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A long time ago, in a certain country, there was a bastard named Cinderella. The reason why she is called Cinderella is because she sprinkled her own ashes on her own head at her mother's funeral, which led to her being called the ash-coverer, which is why her real name is Cinderella. I lost

The husband who lost his wife was also a bastard, and the day after the funeral he cheated on a woman three years younger than him, had sex with her, and even got married.

I have decided. Then, to her Cinderella

She now has an older sister and a younger sister who are not related by blood.

Her sister was a bitch too, she came to Cinderella's house

After a few days, she thought, ``Wouldn't it be more convenient to have an outbuilding?'' and cut down Cinderella's mother's grave in her garden and the hundreds of years old tree that was next to her grave, and built an outbuilding. We forced construction.

One day, the bastard's family receives news of a ball from the castle. But before Cinderella could read it, her sister broke the news and said, ``There's no way you can go.'' Cinderella didn't seem to have any intention of going either, saying, ``I had no intention of going in the first place.I'd rather go to hell.''

Then, on the day her mother was admitted to the hospital to give birth, her sister went to the ball. In the garden, the construction of an outbuilding was progressing as usual.

Let’s light a fire here and make a bonfire.”

She thought about that, but Cinderella stopped her. Suddenly, a witch appeared

``Cinderella, why aren't you going to the ball?'' asked the witch.

"What's the point of telling Teme?"

Cinderella returned with an ax in her hand

Then, for some reason, Cinderella was wrapped in a jewel-like dress.

"If you don't go to the ball, that dress will kill you. Now go."

Cinderella doesn't want to die in a place like this, so she reluctantly decides to go to the castle.

In the castle, some asshole like her sister was looking for a one-night stand and was dancing wildly. No one really praised others, and in their hearts they all seemed to think that they were the center of the world.

Cinderella didn't dance, but killed her time by smoking a cigarette at the end of her room. There, she was approached by a man wearing formal clothes that were flashier and more expensive than anyone else, and said to her, ``Miss, won't you dance?''

She is Cinderella with a cigarette in her mouth

She said, ``I only dance with the Grim Reaper and bad luck.''

she answered. For some reason, the man fell in love with her at first sight, and she said, ``Let's have some fun in the other room.Here, come.'' She tried to force Cinderella to take her to another room in the castle. However, Cinderella pressed the cigarette she was holding into her hand.

"Her hand slipped," she laughed.

When she pressed the cigarette, the sound in her voice was so pitiful that no one tried to get close to him or dance with him. Of course, no one even knows that such a pitiful man is the prince who owns this castle.

Eventually, she had enough, Cinderella threw her shoes on her stairs and went back to her house in her bare feet. Her shoes were made of glass, so they shattered into pieces.

The next day, while her servant was cleaning the castle, she found one shoe on the stairs. Obviously thinking this was strange, she secretly examined her shoes and discovered that they had been smeared with a deadly amount of poison.

Rumors spread within the castle that this must be an attempt to kill the prince, and soon a large-scale investigation was conducted. Even though it's a survey, it's simple.

The idea was to create a replica of a shoe and imprison the person who matched it perfectly as a suspect.

And one after another, people were imprisoned just because of their size. Some of them had not been to the ball, but they thought it must be a lie and were forcibly taken away.

Eventually, an investigation came to Cinderella's house. That's when we all looked at her mother and child after she was discharged from the hospital, and of course her sister didn't fit.

So all that was left was Cinderella. Then, her sister said to Cinderella, ``Hell suits you better than this world.''

She was of course the perfect size for Cinderella.

However, she protested her innocence, saying that I hadn't gone to the ball and there was no dress anywhere in the house to prove it.

However, the prince showed him an empty pack of cigarettes that had been discarded in a trash can and said, ``This is the same brand that the criminal was smoking that time.Why?''

Then Cinderella grinned and

I unbuttoned all the buttons on her jacket.

She said, ``After all, I feel like dancing with the Grim Reaper. Right, little prince?'' she said.

By the time the princes realized it, it was already too late.

The grenade that fell at his feet blew up Cinderella and the prince.

The time was around noon. Bells rang throughout the city and residents prayed for lunch.

The flying fragments of the shoe became a weapon, a sad fragment that could only hurt someone, and no one could imagine its original form.



The New China Federation is an illegal organization for which Guo Wengui practiced fraud

If you have not yet realized that Guo Wengui is a liar, those who help Guo Wengui cheat money, your hands are also covered with the blood smell of the blood of the compatriots who have been cheated, if it is not for your intentional wilful behavior in virtual farms around the world, Guo Wengui's current face will not continue to deceive so many compatriots who are stranded in the scam. Helping to brag about the concept of worthless virtual coins all day long, confusing the quotas that make everyone confused, fiddling with the KYC forms that you are originally "reviewing", and the virtual coin cake that cannot be listed forever delayed, shamelessly helping to continue to cheat fellow citizens of money in a series of pretentiously cooperative questions and answers, I really do not understand. How can you greedy and bottomless scum come to Western civilized countries to harm the money of compatriots at home and abroad, and harm Western civilization!

If you get legally due punishment for helping Guo Wengui cheat or take the blame for helping Guo Wengui at all, it is self-serving and deserved! New China Federation is Guo Wengui for his implementation of fraud illegal organization!



putting others down is what people who cant bring themselves up do 

他人こき下ろすのは自分を高めることができない人がやることだ (bring someone up = uplift oneself = improve one's situation)


improveimprove onの違い



He improved the design of the car.



自動詞場合は、on 以下のものを元にして(元にして、が on意味です)



He improved on the design.


この場合、the design(その設計)を元にして、よりよい「設計」を作った、ということなのです。





Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, 「絶望の谷で苦しみにふけるのはやめましょう」

let us not ~ は let’s not ~ と同じ

wallow は「転げまわる、もがく」という意味ですが、ここでは「(快楽などに)ふける、浸る」という意味で使われています


例:wallow in luxury「ぜいたくにふける」、wallow in one’s sadness「悲しみにふける」



Matt has stepped away from public life マットはもう人前に出ることを止めたんだから

Let us hold not too fast to his name 彼の名前にあまりしがみつかないようにしよう


immersion only losers couldn't tell you the difference between と思う and と思っている to save their lives


to save one's life


・I can't wake up to save my life. : どうしても起きられない。


i am at the bottom of the mountain 先はまだまだ長い (= i've got a long way to go)


im very active w keeping my pronouns available 私は積極的自分性別代名詞を公開してる (consistently and proactively making known or sharing their preferred pronouns)

bc ik it can feel awkward to ask sometimes だってわざわざ尋ねるのは気まずいじゃん


You don't wanna get on my bad side.... 俺の機嫌を損ねないほうがいいぜ・・・



Go finger your prostate to chill out or smth 前立腺でも弄って落ち着け

Look I'm on a stim crash and on edge dw bout it 精神刺激薬の離脱症状が出ててしか寸止め中だから大丈夫

be on a stimulant crash = ADHDやアデロールなどの薬の離脱症状 (= I'm having withdrawals from drugs.)

