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ざーっと読んだけど(https://is.gd/XLuNSh技術力は世界トップだが法整備含めたサイバー攻撃 / 防衛能力ができてないのでロースコアという趣旨に読めたけど。ブクマカはともかく共同通信記者PDF読んだのかね?



Japan has been among the global leaders in the commercial application of information and communications technologies since the early 1980s, but its readiness to deal with the security aspects of cyberspace is a much more recent phenomenon.

Its first mature cyber-security strategy was issued in 2013, building on several earlier policies that were focused on rhetorical principles of classic information security of a narrow technical kind.

Japan now has a well-developed approach to the governance of cyberspace, but this constitutes a looser set of arrangements than in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, particularly in terms of information-sharing by the private sector.

Japan’s defences in cyberspace are not especially strong, with many corporations unwilling to meet the costs of bolstering them.





Core cyber-intelligence capability

Overall, Japan’s indigenous cyber-intelligence capabilities are embryonic, with the country largely reliant on key international partners, especially the US, for its cyber situational awareness and its development of intelligence capabilities.


Cyber empowerment and dependence


Cyber empowerment and dependence Japan remains a world leader in cyberspace technologies.

A 2019 study by the International Monetary Fund concluded that the country’s digital economy accounted for 49% of its GDP (the figure in the US was 60%, and in China 30%).

Of the 51 telecoms or tech companies in the 2020 Fortune ‘Global 500’, the US had 16 and Japan was in second place with ten (just ahead of China with eight, while the combined total for the countries of Western Europe was also eight).




As the pre-eminent producer of industrial robotics and a world leader in the development of digital infrastructure, Japan’s economy is both empowered by and increasingly dependent on the ICT sector.

The country has an established sovereign microchipmanufacturing capability, with the companies Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (TOK), JSR Corporation and ShinEtsu Chemical together dominating global production of the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photoresists used in the manufacture of cutting-edge seven-nanometre chips.




Japan is home to the fourthlargest telecommunications group in the world, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), which comprises a series of subsidiary branches including NTT Communications (international communications), NTT Domoco (mobile-device communication) and NTT World Engineering Marine Corporation(ground-cable installation and maintenance).

According to open-source IPv6 2019 data, the top five internet service providers in Japan are all indigenous: Bbix, Biglobe, Jpne, Mf-native6 and Ocn.

NTT World Engineering Marine Corporation’s small fleet of cablelaying vessels enables the country to maintain a sovereign and indigenous telecommunications backbone.


オープンソースIPv6 2019のデータによると、日本インターネットサービスプロバイダートップ5はすべて自国企業です。


Japan is currently lagging behind many other members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in terms of technological productivity, with an OECD survey suggesting the country needs greater investment in skills and digital competence – ‘particularly for middle-aged and older workers’ – in order to close the gap.33 There is widespread concern about the digital divide between the younger and older generations – a situation illustrated in particularly embarrassing fashion for the government in 2018, when the minister responsible for cyber security was forced to admit he had never used a computer.



In the field of AI, Japan is competitive.

It was placed ninth, for example, in a study that ranked the top 50 countries based on their contributions to the two most prestigious AI conferences in 2020.

Japanese companies are very active in AI research, with nine of them featuring in a list of the world’s leading 100 companies in that regard, compared with six from South Korea and none from India.

Nevertheless, the aggregate contribution that Japan’s industrial sector makes to AI research still falls behind that of South Korea.







「radioactive water」を他の国のメディアではどう表現しているか


こうして比較してみると、"radioactive water" はどちらかと言えば強い方の表現だなと思った。

Al Jazeera (カタール)

contaminated Fukushima water, contaminated water

Japan to release contaminated Fukushima water into sea

Japan says it will release more than one million tonnes of contaminated water from the ruined Fukushima nuclear power station back into the sea, in a decision that drew swift condemnation from China, South Korea and environmental groups and is likely to anger the fishing industry.


