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It's a bit like the crossroads of the sea, isn't it?

Is it?

Then people leave here to go all over the world, huh?


It's kind of amazing, isn't it?

What is?

In two days, we're leaving here. But this view will remain the same, right?

Of course, will.

We'll go to Antarctica, and come back to home, but boats will still come here every day, and the city will be full of people, going to school, working their jobs, hanging out with their friends, They'll all keep living their lives..

It' the same in our home country.

School's still being held, They're probably having dinner right about now.

In places we've never seen, locations we've never been, so many people are living so many kinds of lives, every day, without stopping. That's amazing!

Even though it's common sense, but we know you're getting at.

From the line of "A Place Further Than The Universe"


Pyongyang, March 30 (KCNA) -- The U.S. imperialists are getting ever more desperate in their moves for a preemptive attack on the DPRK despite the repeated warnings of the Korean People's Army.

They let total of 20 F-35Bs take off the Iwakuni marine base in Japan ten times for madcap drills for precision strike under the simulated conditions of hitting major targets of the DPRK during the period between March 21 and 24.

On March 28 and 29 they let formations of B-1B nuclear strategic bombers fly in the sky above south Korea to conduct nuclear bomb-dropping drills.

B-1Bs from the Anderson U.S. Air Force base on Guam flew into the sky above the East Sea of Korea at mid-night for a madcap rehearsal for hitting targets in the DPRK.

It is the first time that a series of nuclear bomb-dropping drills were staged at night with nuclear strategic bombers involved.

In the latter half of March the U.S. imperialists staged such drills four times from different places, a vivid revelation of their sinister intention to make a surprise strike at the DPRK in different directions.

The U.S. imperialist warmongers should remember the warning made by the KPA for retaliatory counteraction.




