egypt

EH - Western Sahara

ER - Eritrea

ES - Spain

ET - Ethiopia

FI - Finland

FJ - Fiji

FK - Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

FM - Micronesia (Federated States of)

FO - Faroe Islands

FR - France

GA - Gabon

GB - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

GD - Grenada

GE - Georgia (country)

GF - French Guiana

GG - Guernsey

GH - Ghana

GI - Gibraltar

GL - Greenland

GM - Gambia

GN - Guinea

GP - Guadeloupe

GQ - Equatorial Guinea

GR - Greece

GS - South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

GT - Guatemala

GU - Guam

GW - Guinea-Bissau

GY - Guyana

HK - Hong Kong

HM - Heard Island and McDonald Islands

HN - Honduras

HR - Croatia

HT - Haiti

HU - Hungary

ID - Indonesia

IE - Republic of Ireland

IL - Israel

IM - Isle of Man

IN - India

IO - British Indian Ocean Territory

IQ - Iraq

IR - Iran (Islamic Republic of)

IS - Iceland

IT - Italy

JE - Jersey

JM - Jamaica

JO - Jordan

KE - Kenya

KG - Kyrgyzstan

KH - Cambodia

KI - Kiribati

KM - Comoros

KN - Saint Kitts and Nevis

KP - North Korea

KR - Korea (Republic of)

KW - Kuwait

KY - Cayman Islands

KZ - Kazakhstan

LA - Lao People's Democratic Republic

LB - Lebanon

LC - Saint Lucia

LI - Liechtenstein

LK - Sri Lanka

LR - Liberia

LS - Lesotho

LT - Lithuania

LU - Luxembourg

LV - Latvia

LY - Libya

MA - Morocco

MC - Monaco

MD - Moldova (Republic of)

ME - Montenegro

MG - Madagascar

MH - Marshall Islands

MK - Republic of Macedonia

ML - Mali

MM - Myanmar

MN - Mongolia

MO - Macao

MP - Northern Mariana Islands

MQ - Martinique

MR - Mauritania

MS - Montserrat

MT - Malta

MU - Mauritius

MV - Maldives

MW - Malawi

MX - Mexico

MY - Malaysia

MZ - Mozambique

NA - Namibia

NC - New Caledonia

NE - Niger

NF - Norfolk Island

NG - Nigeria

NI - Nicaragua

NL - Netherlands

NO - Norway

NP - Nepal

NR - Nauru

NU - Niue

NZ - New Zealand

OM - Oman

PA - Panama

PE - Peru

PF - French Polynesia

PG - Papua New Guinea

PH - Philippines

PK - Pakistan

PL - Poland

PM - Saint Pierre and Miquelon

PN - Pitcairn

PR - Puerto Rico

PS - State of Palestine

PT - Portugal

PW - Palau

PY - Paraguay

QA - Qatar

RE - Réunion

RO - Romania

RS - Serbia

RU - Russian Federation

RW - Rwanda

SA - Saudi Arabia

SB - Solomon Islands

SC - Seychelles

SD - Sudan

SE - Sweden

SG - Singapore

SH - Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

SI - Slovenia

SJ - Svalbard and Jan Mayen

SK - Slovakia

SL - Sierra Leone

SM - San Marino

SN - Senegal

SO - Somalia

SR - Suriname

ST - Sao Tome and Principe

SV - El Salvador

SY - Syrian Arab Republic

SZ - Swaziland

TC - Turks and Caicos Islands

TD - Chad

TF - French Southern Territories

TG - Togo

TH - Thailand

TJ - Tajikistan

TK - Tokelau

TL - Timor-Leste

TM - Turkmenistan

TN - Tunisia

TO - Tonga

TR - Turkey

TT - Trinidad and Tobago

TV - Tuvalu

TW - Taiwan

TZ - Tanzania, United Republic of

UA - Ukraine

UG - Uganda

UM - United States Minor Outlying Islands

US - United States of America

UY - Uruguay

UZ - Uzbekistan

VA - Vatican City State

VC - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

VE - Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

VG - British Virgin Islands

VI - United States Virgin Islands

VN - Viet Nam

VU - Vanuatu

WF - Wallis and Futuna

WS - Samoa

YE - Yemen

YT - Mayotte

ZA - South Africa

ZM - Zambia

ZW - Zimbabwe

Disallowed countries

DK - Denmark

JP - Japan








例文1: The heat wave gripping India has killed 2,330 people, officials announced on Tuesday, as meteorologists warned that monsoon rains could still be days away.