Arirang (韓国)

Fukushima radioactive water, contaminated water

Japan to announce Fukushima radioactive water release into sea

Tokyo appears set to formally announce its final decision on the release of contaminated water from its wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea.


BBC (イギリス)

wastewater, contaminated water

Fukushima: Japan approves releasing wastewater into ocean

Japan has approved a plan to release more than one million tonnes of contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea.


CNA (シンガポール)

treated Fukushima water, contaminated water

Japan to release treated Fukushima water into the sea: PM Yoshihide Suga

The Japanese government plans to release more than 1 million tonnes of contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Tuesday (Apr 13), in a controversial decision that follows years of debate.


CGTN (中国)

Fukushima wastewater, radioactive water

Japan determined to release Fukushima wastewater despite backlash

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Monday that the disposal of radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant cannot be postponed amid plans to rebuild the plant, despite the looming backlash from both home and abroad, broadcaster NHK reported.


CNN (アメリカ)

treated Fukushima water, treated radioactive water

Japan to start releasing treated Fukushima water into sea in 2 years

Japan will start releasing more than 1 million metric tons of treated radioactive water from its destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean in two years, the government said Tuesday -- a plan that faces opposition at home and has raised "grave concern" in neighboring countries.


DW (ドイツ)

radioactive water

Fukushima: South Korea summons Japan's envoy over dumping decision

The Japanese government has approved a controversial plan to release radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean. South Korea expressed 'strong regret' over the decision.


France 24 (フランス)

contaminated water

Japan to dump contaminated water from Fukushima nuclear station into sea

Japan plans to release into the sea more than 1 million tonnes of contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear station, the government said on Tuesday.



treated water

Suga: Decision on treated water cannot be delayed

Japan's Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide says a decision on how to dispose of treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant should not be put off.


RT (ロシア)

irradiated water, Contaminated wastewater

Japanese government says it WILL release irradiated water from Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea

Contaminated wastewater at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant will be released into the ocean “in around two years,” the Japanese government has announced, despite calls from China and South Korea urging against the move.



楽園こちら側」の「事実に誠意を」をほぼdeepLで翻訳してみた その2


12 Dr. Hiroshi Nishiura is one of the few professionals of mathematical models of infectious diseases in Japan, and it is well known that his ability is outstanding. However, many people don't understand mathematical models themselves (I must confess that I can't say that I understand all of the findings because I'm not a professional of mathematical models either), so his findings and comments are easily deified. Because the contents of the mathematical model are a complete black box to many people, it makes it seem like the oracle is coming out like a shrine's oracle. Much of Japan's infection control policy relies on the Nishiura theory. So there is nothing wrong with that, but one of the problems in Japan is that there is no plan B in case plan A goes bust. Dr. Nishiura is an excellent scholar. It is not God. Hence the need to have that Plan B with the possibility of making a mistake. I am greatly concerned that bureaucrats and politicians who are prone to infallibilism will mistake science for an oracle. It is only when falsifiability is assured that science can continue to be scientific.


13 数理モデル演繹法活用産物である演繹法帰納法アブダクションで補完するのが、学問の基本であり、臨床医学常識である演繹法的にどんなに正しく見えても実はそれは違っていた、ということはこの業界ではよくあることなのだ。ヘーゲルマルクスのような巨大な知性でも演繹法オンリーでは間違うのである

Mathematical models are the product of deductive methods. The deductive method is complemented by the inductive or abduction method, which is the basis of scholarship and the common sense of clinical medicine. It's a common occurrence in this industry that no matter how deducibly correct it may seem, it's actually not true. Even a huge intellect like Hegel or Marx can make a mistake by deduction alone.