nmap www.korea-dpr.com

Starting Nmap 6.47 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2016-01-14 21:20 JST
Stats: 0:00:00 elapsed; 0 hosts completed (1 up), 1 undergoing Connect Scan
Connect Scan Timing: About 0.55% done
Nmap scan report for www.korea-dpr.com (
Host is up (0.28s latency).
rDNS record for cluster011.ovh.net
1/tcp     open     tcpmux
3/tcp     open     compressnet
4/tcp     open     unknown
6/tcp     open     unknown
7/tcp     open     echo
9/tcp     open     discard
13/tcp    open     daytime
17/tcp    open     qotd
19/tcp    open     chargen
20/tcp    open     ftp-data
21/tcp    open     ftp
22/tcp    open     ssh
23/tcp    open     telnet
24/tcp    open     priv-mail
25/tcp    closed   smtp
26/tcp    open     rsftp
30/tcp    open     unknown
32/tcp    open     unknown
33/tcp    open     dsp
37/tcp    open     time
42/tcp    open     nameserver
43/tcp    open     whois
49/tcp    open     tacacs
53/tcp    open     domain
70/tcp    open     gopher
79/tcp    open     finger
80/tcp    open     http
81/tcp    open     hosts2-ns
82/tcp    open     xfer
83/tcp    open     mit-ml-dev
84/tcp    open     ctf
85/tcp    open     mit-ml-dev
88/tcp    open     kerberos-sec
89/tcp    open     su-mit-tg
90/tcp    open     dnsix
99/tcp    open     metagram
100/tcp   open     newacct
106/tcp   open     pop3pw
109/tcp   open     pop2
110/tcp   open     pop3
111/tcp   open     rpcbind
113/tcp   open     ident
119/tcp   open     nntp
125/tcp   open     locus-map
135/tcp   open     msrpc
139/tcp   filtered netbios-ssn
143/tcp   open     imap
144/tcp   open     news
146/tcp   open     iso-tp0
161/tcp   open     snmp
163/tcp   open     cmip-man
179/tcp   open     bgp
199/tcp   open     smux
211/tcp   open     914c-g
212/tcp   open     anet
222/tcp   open     rsh-spx
254/tcp   open     unknown
255/tcp   open     unknown
256/tcp   open     fw1-secureremote
259/tcp   open     esro-gen
264/tcp   open     bgmp
280/tcp   open     http-mgmt
301/tcp   open     unknown
306/tcp   open     unknown
311/tcp   open     asip-webadmin
340/tcp   open     unknown
366/tcp   open     odmr
389/tcp   open     ldap
406/tcp   open     imsp
407/tcp   open     timbuktu
416/tcp   open     silverplatter
417/tcp   open     onmux
425/tcp   open     icad-el
427/tcp   open     svrloc
443/tcp   open     https
444/tcp   open     snpp
445/tcp   filtered microsoft-ds
458/tcp   open     appleqtc
464/tcp   open     kpasswd5
465/tcp   open     smtps
481/tcp   open     dvs
497/tcp   open     retrospect
500/tcp   open     isakmp
512/tcp   open     exec
513/tcp   open     login
514/tcp   open     shell
515/tcp   open     printer
524/tcp   open     ncp
541/tcp   open     uucp-rlogin
543/tcp   open     klogin
544/tcp   open     kshell
545/tcp   open     ekshell
548/tcp   open     afp
554/tcp   open     rtsp
555/tcp   open     dsf
563/tcp   open     snews
587/tcp   open     submission
593/tcp   open     http-rpc-epmap
616/tcp   open     sco-sysmgr
617/tcp   open     sco-dtmgr
625/tcp   open     apple-xsrvr-admin
631/tcp   open     ipp
636/tcp   open     ldapssl
646/tcp   open     ldp
648/tcp   open     rrp
666/tcp   open     doom
667/tcp   open     disclose
668/tcp   open     mecomm
683/tcp   open     corba-iiop
687/tcp   open     asipregistry
691/tcp   open     resvc
700/tcp   open     epp
705/tcp   open     agentx
711/tcp   open     cisco-tdp
714/tcp   open     iris-xpcs
720/tcp   open     unknown
722/tcp   open     unknown
726/tcp   open     unknown
749/tcp   open     kerberos-adm
765/tcp   open     webster
777/tcp   open     multiling-http
783/tcp   open     spamassassin
787/tcp   open     qsc
800/tcp   open     mdbs_daemon
801/tcp   open     device
808/tcp   open     ccproxy-http
843/tcp   open     unknown
873/tcp   open     rsync
880/tcp   open     unknown
888/tcp   open     accessbuilder
898/tcp   open     sun-manageconsole
900/tcp   open     omginitialrefs
901/tcp   open     samba-swat
902/tcp   open     iss-realsecure
903/tcp   open     iss-console-mgr
911/tcp   open     xact-backup
912/tcp   open     apex-mesh
981/tcp   open     unknown
987/tcp   open     unknown
990/tcp   open     ftps
992/tcp   open     telnets
993/tcp   open     imaps
995/tcp   open     pop3s
