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はてなキーワード: Himとは




A long time ago, in a certain country, there was a bastard named Cinderella. The reason why she is called Cinderella is because she sprinkled her own ashes on her own head at her mother's funeral, which led to her being called the ash-coverer, which is why her real name is Cinderella. I lost

The husband who lost his wife was also a bastard, and the day after the funeral he cheated on a woman three years younger than him, had sex with her, and even got married.

I have decided. Then, to her Cinderella

She now has an older sister and a younger sister who are not related by blood.

Her sister was a bitch too, she came to Cinderella's house

After a few days, she thought, ``Wouldn't it be more convenient to have an outbuilding?'' and cut down Cinderella's mother's grave in her garden and the hundreds of years old tree that was next to her grave, and built an outbuilding. We forced construction.

One day, the bastard's family receives news of a ball from the castle. But before Cinderella could read it, her sister broke the news and said, ``There's no way you can go.'' Cinderella didn't seem to have any intention of going either, saying, ``I had no intention of going in the first place.I'd rather go to hell.''

Then, on the day her mother was admitted to the hospital to give birth, her sister went to the ball. In the garden, the construction of an outbuilding was progressing as usual.

Let’s light a fire here and make a bonfire.”

She thought about that, but Cinderella stopped her. Suddenly, a witch appeared

``Cinderella, why aren't you going to the ball?'' asked the witch.

"What's the point of telling Teme?"

Cinderella returned with an ax in her hand

Then, for some reason, Cinderella was wrapped in a jewel-like dress.

"If you don't go to the ball, that dress will kill you. Now go."

Cinderella doesn't want to die in a place like this, so she reluctantly decides to go to the castle.

In the castle, some asshole like her sister was looking for a one-night stand and was dancing wildly. No one really praised others, and in their hearts they all seemed to think that they were the center of the world.

Cinderella didn't dance, but killed her time by smoking a cigarette at the end of her room. There, she was approached by a man wearing formal clothes that were flashier and more expensive than anyone else, and said to her, ``Miss, won't you dance?''

She is Cinderella with a cigarette in her mouth

She said, ``I only dance with the Grim Reaper and bad luck.''

she answered. For some reason, the man fell in love with her at first sight, and she said, ``Let's have some fun in the other room.Here, come.'' She tried to force Cinderella to take her to another room in the castle. However, Cinderella pressed the cigarette she was holding into her hand.

"Her hand slipped," she laughed.

When she pressed the cigarette, the sound in her voice was so pitiful that no one tried to get close to him or dance with him. Of course, no one even knows that such a pitiful man is the prince who owns this castle.

Eventually, she had enough, Cinderella threw her shoes on her stairs and went back to her house in her bare feet. Her shoes were made of glass, so they shattered into pieces.

The next day, while her servant was cleaning the castle, she found one shoe on the stairs. Obviously thinking this was strange, she secretly examined her shoes and discovered that they had been smeared with a deadly amount of poison.

Rumors spread within the castle that this must be an attempt to kill the prince, and soon a large-scale investigation was conducted. Even though it's a survey, it's simple.

The idea was to create a replica of a shoe and imprison the person who matched it perfectly as a suspect.

And one after another, people were imprisoned just because of their size. Some of them had not been to the ball, but they thought it must be a lie and were forcibly taken away.

Eventually, an investigation came to Cinderella's house. That's when we all looked at her mother and child after she was discharged from the hospital, and of course her sister didn't fit.

So all that was left was Cinderella. Then, her sister said to Cinderella, ``Hell suits you better than this world.''

She was of course the perfect size for Cinderella.

However, she protested her innocence, saying that I hadn't gone to the ball and there was no dress anywhere in the house to prove it.

However, the prince showed him an empty pack of cigarettes that had been discarded in a trash can and said, ``This is the same brand that the criminal was smoking that time.Why?''

Then Cinderella grinned and

I unbuttoned all the buttons on her jacket.

She said, ``After all, I feel like dancing with the Grim Reaper. Right, little prince?'' she said.

By the time the princes realized it, it was already too late.

The grenade that fell at his feet blew up Cinderella and the prince.

The time was around noon. Bells rang throughout the city and residents prayed for lunch.

The flying fragments of the shoe became a weapon, a sad fragment that could only hurt someone, and no one could imagine its original form.




Why tf would anyone but u care about this person thats streaming その人が配信中だなんて情報、お前以外にとってはどうでもいいんだよ

Literally i dont want you talking here ここで話すなよ

Go back 


3) Slack off(サボる・怠ける)

do not slack on grammar you actually see in texts you are reading 読んでるテキストに出てくる文法はサボっちゃだめ

most times it would be some form of self-improvement, something that we’ve always wanted to achieve, some things that we slacked on that we didn’t accomplish in the prior year.

今日の会話でウィリーさんは「Slack on」と言いましたが、基本的には「Slack off on」と表現します。



4) Follow through(最後までやり通す)

You need to follow through with your commitment.(自分で決めたことは最後までやり通さないと。)

I promise I will follow through to the end.(最後までやり通すことを約束します。)

He’s all talk. He never follows through with what he says.(彼は口だけだよ。言ったことを全然最後までやり通さないからね。)


too sleepy to function 眠すぎてまともに活動できない


twitter algorithm is bad but they got more pressing issues at hand ツイッターアルゴリズムダメだけどもっと喫緊課題があるよ

im getting follow requested by these bot accounts who put their bra sizes in their bio ブラサイズをプロフに載せてるボットアカウントフォローされまくってる

e.g. resolve the pressing issues related to ~に関する喫緊問題解決する


Sounds like a babbling tard tbh.

Yo, u stupid. U shud get a regular job not 2 make ur mom cry out.


I'm framing this to the wall, thanks その言葉を壁に飾っておくよ、ありがとう(褒められたりしたときに)


美人コンテスト = beauty pageant

they're very upset and very against the idea of this Ukrainian woman Karolina Shino winning the Miss Japan beauty pageant












I find it kind of funny that she's trying to tick every box of adopting Japanese culture even the whole cheating part of Japanese culture which is very prevalent


tick every box = すべての条件を満たす


The whole reason why this Carolina Ukrainian woman won the beauty contest is because she basically ticks almost all the boxes for being a beautiful Western woman. She's got the small face, the big eyes, the kind of blondish light brown hair, the very pale complexion

complexion 【名】 顔色、顔の艶、肌の色、顔貌 外観、様子、態度、形勢


play favorites with



he-said-she-said argument

〔彼は言った彼女は言ったの〕水掛け論◆引用符を用いて"he said, she said" argumentと表記されることもある。


Apprently "high moral capacity" that they're talking about is bent over backward over unfair "contracts" of a black company.


BEND OVER BACKWARDS: informal. to make a special effort, esp in order to please.

cf. bending the knee to corporations


To be a good Japanese worker, that means keeping your mouth shut, head down, and following what your boss says/does to the letter.

to the letter: 文字どおりに、厳密に


catch strays 悪口を言ったら全く関係ない人に流れ弾が当たること

Aiming to insult someone but insulting someone else in the process aswell even if not involved.


ins and outs of a company

《the ~》会社の一部始終[裏と表]

ins and outs of life


know ins and outs of


discuss the ins and outs of



それはお世辞にもよく撮れた写真とは言えない。: The picture is way less than flattering.


her haters clearly don't get to her = アンチ攻撃彼女に全く効いていない


・If you let her get to you personally, you won't last a week. : もし彼女攻撃個人的に受け止めたら、1週間と持たない。

Try not let it get to you. : あまりくよくよしないで。/元気を出してください。

Maybe the heat has gotten to me. : 暑さにやられたかな…。◆【場面】夏ばてなど。


alright im getting off now (チャットなどで)落ちるわ


flip flop 手のひらくるくる

Who gives a shit about selen?? Seriously.