14 モデルを使うな、といっているのでは決してない。ぼく自身モデルを用いて論文を書く。しかし、モデル無謬ではなく、そこには前提である仮定があり、仮定はしばしば間違っている。グラム染色活用するとは、グラム染色にできないこと、分からないことを知悉していることであり、グラム染色万能論者にグラム染色は使えない。同じことだ。英国でも数理モデル活用されているが、だからこそ英国人はその結語には非常に懐疑的で、常に反論異論が起きている。健全科学的な態度である

 I'm not saying don't use the model at all. I myself write a paper using a model. However, the model is not infallible, there are assumptions that are assumptions, and the assumptions are often wrong. Making use of Gram's stain means having full knowledge of what Gram's stain cannot do and does not understand, and Gram's stain cannot be used by Gram's stain universalists. It's the same thing. Mathematical models are also utilized in the UK, which is why Brits are very sceptical of their conclusions, and there are always counter-arguments and objections. It is a sound and scientific attitude.

感想:「前提たる仮定」がうまく訳せていなかったので「前提である仮定」にしたが、assumptions that are assumptionsになってしまった。


15 Japan's "now" is a well-controlled state of infection, which is much better than Wuhan at its worst, or Italy, Spain, France, England, or New York at the present time. The problem is that it doesn't guarantee that it will "always work".


16 懸念されるのは東京だ。感染報告が増えたことだけが問題なのではない。クラスター形成できない、トレースできない感染者が増えているのが問題である。そして、その陽性患者数に比べて検査数がずっと少ない。47人の感染者を捕捉するために100人未満(陽性者の検査日が不明だが、おそらくこのへんだろう)しか検査していないのは少なすぎる。

It is Tokyo that is of concern. The increase in reports of infection is not the only problem. The problem is that more and more infected people are unable to form clusters and cannot be traced. And the number of tests is much lower than that number of positive cases; it's too little that they only tested less than 100 people (the date of testing for the positives is unknown, but it's probably around here) to capture 47 infected people.

Again, it's not necessary to figure out all the infected people. However, it is troubling that the flow of infection, movement and clusters are out of sight. Therefore, the threshold for testing must be lowered in Tokyo. The threshold for testing varies with the circumstances. That's what I explained with the Korean example. Sticking to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "standards" will lead to a misunderstanding of the phenomenon itself. Already in the Kansai region, infected people have been found with taste and smell abnormalities, and clusters have been detected from there. I would like to make more use of the athletic sensibilities of these clinicians. I'm not sure "where" in Tokyo is the barrier to lowering the number of inspections, but that barrier needs to be removed immediately.



17 This conceptual diagram that everyone is looking at - lowering the peak of the infection and shifting it to the side. This is all a product of deduction, and I don't know if it's really true. As mentioned above, the UK estimates already suggest that this is not enough. It is possible that the damage that was shifted to the side could simply be "extra-long damage".


18  そして、ここが肝心なのだが、ピークを下げるという理念が、「ピークを下げなければいけない」という観念になり、「ピークは下がっているはずだ」という確信になり、「ピークは起きていないんだ」という自己暗示に転じてはいけないということだ。プランAに固執する日本あるあるの失敗のパターンで、ダイヤモンドプリンセスでは「二次感染が起きてはいけない」が「起きているはずがない」に転じてノーガード下船を許してしまった。「ピークが起きてはいけない」が「ピークなんて見たくない」にならないように現実を見据える必要がある。たとえ、それが我々の見たくない不都合な真実であったとしても。

And this is the key point: the idea of lowering the peak should not become the notion that the peak must be lowered, or the belief that the peak must be lowered, or the self-implication that the peak is not happening. In a pattern of Japanese failure to stick to Plan A, Diamond Princess allowed no-guard disembarkation by changing "secondary infection should not occur" to "it can't have happened". We need to keep our eyes on reality so that "peak shouldn't happen" doesn't become "I don't want to see a peak. Even if it is an inconvenient truth that we don't want to see.