be on edge 寸止め


back on one's feet

《be ~》〔病気などが回復して〕再び元気になる

Your father will be back on his feet in no time. : あなたのお父様はすぐに回復されますよ。

《be ~》〔状況などが〕良くなる、立ち直る


curry favor with



・That's a lot [bunch] of hooey, and you know it! : 実にばかげた話です。自分でも分かってるだろ。(=ホラ話= bullshit


it's awkward but it gets the point across

自分の書く文章は)ぎこちないけど意味は通じる (awkward = clunky = clumsy = scuffed)

why do you think it's awkward?


because I haven't output enough to think of a natural way to output my ideas. Instead I force out something that gets the idea across even if it turns out awkward



because 99% of my Japanese practice is from writing assignments for class (haven't hung out with many Japanese people), so even if I try to speak casually, formal stuff appears




this server is a lot more hateful than I remember it being



I can understand being insecure over one's language skills but I think you should own that you're insecure instead of trying to act like you're above others

Address what's causing you to feel insecure and work on that



own 〔罪などを〕自分がやったと認める


Speaking as someone who has never interacted with you before and didn't even recognise you, you came off as a massive dickhead in the way you talked, and that's gonna rub people the wrong way. Especially if there's annoyance built before that. But at the end of the day man, it doesn't matter much



I mean you just rubbed some people the wrong way but they didn't express that and decided to unload it all on you at the same time x10 when they saw the opportunity



it was really irresponsible and wrong of me

yeah I know that was fucked up of me

that was dumb of me





ooh buddy not a good look


it's basically just a way of saying "you did something bad."



I think most of it was just pent up aggression towards him over the weeks that everyone found an opportunity to unload at that moment


pent-up discontent 鬱積した不満


Idk why you're making it seem like i had a fit over him


have a fit

腹を立てる、カッとなる、カンカンに怒る、ひどく興奮する、非常に興奮する、だだをこねる、ショックを受ける、発作を起こす、卒倒する、おたおたする◆【同】throw a fit

・I was having [throwing] a huge fit. : 私は無性に腹を立てていた。


You just jumped on the Jack hate train for no reason


I don't understand the audacity to come here every single day while you disrespect me to your friends


and you also hop on the gender thing


i use she

but yeah

that was wrong of me too

they had that effect on me and I took that as a way out of responsibility





she didn't even think to give me the benefit of the doubt or anything and just straight up pilied on to me when i had no way to defend myself of the misinfo against me


pile on to someone: (of a group of people) to attack or criticize someone



what are you prattling about




・He was prattling on for hours about boring subjects. : 彼は退屈な話題について、何時間もしゃべり続けた。


And oh yea you can go on a tirade in that server talking about how i need mental health help, suck at jp, and feel threatened by the very presence of John






i played it when it came out and had the worst experience of my life


if you pick a μ's character you're in for the worst character interactions you have ever seen


in for 《be ~》〔困難などに〕直面しそうだ、〔事態などを〕きっと経験するだろう


this pc has served me well for 8+ years


im pushing 5 years on my lenovo legion


i built that pc with my dad and god damnit do I love it

will upgrade eventually




Pray the gay away = 神に祈りを捧げてゲイからノンケにしてもらうこと



I wouldn't recommend going off blood thinners cold turkey and my heart rates really fucking high right now, 1:30 3145, and I'm nervous about this.


go cold turkey 〔悪習・薬物などを〕急に[きっぱり]やめる[断ち切る]

go off a drug 薬を(飲むのを)やめる


there's no way these like agencies are gonna be looking at all this money you're raking in on Onlyfans being like "what do you mean we don't get any of it?"



rake in 荒稼ぎする


whether or not the bit that it's famous for will soon wear off a novelty however is difficult to determine


bit = 要素 = element


my boss has been grilling me for slacking


grilling 厳しい尋問◆可算


she flaked on our plans for Christmas together and invited him to hang out with her during the end of the year









there were a lot of things that i couldn't fit in here but i've only ever wrote things that i've had clear evidence of


i don't think i've clarified quite enough but this being something that i've kept in my heart for so long i'm so glad i'm able to talk to you all about it now




steer clear of


You should steer clear of that restaurant or you may get food poisoning. : そのレストランはやめた方がいい、さもないと食中毒になるかもよ。


Shiina having a laughing fit really brightens up my day. Thank you Okayun~

面白い」ということを表すのに使われる「ツボる」という表現英語で表すと、一番意味が近いのはおそらく”have a laughing fit”でしょう。



Does 買いものにでも行っているのかもしれません mean “Maybe she even went shopping” ? What does でも contribute here

Does demo add the “or something” to the sentencr


seemやappear, feel, look, soundなどにthatを付ける場合主語itでなければならない

It seems that ...

✗He seems that ...

Feel, look, and sound are very occasionally found with a content clause too: It looks to me that a vendetta has struck up. Content clauses differ from as if phrases in that they are restricted to the impersonal construction: compare Ed seemed as if /∗that he was trying to hide his true identity. (Camgel p.962)





直説法(knows):He looks as if he knows the answer. (he knows the answer)

仮定法(knew):He looks as if he knew the answer. (he gives the impression that he knows the answer, but he (probably) doesn't know or we don't know whether he knows or not)

主節が現在形の場合区別がつくが、主節を過去時制にすると、直接法では時制の一致によってknows→knewと一つ過去に移るのに対して、仮定法は時制の一致を受けないのでknewのまま変わらない。その結果、どちらも同じ時制になってしまう。そのため、仮定法か直接法かは文脈判断。(仮定法の時制を過去にずらす(knew→had known)と、大過去として見なされ、主節より一つ前の出来事を表すことになる)

He looked as if he knew the answer.


直説法:He seems as if he hasn't slept for days. (he hasn't slept for days)

仮定法:He seems as if he hadn't slept for days. (it seems that he hasn't slept for days, but he (probably) has or we don't know whether he has or not)

He seemed as if he hadn't slept for days.



He doesn't do listening immersion he only knows English from reading and it shows. 