You niggers spend years talking shit

lmao purple dragon retarded

>purple dragon fat

>apex? Id rather kms

The second she an heros and drops the crazy truth bomb that enna is in fact a piece of shit you drama niggers flip flop

The second someone does something you guys flip flop(~が~した途端お前ら手のひらクルクルじゃん)という構文として覚えると良さそう


I dunno how Niji can be any more clear that Selen was given many chances to change her behavior but stubbornly insisted on flouting the company rules and had to be made an example of. Understandable that people who love Selen will support her even when she's in the wrong though.


insist on: to keep doing something, even if it annoys other people, or people think it is not good for you: I don't know why you insist on talking about it.

make an example of: 見せしめにする

flout: 〔人・規則・慣習などを〕軽蔑する、ばかにして無視する[従わない]、逆らう


excising a company that has bad practices and exploits people's interest in the industry will be a long term benefit, even if it makes waves right now




消費税、物品税◆【同】excise tax ; excise duty







You know you have to admire the grift. Very public divorce proceedings and cheating accusations on top of that and she still doubles down with the GFE. She’s a lying whore but damn, the commitment to the bit.

she has nothing on taylor swift, 12 dicks in her so far


have nothing on


・They think Tim is the murderer, but the police have nothing on him yet. : ティム殺人犯だと思っているが、警察はまだしっぽをつかめない。




Whoa, he means business. : うわ、あいつマジ[本気{ほんき}モード]だぞ。◇【場面】遊び半分やジョークではなく、真剣になっている。


if left to one's own devices



implicated in the scandal

《be ~》不祥事に関与する、醜聞関係する

The problem is that NijiEN livers are now all implicated in the scandal, due to the malicious idiocy of the 3 Stooges.

the EN branch just implicated itself in a massive PR disaster that may take months if not actual years to recover from.


I'm very confused

But whatever I'm cool go with the flow 流れに任せる


have to have the last word

〔論争などで〕言われたら言い返さないと気が済まない◆【直訳】最後言葉を持たねばならない ⇒ 自分言葉議論を終わらせたい。つまり反論できずに黙ってしまうことを望まず、相手論破して黙らせたい。


Guo Wengui Wolf son ambition exposed to open a farm wantonly amassing wealth

Since fleeing to the United States in 2014, Guo Wengui has founded a number of projects in the United States, such as GTV Media Group, GTV private equity, farm loan project, G Club Operations Co., LTD., and Himalaya Exchange. Around 2017, he started the so-called "Revelations revolution" and in 2020 launched a movement called "New China Federation." However, Guo Wengui's "disclosure revolution" soon exposed its false nature. He frequently carried out so-called "live Revelations" on the Internet, fabricating various political and economic lies and fabricating facts to discredit the Chinese government. At the beginning, due to his special image of "exiled rich" and "Red fugitive", he quickly gathered some popularity and followers, but as time went by, Guo Wengui's commitment and image were gradually exposed, and his supporters began to leave him. See the essence of the Revelations will turn to the farm, Guo Wengui's fraud is not only for funds and other institutions, its followers have also become a sheep that is only continuously harvested wool. The little ants who trusted him so much became victims of fraudulent investment scams. It is hoped that more people will recognize the true face of Guo Wengui, join the team of "smashing Guo", expose his fraud, recover losses for themselves and others, and maintain an honest and trustworthy social environment.



putting others down is what people who cant bring themselves up do 

他人こき下ろすのは自分を高めることができない人がやることだ (bring someone up = uplift oneself = improve one's situation)


improveimprove onの違い



He improved the design of the car.



自動詞場合は、on 以下のものを元にして(元にして、が on意味です)



He improved on the design.


この場合、the design(その設計)を元にして、よりよい「設計」を作った、ということなのです。





Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, 「絶望の谷で苦しみにふけるのはやめましょう」

let us not ~ は let’s not ~ と同じ

wallow は「転げまわる、もがく」という意味ですが、ここでは「(快楽などに)ふける、浸る」という意味で使われています


例:wallow in luxury「ぜいたくにふける」、wallow in one’s sadness「悲しみにふける」



Matt has stepped away from public life マットはもう人前に出ることを止めたんだから

Let us hold not too fast to his name 彼の名前にあまりしがみつかないようにしよう


immersion only losers couldn't tell you the difference between と思う and と思っている to save their lives


to save one's life


・I can't wake up to save my life. : どうしても起きられない。


i am at the bottom of the mountain 先はまだまだ長い (= i've got a long way to go)


im very active w keeping my pronouns available 私は積極的自分性別代名詞を公開してる (consistently and proactively making known or sharing their preferred pronouns)

bc ik it can feel awkward to ask sometimes だってわざわざ尋ねるのは気まずいじゃん


You don't wanna get on my bad side.... 俺の機嫌を損ねないほうがいいぜ・・・



Go finger your prostate to chill out or smth 前立腺でも弄って落ち着け

Look I'm on a stim crash and on edge dw bout it 精神刺激薬の離脱症状が出ててしか寸止め中だから大丈夫

be on a stimulant crash = ADHDやアデロールなどの薬の離脱症状 (= I'm having withdrawals from drugs.)

be on edge 寸止め


back on one's feet

《be ~》〔病気などが回復して〕再び元気になる

Your father will be back on his feet in no time. : あなたのお父様はすぐに回復されますよ。

《be ~》〔状況などが〕良くなる、立ち直る


curry favor with



・That's a lot [bunch] of hooey, and you know it! : 実にばかげた話です。自分でも分かってるだろ。(=ホラ話= bullshit


it's awkward but it gets the point across

自分の書く文章は)ぎこちないけど意味は通じる (awkward = clunky = clumsy = scuffed)

why do you think it's awkward?


because I haven't output enough to think of a natural way to output my ideas. Instead I force out something that gets the idea across even if it turns out awkward



because 99% of my Japanese practice is from writing assignments for class (haven't hung out with many Japanese people), so even if I try to speak casually, formal stuff appears




this server is a lot more hateful than I remember it being



I can understand being insecure over one's language skills but I think you should own that you're insecure instead of trying to act like you're above others

Address what's causing you to feel insecure and work on that



own 〔罪などを〕自分がやったと認める


Speaking as someone who has never interacted with you before and didn't even recognise you, you came off as a massive dickhead in the way you talked, and that's gonna rub people the wrong way. Especially if there's annoyance built before that. But at the end of the day man, it doesn't matter much



I mean you just rubbed some people the wrong way but they didn't express that and decided to unload it all on you at the same time x10 when they saw the opportunity



it was really irresponsible and wrong of me

yeah I know that was fucked up of me

that was dumb of me





ooh buddy not a good look


it's basically just a way of saying "you did something bad."



I think most of it was just pent up aggression towards him over the weeks that everyone found an opportunity to unload at that moment


pent-up discontent 鬱積した不満


Idk why you're making it seem like i had a fit over him


have a fit

腹を立てる、カッとなる、カンカンに怒る、ひどく興奮する、非常に興奮する、だだをこねる、ショックを受ける、発作を起こす、卒倒する、おたおたする◆【同】throw a fit

・I was having [throwing] a huge fit. : 私は無性に腹を立てていた。


You just jumped on the Jack hate train for no reason


I don't understand the audacity to come here every single day while you disrespect me to your friends


and you also hop on the gender thing


i use she

but yeah

that was wrong of me too

they had that effect on me and I took that as a way out of responsibility





she didn't even think to give me the benefit of the doubt or anything and just straight up pilied on to me when i had no way to defend myself of the misinfo against me


pile on to someone: (of a group of people) to attack or criticize someone



what are you prattling about




・He was prattling on for hours about boring subjects. : 彼は退屈な話題について、何時間もしゃべり続けた。


And oh yea you can go on a tirade in that server talking about how i need mental health help, suck at jp, and feel threatened by the very presence of John






i played it when it came out and had the worst experience of my life


if you pick a μ's character you're in for the worst character interactions you have ever seen


in for 《be ~》〔困難などに〕直面しそうだ、〔事態などを〕きっと経験するだろう


this pc has served me well for 8+ years


im pushing 5 years on my lenovo legion


i built that pc with my dad and god damnit do I love it

will upgrade eventually




Pray the gay away = 神に祈りを捧げてゲイからノンケにしてもらうこと



I wouldn't recommend going off blood thinners cold turkey and my heart rates really fucking high right now, 1:30 3145, and I'm nervous about this.


go cold turkey 〔悪習・薬物などを〕急に[きっぱり]やめる[断ち切る]

go off a drug 薬を(飲むのを)やめる


there's no way these like agencies are gonna be looking at all this money you're raking in on Onlyfans being like "what do you mean we don't get any of it?"



rake in 荒稼ぎする


whether or not the bit that it's famous for will soon wear off a novelty however is difficult to determine


bit = 要素 = element


my boss has been grilling me for slacking


grilling 厳しい尋問◆可算


she flaked on our plans for Christmas together and invited him to hang out with her during the end of the year









there were a lot of things that i couldn't fit in here but i've only ever wrote things that i've had clear evidence of


i don't think i've clarified quite enough but this being something that i've kept in my heart for so long i'm so glad i'm able to talk to you all about it now




steer clear of


You should steer clear of that restaurant or you may get food poisoning. : そのレストランはやめた方がいい、さもないと食中毒になるかもよ。


Shiina having a laughing fit really brightens up my day. Thank you Okayun~

面白い」ということを表すのに使われる「ツボる」という表現英語で表すと、一番意味が近いのはおそらく”have a laughing fit”でしょう。



Does 買いものにでも行っているのかもしれません mean “Maybe she even went shopping” ? What does でも contribute here

Does demo add the “or something” to the sentencr


seemやappear, feel, look, soundなどにthatを付ける場合主語itでなければならない

It seems that ...