19 Repeatedly. It's common knowledge in this industry that deductive methods are complemented by inductive methods. Nevertheless, PCR is often false-negative and has little power to determine the status of infection. That's why "testing everything" is so wrong. However, a serum test measuring immunoglobulin IgM and IgG would provide a more accurate picture of the "status of infection in the population. This, however, is not infallible. It is difficult to use for individual cases because it misses early infection, which is why it misses early HIV infection.Whether antibody testing is useful in individual cases remains to be tested, but it is well suited for epidemiological studies on a population basis. Roughly speaking, we can confirm whether the "infection is rampant" in Tokyo right now, or whether it's just an unfounded fear.


As a precedent, serology tests in London showed that the 2009 pandemic flu was 10 times more likely than previously predicted. Antibody testing is often performed after an outbreak, but now is a good time to examine COVID-19, which is becoming a chronic pandemic.


20 英国さらアグレッシブだ。家庭で抗体検査を行い、「感染である」とわかればそれを自宅での自己隔離根拠に使おうというのだ。ロックダウンが起きている中で、検査陰性は「自己隔離不要」を意味しないため、その戦略に欠陥はある。が、考え方としては「感染全体を抑え込みたい」というもので、検討価値はあると思う。

The UK is even more aggressive. The idea is to test for antibodies at home, and if they are found to be infected, they will use it as a basis for self-isolation at home. That strategy is flawed because with the lockdown in place, a negative test does not mean "no self-sequestration". However, the idea is that we want to control the infection as a whole, and I think it is worth considering.


21 東京でどのくらいの感染が起きているか帰納法確認必要であり、有用だ。その結果がどうなるかは預言者ではないぼくには分からない。が、どんな結果が出てきても、それを受け入れ、場合によっては自説を変えて、プランBに移行することにも躊躇しない態度が科学者には必要だ。科学者は、首尾一貫していないことにかけて、首尾一貫していなければならないのだ。形式においては首尾一貫していなくても、プリンシプルプロフェッショナリズムにおいて一貫しなければならないのだ。事実に誠意を。 

Inductive legal confirmation of how many infections are occurring in Tokyo is necessary and useful. I'm not a prophet, so I don't know what the outcome will be.However, no matter what the outcome, scientists need to accept it and not hesitate to change their thesis and move on to Plan B in some cases. Scientists have to be coherent in their inconsistencies.They may not be coherent in form, but they must be coherent in principles and professionalism. Good faith in the facts. 





MITメディアラボ フード・コンピュータ 性能偽装環境汚染隠蔽疑惑

フード・コンピューター (food computer) のプレゼン配信していたTEDが、2点の批判についてページを公開した。




Hype vs. Reality at the MIT Media Lab (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

オープン農業構想のプロジェクトリーダー Caleb Harper が建築を学んだ後この構想に至った経緯や、プレゼン偽装するよう指示された研究員が、開発していない機器無関係プロジェクト写真入りで紹介されたこと(プロジェクト担当者の水増し)も説明されている。


As research lead, Babakinejad felt it was his responsibility to raise these issues with Harper and other members of the team, and he did so in an email. He also raised his concerns with Ito. In an email, he told the director that the Open Agriculture Initiative had not been able to create a controlled environment in the food computers, and that the devices had been sent to schools and a refugee camp without being tested to ensure that they worked. He worried that Harper was misleading funders. Ito responded by asking if he could raise these issues with Harper. Babakinejad agreed to let Ito share his general concerns. (Ito did not respond to a request for comment. A Media Lab spokeswoman declined to comment.)