999/tcp   open     garcon
1000/tcp  open     cadlock
1001/tcp  open     unknown
1002/tcp  open     windows-icfw
1007/tcp  open     unknown
1009/tcp  open     unknown
1010/tcp  open     surf
1011/tcp  open     unknown
1021/tcp  open     exp1
1022/tcp  open     exp2
1023/tcp  open     netvenuechat
1024/tcp  open     kdm
1025/tcp  open     NFS-or-IIS
1026/tcp  open     LSA-or-nterm
1027/tcp  open     IIS
1028/tcp  open     unknown
1029/tcp  open     ms-lsa
1030/tcp  open     iad1
1031/tcp  open     iad2
1032/tcp  open     iad3
1033/tcp  open     netinfo
1034/tcp  open     zincite-a
1035/tcp  open     multidropper
1036/tcp  open     nsstp
1037/tcp  open     ams
1038/tcp  open     mtqp
1039/tcp  open     sbl
1040/tcp  open     netsaint
1041/tcp  open     danf-ak2
1042/tcp  open     afrog
1043/tcp  open     boinc
1044/tcp  open     dcutility
1045/tcp  open     fpitp
1046/tcp  open     wfremotertm
1047/tcp  open     neod1
1048/tcp  open     neod2
1049/tcp  open     td-postman
1050/tcp  open     java-or-OTGfileshare
1051/tcp  open     optima-vnet
1052/tcp  open     ddt
1053/tcp  open     remote-as
1054/tcp  open     brvread
1055/tcp  open     ansyslmd
1056/tcp  open     vfo
1057/tcp  open     startron
1058/tcp  open     nim
1059/tcp  open     nimreg
1060/tcp  open     polestar
1061/tcp  open     kiosk
1062/tcp  open     veracity
1063/tcp  open     kyoceranetdev
1064/tcp  open     jstel
1065/tcp  open     syscomlan
1066/tcp  open     fpo-fns
1067/tcp  open     instl_boots
1068/tcp  open     instl_bootc
1069/tcp  open     cognex-insight
1070/tcp  open     gmrupdateserv
1071/tcp  open     bsquare-voip
1072/tcp  open     cardax
1073/tcp  open     bridgecontrol
1074/tcp  open     warmspotMgmt
1075/tcp  open     rdrmshc
1076/tcp  open     sns_credit
1077/tcp  open     imgames
1078/tcp  open     avocent-proxy
1079/tcp  open     asprovatalk
1080/tcp  open     socks
1081/tcp  open     pvuniwien
1082/tcp  open     amt-esd-prot
1083/tcp  open     ansoft-lm-1
1084/tcp  open     ansoft-lm-2
1085/tcp  open     webobjects
1086/tcp  open     cplscrambler-lg
1087/tcp  open     cplscrambler-in
1088/tcp  open     cplscrambler-al
1089/tcp  open     ff-annunc
1090/tcp  open     ff-fms
1091/tcp  open     ff-sm
1092/tcp  open     obrpd
1093/tcp  open     proofd
1094/tcp  open     rootd
1095/tcp  open     nicelink
1096/tcp  open     cnrprotocol
1097/tcp  open     sunclustermgr
1098/tcp  open     rmiactivation
1099/tcp  open     rmiregistry
1100/tcp  open     mctp
1102/tcp  open     adobeserver-1
1104/tcp  open     xrl
1105/tcp  open     ftranhc
1106/tcp  open     isoipsigport-1
1107/tcp  open     isoipsigport-2
1108/tcp  open     ratio-adp
1110/tcp  open     nfsd-status
1111/tcp  open     lmsocialserver
1112/tcp  open     msql
1113/tcp  open     ltp-deepspace
1114/tcp  open     mini-sql
1117/tcp  open     ardus-mtrns
1119/tcp  open     bnetgame
1121/tcp  open     rmpp
1122/tcp  open     availant-mgr
1123/tcp  open     murray
1124/tcp  open     hpvmmcontrol
1126/tcp  open     hpvmmdata
1130/tcp  open     casp
1131/tcp  open     caspssl
1132/tcp  open     kvm-via-ip
1137/tcp  open     trim
1138/tcp  open     encrypted_admin
1141/tcp  open     mxomss
1145/tcp  open     x9-icue
1147/tcp  open     capioverlan
1148/tcp  open     elfiq-repl
1149/tcp  open     bvtsonar
1151/tcp  open     unizensus
1152/tcp  open     winpoplanmess
1154/tcp  open     resacommunity
1163/tcp  open     sddp
1164/tcp  open     qsm-proxy
1165/tcp  open     qsm-gui
1166/tcp  open     qsm-remote
1169/tcp  open     tripwire
1174/tcp  open     fnet-remote-ui
1175/tcp  open     dossier
1183/tcp  open     llsurfup-http
1185/tcp  open     catchpole
1186/tcp  open     mysql-cluster
1187/tcp  open     alias
1192/tcp  open     caids-sensor
1198/tcp  open     cajo-discovery
1199/tcp  open     dmidi
1201/tcp  open     nucleus-sand
1213/tcp  open     mpc-lifenet
1216/tcp  open     etebac5
1217/tcp  open     hpss-ndapi
1218/tcp  open     aeroflight-ads
1233/tcp  open     univ-appserver
1234/tcp  open     hotline
1236/tcp  open     bvcontrol
1244/tcp  open     isbconference1
1247/tcp  open     visionpyramid
1248/tcp  open     hermes
1259/tcp  open     opennl-voice
1271/tcp  open     excw