✗He seems that ...

Feel, look, and sound are very occasionally found with a content clause too: It looks to me that a vendetta has struck up. Content clauses differ from as if phrases in that they are restricted to the impersonal construction: compare Ed seemed as if /∗that he was trying to hide his true identity. (Camgel p.962)





直説法(knows):He looks as if he knows the answer. (he knows the answer)

仮定法(knew):He looks as if he knew the answer. (he gives the impression that he knows the answer, but he (probably) doesn't know or we don't know whether he knows or not)

主節が現在形の場合区別がつくが、主節を過去時制にすると、直接法では時制の一致によってknows→knewと一つ過去に移るのに対して、仮定法は時制の一致を受けないのでknewのまま変わらない。その結果、どちらも同じ時制になってしまう。そのため、仮定法か直接法かは文脈判断。(仮定法の時制を過去にずらす(knew→had known)と、大過去として見なされ、主節より一つ前の出来事を表すことになる)

He looked as if he knew the answer.


直説法:He seems as if he hasn't slept for days. (he hasn't slept for days)

仮定法:He seems as if he hadn't slept for days. (it seems that he hasn't slept for days, but he (probably) has or we don't know whether he has or not)

He seemed as if he hadn't slept for days.



He doesn't do listening immersion he only knows English from reading and it shows. 

He's not that bad 彼は別に下手じゃないよ

But there's a few quirks that tip me off でもノンネイティブだとわかってしまうような癖がたまに出てくる



he's mooching off his parents = leeching off



it's infamously difficult to explain

just feel it out is the best advice here sadly




ok srsly ketchup fried rice has no right being this good



stubbed my toe in the dark and it still hurts 暗闇の中で足の指をぶつけたんだけどまだ痛い

stub out your cigarette now; 今、タバコをもみ消してください.


we can only give you a 1-day course of medicine. お薬は1日分しか出せません。

Always finish a course of medicine unless advised otherwise 特別な指示がない限り、薬は必ず(処方された分を)最後まで飲みきること


His past has caught up with him 過去に行った悪行が問いただされる時が来た


I got food poisoning eating at xxx xxxで食事したら食中毒になった


That took for fucking ever どんだけ時間かかっとんねん


talk out of one's ass 〈卑〉〔きちんとした内容{ないよう}ではない〕ばかな[適当{てきとう}な・くだらない]ことを言う、くそ発言{はつげん}をする

talk through one's hat 大ぼらを吹く、くだらないことを言う|

talk out of both sides of one's mouth 矛盾したことを言う

You can't trust him. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. : 彼は信用できないよ。矛盾したことばかり言うからね。

pull it out of my ass でっちあげる


comparison is the thief of joy ものごとを楽しむ秘訣は人と比較しないこと



・Ah, touche. : これは1本取られたな。/痛いところを突かれたな。


join in は行為に焦点をおいた表現

"To join the party" means to be(come) part of the party, = パーティの一員になる

"To join IN the party" means to take part in the activities of the party. = パーティというアクティティに参加する



He ran too fast for me to keep up with him. → himはあってもなくてもかまわない(too to構文でforが付くと文末にhimなどを付けても許容される傾向にあるらしい)



looked on in horror 恐怖しながら眺めていた・傍観していた

Bystanders looked on in horror as car plowed through parade 通行人は車がパレードに突っ込んでいくのを恐怖して眺めていた


You have to thread the needle very carefully to make it work properly, ちゃんと動かすには針の穴を通すかのように慎重にやらないといけない


Don't lump me in with them. : あんなのと一緒{いっしょ}にしないでよね。


what's the rush? 何をそんなに急いでるの?


All you do is talk about war. Don't you have anything else to talk about? 口を開けば戦争の話ばかり。会話のレパートリーなすぎだろ


dunno how retarded ud have to be to believe that kinda story そんなストーリー信じるとかアホすぎん?


delusion of persecution 被害妄想

Does he have persecutory delusions? あの人は被害妄想癖なの?

typical paranoid populist with delusions of persecution looking everywhere but within to find scapegoats he can pin the blame for his loser life's pratfalls on



punch down

to attack or criticize someone who is in a worse or less powerful position than you = 自分より弱いもの攻撃避難すること (punch upはその逆)

He punched down at opponents who couldn't fight back. 彼は反撃できない相手攻撃した

Simply put: punching up is okay; punching down is not. 強いものに歯向かうのはいいが、弱い者いじめはいけない


the only people who call out samefags are people who samefag 自演を叩くのは自演してるやつだけ

its a paranoia thing 妄想みたいなもの

like if you murder people then you'll realize how easy it is and think everyones gonna murder you 殺人を犯して人を殺すのが簡単なことに気づいたせいで、みんなが自分を殺そうとしてると思いこむようなもの


yeah, logging is autistic, but helpful. Ever since I started logging, I literally went from 1 hr of daily immersion to 4 hours, just to try to beat other people and see my numbers rack up. It's a good way to keep yourself accountable, which is something 4chan users chronically avoid




There's no fixing that person = あの人はどうしようもない/ 救いようがない/ 付ける薬がない = There's no way you can fix that person


yeah but that's no excuse for him to act like a bitch lol まあ確かにそうだが、だからといってあいつがクソみたいに振る舞っていい理由にはならないわ


he was a cool guy like way back then 前はいいやつだったんだよ

emphasis on "was" 「前は」だけどな

then shit kinda went downhill, he had a spat with Dave regarding some shit i didnt care about そこから色々とクソみたいな状況になって、どうでもいいことでジョンと喧嘩した

i didnt pay attention tbh

and then after some back and forths we just never really talked to each other そんで色々と言い合いを重ねた結果、あいつとは喋らなくなった

maybe John can fill you in on the details, because im a secondary source here 詳しいことはジョンに聞けばわかると思う 俺は又聞きだから

because while they were raging at each other i was out of the server being a productive member of society こいつらが喧嘩してたとき俺は社会の一員として建設的なことをしてたからな

ye, i think i will try to find out about all this later ああ、それについては後で調べてみるわ


he wants to be alone he literally said that. So just give him some time and he will come back on his own time. 一人にさせてほしいって言われたんだろ?なら少し時間を与えれば、自分が戻りたいと思ったときに戻ってくるだろう


I went to the hospital to get blood work done → 病院に行って、採血された




get(pick) the best of everything(both)

get the best of both worlds

skim the cream

cherry pick



Babble like an idiot using what few words you already know, and then only look stuff up when you cannot properly express yourself.




・I had a heart-to-heart with Stacy last night.(昨晩、ステイシーさんと本音を語り合いました。)

・He had a heart-to-heart talk with his dad about his future.(彼は自分の将来について父親本音で話し合いました。)

Let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation.(腹を割った話し合いをしましょう!)



how do u keep coming up with these absolute bangers every day omg !!



They literally just slap the word "AI" on everything now. なんでもかんでもAI文字を貼り付けている

= They're literally just plastering the word "AI" onto everything now.


how much of the shit he is in is he responsible for?



that's like in the avg range それは平均身長くらいでしょ

my aunt is 140 i think, my mom is 150 うちの叔母は140で母は150だし

even for japan that's on the shorter side いや日本ですらそれは低い方に入るぞ


what the fuck have i been missing out on まじかよ俺そんなのを見逃したのか

Idk I was gone before and after that 俺はその間ここにいなかったからしらん

well thank you for letting us know sir まあ知らせてくれて助かる

we pride ourselves on being the opposite of an echochamber so your complaints really help us! 俺たちはエコーチャンバーにならないことに誇りを持ってるから文句を言ってくれるのは助かる

personally im against inviting people we have bad blood with 個人的には仲の悪いやつを招待するのには反対だな


i got all of the fairly common grammar points down just from looking up stuff while reading



it makes you come off like passive aggressive そういう言い方はパッシブアグレッシブに聞こえるよ


Now we're talking" 「そう来なくっちゃ!」

= That is what I wanted to hear; that's a good idea or a good plan, especially compared to previous suggestions.