プロジェクトにおけるresearch leadとして、Babakinejadはフード・コンピューター問題光合成のためのLEDによる熱で温度が安定しない、二酸化炭素酸素湿度を調整できない)を提起する責任があると感じ、その問題メールでHarperや他の研究員に提起した。その心配伊藤穣一MITメディアラボ所長(当時)にも提起した。「オープン農業構想はフード・コンピューターの中で制御された環境をつくることができていません。その装置はきちんと動作するか検証されないまま学校難民キャンプに送付されました。」Harperが資金提供者を誤解させていることが心配だった。伊藤所長は、その問題をHarperとともに提起できる(その問題をHarperに話していい)か、彼に質問しました。Babakinejadは自分懸念伊藤所長から他に伝えることを了解しました。(伊藤穣一氏にコメントを依頼したが、返答なし。メディアラボ広報担当コメント拒否

プロジェクトリーダー Caleb Harper への取材

Harper's optimism helps raise money, and without money he won’t be able to see this dream of an international network of food computers come true. His critics, he said, “are basically jealous because I raise a lot of funding while giving away knowledge for free.” Harper also said that he doesn’t mislead the public. He’s explained his progress in great detail in a series of Medium posts, he said. Some may have misinterpreted his vision as current reality, he said, but if they listened closely they would not be mistaken. “Can you email a tomato to someone today? No,” he said. “Did I say that in my TED talk? Yes. Did I say it was today? No. I said, you will be able to email a tomato.”

Harperの楽観主義資金集めに役立ちました。その資金がなければ、フード・コンピューター国際的ネットワークが実現しませんでした。Harperによれば、自分への批判基本的には嫉妬、なぜなら知識無料提供しているのに多くの資金を集めているから。Harperは、自分一般の人を誤解させていない、Medium に詳細を書いた進捗状況の記事をずっと書いているから、とも言いました。自分展望を今の現実と誤解している人がいるかも知れないが、もししっかり聞いていたなら、誤解は決してしない。「トマトメール今日送れますか?いいえ」「TEDトークで私は言ったでしょうか。ええ。それが今日だと私は言いましたか?いいえ。私は、トマトメールを将来送れるようになる、と言ったんです。」

It's true that Harper didn’t quite say that food computers can email tomatoes or apples, though you could be forgiven for thinking exactly that. He frequently leaves the impression that the project has achieved, or is on the brink of achieving, an enormous breakthrough. It’s a style that has attracted the sort of high-profile attention, not to mention corporate funding, that fuels projects at the MIT Media Lab, and his willingness to showcase food computers beset with problems feels consistent with Ito’s “deploy or die” philosophy.


M.I.T. Media Lab, Already Rattled by the Epstein Scandal, Has a New Worry (The New York Times)

You seem to think endlessly reiterating untrue claims will lend them credibility, but it won’t,” Dr. Babakinejad wrote to Mr. Harper. “By persisting in this course of action, you have been putting M.I.T. and everyone associated with you at risk and I think it’s time that you were made to face up to that and take responsibility for it.”



The food computers, which researchers have envisioned selling to the public, are supposed to provide plants with just the right amount of light. But when the light function was not working, another member of the OpenAg team said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive events, an engineer manually rigged the device so that light would shine at the correct level during an important demonstration.



コーネル大学教授植物学)Thomas Bjorkman によると、オープン農業構想の論文が書いているような機能を持つ箱はあるが、操作するのに費用が掛かり、24キロワット240個の100ワット電球を同時に光らせる)エネルギー必要になる。


MITメディアラボ伊藤穣一所長(当時)がフード・コンピューターについての訴えをうやむやに(The Chronicle of Higher Education 記事と同じ出来事

In an email exchange with Mr. Ito, Dr. Babakinejad expressed his concern about what he said were Mr. Harper’s false claims in a draft of the academic paper, the “60 Minutes” interview and lectures.
“Up to now,” Dr. Babakinejad wrote, “we have not been able to achieve a ‘controlled environment’ nor been able to create an atmosphere (Climate control) as he leads people to believe in his talks. His claims about developments such as implementations of image processing, microbiome dosing, creating different climates and collecting credible data from bots across the world are not true.”
Mr. Ito wrote in his reply: “Can I say that you have concerns about whether the food computers have been able to create a controlled environment which would put into questions some of the claims we make about the data and outcomes?”
Dr. Babakinejad replied in the affirmative, and the exchange ended.