ちげーよ."officials announced..." と "meteorologists warned..." をまとめてるんじゃねーよ.





例文2: Sources said that after ticket sales fizzled for an intimate, $2,700-per-person, “just for women” meeting on Monday, the event was thrown open to men at the 11th hour, and the deadline extended to buy tickets.




みらい翻訳日本語おかしいな.どれも "intimate" を「親密な」って訳してるのがイマイチだ.





wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lukes/ISO-3166-Countries-with-Regional-Codes/master/all/all.csv
wget https://github.com/owid/covid-19-data/raw/master/public/data/owid-covid-data.csv

 country.name as '国名',
 covid.population AS '人口',
 covid.population_density as '密度',
 covid.gdp_per_capita as '一人あたりのGDP?',
 MAX(covid.total_cases) as '報告件数',
 ROUND(1.0 * MAX(covid.total_cases) / MAX(covid.population), 7) as '人口あたりの報告件数',
MAX(covid.total_deaths) as '死者',
 ROUND(1.0 * MAX(covid.total_deaths) / MAX(covid.population), 9) as '人口あたりの死者件数',
 ROUND(1.0 * MAX(covid.total_deaths) / MAX(covid.total_cases) , 3) as '感染者死亡率'
from all.csv as country
inner join owid-covid-data.csv as covid on covid.iso_code = country.\"alpha-3\"
WHERE country.\"sub-region\" = 'Eastern Asia' 
GROUP BY covid.iso_code

国名人口密度 一人あたりのGDP? 報告件数人口あたりの報告件数 死者 人口あたりの死者件数感染者死亡率
Korea, Republic of 51269183.0 527.967 35938.374 11165 0.0002178 266 5.188e-06 0.024
Japan126476458.0 347.778 39002.223 16536 0.0001307 808 6.389e-06 0.049
China 1439323774.0 147.674 15308.712 84081 5.84e-05 4638 3.222e-06 0.055
Mongolia 3278292.0 1.98 11840.846 141 4.3e-05 0 0.0 0.0
Taiwan, Province of China23816775.0 441 1.85e-05 7 2.94e-07 0.016
Hong Kong 7496988.0 7039.714 56054.92 0 0.0 00.0