He's not that bad 彼は別に下手じゃないよ

But there's a few quirks that tip me off でもノンネイティブだとわかってしまうような癖がたまに出てくる



he's mooching off his parents = leeching off



it's infamously difficult to explain

just feel it out is the best advice here sadly




ok srsly ketchup fried rice has no right being this good



stubbed my toe in the dark and it still hurts 暗闇の中で足の指をぶつけたんだけどまだ痛い

stub out your cigarette now; 今、タバコをもみ消してください.


we can only give you a 1-day course of medicine. お薬は1日分しか出せません。

Always finish a course of medicine unless advised otherwise 特別な指示がない限り、薬は必ず(処方された分を)最後まで飲みきること


His past has caught up with him 過去に行った悪行が問いただされる時が来た


I got food poisoning eating at xxx xxxで食事したら食中毒になった


That took for fucking ever どんだけ時間かかっとんねん


talk out of one's ass 〈卑〉〔きちんとした内容{ないよう}ではない〕ばかな[適当{てきとう}な・くだらない]ことを言う、くそ発言{はつげん}をする

talk through one's hat 大ぼらを吹く、くだらないことを言う|

talk out of both sides of one's mouth 矛盾したことを言う

You can't trust him. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. : 彼は信用できないよ。矛盾したことばかり言うからね。

pull it out of my ass でっちあげる


comparison is the thief of joy ものごとを楽しむ秘訣は人と比較しないこと



・Ah, touche. : これは1本取られたな。/痛いところを突かれたな。


join in は行為に焦点をおいた表現

"To join the party" means to be(come) part of the party, = パーティの一員になる

"To join IN the party" means to take part in the activities of the party. = パーティというアクティティに参加する



He ran too fast for me to keep up with him. → himはあってもなくてもかまわない(too to構文でforが付くと文末にhimなどを付けても許容される傾向にあるらしい)



looked on in horror 恐怖しながら眺めていた・傍観していた

Bystanders looked on in horror as car plowed through parade 通行人は車がパレードに突っ込んでいくのを恐怖して眺めていた


You have to thread the needle very carefully to make it work properly, ちゃんと動かすには針の穴を通すかのように慎重にやらないといけない


Don't lump me in with them. : あんなのと一緒{いっしょ}にしないでよね。


what's the rush? 何をそんなに急いでるの?


All you do is talk about war. Don't you have anything else to talk about? 口を開けば戦争の話ばかり。会話のレパートリーなすぎだろ


dunno how retarded ud have to be to believe that kinda story そんなストーリー信じるとかアホすぎん?


delusion of persecution 被害妄想

Does he have persecutory delusions? あの人は被害妄想癖なの?

typical paranoid populist with delusions of persecution looking everywhere but within to find scapegoats he can pin the blame for his loser life's pratfalls on



punch down

to attack or criticize someone who is in a worse or less powerful position than you = 自分より弱いもの攻撃避難すること (punch upはその逆)

He punched down at opponents who couldn't fight back. 彼は反撃できない相手攻撃した

Simply put: punching up is okay; punching down is not. 強いものに歯向かうのはいいが、弱い者いじめはいけない


the only people who call out samefags are people who samefag 自演を叩くのは自演してるやつだけ

its a paranoia thing 妄想みたいなもの

like if you murder people then you'll realize how easy it is and think everyones gonna murder you 殺人を犯して人を殺すのが簡単なことに気づいたせいで、みんなが自分を殺そうとしてると思いこむようなもの


yeah, logging is autistic, but helpful. Ever since I started logging, I literally went from 1 hr of daily immersion to 4 hours, just to try to beat other people and see my numbers rack up. It's a good way to keep yourself accountable, which is something 4chan users chronically avoid




There's no fixing that person = あの人はどうしようもない/ 救いようがない/ 付ける薬がない = There's no way you can fix that person


yeah but that's no excuse for him to act like a bitch lol まあ確かにそうだが、だからといってあいつがクソみたいに振る舞っていい理由にはならないわ


he was a cool guy like way back then 前はいいやつだったんだよ

emphasis on "was" 「前は」だけどな

then shit kinda went downhill, he had a spat with Dave regarding some shit i didnt care about そこから色々とクソみたいな状況になって、どうでもいいことでジョンと喧嘩した

i didnt pay attention tbh

and then after some back and forths we just never really talked to each other そんで色々と言い合いを重ねた結果、あいつとは喋らなくなった

maybe John can fill you in on the details, because im a secondary source here 詳しいことはジョンに聞けばわかると思う 俺は又聞きだから

because while they were raging at each other i was out of the server being a productive member of society こいつらが喧嘩してたとき俺は社会の一員として建設的なことをしてたからな

ye, i think i will try to find out about all this later ああ、それについては後で調べてみるわ


he wants to be alone he literally said that. So just give him some time and he will come back on his own time. 一人にさせてほしいって言われたんだろ?なら少し時間を与えれば、自分が戻りたいと思ったときに戻ってくるだろう


I went to the hospital to get blood work done → 病院に行って、採血された




get(pick) the best of everything(both)

get the best of both worlds

skim the cream

cherry pick



Babble like an idiot using what few words you already know, and then only look stuff up when you cannot properly express yourself.




・I had a heart-to-heart with Stacy last night.(昨晩、ステイシーさんと本音を語り合いました。)

・He had a heart-to-heart talk with his dad about his future.(彼は自分の将来について父親本音で話し合いました。)

Let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation.(腹を割った話し合いをしましょう!)



how do u keep coming up with these absolute bangers every day omg !!



They literally just slap the word "AI" on everything now. なんでもかんでもAI文字を貼り付けている

= They're literally just plastering the word "AI" onto everything now.


how much of the shit he is in is he responsible for?



that's like in the avg range それは平均身長くらいでしょ

my aunt is 140 i think, my mom is 150 うちの叔母は140で母は150だし

even for japan that's on the shorter side いや日本ですらそれは低い方に入るぞ


what the fuck have i been missing out on まじかよ俺そんなのを見逃したのか

Idk I was gone before and after that 俺はその間ここにいなかったからしらん

well thank you for letting us know sir まあ知らせてくれて助かる

we pride ourselves on being the opposite of an echochamber so your complaints really help us! 俺たちはエコーチャンバーにならないことに誇りを持ってるから文句を言ってくれるのは助かる

personally im against inviting people we have bad blood with 個人的には仲の悪いやつを招待するのには反対だな


i got all of the fairly common grammar points down just from looking up stuff while reading



it makes you come off like passive aggressive そういう言い方はパッシブアグレッシブに聞こえるよ


Now we're talking" 「そう来なくっちゃ!」

= That is what I wanted to hear; that's a good idea or a good plan, especially compared to previous suggestions.


Let's have fish for dinner 夕食は魚にしよう

Ugh .. No えーいやだ

Okay then , chicken ならチキンはどう 

Now we're talking そう来なくっちゃ!







