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Eight Melodies - Mother OST

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Good Thursday, How are you today? Thanks a lot of kind words to me in your letter,

telling me about your blog-I can't open-here very old computers!

I never travel to another countries,but dream.

I like comedy & romantic movies. what about you? I don't have boyfriend,here mostly all men at war.

I had a boyfriend,but he died at war 1,5 years ago.I will be happy to have family with kids & marry with man older than me.

Today no lessons in college,I write you letters from library,because no private computer at home.

I had before a small smartphone,but change it for food 5 month ago. Now we use old nokia together with mom,Ha-ha!

Soon I will finish institute. But here very hard to find any job,all from war here.I know about sushi from TV programs,

but never eat sushi,because sushi restaurants very expensive here.

I don't have boyfriend now,here all men at war.

I have good news: yesterday evening was stopped fire between Ukraine & Russia.

We have big hope that this time it will be true words from Presidents & peace will come,

Because this "stop war" was many times,but it was only words...

I want to tell you that from yesterday really was no hear shots, bombings.

But situation with electric, water & mostly with food still very, very hard. It is very difficult to sell something or to exchange for food, many have no money, and rich people left from Ukraine.

It's a pity that without meat, meat here terrible expensive long ago. When was no war we could buy meat, not often, but we could.But we are happy that we have some vegetables.

Usually here very cold winter, normally-25, - 30, much snow,now autumn +10.

I like to cook very much! Today, I will tell you how to cook borsch:take piece of beef to weld in water, then to cook there potatoes, carrots, cabbage,

it is a little haricot, then we add a little tomato paste, salt, parsley.

Give a borsch very hot with sour cream and garlic. Its very good for health hot dish & you not catch a cold.

Of course garlic isn't good for kisses, but when we will meet I cook borsch for us & we will eat garlic together & then could easy kiss...

May be on today will come my friend Maria.I send you summer photo with my friend Maria.

She lost family at war & have no possible to live in this hard war period,

I was invite her for dinner. I wish you happy, warm day.




Ukraine: ユークレイン

Ikea: アイキーア








Highest Earnings By Country


1. China China $69,459,677.33 2689 Players

2. United States United States $65,035,452.60 9723 Players

3. Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of $57,997,993.04 2621 Players

4. Sweden Sweden $23,610,137.55 1947 Players

5. Denmark Denmark $14,425,605.50 1001 Players

6. Germany Germany $13,864,008.10 2489 Players

7. Canada Canada $13,407,998.83 1618 Players

8. Russian Federation Russian Federation $11,654,855.88 1938 Players

9. Ukraine Ukraine $10,891,477.73 455 Players

10. France France $10,341,850.18 2004 Players

11. United Kingdom United Kingdom $8,317,737.08 1946 Players

12. Brazil Brazil $7,913,644.55 1399 Players

13. Poland Poland $7,091,267.00 1195 Players

14. Finland Finland $6,926,922.53 1018 Players

15. Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China $5,191,911.84 473 Players

16. Malaysia Malaysia $5,180,092.09 397 Players

17. Australia Australia $5,045,261.00 1128 Players

18. Philippines Philippines $4,014,192.61 326 Players

19. Bulgaria Bulgaria $3,604,654.79 227 Players

20. Netherlands Netherlands $3,535,937.79 620 Players

21. Jordan Jordan $3,522,900.17 38 Players

22. Pakistan Pakistan $2,675,355.34 5 Players

23. Singapore Singapore $2,609,005.59 417 Players

24. Lebanon Lebanon $2,529,314.76 35 Players

25. Norway Norway $2,476,570.33 565 Players

26. Spain Spain $2,379,909.54 750 Players

27. Japan Japan $2,277,951.57 592 Players

28. Romania Romania $2,180,479.03 231 Players

29. Estonia Estonia $2,081,848.91 148 Players

30. Israel Israel $1,526,621.74 104 Players







Reservations and declarations:

to the paragraph 6 of Article 13:

The Convention shall be applied only subject to the observation of the constitutional principles and fundamental basis of the legal system of Ukraine;

to the paragraph b of Article 2:

The term "serious crime" corresponds to the terms "grave crime"and "especially grave crime"in the Ukrainian criminal law. Grave crime means the crime for which the law provides such type of punishment as imprisonment for at least five years and not exceeding ten years (paragraph 4 of Article 12 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), and especially grave crime means crime for which the law provides such type of punishment as imprisonment for more than ten years or life imprisonment (paragraph 5 of Article 12 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

この部分の日本語訳国会ウォッチャー氏の挙げた国会の書き起こしを参照してほしいが、ここでは具体的に12条に拠ると書かれているのでウクライナ刑法典第12条「犯罪の分類(Класифікація злочинів)」をみてみる。

1. Залежно від ступеня тяжкості злочини поділяються на злочини невеликої тяжкості, середньої тяжкості, тяжкі та особливо тяжкі.

2. Злочином невеликої тяжкості є злочин, за який передбачене покарання у виді позбавлення волі на строк не більше двох років, або інше, більш м'яке покарання.

3. Злочином середньої тяжкості є злочин, за який передбачене покарання у виді позбавлення волі на строк не більше п'яти років.

4. Тяжким злочином є злочин, за який передбачене покарання у виді позбавлення волі на строк не більше десяти років.

5. Особливо тяжким злочином є злочин, за який передбачене покарання у виді позбавлення волі на строк понад десять років або довічного позбавлення волі.




2.軽罪は2年を超えない(не більше двох років)

3.中罪は5年を超えない(не більше п'яти років)

4.重罪は10年を超えない(не більше десяти років)

5.超重罪は10年以上もしくは終身刑(понад десять років або довічного позбавлення волі)



1. Готуванням до злочину є підшукування або пристосування засобів чи знарядь, підшукування співучасників або змова на вчинення злочину, усунення перешкод, а також інше умисне створення умов для вчинення злочину.

2. Готування до злочину невеликої тяжкості не тягне за собою кримінальної відповідальності.

Подробнее: http://kodeksy.com.ua/kriminal_nij_kodeks_ukraini/statja-14.htm


1. preparation of a crime is pidshukuvannya or adjustment means or instruments, pidshukuvannya accomplices or a conspiracy to commit a crime, eliminating obstacles, and other deliberate creation of conditions for the crime.

2. Preparation for a minor offense does not entail criminal liability.

підшукуванняが訳されてない(pidshukuvannyaとそのまま書かれてる)けど、これどういう意味だろ。動詞підшукуватиの名詞形っぽいけどその動詞意味がようわからんのよね。まあそれはいいとして、「злочин невеликої тяжкості」が「軽罪」なので、軽罪は準備だけじゃ捕まらないよ、ということが言いたいっぽい。




2. Незакінченим злочином є готування до злочину та замах на злочин.





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