Let's have fish for dinner 夕食は魚にしよう

Ugh .. No えーいやだ

Okay then , chicken ならチキンはどう 

Now we're talking そう来なくっちゃ!







・There's no need to haggle. : 論争する必要はありません。



haggle over the price of


表現パターンhaggle over [about] the price of

learn how to haggle at the market



Never know when it's the good old days until they're gone あの頃は良かったなってのは過ぎ去って初めてわかるもの

communities always change when they get larger コミュニティは大きくなれば必ず変化していく

never gonna keep that smaller, more intimate thing going そうなればこじんまりとして距離の近かったあの感じはもう二度と戻らない



I don’t like to talk to him because he is full of himself. 彼はイキってるので話したくありません。

He always tries to be bossy on purpose. 彼はいつもわざとイキろうとする。

You’ve changed. You used to be so cocky when we were in junior high school. 変わりましたね。あなた中学生の頃、とてもイキってましたよ

He always gets carried away when we party. I think we shouldn’t let him drink much. パーティーのとき、彼はいつもイキります。彼にたくさん飲ませないほうがいい思います

My father was always high-handed towards other parents. 私の父はいつも他の親に対してイキってました。



Again, I'm just going off my memory from a year ago, so be skeptical of what I say. Here are a few things that come to mind:



like u just use the personality thing as a clutch to get ur foot in 自分の人となりを会話を始める取っ掛かりとして使えばいい (= as a starting point)

so if u talk to someone u just nerd out about learning japanese or something 誰かと話す際に日本語学習についてひたすら喋ってみたりとか

and thats like the vanguard of ur initial engagement そうすれば初めて会話をする際のきっかけになる

get one's foot in door

《have [get] (a [one's]) foot in (the) door》うまく最初の一歩を踏み出す、目的に向かって第一歩を進める、とっかかり[きっかけ・足掛かり]をつかむ、〔希望する組織などに〕入る機会に恵まれる、うまく入り込む、~する機会を得るきっかけをつかむ◆【語源セールスパーソン販売員]が玄関口で追い返されそうになったときに、ドアに足を入れて閉めさせないようにしてセールスしようとする様子から




軍事前衛、先陣◆【対】rear guard


learning japanese is like falling down an endless flight of stairs 日本語学習は果てしなく続く階段を転げ落ちるようなものだ。

everytime you almost get your grip and are able to stop yourself, you realize that youre not standing on a step and fall again 足をついて止まることができたかと思えば、踏み段に立っていないことに気づいてまた落ちる

stairway to hell 地獄へ続く階段

flight of stairs 《a ~》一連の階段、一続きの階段、階と階の間の階段◆途中に踊り場がない一続きの階段


I need to get on top of my sleep as I get older I'm finding it more difficult to manage my ongoing sleep deficit.


get on top of 〜” 「(物事を)うまく対処して」



get on top of



・We'll get on top of the situation as soon as we can. : できるだけ早く事態を収拾します。




haven't seen you post at all where the fuck were you 全然投稿してるの見かけなかったがどこに行ってたんだ

I got life shit haha 人生いろいろあったんだよ笑 (= "I have life stuff" or "I have things going on in my life.")

so do we all そりゃみんなそうやろ


who are you? あんた誰?

John knows me. Me n him go back ジョンは俺のことを知ってるよ。あいつとは付き合いが長いからな

go back 〈話〉〔人が期間を〕さかのぼって知り合いであ


Man they made it so much hard to see member lists in mobile now モバイルだとメンバーリストめっちゃ見にくくなったな

I think it's by design これはわざとだと思うわ

by design 故意


I hate that it had to take this just for people to stop sleeping on Mel



sleep on

1. 〔即断・即答を避けて〕~について一晩考える

2. (米インフォーマル)人や物の素晴らしさに気づかない




Hulu ignoring onscreen text makes it harder to follow big picture stuff



He had the ability to look at the bigger picture 彼は物事を広く見渡す力があった


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  何ももっていない者は何も失うことはない。


If there's one thing you fucking akbars got right it's food

Holy fuck muslim food slaps




i learned it and i forgot it like the dumbass i am



I've been warming up to X = X has been growing on me



it made negative sense



I gave it a clean with wipes


wiped it clean with a cloth


cleaned it with water



She's got a lot of nerve = What nerve!




got shit on me

1. He ain't got shit on me あいつなんかじゃ俺には敵わないよ

2. They got shit on him. あいつらは彼のやばい情報を握ってる (shit = compromised information like blackmail)

3. “hey, do you have $5” “sorry, I don’t have shit on me.” すまん、今一文無しだわ (shit = anything)

4. “hey, you can’t arrest me, I don’t have shit on me”. 俺はヤクなんて持ってねえよ (shit = contraband)



a/one heck of ...

This was one heck of an experience


“I had a heck of a time swimming with Alexander.”


“That was a heck of a party!”




the annals of history



ticket scalpers チケット転売業者


what (who) do you take me for?=私をなんだと思っているの?

What sort of person do you think I am? For example, What do you take me for, an idiot?


my eyes keep sliding off it 

英語にも「目が滑る」と同じ表現があるっぽい それとも英語から輸入されたのか?

It's hard to even go back and read it, my eyes keep sliding off it, or fail to comprehend it.


late for work = ある特定出来事を指すことが多い。「今行かなければ仕事遅刻する。(I must go now or I shall be late for work.)」

Late to work = 上司など、他の人があなたについて言うときに使われる。「最近君の記録を見たが、今月は頻繁に遅刻しているようだね。(I have looked at your record recently and I see you've frequently been late to work this month.)」



I’ve decided to go back to teaching”

go back to teaching→他の仕事から教職に戻る

get back to teaching→不本意ながら教師を辞めたというはっきりとしたニュアンスがある(授業中に休憩して、授業に戻る際にも使える)




reading isn't in anymore = reading isn't popular anymore



I want Kamina to tell me to believe in the him that believes in me


→the himなのがミソ

Don't believe in yourself. Believe in ME! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!




墓穴を掘る = dig a hole

He is digging himself into his little hole pretty well all by himself.



There's no driving incentive to push far ahead when already standing in front of the pack, and it's already too late if you start slipping behind.



結果を表す only to do が for someone to do の形で表される場合がある

Like I finally think I understood, do a word correctly, mark the correct accent for the professor to pronounce it in some way I've never heard of and mark it incorrect

ChatGPTの解釈: The speaker feels they finally grasp the concept, correctly pronounce a word with the appropriate accent, only to have the professor pronounce it differently in a way they've never heard before. As a result, the professor marks the pronunciation as incorrect


bright 輝かしい 頭の良い

blight 破滅のもと、障害 やる気をくじくもの

「彼は聡明な生徒だ」と言おうとして He's a blight student. なんて言ったら大変なことになる


level it up into/to something レベルアップさせて~にする

i ended up leveling it up into a Gardevior.


I'm leveling it up into a sports car



can't be bothered と don't bother の違い

1. 過去形場合は同じように使える

2. 現在形の do not bother は習慣的なことのみ使える

I don't bother cooking (to cook) because it's easier to eat out


3. 個別一時的な状況においては、can't be bothered を使う

I haven't eaten anything all day and I'm starving. I can't be bothered to cook. I'm going to grab some takeout.


ただし can't be bothered は習慣的なことにも使えるっぽい



scale の意外な意味









roll off the tongue


表現パターンtrip [roll, slip] off the tongue


get on someone's good side



she/he loves to get on everyone's good side


I always had this image in my mind that .... = ~というイメージがずっと頭の中にあった

I always had this image in my mind that 25 was the year I'd get my shit together



that method doesn't involve actually producing anything of your own.

=You won't actually produce anything of your own with that method.



Is there a chance that there will be more earthquakes? Or are we in the clear so far?


after quakes can happen several days after

so nobody knows for sure


in the clear


・We can get out of here now that we're in the clear. : われわれは容疑が晴れたのだから、ここから出られる。

The waves seem to arrive any time now

The waves seem to be coming at any moment



leveled by the earthquake 《be ~》〔建物が〕地震で倒壊する

7.6 is no joke, Turkey had their cities leveled at like 7.4


houses have been leveled, roads destroyed and there's a massive fire.