1272/tcp  open     cspmlockmgr
1277/tcp  open     miva-mqs
1287/tcp  open     routematch
1296/tcp  open     dproxy
1300/tcp  open     h323hostcallsc
1301/tcp  open     ci3-software-1
1309/tcp  open     jtag-server
1310/tcp  open     husky
1311/tcp  open     rxmon
1322/tcp  open     novation
1328/tcp  open     ewall
1334/tcp  open     writesrv
1352/tcp  open     lotusnotes
1417/tcp  open     timbuktu-srv1
1433/tcp  open     ms-sql-s
1434/tcp  open     ms-sql-m
1443/tcp  open     ies-lm
1455/tcp  open     esl-lm
1461/tcp  open     ibm_wrless_lan
1494/tcp  open     citrix-ica
1500/tcp  open     vlsi-lm
1501/tcp  open     sas-3
1503/tcp  open     imtc-mcs
1521/tcp  open     oracle
1524/tcp  open     ingreslock
1533/tcp  open     virtual-places
1556/tcp  open     veritas_pbx
1580/tcp  open     tn-tl-r1
1583/tcp  open     simbaexpress
1594/tcp  open     sixtrak
1600/tcp  open     issd
1641/tcp  open     invision
1658/tcp  open     sixnetudr
1666/tcp  open     netview-aix-6
1687/tcp  open     nsjtp-ctrl
1688/tcp  open     nsjtp-data
1700/tcp  open     mps-raft
1717/tcp  open     fj-hdnet
1718/tcp  open     h323gatedisc
1719/tcp  open     h323gatestat
1720/tcp  open     H.323/Q.931
1721/tcp  open     caicci
1723/tcp  open     pptp
1755/tcp  open     wms
1761/tcp  open     landesk-rc
1782/tcp  open     hp-hcip
1783/tcp  open     unknown
1801/tcp  open     msmq
1805/tcp  open     enl-name
1812/tcp  open     radius
1839/tcp  open     netopia-vo1
1840/tcp  open     netopia-vo2
1862/tcp  open     mysql-cm-agent
1863/tcp  open     msnp
1864/tcp  open     paradym-31
1875/tcp  open     westell-stats
1900/tcp  open     upnp
1914/tcp  open     elm-momentum
1935/tcp  open     rtmp
1947/tcp  open     sentinelsrm
1971/tcp  open     netop-school
1972/tcp  open     intersys-cache
1974/tcp  open     drp
1984/tcp  open     bigbrother
1998/tcp  open     x25-svc-port
1999/tcp  open     tcp-id-port
2000/tcp  open     cisco-sccp
2001/tcp  open     dc
2002/tcp  open     globe
2003/tcp  open     finger
2004/tcp  open     mailbox
2005/tcp  open     deslogin
2006/tcp  open     invokator
2007/tcp  open     dectalk
2008/tcp  open     conf
2009/tcp  open     news
2010/tcp  open     search
2013/tcp  open     raid-am
2020/tcp  open     xinupageserver
2021/tcp  open     servexec
2022/tcp  open     down
2030/tcp  open     device2
2033/tcp  open     glogger
2034/tcp  open     scoremgr
2035/tcp  open     imsldoc
2038/tcp  open     objectmanager
2040/tcp  open     lam
2041/tcp  open     interbase
2042/tcp  open     isis
2043/tcp  open     isis-bcast
2045/tcp  open     cdfunc
2046/tcp  open     sdfunc
2047/tcp  open     dls
2048/tcp  open     dls-monitor
2049/tcp  filtered nfs
2065/tcp  open     dlsrpn
2068/tcp  open     advocentkvm
2099/tcp  open     h2250-annex-g
2100/tcp  open     amiganetfs
2103/tcp  open     zephyr-clt
2105/tcp  open     eklogin
2106/tcp  open     ekshell
2107/tcp  open     msmq-mgmt
2111/tcp  open     kx
2119/tcp  open     gsigatekeeper
2121/tcp  open     ccproxy-ftp
2126/tcp  open     pktcable-cops
2135/tcp  open     gris
2144/tcp  open     lv-ffx
2160/tcp  open     apc-2160
2161/tcp  open     apc-agent
2170/tcp  open     eyetv
2179/tcp  open     vmrdp
2190/tcp  open     tivoconnect
2191/tcp  open     tvbus
2196/tcp  open     unknown
2200/tcp  open     ici
2222/tcp  open     EtherNet/IP-1
2251/tcp  open     dif-port
2260/tcp  open     apc-2260
2288/tcp  open     netml
2301/tcp  open     compaqdiag
2323/tcp  open     3d-nfsd
2366/tcp  open     qip-login
2381/tcp  open     compaq-https
2382/tcp  open     ms-olap3
2383/tcp  open     ms-olap4
2393/tcp  open     ms-olap1
2394/tcp  open     ms-olap2
2399/tcp  open     fmpro-fdal
2401/tcp  open     cvspserver
2492/tcp  open     groove
2500/tcp  open     rtsserv
2522/tcp  open     windb
2525/tcp  open     ms-v-worlds
2557/tcp  open     nicetec-mgmt
2601/tcp  open     zebra
2602/tcp  open     ripd
2604/tcp  open     ospfd
2605/tcp  open     bgpd
2607/tcp  open     connection
2608/tcp  open     wag-service
2638/tcp  open     sybase
2701/tcp  open     sms-rcinfo
2702/tcp  open     sms-xfer
2710/tcp  open     sso-service
2717/tcp  open     pn-requester
2718/tcp  open     pn-requester2
2725/tcp  open     msolap-ptp2