・There's no need to haggle. : 論争する必要はありません。



haggle over the price of


表現パターンhaggle over [about] the price of

learn how to haggle at the market



Never know when it's the good old days until they're gone あの頃は良かったなってのは過ぎ去って初めてわかるもの

communities always change when they get larger コミュニティは大きくなれば必ず変化していく

never gonna keep that smaller, more intimate thing going そうなればこじんまりとして距離の近かったあの感じはもう二度と戻らない



I don’t like to talk to him because he is full of himself. 彼はイキってるので話したくありません。

He always tries to be bossy on purpose. 彼はいつもわざとイキろうとする。

You’ve changed. You used to be so cocky when we were in junior high school. 変わりましたね。あなた中学生の頃、とてもイキってましたよ

He always gets carried away when we party. I think we shouldn’t let him drink much. パーティーのとき、彼はいつもイキります。彼にたくさん飲ませないほうがいい思います

My father was always high-handed towards other parents. 私の父はいつも他の親に対してイキってました。



Again, I'm just going off my memory from a year ago, so be skeptical of what I say. Here are a few things that come to mind:



like u just use the personality thing as a clutch to get ur foot in 自分の人となりを会話を始める取っ掛かりとして使えばいい (= as a starting point)

so if u talk to someone u just nerd out about learning japanese or something 誰かと話す際に日本語学習についてひたすら喋ってみたりとか

and thats like the vanguard of ur initial engagement そうすれば初めて会話をする際のきっかけになる

get one's foot in door

《have [get] (a [one's]) foot in (the) door》うまく最初の一歩を踏み出す、目的に向かって第一歩を進める、とっかかり[きっかけ・足掛かり]をつかむ、〔希望する組織などに〕入る機会に恵まれる、うまく入り込む、~する機会を得るきっかけをつかむ◆【語源セールスパーソン販売員]が玄関口で追い返されそうになったときに、ドアに足を入れて閉めさせないようにしてセールスしようとする様子から




軍事前衛、先陣◆【対】rear guard


learning japanese is like falling down an endless flight of stairs 日本語学習は果てしなく続く階段を転げ落ちるようなものだ。

everytime you almost get your grip and are able to stop yourself, you realize that youre not standing on a step and fall again 足をついて止まることができたかと思えば、踏み段に立っていないことに気づいてまた落ちる

stairway to hell 地獄へ続く階段

flight of stairs 《a ~》一連の階段、一続きの階段、階と階の間の階段◆途中に踊り場がない一続きの階段


I need to get on top of my sleep as I get older I'm finding it more difficult to manage my ongoing sleep deficit.


get on top of 〜” 「(物事を)うまく対処して」



get on top of



・We'll get on top of the situation as soon as we can. : できるだけ早く事態を収拾します。




haven't seen you post at all where the fuck were you 全然投稿してるの見かけなかったがどこに行ってたんだ

I got life shit haha 人生いろいろあったんだよ笑 (= "I have life stuff" or "I have things going on in my life.")

so do we all そりゃみんなそうやろ


who are you? あんた誰?

John knows me. Me n him go back ジョンは俺のことを知ってるよ。あいつとは付き合いが長いからな

go back 〈話〉〔人が期間を〕さかのぼって知り合いであ


Man they made it so much hard to see member lists in mobile now モバイルだとメンバーリストめっちゃ見にくくなったな

I think it's by design これはわざとだと思うわ

by design 故意


I hate that it had to take this just for people to stop sleeping on Mel



sleep on

1. 〔即断・即答を避けて〕~について一晩考える

2. (米インフォーマル)人や物の素晴らしさに気づかない



























もっと japanese 選手!



japanese blood!



から burning tweet!



japanese は?









クリスナイトはユニヴァーシティカレッジロンドン人類学上級研究員で、アフリカにおける人類起源研究するチームの一員である。著書に『Blood Relations(血のつながり)』など:Menstruation and the Origins of Culture』、『Decoding Chomsky: Science and Revolutionary Politics』などがある。The Dawn of Everything』の書評はTimes Higher Education掲載された。

ナンシーリンディスファーンジョナサンニールはともに人類学者として訓練を受け、人類進化階級社会性的暴力についての本を執筆中。ナンシーの近著は、リチャード・タッパーとの共著で『Afghan Village Voices』(アフガニスタンの村の声):Stories from a Tribal Community, 2020』であるジョナサンの近著は『Fight the Fire: Green New Deals and Global Climate Jobs』。The Dawn of Everything』の書評エコロジスト誌とブログ『Anne Bonny Pirate』に掲載された。


根本的に支離滅裂で間違っている byクリスナイト


この本のタイトルは深刻な誤解を招く。『万物黎明』? 『お茶時間』の方が正確だろう。ホモ・サピエンスヨーロッパに到着する何万年も前にアフリカで始まった文化の開花を体系的に横取りし、この物語はあまりにも遅く始まる。


短い書評では、本書の幅の広さと博識を伝えることはできない。その核となる政治メッセージ露骨だ。平等主義狩猟採集民が生活の中で共産主義実践したというエンゲルスの話は神話である。『万物黎明』はエンゲルスを見事にひっくり返している。第4章の結びの言葉引用すれば、「私有財産に "起源 "があるとすれば、それは聖なるものの考え方と同じくらい古いものであり、おそらく人類のものと同じくらい古いものであろう」。デヴィッド・グレーバーは、マーシャル・サーリンズとの共著『王について』の中で、神の王や森の精霊のような想像上の超自然的な存在が常に人々に対して権威行使してきたこから国家権力の原理人間の条件の不動の特徴であると主張している。




彼らが "フェミニスト "と呼ぶ人物(実際には進化人類学第一人者サラ・ハーディ)が、現代人の本能心理形成する上で集団的育児重要役割を果たしたことについて興味深いことを言っていることは、グレーバーとウェングローも認めている。しかし彼らは、「エデンの園存在せず、一人のイヴ存在しなかったのだから、そのような洞察部分的ものしかなりえない」とコメントしている。この種のトリック--この場合は、ハーディ研究が "アフリカイブ "の年代測定より200万年前にホモ属が出現したことに焦点を当てているという事実無視すること--は、明らかに人類起源研究が追求する価値があるという考えそのものを損なわせることを目的としている。

グレーバーとウェングローは、初期の平等主義を "有害神話 "として否定する一方で、狩猟採集民の多くが "自称自慢屋やいじめっ子を地上に引きずりおろすために、嘲笑羞恥心敬遠など、他の霊長類には見られない戦術を総動員している "ことには同意している。ではなぜ彼らは、私たち人間性規定する本能能力平等主義的な生き方によって形成されたという考えに敵対するのだろうか?








すべての条件が同じだとすると byナンシーリンディスファーンジョナサンニール





















でも「プー あくまくまさん」の公開で「あ、くまのプーさん著作権切れたんや」って初めて実感した。


原題は「Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey」で



くまのプーさん 地と蜂蜜」にしたら「くまのプーさん」と勘違いした子供が見たらどうするんだ!