It’s gonna be hard to sleep through this



skew 歪める・歪曲する

askew 歪んだ Jaw becoming gradually askew 顎が徐々に歪む

skewer 串に刺す、串刺しにするように激しく攻撃する

eschew 避ける・控える


Going on A date - お互いを知るためにする単発のデート。それ以降会わないこともありうる。

Dating - デートを何度か繰り返している状態。ただし恋人関係というわけではなくまだカジュアル関係。(中にはdating = be in a relationshipだと捉える人もいるらしい)



A: what does XXX mean? これはなんて意味

B: where did you find it? it's all about context どこで見つけたん?文脈は大切よ

A: *explains the context the sentence is used in* (文脈について説明

B: cant make out using this either unfortunately 残念ながらそれを読んでもわからないな

its mostly way too rare for any information レアすぎて情報が見つから

what book is this excerpt from? それはどんな本から引用


On time に In time する


on time時間ぴったりという意味で、in timeはぴったりでなくてもギリギリ間に合っていれば使える




I'm going in for surgery soon (= I'm having/getting surgery soon)


go in for


・I sent a demo CD to go in for the contest. : そのコンテストに参加するためデモCDを送った。


・Throughout my school years I went in for music and was a member of the chorus. : 私は学校時代を通して音楽が好きで、コーラス部に入っていました。


・The idea does make sense but I can't go in for it. : その考えは確かに道理にかなっているが賛成はできない。


・If you are active, don't go in for a sedate job. : 行動的な性格だったら堅苦しい仕事には就かない方が良い。


・If you are fluent in German, you can go in for an international course of study. : ドイツ語に堪能なら国際コースの課程を取ることができる。


・I went in for an injured player. : けがをした選手の代わりに出場しました。

go in for は like doing の古臭い言い方だから使わない方がいいという声も



go (along) with / go for はともに「選ぶ choose」を意味することがあるがニュアンスが違う

go (along) with は妥協感がある一方で go for は積極的にそれを得ようとする感じ

学校部活などでレギュラーを狙っているときには go out for が使える



Go in to work 物理的に仕事場にたどり着くという意味

Go to work も同じ意味で使えるが、それとは別に仕事に取り組む(=Get to work)という意味でも使える



How much that figure set u back?


It was only like 2000 yen.


Nice, affordable


but I did see a couple nicer ones going for like 15k +



Manga here goes for $10-13 per volume, and no covers! : こっちでは漫画が一冊10~13ドルもするの。カバーも付いてないし。

scale figures go for crazy amounts sometimes



I'm going on a trip across Japan this April, and I'm going to have about 3 weeks to myself to just explore and find experiences.


ct. do a trip to poland ポーランド旅行する

Is there anything that y'all would recommend I see/experience that's a more out of the way compared to touristy things?


I'll put that on my list lol


have ~ to oneself


・We had the whole room to ourselves. : 私たちは部屋を独占しました。


that guy was a blubbering mess in the video, and to be honest, i don't blame him


he still cannot stop his endless-useless-lame babbling


babbling 〔訳の分からないことやとりとめのないことを〕ぐちゃぐちゃ[ペチャクチャ]しゃべる◆【同】blithering ; blathering ; jabbering ; gabbling


Stop speaking alien words at me


why would that ever be the case


bro really milking this


man really interpreting everything


i feel like most people can't think past the fact that I'm the president

And are scared to talk to me or


mf shaming me because I was eating too quick even though he had like 2 spoonfuls more than me left on his plate


I'm in all reason to believe you did not come here for ___, but rather to troll.

If you feel like I'm mistaken in my decision, feel free to send us a mail



Good thing shows her true colors before u got with her


cf. the mask slips/comes off = 化けの皮がはがれる


the guy you had added on facebook

thats what i rememeber him as




ego stroke

《an ~》〈俗〉〔人をいい気分にさせる・人の自尊心を満足させる〕褒め言葉、お世辞◆【参考】stroke someone's ego

The owner is obnoxious just stroke his ego and you're fine


she is just using you to stroke her ego



I think going to Japan and fucking with local citizens should have you tried at the Hague for espionage


And later sunset definitely beats getting home at 6 and it’s dark


it got sunset a long time ago so it's not relevant anymore


people shit on me all the time



A: but why does uni even cost that much money


B: I mean it's a racket through and through


racket - 〈俗〉不正商売金もうけ]、詐欺、ゆすり、密売

evil through and through - 《be ~》とことん邪悪[根っから悪人正真正銘悪人である、〔主語には〕良心のかけらもない


Tycoon! this comes from the japanese word 大君! Head honcho, this comes from the japanese word 班長! Rickshaw, this comes from the japanese word 人力車



fiend (フィーンド)


= archfiend











・The ship floundered in the storm. : 船は嵐の中をもがき進んだ。


scrawl 走り書き

scribble 子供が描くようなぐちゃぐちゃの落書き


He scrawled his signature. (= His signature looked like a squiggle.)


I scribbled my name at the bottom of the page.(= I wrote my name very quickly, so it looked unreadable.)




shtick 十八番芸、特技

her whole shtick is being ignored by everyone


Anonymous's whole shtick is freedom of information


I tried writing more serious literary novels, but I realized that cheesy thrillers are just my shtick.





アスパルテーム - Wikipedia







Sucralose - Wikipedia

Sucralose was discovered in 1976 by scientists from Tate & Lyle, working with researchers Leslie Hough and Shashikant Phadnis at Queen Elizabeth College (now part of King's College London).[21] While researching novel uses of sucrose and its synthetic derivatives, Phadnis was told to "test" a chlorinated sugar compound. According to an anecdotal account, Phadnis thought Hough asked him to "taste" it, so he did and found the compound to be exceptionally sweet.[22]

スクラロース1976年、テート&ライルの科学者が、クィーンエリザベスカレッジ現在キングスカレッジロンドンの一部)の研究レスリー・ハフ(Leslie Hough)とシャシカント・ファドニス(Shashikant Phadnis)と共同で発見した[21]。スクロースとその合成誘導体新規用途研究していたときファドニス塩素化された糖化合物を「テスト」するように言われた。逸話によると、ファドニスはハフから「味見」するように言われたと思い、実際に味見をしてみたところ、その化合物は非常に甘かったという[22]。



Tate and Lyleは食品系の会社でそこの研究室での出来事なのか、なら味を確かめろって言われたら舐めるか……






カール・ヴィルヘルム・シェーレ - Wikipedia



















耳寄りな心臓の話(第2話)『爆薬が心臓病を癒す』 |はあと文庫|心日本心臓財団刊行物|公益財団法人 日本心臓財団





blue Monday語源ニトログリセリン説はかなーり怪しい気がする、勘だけど



















Hanyu Yuzuru is not only fans but also anti-sticky and disgusting

The one I've been listening to often, that's true. Looking at the comments of related articles, I'm scared of many people who say they don't like the w ay of divorce. In addition to writing comments, it's amazing to put stars on all the close opinions. I think divorce all of a sudden is short-sighted, but that's about it, it's just marriage. There were other ways, and some people even said that they should have protected their spouse even i f they stopped skating. If you don't want to meet a stalker, if you don't want to meet a molester, what's the difference? If this is a female idol, if you don't like it, you can only say it if you stop it, right? I guess there are a lot of strange people like that around him.


I was cheated on during the homecoming birth

Suddenly, when I looked at my husband's schedule book on the desk, there was a picture of my child s tuck in it, and when I thought about it, there was something like a woman's name written on each mon th's page. So when I looked closely, I carefully wrote down the age and physical compatibility of the woman I m et on the page of the week, and I understood everything. Maybe it's been going on last year or a long time ago. I'm going to report to my friend that my child was born! There was also a note on the day of the drinking party that I sent out. I see. Now my heart feels numb and I don't feel like doing this right away, but what should I do in the fut ure? Ask right now, pretend you don't know yet, or leave it for the rest of your life. Or I'm not sure whether to treat him coldly thinking like this, or whether to be very kind and try t o create a sense of guilt. At home, he was a good dad who was active in housework and childcare due to his child's passions. I was glad that I was able to give birth to this child, but I feel like an idiot. I'm sorry and sorry that the girls my husband met were involved in the play of married people. Maybe he's hiding that he has a married child. I want to cut off only my lower body and throw it away.