  "100 PLACES YOU WILL NEVER VISIT: The World's Most Secret Locations"



"Ise Grand Shrine" と "Woomera Prohibited Area" の間にある、"Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant" つまり福島第一原発だ。
















5. ポール・マクギガ監督ヴィクターフランケンシュタイン(Victor Frankenstein)』(原作メアリーシェリーフランケンシュタイン』)



訳者の雑感: せむしの助手イゴール原作には登場しない人物で、出典はボリス・カーロフ主演の『フランケンシュタインの復活』(1939)です。この時点で「本が原作」と言い張るのはどうなのかな。そもそも学生時代フランケンシュタイン博士が題材ってどこに需要あるんだって思われそうですけど、なにせ『キル・ユア・ダーリン』のラドクリフと『X-MEN: FC』のマカヴォイですからね、濃厚なBLが期待できそうです。脚本家も『クロニクル』の人だし、なおさら……ねえ?

 ちなみに、監督のマクギガンは『PUSH 光と闇の冒険』などいくつか映画監督していますが、日本で有名なのはなんといってもドラマSHERLOCK』の「ベルグレービアの醜聞」と「バスカヴィルの犬」でしょう。


4. ジル=パケ・ブレネル『冥闇(Dark Places)』(原作ギリアン・フリンの『冥闇』)






3. ロス・クラーク監督ダーマフォリア(Dermaphoria)』(クレイグ・クレヴェンジャー原作『Dermaphoria』未訳


 出演は『ヴァンパイアダイアリーズ』のジョセフ・モーガン、『Justified 俺の正義』のウォルトン・ゴギンズ、『ヘルボーイ』や『パシフィック・リム』のロン・パールマン


 訳者の雑感: 未訳作品な上に原作者自体が数年前に一作ちょこっと訳されてそのままなカルト作家なんで、どうにも前情報がない。ある朝、記憶喪失化学者麻薬密造に関わった容疑で監獄にぶちこまれたと思ったらこれまた唐突解放され、失われた記憶と失踪したガールフレンドを求めて彷徨う話らしいです。元記事引用されてる画像がいかにもいつものロン・パールマンってふてぶてしさで好印象ですね。http://litreactor.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/header/images/column/headers/487195087_640.jpg


2. ベン・ウィートリー監督ハイ-ライズ(High-Rise)』(J.G.バラード原作ハイ-ライズ』)

 J.G. バラードは難儀な小説家だ。『ハイ-ライズ』はおそらく彼の最高傑作でしょう。ちょっと前にこの小説映画化されるって聞いて、マジビビりましたね。原作を読んだことのない人たちに説明しておくとですね、タイトルにもなってるハイ-ライズとは超豪華高層マンション名前で、その内部では文字通階層によって分断された住民たちによる血で血を洗う階級闘争が勃発しています高層マンション版『蝿の王』みたいなもんです。とってもバイオレントでとってもクレイジーで、とってもワンダフル映画もおんなじくらいクレイジーであってほしいですね。

 主演は『アベンジャーズ』、『マイティ・ソー』でお馴染みトム・ヒドルストンと、『バットマン vs スーパーマン』でバットマン執事役が決まっているジェレミー・アイアンズ。公開日の九月十七日をお楽しみに。

 編集者コメント: !!!!! ベン・ウィートリー監督作じゃん!!!! よっしゃあああああああああ!!!!!!

 訳者雑感: ベン・ウィートリーは第二のデヴィッド・クローネンバーグの座を狙っているんでしょうか。せいぜいブランドン・クローネンバーグと争ってほしいものです。他に誰もそんなポジション欲しがらないでしょうけど、がんばれ、応援してるぞ。

 ともかく、『キルリスト』や『サイトシアーズ』で日本でも熱狂的なファンを生み出した「奇妙系スリラー界の風雲児」ベン・ウィートリーが、あのバラードの、あの『ハイ-ライズ』を映画化する、これは期待しないわけにはいきませんよね。原作はおなじみハヤカワ文庫SFからですが、当然のごとく絶版なので、なんとか日本でも映画劇場公開までもってって復刊の一助となっていただきたいものです。DVDスルー(『キルリスト』)→アートシアター系公開(『サイトシアーズ』)と順調? にステップアップしているので芽はありそう。