国名人口密度 一人あたりのGDP? 報告件数人口あたりの報告件数 死者 人口あたりの死者件数感染者死亡率
Turkey 84339067.0 104.914 25129.341 154500 0.0018319 4276 5.07e-05 0.028
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 83992953.0 49.831 19082.62 131652 0.0015674 7300 8.6912e-05 0.055
India 1380004385.0 450.419 6426.674 125101 9.07e-05 3720 2.696e-06 0.03
China 1439323774.0 147.674 15308.712 84081 5.84e-05 4638 3.222e-06 0.055
Saudi Arabia 34813867.0 15.322 49045.411 67719 0.0019452 364 1.0456e-05 0.005
Pakistan 220892331.0 255.573 5034.708 52437 0.0002374 1101 4.984e-06 0.021
Qatar 2881060.0 227.322 116935.6 40481 0.0140507 19 6.595e-06 0.0
Singapore 5850343.0 7915.731 85535.383 30426 0.005200723 3.931e-06 0.001
Bangladesh 164689383.0 1265.036 3523.984 30205 0.0001834 432 2.623e-06 0.014
United Arab Emirates 9890400.0 112.442 67293.483 27892 0.0028201 241 2.4367e-05 0.009
Indonesia 273523621.0 145.725 11188.744 20796 7.6e-05 1326 4.848e-06 0.064
Kuwait 4270563.0 232.128 65530.537 19564 0.0045811 138 3.2314e-05 0.007
Israel 8655541.0 402.606 33132.32 16690 0.0019282 279 3.2234e-05 0.017
Japan126476458.0 347.778 39002.223 16536 0.0001307 808 6.389e-06 0.049
Philippines 109581085.0 351.873 7599.188 13597 0.0001241 857 7.821e-06 0.063
Korea, Republic of 51269183.0 527.967 35938.374 11165 0.0002178 266 5.188e-06 0.024
Afghanistan 38928341.0 54.422 1803.987 9216 0.0002367 205 5.266e-06 0.022
Bahrain1701583.0 1935.907 43290.705 8414 0.0049448 12 7.052e-06 0.001
Kazakhstan 18776707.0 6.681 24055.588 7919 0.0004217 35 1.864e-06 0.004
Malaysia 32365998.0 96.254 26808.164 7137 0.0002205 115 3.553e-06 0.016
Oman 5106622.0 14.98 37960.709 6794 0.0013304 32 6.266e-06 0.005
Armenia 2963234.0 102.931 8787.58 5928 0.0020005 74 2.4973e-05 0.012
Iraq 40222503.0 88.125 15663.986 3964 9.86e-05 147 3.655e-06 0.037
Azerbaijan 10139175.0 119.309 15847.419 3855 0.0003802 46 4.537e-06 0.012
Uzbekistan33469199.0 76.134 6253.104 3078 9.2e-05 13 3.88e-07 0.004
Thailand 69799978.0 135.132 16277.671 3040 4.36e-05 56 8.02e-07 0.018
Tajikistan 9537642.0 64.281 2896.913 2350 0.0002464 44 4.613e-06 0.019
Kyrgyzstan 6524191.0 32.3333393.474 1364 0.0002091 14 2.146e-06 0.01
Maldives 540542.0 1454.433 15183.616 1274 0.0023569 4 7.4e-06 0.003
Lebanon 6825442.0 594.561 13367.565 1086 0.0001591 26 3.809e-06 0.024
Sri Lanka 21413250.0 341.955 11669.077 1068 4.99e-05 9 4.2e-07 0.008
Cyprus 875899.0 127.657 32415.132 927 0.0010583 17 1.9409e-05 0.018
Georgia 3989175.0 65.032 9745.079 723 0.000181212 3.008e-06 0.017
Jordan 10203140.0 109.285 8337.49 700 6.86e-05 9 8.82e-07 0.013
Palestine, State of 5101416.0 778.202 4449.898 608 0.0001192 4 7.84e-07 0.007
Nepal 29136808.0 204.43 2442.804 548 1.88e-05 3 1.03e-07 0.005
Taiwan, Province of China23816775.0 441 1.85e-05 7 2.94e-07 0.016
Viet Nam 97338583.0 308.127 6171.884 324 3.3e-06 0 0.0 0.0
Yemen 29825968.0 53.508 1479.147 205 6.9e-06 33 1.106e-06 0.161
Myanmar 54409794.0 81.721 5591.597 201 3.7e-06 6 1.1e-07 0.03
Brunei Darussalam 437483.0 81.347 71809.251 141 0.0003223 1 2.286e-06 0.007
Mongolia 3278292.0 1.98 11840.846 141 4.3e-05 0 0.0 0.0
Cambodia 16718971.0 90.672 3645.07 124 7.4e-06 0 0.0 0.0
Syrian Arab Republic 17500657.0 59 3.4e-06 4 2.29e-07 0.068
Bhutan 771612.0 21.188 8708.597 243.11e-05 0 0.0 0.0
Timor-Leste 1318442.0 87.176 6570.102 24 1.82e-05 0 0.0 0.0
Lao People's Democratic Republic 7275556.0 29.715 6397.36 19 2.6e-06 0 0.0 0.0
Hong Kong 7496988.0 7039.714 56054.92 0 0.0 0 0.0



称 「ヒンドゥー」 Hindu の語源は、サンスクリットインダス川意味する sindhu に対応するペルシア語。「(ペルシアから見て)インダス川対岸に住む人々」の意味で用いられ[4]、西欧に伝わり、インド逆輸入され定着した[1]。(同じ語がギリシアを経由して西欧に伝わって India となり、こちらもインド逆輸入












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