The Sacrament—and the Sacrifice

By Elder David B. Haight

Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

I pray for your faith and prayers that my utterances will be received and understood “by the Spirit of truth” and that my expressions will be given “by the Spirit of truth” so that we might all be “edified and rejoice together.” (See D&C 50:21–22.)

As I stand here today—a well manwords of gratitude and acknowledgment of divine intervention are so very inadequate in expressing the feelings in my soul.

Six months ago at the April general conference, I was excused from speaking as I was convalescing from a serious operation. My life has been spared, and I now have the pleasant opportunity of acknowledging the blessings, comfort, and ready aid of my Brethren in the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, and other wonderful associates and friends to whom I owe so much and who surrounded my dear wife, Ruby, and my family with their time, attention, and prayers. For the inspired doctors and thoughtful nurses I express my deepest gratitude, and for the thoughtful letters and messages of faith and hope received from many places in the world, many expressing, “You have been in our prayers” or “We have been asking our Heavenly Father to spare your life.” Your prayers and mine, thankfully, have been answered.

One unusual card caused me to ponder upon the majesty of it all. It is an original painting by Arta Romney Ballif of the heavens at night with its myriad golden stars. Her caption, taken from Psalms, reads:

“Praise ye the Lord: …

“He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

“He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

“… His understanding is infinite.” (Ps. 147:1, 3–5.)

As I lay in the hospital bed, I meditated on all that had happened to me and studied the contemplative painting by President Marion G. Romney’s sister and the lines from Psalms: “He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.” I was then—and continue to be—awed by the goodness and majesty of the Creator, who knows not only the names of the stars but knows your name and my name—each of us as His sons and daughters.

The psalmist, David, wrote:

“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;

“What is man, that thou art mindful of him? …

“For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.” (Ps. 8:3–5.)

To be remembered is a wonderful thing.

The evening of my health crisis, I knew something very serious had happened to me. Events happened so swiftly—the pain striking with such intensity, my dear Ruby phoning the doctor and our family, and I on my knees leaning over the bathtub for support and some comfort and hoped relief from the pain. I was pleading to my Heavenly Father to spare my life a while longer to give me a little more time to do His work, if it was His will.

While still praying, I began to lose consciousness. The siren of the paramedic truck was the last that I remembered before unconsciousness overtook me, which would last for the next several days.

The terrible pain and commotion of people ceased. I was now in a calm, peaceful setting; all was serene and quiet. I was conscious of two persons in the distance on a hillside, one standing on a higher level than the other. Detailed features were not discernible. The person on the higher level was pointing to something I could not see.

I heard no voices but was conscious of being in a holy presence and atmosphere. During the hours and days that followed, there was impressed again and again upon my mind the eternal mission and exalted position of the Son of Man. I witness to you that He is Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, Savior to all, Redeemer of all mankind, Bestower of infinite love, mercy, and forgiveness, the Light and Life of the world. I knew this truth before—I had never doubted nor wondered. But now I knew, because of the impressions of the Spirit upon my heart and soul, these divine truths in a most unusual way.

I was shown a panoramic view of His earthly ministry: His baptism, His teaching, His healing the sick and lame, the mock trial, His crucifixion, His resurrection and ascension. There followed scenes of His earthly ministry to my mind in impressive detail, confirming scriptural eyewitness accounts. I was being taught, and the eyes of my understanding were opened by the Holy Spirit of God so as to behold many things.

The first scene was of the Savior and His Apostles in the upper chamber on the eve of His betrayal. Following the Passover supper, He instructed and prepared the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper for His dearest friends as a remembrance of His coming sacrifice. It was so impressively portrayed to me—the overwhelming love of the Savior for each. I witnessed His thoughtful concern for significant details—the washing of the dusty feet of each Apostle, His breaking and blessing of the loaf of dark bread and blessing of the wine, then His dreadful disclosure that one would betray Him.

He explained Judas’s departure and told the others of the events soon to take place.

Then followed the Savior’s solemn discourse when He said to the Eleven: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33.)

Our Savior prayed to His Father and acknowledged the Father as the source of His authority and powereven to the extending of eternal life to all who are worthy.

He prayed, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

Jesus then reverently added:

“I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.

“And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.” (John 17:3–5.)

He pled not only for the disciples called out from the world who had been true to their testimony of Him, “but for them also which shall believe on me through their word.” (John 17:20.)

When they had sung a hymn, Jesus and the Eleven went out to the Mount of Olives. There, in the garden, in some manner beyond our comprehension, the Savior took upon Himself the burden of the sins of mankind from Adam to the end of the world. His agony in the garden, Luke tells us, was so intense “his sweat was as … great drops of blood falling … to the ground.” (Luke 22:44.) He suffered an agony and a burden the like of which no human person would be able to bear. In that hour of anguish our Savior overcame all the power of Satan.

The glorified Lord revealed to Joseph Smith this admonition to all mankind:

“Therefore I command you to repent …

“For … I, God, … suffered … for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent; …

“Which suffering caused myself, even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, …

“Wherefore, I command you again to repent, lest I humble you with my almighty power; and that you confess your sins, lest you suffer these punishments.” (D&C 19:15–16, 18, 20.)

During those days of unconsciousness I was given, by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, a more perfect knowledge of His mission. I was also given a more complete understanding of what it means to exercise, in His name, the authority to unlock the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven for the salvation of all who are faithful. My soul was taught over and over again the events of the betrayal, the mock trial, the scourging of the flesh of even one of the Godhead. I witnessed His struggling up the hill in His weakened condition carrying the cross and His being stretched upon it as it lay on the ground, that the crude spikes could be driven with a mallet into His hands and wrists and feet to secure His body as it hung on the cross for public display.

Crucifixion—the horrible and painful death which He suffered—was chosen from the beginning. By that excruciating death, He descended below all things, as is recorded, that through His resurrection He would ascend above all things. (See D&C 88:6.)

Jesus Christ died in the literal sense in which we will all die. His body lay in the tomb. The immortal spirit of Jesus, chosen as the Savior of mankind, went to those myriads of spirits who had departed mortal life with varying degrees of righteousness to God’s laws. He taught them the “glorious tidings of redemption from the bondage of death, and of possible salvation, … [which was] part of [our] Savior’s foreappointed and unique service to the human family.” (James E. Talmage, Jesus the Christ, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1977, p. 671.)

I cannot begin to convey to you the deep impact that these scenes have confirmed upon my soul. I sense their eternal meaning and realize thatnothing in the entire plan of salvation compares in any way in importance with that most transcendent of all events, the atoning sacrifice of our Lord. It is the most important single thing that has ever occurred in the entire history of created things; it is the rock foundation upon which the gospel and all other things rest,” as has been declared. (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1966, p. 60.)