Refuting the “Israeli” Claims Regarding Evading their responsibility for the Massacre of the Gaza Baptist Hospital

Today, the “Israeli” Occupation Entity is trying to evade their responsibility for the crime of bombarding the “Baptist” Arab National Hospital in Gaza City, which the Israeli” Occupation Forces (IOF) committed on the evening of Tuesday, 17 October 2023. This heinous crime was committed against innocent Palestinian civilians while taking the hospital as a shelter from the flames of the “Israeli” brutal aggression, which left nowhere safe in the besieged enclave. It is necessary to affirm that, the Baptist Hospital belongs to the Anglican Episcopal Church in Jerusalem, and was built before the occupation of Palestine.

It is obvious that the “Israeli” enemy has been spreading lies since the very beginning of his destructive war on our people, when he with no single evidence claimed that the Palestinian resistance killed children, cut off heads and raped women. In continuation of this series of lies, they tried to evade their crime, attributing it to one of the resistance factions. Accordingly, we present some of the conclusive evidence to prove the “Israeli” Occupation Entity responsible for this heinous crime:

1) It is no secret that the IOF, several days ago, threatened several hospitals in the Gaza Strip, contacting each hospital separately and requesting their evacuation and holding the hospitals directors responsible for the consequences of neglecting the threats. In fact, there are dozens of clear statements from the IOF spokespersons in this regard.

2) Since the beginning of the ongoing aggression, the “Israeli” army has ignored the principle of distinguishing between civilian and military targets. Thus, the bombardment has systematically targeted emergency services, ambulances, civil defense facilities, schools, mosques, and churches.

3) The IOF contacted the directors of 21 hospitals in the Gaza Strip, especially those are located in the Gaza and the North of Gaza governorates, most notably: (Al-Awda, the Indonesian, Kamal Adwan, the Kuwaiti, Al-Quds, and Al-Mamadani), asking them to evacuate immediately, given that the hospitals are located within the geographical scope of “Israeli” military operations. In this regard, the official spokespersons for the IOF plus a number of hospital directors conducted interviews live on Al Jazeera, revealing the premeditated intention of the IOF to target hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

4) On 14 October, 2023, at 20:30, the IOF fired two shells towards the Baptist Hospital, and the next morning they called the hospital director, Dr. Maher الصفحة 2 من 3

Ayyad, saying to him: “We warned you last evening with two shells, so why have you not evacuated the hospital until this moment?!” Following that call, The hospital director contacted the bishop of the Evangelical Church in Britain and informed him of the incident, who in turn contacted international organizations before sending the hospital a message reassuring them that they could remain in the hospital. Yet with no warning, the IOF airstrikes returned, on Tuesday evening, to carry out the massacre against the hospital and the shelter-seekers of the displaced innocent Palestinian civilians.

5) Immediately after the massacre, the IOF spokesperson quickly published a statement on his page on the “X” and “Telegram” platforms at 21:17, which stated, “We had warned the evacuation of the Baptist Hospital and five other hospitals so that the Hamas terrorist organization would not take as a safe haven”. That statement is a clear claim of this massacre, and it is documented with a “screenshot” image attached to his page on Telegram, but he quickly deleted the post after seeing the massive scale of the massacre for the large number of victims, and the angry responses of the Arab, regional and international communities. Later on, he disavowed it, publish another

statement denying that he had issued the first statement.

6) Before and during the event, the resistance factions did not fire any missiles at the occupied territories, the “Israeli” sirens did not activate, and the Iron Dome missiles were not launched. Moreover, dozens of reconnaissance drones do not leave the sky of the Gaza Strip (365 km2 ), photographing and monitoring every inch around the clock. If the massacre was due to the resistance’s missiles, as the “Israeli” Occupation Entity falsely claim, why would not they show one picture their claims?!

7) The “Israeli” Occupation Entity claimed that this massacre was caused by a missile launched by the Islamic Jihad. However, we would wonder how they could identify and distinguish between the missiles of the resistance factions immediately after they were launched?!

8) The IOF military system documents and records all their operations by day, hour, minute and second, and in all previous times their media outlets came out to announce or deny much less severe massacres than this massacre, so what made them wait more than 4 hours before declaring their irresponsibility other than weaving scenarios of falsification, lies and deception?!

9) It is obviously known that the resistance’s missiles are somewhat “primitive” and do not have the destructive power that kills hundreds at one time. And throughout the history of previous confrontations and the current confrontation, no resistance missile has caused a tenth of this number of “Israeli” deaths.

10) The only video scene documenting the moment of the explosion reveals that the mass of flame and the sound of the explosion are identical to other “Israeli” bombs throughout the days of the ongoing aggression, which with no doubt proves that the “Israeli” origin of the missile.

الصفحة 3 من 3

The deliberate attack on hospitals is a war crime, stipulated in Article (8, 2, b, 9) of the Statute of the International Criminal Court. Accordingly, Hamas officially calls on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into this crime, which falls within the framework of a genocidal war, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the Basic Law. These bloody acts are also based on the policy of denial pursued by the “Israeli” Occupation Entity, as they deny the existence of the Palestinian people.

There is no doubt that impunity fuels crime, and investigating crimes is a way to protect people. Furthermore, if a legal and judicial response is necessary, it is above all that the response to this crime must be humanitarian and global. Such actions must shock the conscience of the world, or else there would no longer be a reliable international community if the “Israeli” Occupation government free to decide to bomb hospitals!

In conclusion, we are facing a genocidal massacre committed by IOF against children, women, and the elderly. The “Israeli” Occupation Entity is the only responsible for the crime, no matter how much they try to weave lies and fabrications to get away with it, as they always do.

The Islamic Resistance Movement


Wednesday, 18 October 2023





Gastr del Sol 「Upgrade & Afterlife」 レビュー


世界最高のバンドGastr del Sol




全ての曲が完璧ですが、とりわけrebecca sylvesterはこのアルバムハイライトです。

そしてGastr del Solの最高到達点…のひとつでもあると思います

why did the sharks watch him drown?(なぜ 鮫たちは彼が溺れるのを見守ったのか)」


the sea incertainの複雑な和音を多用した繊細なピアノつぶやきは、大友良英さんのおっしゃる「恋をしている気分」そのもの

hello spiralはポストミニマルロックノイズと結びついた、明るみに向けてグラデーションを伴いながら上昇していく、



孤独とメランコリーの彼方を遠目に深呼吸するよう甘やかな浮き沈みを繰り返すthe relay、

our exquisite replica of “eternity”の一部分と同様のループの中で(この形態での)最後の爪弾きと独白のような歌を終えるGrubbs…。

そしてエンディングJohn Fahey名曲に、天かけるTony Conradの純正律バイオリンと、


もちろん冒頭our exquisite replica of “eternity”はコラージュにおけるGastrでのO'Rourke畢生の大作。





GrubbsとO'Rourkeの敬愛するLuc Ferrariが言っていました。




さまざまな異種の要素たちが無時間的感覚で摩擦し、それらの反発や調和が要素の単なる総和をはるかに超え、躍動的・神秘的に関わり合っていくGastr del Sol作品群も、その音楽大成者に違いないと思います






 ← それって Cambridge English Dictionary の編者に向かって言えるの?  

When she left him on his own it really hurt his pride.

  Cambrige English Dictionary の "pride" の項目の例文


he/her とか she/him の主格と目的格で性自認が違う人をどうすればいいのかっていう興味深いトピックに誰も触れないのなんで?





例えばwillは「場当たり的なニュアンス」と説明してくれたけど、以下の例ではwillにはそういうニュアンスはなく、be going toと全く同じ意味合いで使われている

A: Have you spoken to him recently?

B: No, but I'll see him tomorrow.



ちなみにAre you going to the party?の例ではI'll go.よりI'm going.と答えるほうが自然らしい

(この場合、I'll go.は今決めたこと、I'm going.はその前から決めていたこと、という違いがある。今決めたことならもちろんI'll go.でオッケー)


英訳 about the #Berbenheimer issue




Various things that really need to be said about the #Berbenheimer issue


In a discussion about the case, someone raised an objection to "someone who was not a party to the incident, who was not from Nagasaki, and who was not from Hiroshima, complaining about it. Seeing that opinion made me aware of my position, so I will say what I must say.


I was born in Nagasaki and am a third-generation A-bomb survivor.

I say this because I grew up hearing the stories of the A-bomb damage directly from those who suffered from the atomic bombings.


I feel that it is unacceptable for someone like me to speak about the A-bomb damage.

However, there are few A-bomb survivors left, so I will speak up.