MIT Media Lab Kept Regulators in the Dark, Dumped Chemicals in Excess of Legal Limit (Propublica and WBUR)



2015年 オープン農業構想 (Open Agriculture Initiative) がCaleb HarperによりMITメディアラボで開始

2016年8月 コンサルタントMITメディアラボ施設ディレクターメール水耕栽培用の水の窒素量を10ppm以下に抑えるなら、排水用の貯水池が最適」

2017年6月ごろ Babak BabakinejadがHarperのグループに参加

2017年10月 Babakinejadがresearch leadに昇進し、汚染水排出した施設での勤務を開始

2017年12月 マサチューセッツ州監査員が貯水池の利用に制限付き許可を出す。

2018年3月22日 ラボノートの記録によると、廃棄濃度を報告義務の限度を大幅に超える(水の量が多く、許可制限内では希釈できない)。


2018年4月16日 (研究員メディアラボMIT)Babakinejadがメール汚染水窒素量が大幅に超えているとHarperとMITに報告。HarperはBabakinejadにMITへの直接報告を禁止

2018年4月17日 MITのPhyllis CarterがHarper, Babakinejad, ほかのメンバーメール「先週のサンプルにおける窒素量は140ppm。このレベル排水許可されない。」(MITはこの時点で州の規則違反となる環境汚染を把握

時期不明 HarperはBabakinejadに勤務時間中の作業内容を30分ごとに記録するよう指示(Babakinejadは報復だと感じた)

2018年中旬 BabakinejadがHarperのグループから去る。

2019年1月 (州→MITマサチューセッツ州担当者 Joseph CeruttiがMIT環境健康安全オフィスPhyllis Carterにメールで、貯水池排出された汚染水窒素量の月例報告を催促。


2019年2月(州→MITメディアラボ) 報告が届かないので、CeruttiはCarterとHarperに、2週間以内に回答がなければ、違反通知、罰金許可取り消しを警告

メディアラボ→州)HarperはCeruttiへ即座に返答「農業廃液は野外に捨てて、米国環境保護庁の地下注入管プログラム (UIC) のシステムには入れていない。これはMIT合意した手続き」(貯水池のみの利用という





choke-pointソニーが語る後方互換コンソール市場Switch、そしてPS4 Pro」



"ソニーグローバルセールスマーケティングを率いるJim Ryan氏が、PS4では実現していない後方互換言及要望が多いわりに使われることの少ないフィーチャーであると語っている。"

"Jim Ryan---我々が後方互換に手を出した時のことを言うと、あれは要望こそ多いものの、実際にはあまり使用されないフィーチャーだったんだ。それに、先日『Gran Turismo』のイベントでPS1、PS2PS3PS4ゲームが並べてあったが、PS1とPS2ゲームはまるで化石のようで、一体誰がこれをプレーするんだ?と感じたよ。"



2.「グランツーリスモ」のイベントでPS1, PS2, PS3, PS4歴代GTを見比べる機会があったが、PS1, PS2GTはかなり古めかしく見えたという感想





Another concern occasionally raised by PlayStation devotees involves the company's once-ubiquitous PlayStation 2. While Sony has in recent years devoted resources to bringing a handful of popular older titles to the PlayStation 4, the better part of that library is lost to time. For now, it seems that's where it'll remain. "When we've dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say it is one of those features that is much requested, but not actually used much," says Ryan. "That, and I was at a Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?"