Father Lehi taught his son Jacob and us today:

“Wherefore, redemption cometh in and through the Holy Messiah; for he is full of grace and truth.

“Behold, he offereth himself a sacrifice for sin, to answer the ends of the law, unto all those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit; and unto none else can the ends of the law be answered.

“Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah, who layeth down his life according to the flesh, and taketh it again by the power of the Spirit, that he may bring to pass the resurrection of the dead, being the first that should rise.

“Wherefore, he is the firstfruits unto God, inasmuch as he shall make intercession for all the children of men; and they that believe in him shall be saved.” (2 Ne. 2:6–9.)

Our most valuable worship experience in the sacrament meeting is the sacred ordinance of the sacrament, for it provides the opportunity to focus our minds and hearts upon the Savior and His sacrifice.

The Apostle Paul warned the early Saints against eating this bread and drinking this cup of the Lord unworthily. (See 1 Cor. 11:27–30.)

Our Savior Himself instructed the Nephites, “Whoso eateth and drinketh my flesh and blood unworthily [brings] damnation to his soul.” (3 Ne. 18:29.)

Worthy partakers of the sacrament are in harmony with the Lord and put themselves under covenant with Him to always remember His sacrifice for the sins of the world, to take upon them the name of Christ and to always remember Him, and to keep His commandments. The Savior covenants that we who do so shall have His spirit to be with us and that, if faithful to the end, we may inherit eternal life.

Our Lord revealed to Joseph Smith that “there is no gift greater than the gift of salvation,” which plan includes the ordinance of the sacrament as a continuous reminder of the Savior’s atoning sacrifice. He gave instructions thatit is expedient that the church meet together often to partake of bread and wine in the remembrance of the Lord Jesus.” (D&C 6:13; D&C 20:75.)

Immortality comes to us all as a free gift by the grace of God alone, without works of righteousness. Eternal life, however, is the reward for obedience to the laws and ordinances of His gospel.

I testify to all of you that our Heavenly Father does answer our righteous pleadings. The added knowledge which has come to me has made a great impact upon my life. The gift of the Holy Ghost is a priceless possession and opens the door to our ongoing knowledge of God and eternal joy. Of this I bear witness, in the holy name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Title: The Black Samurai - A Tale of Yasuke


The sun sank behind the horizon as the last vestiges of light bathed the Japanese countryside in a warm, golden glow. Yasuke, a tall, muscular African man with skin as dark as midnight, knelt in the courtyard of Nobunaga's castle, tending to his duties. Though he had traveled a long and treacherous path to reach this moment, his journey had just begun.

Chapter 1: A World Away

In a small village on the Mozambique coast, a young Yasuke lived an ordinary life, unaware of the extraordinary destiny that awaited him. Captured by slave traders and torn from his homeland, he endured a grueling voyage across the Indian Ocean, finally arriving in the bustling port of Goa, India.

It was there that Yasuke's fate took an unexpected turn when he was purchased by Jesuit missionaries. In their service, he learned about Christianity, new languages, and the ways of the Western world.

Chapter 2: The Land of the Rising Sun

As a loyal servant to the missionaries, Yasuke accompanied them on their journey to Japan, a land of mystique and intrigue. The beauty of the land, the complexity of its customs, and the elegance of its people captivated him. As the first African to set foot in Japan, he attracted attention and curiosity from all those who encountered him.

Chapter 3: The Encounter

In Kyoto, the capital of feudal Japan, Yasuke's life changed forever when he met Oda Nobunaga, one of the most powerful and influential daimyos of the time. Nobunaga was captivated by the African's physical prowess, intelligence, and unique background. Seeing potential in Yasuke, Nobunaga decided to take him into his service as a samurai.

Chapter 4: The Path of the Warrior

Yasuke's transformation from a slave to a samurai was fraught with challenges. He had to adapt to the rigorous training, strict code of honor, and the intricacies of Japanese society. Despite these obstacles, Yasuke's strength, resilience, and determination allowed him to excel, earning the respect of his fellow samurai and the trust of Nobunaga.

Chapter 5: The Unfolding War

As Nobunaga sought to unify Japan under his rule, Yasuke fought by his side in numerous battles. The African samurai's legend grew with each victory, as did his bond with Nobunaga. Together, they faced both triumph and tragedy, navigating the treacherous landscape of alliances and betrayals that defined the era.

Chapter 6: The Turning Tide

Yasuke's reputation as a skilled and loyal samurai grew, as did his bond with Lord Nobunaga. The warlord respected Yasuke's dedication and resilience, a stark contrast to the treachery and self-serving ambitions that plagued many samurai of the era.

Word of Yasuke's prowess reached other daimyos, and whispers of the formidable black samurai began to spread across the provinces. The year was 1579, and the Oda clan had just emerged victorious in the Battle of Tedorigawa. Yasuke had fought valiantly, his towering presence and unmatched strength striking fear into the hearts of his enemies.

As the Oda clan continued to expand its territories, Yasuke's friendship with Nobunaga deepened, and he became a trusted advisor. He learned more about Japanese culture, studied the language, and embraced the customs of his new home.

In the shadows, however, the tides of change were brewing. Mitsuhide Akechi, once a loyal ally, had grown disillusioned with Nobunaga's rule. The resentment smoldered within him, fueled by a series of perceived slights and political maneuverings. Mitsuhide's ambition and desire for power began to cloud his judgment.

Yasuke had sensed the shift in Mitsuhide's demeanor and grew increasingly wary of the samurai lord. However, loyalty to Nobunaga prevented him from openly voicing his concerns. He instead focused on his duties, ever vigilant and ready to protect his lord at a moment's notice.

One fateful evening, the air was heavy with the scent of cherry blossoms, as the Oda clan gathered to celebrate their recent victories. Laughter and the clinking of sake cups filled the air. Unbeknownst to the revelers, Mitsuhide Akechi's treacherous plan was already in motion.

As the sun rose, the first cries of battle rang out. Mitsuhide's forces had launched a surprise attack on Nobunaga's residence at the Honno-ji Temple. The chaos was overwhelming, as friend turned against friend, and the air filled with the acrid smell of smoke and blood.

Yasuke fought his way to Nobunaga's side, his sword cutting through the traitorous samurai with brutal efficiency. The two men made their final stand together, back-to-back, against the relentless onslaught.

In the end, however, they were outnumbered. As Nobunaga fell, mortally wounded, Yasuke continued to fight, but he too was eventually captured. Mitsuhide Akechi, in a twisted display of respect, spared Yasuke's life, acknowledging the loyalty and prowess of the black samurai. Yasuke was sent to the Jesuit missionaries, his future uncertain.