In Nagasaki, children grow up hearing stories about the atomic bombing. We were made to sit in the gymnasium of an elementary school in the middle of summer, where there was not even an air conditioner or a fan, and for nearly an hour we were made to listen to stories about the atomic bombing. It was hard for me anyway.


I think it was even more painful for the elderly people who told the stories. But I don't think an elementary school kid could have imagined that. I, too, have forgotten most of the stories I was told. I can only remember one or two at most.


Another thing is that at this time of year, pictures of the victims of the atomic bombing are pasted up in the hallways.

In other parts of the country, these are grotesque images that would cause a fuss from the parents who are always nagging about them.

Recently, even the A-bomb museum has become more gentle in its exhibits, and most of the radical and horrifying exhibits that would have traumatized visitors have been removed.

I don't know how elementary schools now teach about the A-bomb damage. But when I was in elementary school, there were photos on display.


There was one photo that I just couldn't face as an elementary school student. It was a picture of Taniguchi Sumiteru(谷口稜曄). If you search for it, you can find it. It is a shocking picture, but I would still like you to see it.

I couldn't pass through the hallway where the photo was displayed, so I always took the long way around to another floor to avoid seeing the photo.

My grandfather was under the bomb and went to the burnt ruins of the bomb to look for his sister. I can understand now that he couldn't turn away or go another way.

There would have been a mountain of people still alive and moaning in the ruins of the burnt ruins. There would have been many more who would have died out in agony.

My grandfather walked for miles and miles, towing a rear wheelchair, through the narrow streets of rubble-strewn Nagasaki in search of his sister.

My grandfather was not a child then. But of course there were elementary school children who did the same thing he did. I am not speculating that there were. There were. I heard the story from him, and I still remember it.

A young brother and sister found their father's corpse in the ruins of the fire and burned it themselves. They didn't have enough wood to burn him alive, and when they saw his brain spilling out, they ran away, and that was the last time they ever saw him again.


I can never forget that story I heard when I was a kid, and even now it's painful and painful, my hands are shaking and I'm crying.


I keep wondering how that old man who ran away from his father's brain was able to expose to the public the unimaginably horrible trauma, the scar that will never heal, even after all these years.


Now I think I understand a little.


Why I can't help but talk about my grandfather and the old man now, even as I remember my own trauma.

Because this level of suffering is nothing compared to their words being forgotten.

It's nothing compared to the tremendous suffering that once existed that will be forgotten, like my hands shaking, my heart palpitating, my nose running with vertigo, and so on.


So maybe it's the same thing.


My grandfather, who went through an unimaginable hell, lived to see his grandchildren born, and met his sister's death in the ruins of the fire.


In other words, my grandfather was one of the happiest people in the ruins of the fire.


My grandfather and that old man were, after all, just people wading in the depths of hell.


I think that the suffering that even people who had experienced unimaginable pain could not imagine was lying like pebbles on the ground in Nagasaki 78 years ago, and no one paid any attention to it.


Their suffering, which I can't even imagine, is nothing compared to the countless, unimaginable suffering they witnessed, which they pretend never happened.


Memories fade inexorably with each passing human mouth. The memories that those people could never allow to be forgotten are almost forgotten.


The tremendous suffering of 78 years ago is mostly gone, never to be recounted.


Those who suffered the most from the atomic bombing died rotting in the ruins of the fire without being able to tell anyone about it.


Many of those who saw it with their own eyes kept their mouths shut and took it with them to their graves. Most of those who spoke a few words are still in their graves.


Compared to the words of the old men, my own words are so light. I would rather keep my mouth shut than speak in such light words.


But still, someone has to take over. I realize that even my words, which are so light, are only the top of the voices that are left in this world to carry on the story of the atomic bombing.


I know how it feels to think that I am the only one. Still, I hope that you will not shut your mouth. I know that I have closed my mouth because I thought I shouldn't talk about it, and that is the result.


Sometimes I almost choose to stop imagining the unimaginable suffering and live my life consuming other people's suffering for fun.

I am writing this while I still have some imagination of the suffering of the old people whose voices, faces, and even words I can no longer recall.



須賀川TBS Television🇯🇵 中東特派員 Hiroshi Sukagawa







ところが…つい最近彼女のお母さんと話しをしたら、なんと学校の「peer pressure」でそういう恰好をしていた、ということが判明。


どういうことかというと当時、彼女学校では、女の子たちが「男の子」になることがファッショナブル!?)で、みんな she/her ではなく he/him にならないとイジメられてしまっていたそうなんです。





















I have seen some posts asking if they should talk about "the case" even though they were not involved in it and were not born in Nagasaki or Hiroshima, and I am a bit aware of it, so I have to say what I have to say. I say this because I was born in Nagasaki, am a third generation atomic bomb survivor, and grew up hearing the stories of those who experienced the atomic bombing firsthand. I know it's a little bit too much for me, but I'm going to say this because there are very few survivors left.

In Nagasaki, children grow up hearing stories about the atomic bombing. They were stuffed into sushi for nearly an hour in the gymnasium of an elementary school in the middle of summer, with no air conditioner or fan, and told stories about the atomic bombing. That was a hard time for me. I think it must have been even harder for the old people who told the stories, but there was no way an elementary school kid could imagine such a thing, and I had forgotten most of the stories I had been told for a long time. I have forgotten most of the stories I was told. I can only remember one or two at most. There is one more hard thing. Every year around this time, a row of grotesque images that would drive the PTA crazy in other areas are prominently displayed in the hallways. These days, I hear that the atomic bomb museum has been bleached out and many of the radical and horrifying exhibits that traumatized visitors have been taken down. I don't know if they are still there, but they were there when I was in elementary school.

There was one photo that I just couldn't face when I was in elementary school. It is a picture of Sumiteru Taniguchi. If you search for it, you can find it. It is a shocking picture, but I would like you to take a look at it. I couldn't pass through the hallway where the photo was posted, so I always took the long way around to another floor of the school building to avoid seeing the photo.

Now I'm thinking that my grandfather, who headed into the burnt ruins to look for his sister, couldn't have turned away or taken a different path. There would have been a mountain of people still alive and moaning, not just pictures, and a mountain more who would have given up at the end of their suffering. He walked for miles and miles, towing his handcart through the narrow streets of rubble-strewn Nagasaki in search of his sister. My grandfather was not a child at the time, but of course there were children who did similar things. Not that there wouldn't have been. There were. I heard the story from him, and I still remember it. A young brother and sister found their father's body in the ruins of a fire and they burned it. They didn't have enough wood to burn his body, and when they saw the raw brain that spilled out, they ran away and that was the last time they ever saw him anymore.

I can never forget the story I heard when I was a kid, and even now it is painful and painful, my hands are shaking and I am crying. I keep wondering how the old man who escaped from that father's brain could have been able to unravel the most horrible trauma imaginable and expose it to the public with scars that will never heal.

Now I think I can understand a little.

The reason I can't help but talk about my grandfather and that old man, even if I have to rehash my own trauma, is that this level of suffering is nothing compared to the fact that their words will be forgotten. My hands shaking, my heart palpitating and dizzy, my nose running with tears, it's nothing compared to the tremendous suffering that was once there and will be forgotten.

So maybe it's the same thing.

My grandfather, who went through an unimaginable hell, lived to see his grandchildren born, and met his sister's death in the ruins of the fire. In other words, my grandfather was one of the happiest people in the ruins of the fire. My grandfather and that old man were, after all, just people wading in the depths of hell. I think that the suffering that even people who had experienced unimaginable pain could not imagine was lying like pebbles in Nagasaki 78 years ago, and no one paid any attention to it. Their suffering, which I can't even imagine, is nothing compared to the countless, tremendous suffering they witnessed, which they pretend never happened.

Memories fade inexorably every time people talk about them. The memories that those people could not allow to be forgotten are now largely forgotten; the tremendous suffering of 78 years ago is mostly gone, never to be recounted again. Those who suffered the most from the atomic bombing died rotting in the ruins of the fire, unable to tell anyone about it. Many of those who saw it with their own eyes kept their mouths shut and took it with them to their graves. Most of those who spoke a few words are now under the grave.

Compared to the words of the old men, my own words are so light. I would rather keep my mouth shut than speak in such light words. But still, someone has to take over. I realize that even my words, which are so light, are only the top of the voices that are left in this world to carry on the story of the atomic bombing. I know how it feels to wonder if someone like myself is allowed to speak about this. Still, I hope that you will not shut your mouth. This is the result of our silence.