1. リドリー・スコット監督火星の人(The Martian)』(アンディ・ウィアー原作火星の人』)




 訳者の雑感: 原作の『火星の人』はハヤカワ文庫SFから絶賛発売中。「ライトハードSF」と称される軽妙な作風も相まってか、最近のSFにしてはめずらしく幅広い層から広範な支持を集めています。今年の「SFが読みたい!」のランキングでも票を集めるんじゃないんでしょうか。いっぽうで監督リドスコは『悪の法則』、『エクソダス:神と王』と近作がこのところ立て続けに興行批評両面で失敗してやや低調。『ブレードランナー』の続編を作ると宣言して即監督を降りたりと何かとケチがついてますが、『プロメテウス』以来のSF回帰作は吉と出るか凶と出るか。日本ではおそらく二〇一六年公開でしょうね。









1. Stamped: App that let you give a stamp of approval to your favorite bars, restaurants, songs, and apps. (Shut down)

2. OnTheAir: Short-lived online video site for people who wanted to stream to large audiences. (Shut down)

3. Snip.it: A Pinterest-like curation tool that let you “snip” content from the web, organize it, and share with friends. (Shut down)

4. Alike: Location discovery app that could find nearby places your friends also liked. (Shut down)

5. Jybe: App that recommended movies, books, restaurants, dishes, recipes, and reviews. (Shut down)

6. Summly: App that automatically shortened news articles for mobile devices. Deal included 17-year-old founder Nick D’Aloisio. (Shut down)

7. Astrid: Popular to-do list app for iOS and Android. (Shut down)

8. MileWise: Frequent flier search startup. (Shut down)

9. GoPollGo: Simple polling tool and app. (Shut down)

10. Loki Studios: Mobile gaming startup that created the game Geomon. (Shut down)

11. Tumblr: Blogging powerhouse that was purchased for $1.1 billion. (Alive and kicking)

12. PlayerScale: Cross-platform game infrastructure startup with more than 150 million users tapping into it. (Alive and kicking)

13. GhostBird Software: Photo-focused mobile app startup behind KitCam and PhotoForge2. Will help the Flickr team. (Shut down)

14. Rondee: Conference calling app launched in 2006. (Shut down)

15. Bignoggins: One-man production company behind Fantasy Monster and Draft Monster. Going to Yahoo Fantasy Sports. (Shut down)

16. Qwiki: iOS app that takes your videos and photos and automatically turns them into brief movies. (Still alive for now)

17. Xobni: Startup that made plugins and apps to better manage your email. Will bolster the Yahoo Mail team. (Still alive for now)







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 We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things.

(M) 我々はいまだ若い国家だ。だが、聖書の言葉を借りれば「幼子らしいこと」をやめる時が来た。



 The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation:

(M) 我々が、不朽の精神を再確認する時がきた。より良い歴史を選ぶことを再確認し、世代から世代へと受け継がれた高貴な理想と貴重な贈り物を引き継ぐ時が来た。



: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.

(M) それはすべての人々は平等、自由で最大限の幸福を追求する価値があるという、神の約束である。



 In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never a given.

(M) 我が国の偉大さを再確認する時、我々は偉大さが決して与えられたものでないことを理解する。



 It must be earned.

(M) 自分で手に入れなければならないのだ。



 Our journey has never been one of short-cuts or settling for less.

(M) 我々のこれまでの旅は、近道では決してなかったし、安易に流れるものでもなかった。



 It has not been the path for the faint-hearted - for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame.

(M) それは心の弱い、仕事より遊びを好み、富と名声からの喜びのみを求める人々の道でもなかった。



 Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things -

(M) むしろ、リスクを選ぶ人、実行の人、創造の人の道だ。



 - some celebrated but more often men and women obscure in their labor, who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom.

(M) 恵まれた人の場合もあるが、多くはその仕事については知られず、長く困難な道のりを歩み、我々を繁栄と自由へと運んでくれた人々だ。



 For us, they packed up their few worldly possessions and traveled across oceans in search of a new life.




 For us, they toiled in sweatshops and settled the West; endured the lash of the whip and plowed the hard earth.




 For us, they fought and died, in places like Concord and Gettysburg; Normandy and Khe Sahn.




 Time and again these men and women struggled and sacrificed and worked till their hands were raw so that we might live a better life.




 They saw America as bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions; greater than all the differences of birth or wealth or faction.












Places: China 〓 | India 〓 | Malaysia 〓 | Pakistan 〓 | Thailand 〓






















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