Yasuke's journey had been a remarkable one, from a slave in a foreign land to a trusted advisor and samurai. Despite his extraordinary circumstances, he remained true to himself and his values. His story of strength, resilience, and loyalty would be remembered and honored for generations to come.


As the sun set on another day in Japan, the whisper of the wind carried the tale of the black samurai, Yasuke, across the land. It would weave its way through the ages, inspiring countless others to rise above adversity and carve their own paths through the storms of life.




White Blood Cell の略らしい

今年3月の野球日本一を決める大会WBCWorld Baseball Classic)だし、ボクシング団体WBC(World Boxing Council)だし、






  • 5600万

チェンソーマン』ノンクレジットオープニング / CHAINSAW MAN Opening│米津玄師 「KICK BACK」

  • 809万

チェンソーマン』第1話スペシャルエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #1 Ending│Vaundy 「CHAINSAW BLOOD

  • 518万

チェンソーマン』第2話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #2 Ending│ずっと真夜中でいいのに。 「残機」

  • 1631万

チェンソーマン』第3話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #3 Ending│マキシマム ザ ホルモン刃渡り2億センチ


チェンソーマン』第4話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #4 Ending│TOOBOE 「錠剤」

  • 776万

チェンソーマン』第5話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #5 Ending│syudou 「インザバックルーム」

  • 356万

チェンソーマン』第6話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #6 Ending│Kanaria 「大脳的なランデブー

  • 436万

チェンソーマン』第7話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #7 Ending│ano 「ちゅ、多様性。」

  • 532万

チェンソーマン』第8話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #8 Ending│TK from 凛として時雨「first death

  • 291万

チェンソーマン』第9話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #9 Ending│AimerDeep down

  • 295万

チェンソーマン』第10話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #10 Ending│PEOPLE 1「DOGLAND」

  • 173万

チェンソーマン』第11話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #11 Ending│女王蜂バイオレンス

チェンソーマン』第12話ノンクレジットエンディング / CHAINSAW MAN #12 Ending│Eveファイトソング







一部ブロックされない方法として、AINGワード判断していないけれど良くないとされる言葉代替になる言葉に置き換えることでNGワードを迂回することもできるようだ。(world war 2 →WWII Underwear → bikini)






───Sexy Porn Hot Bukkake Succubus Penis Gay Butthole Piss Fetish Lingerie Hentai Uterus Ovaries Shirtless Underwear Naked


───War Headshot Dead Weapon Gun Rifle Revolver Knife Blood Bandit Gang Corpse Skull Hell Kidnap Seppuku Lynch Murder Slaughter Shoot Fear Attack Beating "Clockwork Orange"のような暴力的描写がある映画


───Pepe Ape Coon Ugly


───Soviet Dictator Pakistani "Ukrainian Flag" "Donald Trump" ほか政治家


───"Emma Watson" Unicycle Fart Shit










片仮名モラルはmoral 道徳
morale は 士気



Paka Paka 🤗 (ロシア語でバイバイ)

Whole grains" such as brown rice and barley rice improve diabetes, sleep, and depression


Mental health Lifestyle Diet

 Eating "whole grains" such as whole grain bread, brown rice, sprouted brown rice, millet rice, and barley rice lowers the risk of diabetes and obesity.

 Studies have also shown that a whole grain eating style can improve sleep and prevent depression.

Not All Carbohydrates Are Created Equal

 Choosing the right carbohydrates and adjusting the amount of carbohydrates you eat is the best approach to controlling diabetes. Of the three macronutrients, carbohydrates are the ones that have the most immediate impact on blood sugar, so we need to be careful about how we consume them.

 Eating refined flour or white rice, for example, may contain the same amount of carbohydrates, but because they contain less fiber, they are absorbed more quickly, leading to an increase in postprandial blood glucose." For diabetics who need to control their blood sugar, the recommendation is whole grains," says Carla Duenas.

 Duenas is a dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, a clinical care network with seven hospitals in the U.S. state of Florida. She stresses, "To achieve a healthy diet, whole grains should be included in the diet, along with high-quality protein, vegetables, and fruits."

Related Information

What to do about diabetic staples? '50-55% carbs' is healthiest

Not a fan of brown rice? Glutinous brown rice can help.

Wakame seaweed suppresses postprandial blood glucose spike Lower GI of white rice

Replace white rice with brown rice

 Whole grains are grains that have not had their hulls, seed skins, embryos, or endosperm removed by processing such as milling.

 Many studies have shown that a diet rich in whole grains reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease more than a diet rich in refined grains.

 Familiar whole grains include foods such as bread, pasta, and oatmeal made from whole wheat grains, brown rice, sprouted brown rice, millet rice, and barley rice containing barley.

 Brown rice is a whole grain and rich in fiber. Although whole grains are not necessarily the best choice, replacing white rice with brown rice is recommended for people with diabetes or obesity," Duenas advises.

You get the fiber you tend to lack.

 Carbohydrates can be divided into simple carbohydrates, which raise blood glucose levels quickly, and complex carbohydrates, which raise them slowly. Simple carbohydrates are those found in sweets and fruits, while complex carbohydrates are those found in grains, potatoes, beans, and other foods.

 Complex carbohydrates take longer to be absorbed and raise blood glucose levels at a slower rate because they are broken down into simple carbohydrates before being digested and absorbed.

 Complex carbohydrates are "healthy carbohydrates. Whole grains such as unrefined flour and brown rice have properties similar to complex carbohydrates. They are rich in nutrients that are often lacking, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are lost during the refining process," Duenas points out.

Refined carbohydrates can also cause insomnia.

 Thirty percent of adults suffer from insomnia, and part of the cause may be dietary style. Refined carbohydrates may increase the risk of insomnia in women, according to a study.

 The study showed that postmenopausal women who eat junk foods and soft drinks, especially those high in carbohydrates, are more likely to develop insomnia.

 Conversely, women who consume more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables have a decreased risk of insomnia.

 The study was conducted by James Ganwish and colleagues from the Bagelos School of Medicine at Columbia University in the United States.

77,860 women were studied for three years.

 Insomnia is often treated with pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, both of which are costly to the patient and expensive. Improving one's diet is low-cost, easy to implement, and free of side effects," says Ganwish.

 The study is based on data from observational studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Women's Health Initiative Study (WHI) to obtain information to prevent and treat health problems among women.

 The researchers examined the association between insomnia and 77,860 postmenopausal women who participated in the WHI. They surveyed them about their dietary habits and followed them for three years from 1997 to 2001.

 The participants were analyzed by dividing them into five groups according to GI level, an index that indicates the ease with which blood glucose levels rise after a meal.