Sometimes I almost choose to stop imagining the unimaginable suffering and live my life consuming other people's suffering for the fun of it. I am writing this while I still have some imagination of the suffering of the old people whose voices, faces, and even words I can no longer recall.

Translator's note: The original post in Japanese is a response to a post by a Japanese contributor who wondered if he was qualified to speak out on the subject of the A-bomb when he was not from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but still spoke out about Barbie and the A-bomb. I translated it here because I think it deserves to be read by the world.



I must talk about various things regarding the Barbie incident.

I saw a post about it from someone who is neither directly involved nor from Nagasaki or Hiroshima, and it made me realize that there are things I must say.

I was born in Nagasaki and grew up listening to stories from the survivors, being a third-generation survivor myself. Most survivors are no longer with us, so I feel compelled to speak up.

In Nagasaki, kids grow up hearing about the atomic bomb. We were packed like sushi in a gymnasium without air conditioning or even fans during the scorching summer, and we listened to stories about the bomb. It was incredibly tough for me.

I imagine it was even harder for the elderly who spoke about their experiences. As a child, I couldn't fully comprehend their pain, and now, I can hardly remember most of the stories I heard. I can only recall one or two.

Every year during this time, gruesome images that would make PTA elsewhere go crazy were displayed in the hallways. I heard that many of the horrifying exhibits that used to traumatize visitors at the Atomic Bomb Museum have been removed, and the museum has been considerably sanitized. I'm not sure about the current situation, but that's how it was when I was there.

There was one photograph that I could never bear to look at as a child – a picture of Tadashi Taniguchi. You can find it if you search, but it's a shocking image with a viewer discretion warning. Still, I want people to see it.

I couldn't walk down the hallway where that photo was displayed, and I always took a different route, avoiding it so I wouldn't have to see it.

Now, I think of my grandpa who went to the ruins to search for my sister. He couldn't look away or take a different path. The pain must have been unimaginable.

Besides photographs, there were many living people moaning in pain back then, and there must have been even more who succumbed to suffering.

My grandpa walked for miles, pulling a handcart through the debris-laden streets of Nagasaki, searching for my sister.

Even though my grandpa was not a child, I'm sure there were elementary school kids who did similar things. I don't just think they might have been there; they were there. I heard the stories from the people themselves, and I still remember them.

I can't forget the stories I heard as a child, such as the young siblings finding their father's burnt corpse in the ruins and cremating him. They didn't have enough firewood, and their father ended up half-burnt. They ran away after seeing the brain tissue oozing out, and that became their final farewell.

I can never forget those stories I heard as a child, and even now, they still bring pain and suffering, making my hands tremble and tears flow.

I wonder how my grandpa, who ran away from that father's brain tissue, could expose his unimaginable trauma and everlasting scars to the world.

Now, I feel like I understand a little.

Even someone like me, who experienced such unimaginable trauma, has gone through pain that I can't even imagine being compared to being discarded, forgotten, and ignored. Compared to what those people experienced, my suffering means nothing.

My trembling hands and the palpitations and dizziness I experienced are nothing compared to the tremendous pain that many others went through.

Memories fade irreversibly every time they pass through people's lips. The memories that I couldn't bear to be forgotten are almost forgotten now.

The unimaginable pain that existed 78 years ago has mostly disappeared, and we can no longer pass it on.

The people who suffered the most from the atomic bomb perished in the ruins, rotting away without being able to convey it to anyone.

Even those who saw it with their own eyes mostly took the memories with them to their graves. Most of them are now under the tombstones.

Compared to the words of the elderly, my words seem so light. I think that speaking with such light words would be better than keeping silent, as silence has led to this result.

I feel like I might occasionally choose to stop imagining the unimaginable pain and consume the suffering of others in an amusing way to live on.

Before I forget the pain and suffering of those elderly people, whose faces and voices I can no longer recall, I will leave this here.











I mean everything to him. I am the only person he could talk to and share problems with. Without me,he wouldn’t have been able to cope as well as he did.





















He's going to pay.

He's not getting let off the hook.

He's won't get away with it.

He's dead meat.

He's a dead man.

He's dead to me.

I won't stand for this!

I won't take it!

I'll never forgive him* <(使われ過ぎだが場合によっては適切)

I won't forgive him*


I can't believe him!*

How dare you XX*

Not on my watch*

It is unforgivable*


行動しない、できない場合、例えばすでに刑が確定している犯罪者に対して言う場合にはnever forgiveのほうがいい

"won't allow/permit"的な側面がある「許さない」には、"I won't stand for this!"が良い


“I won’t forget this

“I’m not letting this go

"I won't let you walk away!"

"I will avenge her!"

"I won't forgive you for barging in on ruru's house."


修正案:“You can’t just barge into Ruru’s house, you know.”





修正案:"This is not the time for jokes."



相手謝罪して許しを請うてるときに"I won't forgive you."と言うのは正しい

(ただしこの人は"I don't accept your apology."と訳したとのこと)


Meaning: I accept your apology. But I won’t forgive or forget. Bye ✌️


"If you don't come back... I'll never forgive you."


"We'll never forgive you for kidnapping Friend!"


"Eat my cookie and I'll never forgive you!"


"Treating a woman like that... I won't forgive him!"


これらは(a) 本来意味でもないし、(b) ネイティブ英語でもないとのこと




“If you make Naruto be burdened with even your life, I will not forgive you.”

"it can't be helped"(仕方ない)は使われ過ぎだが、(a) 一応正しい英語だし、(b) 文脈にも沿っていることが多い(forgiveはそうではないことが多い)。

"I'll never forgive you!"


吹替版の"How dare you!"のほうが遥かにいいとのこと

"I swear I won't stop until I've scrapped each and every one of you!"


Maxine Waters Says She Will “Never Ever Forgive” Black Americans That Vote for Trump.


"And if you choose to fail us, I say: We will never forgive you. We will not let you get away with this. "


‘We will not forgive, we will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay’


悟空バイデンのケースは状況がよく似ているが、悟空は"I won't forgive you!"としか言わなかったので不自然だが、バイデンは"We will hunt you down and make you pay"と報復意図を付け加えているので自然とのこと。

もしバイデンが"We won't forgive."としか言わなかったら、弱く聞こえるという。「もう昼飯に誘ってやらないぞ」みたいな。



ちなみに、飲酒運転子供が轢かれて、ドライバーが全く反省してない場合に"I won't forgive you!"というのは自然とのこと。



"I'll Punish you. Cry all you want, but don't expect me to forgive you."



「一体何に対してFORGIVEするんだ!?FORGIVEが必要だなんて一体どんな罪を犯したんだ!?さないは"DON'T FORGIVE"じゃない!怒りで自然発火しそうbry;おh;bsfsl」

修正案:"Cry about it all you want, but I'm not letting you guys off the hook."

"Don't you dare go all Romeo and Juliet on me!"


Fate/stay night UBW 13話 「決別の刻」

凛  :そうね、けど後悔するわよ。私は絶対に降りない。いい、キャスターを倒してアンタを取り戻す。その時になって謝っても許さないんだから・・・(That's true. But you'll regret it. I'll never quit. You hear me?I'll defeat Caster and take you back. And when I do, I won't forgive you, no matter how much you apologize.)

ペルソナ4 G 7話 「It's cliche, so what?」

マリ記憶探すのも思いで作るのも、絶対に君と一緒だから。君が持ってても同じでしょ?その代わり・・・ちゃんと返して?もったままいなくなったら、許さない。(I'll never forgive you.)」

弱虫ペダル RIDE.38 「総北の魂」

坂道「でも、もうボク・・・走れない・・・ここでリタ・・・(I'm dropping—)」


今泉ダメだ!それはオレが許さない!(No. I won't allow it.)」

この素晴らしい世界に祝福を 3話

ダ:こんな幼げな少女下着公衆面前ではぎ取るなんて・・・真の鬼畜だ、許せない!是非とも私を貴方パーティーに入れてほしい。(To strip such a young girl of her panties in a public place is trulysavage!I can't let this pass!You must let me join your party!)

東京喰種トーキョーグール 2話 「孵化

カネ「(あの時もヒデクラスに馴染めない僕に気を遣って声を掛けてきてくれたんだ・・・いやだ。ヒデ死ぬのは嫌だぁ!そんなの許せない!)《I don't want Hide・・・to die!I won't・・・I won't let that happen!》」

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