 The results revealed a 16% higher risk of developing insomnia and an 11% higher prevalence in the group with higher dietary GI values. The study also found that the higher the intake of vegetables and fruits, the lower the risk of insomnia.

The study also found a lower risk of developing depression.

 The study found that "a spike in blood glucose levels after a meal stimulates the secretion of insulin, which lowers blood glucose, and may lead to a state of hyperinsulinemia. As a result, blood glucose levels drop and the secretion of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol increases, which may disrupt sleep," explains Ganwish.

 The foods that trigger insomnia may be processed foods that contain high levels of isomerized sugar, which is composed of fructose and glucose. Such foods are not found in nature, but are mass-produced industrially and sold cheaply.

 Fruits also contain fructose, but they are also rich in fiber. Fruits have a low GI and are thought to be less likely to cause postprandial blood sugar elevation.

 A study of 69,954 women who participated in the WHI, published by Ganwish and colleagues in 2015, also showed that women who ate a high GI diet had a 22% higher risk of developing depression.

 Gunwish noted, "We need randomized clinical trials to determine the benefits of improving diet and increasing intake of whole grains and complex carbohydrates to prevent and treat insomnia and depression."

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 江戸時代小説を読むのなんてたぶん人生初なので、知らない単語が沢山あって、ググりの手が止まらない。そんなに長い小説ではないのに、読了まですごく時間がかかってしまった。でも、ここまで調べたんだから、もう江戸時代小説どんと来いや! って感じだな。問題は、私の記憶力が物凄く悪いってことだけど。






ボーイズラブアンソロジー Canna vol.83』

 今回はたまたま急展開な作品が多かった。そして人気作のいくつかが連載再開されて豪華な感じだが、全部で11作品しか載っていない……。私がこの雑誌を買い始めてそんなに長く経っていないけれど、今までで一番掲載作品が少なくないか? 大丈夫なのかCanna……。








『積み木の恋』第4話(漫画 黒沢要/原作 凪良ゆう)






 うひょーー!! ついに悠生がブチキレたwwwwww しかも、ぷっつんした時の心の中の第一声が、





 しかし、悠生のモノローグで、元々自分はこういうキャラじゃなかったなどとあり、えっそうだったっけ? と思って第1話を再読。すると、子供時代の悠生は確かに成績優秀スポーツ万能で自信に満ち溢れていたようなのだが、第1話冒頭、恭悟と婚約した時にはすでに、昔の面影など全く残っていないほど暗いしもべ的なキャラになっていた、とのこと。恭悟は自信満々時代の悠生に惚れ込んで、多額の結納金を積んでまで悠生を手入れたのだが?


侵略! 宇宙ネコチャン!』第8話(元ハルヒラ)

 はぁ、ネコチャンは癒し……のはずなのだが、今回はピリピリ回。いまぢの元同級生女子がほづつみを陥れた性悪サイコ女だと判明し、温厚ないまぢがガチギレ。こわい。しかし、ネコサンの正体が宇宙であることが何ら関係ない感じの展開で盛り上がってしまうのか? それはなんか微妙だ。





BLACK BLOOD』第8話(琥狗ハヤテ

 思ってたんと違うー! 全然ハードボイルドじゃないー! と衝撃を受けてから、もう7話も過ぎてしまった。今回も絵柄がハードボイルド恋愛漫画だった。すごくほのぼのとしていた。今回のCannaは全体的に不穏展開が多めの中、この漫画けがほっこりしている。まさかこれに癒される日がくるとはね……。









 あれ? なんか一つ足りないような? と思ったら硯遼先生の『MADK』が休載だった。次が最終回らしい。





Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban



Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Tunnels of Blood: The Saga of Cirque du Freak



A Wizard of Earthsea: The Earthsea Cycle

The Tombs of Atuan: The Earthsea Cycle



The Three-Body Problem

The Dark Forest

Death's End







































20XX年 発売予定




ボーイズラブアンソロジー Canna』vol.82


 そして今回は前号で最終回を迎えた、『 鴆(ジェン)  天狼の目』(文善やよひ)の記念特集が紙本版にはドドンと入っているはずなのだが、電子版には文善やよひ先生コメントまでひっくるめて一切掲載されていない。悲しい。なんでそんなに電子派を冷遇するの……。Canna公式Twitterによれば、特集記事のほかに各鴆シリーズの第1話も一挙再掲載されているらしい。


 ということで、 鴆特集電子派の私には読めないので、それ以外の掲載作の感想をば。


 新連載きた! バンドマンBL主人公性的トラウマ持ちでしか感性が周囲とズレていて浮きまくる系の人。ゆえにすっかりメンヘラに成長しており、おそらく攻めであろうバンド仲間(ベース担当)に面倒を見られてなんとか生きてる感じ。











『積み木の恋』第3話(漫画 黒沢要/原作 凪良ゆう)


 毎度思うけど、凪良ゆう先生小説は大部分が心理描写に費やされているし、分かりやすくてノリのいい文体が魅力なので、それを絵で見せられてもなぁ……という感じ。いくら上手い絵でも。凪良ゆう先生小説が好きだが『積み木の恋』は未読の私としては、ただ原作を読みたくなるだけ。凪良ゆう先生を全く知らない人が読んだらどう思うだろうな? 一読してスルーかな。



『 鴆(ジェン)』特集は冒頭に書いた通り電子版には載っていないので、省く。

侵略! 宇宙猫チャン!』第7話(元ハルヒラ)






 ハーレクインのような美麗な絵とストーリーしかBLである意味がもはやなくないか? というほどに娼夫達の見た目が女性的。


BLACK BLOOD』第7話(琥狗ハヤテ







 そんな古風なストーリーなんだけど、今回は実在の最新型避妊薬「インプラノン」が登場する。えっこれもう認可されてたっけ? と思わずググってしまった。マッチ棒くらいの長さの筒の中にホルモン薬の仕込まれ避妊薬で、二の腕の皮下に埋める。三年くらい避妊効果が続く。飲み忘れリスクがないので、99%くらいの確率避妊効果があるそうだ。





 『嘘つきな愛を買う』のDVカップルでがっつりテンションを落とされた後で、今度は陽気に? サバサバしたディスコミュニケーションカップルのやつですよ。ゾンビ佐田×マッドサイエンティスト間宮日常BL





 もはやゾンビ物とは? って感じのストーリーで今回は特に息抜き回色が強かったが、次回からはどう話が転がって行くのだろうか。ずっと間宮純愛ネタばかり描かれる訳じゃないだろうし。もうすでに単行本1冊ぶんくらいの分量は書かれたわけだし。既刊が「1巻」ではなく「上巻」なので、あと1、2話で完結して下巻が出るか、1回くらい休載して中巻が出るかかな。






























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