"プレイステーションの愛好者が時々起こすもう一つの懸念は、プレイステーション2遍在したプレイステーション2に関連している。ソニーは近年、人気のある古いタイトルプレイステーション4に取り入れるためのリソースを惜しみなく費やしている。 今のところ、それが残る場所だと思われます。 「下位互換性を手放すことで、要求された機能の1つだと言えますが、実際にはあまり使用されていません」とRyan氏は言います 「PS1、PS2PS3PS4ゲーム、PS1とPS2ゲームがあったグランツーリスモイベントで、誰がこれをプレイするのか、古代のように見えましたか"













ついこの前にもXbox One下位互換機能対応したCOD BO(IかIIかは覚えていない)が2017年現在に一本だけ前世代のソフト米国の週刊売り上げランキングに入りしたこともあったけど、逆に言うとそれ以外は入っていないわけで。




















37. The text of all communications sent and responses received thereon is confidential until such time as they are published in relevant reports of mandateholders or mandate-holders determine that the specific circumstances require action to be taken before that time.




49. In appropriate situations, including those of grave concern or in which a Government has repeatedly failed to provide a substantive response to communications, a Special Procedure mandate-holder may issue a press statement, other public statement or hold a press conference, either individually or jointly with other mandate-holders.

50. In general, mandate holders should engage in a dialogue with the Government through the communications procedure before resorting to a press release or other public statement. When a mandate holder sends a communication with the intention of issuing a press release shortly thereafter, such intention could be indicated to the Government in the communication. Mandate holders should indicate fairly the responses provided by concerned States.


また前に書いたように、イギリスのSnooper's charterについては、就任直後にガーディアンインタビューでいきなり問題提起しており、不必要テロ危険性をマスコミ翼賛的に報道している状態に苦言を呈しているけど別にイギリスは「反論の機会もなしにメディアでしゃべるなんて!」とも批判もしてない。(なぜインタビューされたかというと、このケナタッチ氏の就任は、アメリカメルケルとかを盗聴してたことが明らかになったのちだったので、親アメリカ派のエストニア候補が反対されたという経緯でヨーロッパではその就任が注目されていた。)そしてイギリス政府は、ガーディアン政府見解を送り、ガーディアンもそれを掲載した。ただそれだけの話なんだよ。





ベイマックス」の原題Big Hero 6で、日本の感動主導のPRには問題がある!という意見を見る。





その為、Big Hero 6というヒーローモノを観に行って近親者が死んでも、米国ではそういうものとして受け止められる。




























米国版では、「I cannot deactivate until you say, You are satisfied with your care.」と言う。



「I'm satisfied with my care.」というセリフ




ベイマックスは、「I cannot be sick. I am a robot.」という様に、徹頭徹尾ロボットとして描かれる。




心の痛みへの対処法すら学んでみせたロボットの「Your health is my only concern.」というセリフ

「Are you satisfied with your care?」と言うセリフには、限りないロボットへの愛情が込められている。

治療法の詰まったディスケットにTadashi Hamadaと書かれている事の意味を、重く受け止められるだろう。

自分研究室をWelcome to the nerd lab.と言えるロボット工学者は、映画館に行こう!










In France, Ms. Roberts also found a desperate letter from the mayor of Le Havre in August 1945 urging American commanders to set up brothels outside the city, to halt the “scenes contrary to decency” that overran the streets, day and night. They refused, partly, Ms. Roberts argues, out of concern that condoning prostitution would look bad to “American mothers and sweethearts,” as one soldier put it.





No doubt there were atrocities by Americans in this war, as there were in every war in history. However, there were millions of decent men and women in the Army, and barely a few bad ones. Ms. Roberts’s book is unfair to the millions who served this nation well, most giving up years of their lives, many risking their lives and others losing their lives on Normandy beaches and in the frozen snow of Bastogne.





Purchasing a Photos Occupation

Like any job from where the pathway is often a difficult an individual, a very important attribute you must have got is normally dedication to ensure success. If you agree perhaps nice becoming a specialist photography, nevertheless there are actually other occupations you might equally end up being completely happy throughout, really don't go for digital photography!

Hence, considering it is a career way you will completely ought to carry out, which inturn course may be for you?

Symbol photos

Your portrait digital photographer should possibly come up with to a facility, and have unexpected location career; education beautiful photos, and also headshots designed for celebrities, performers, plus dancers. They should demand exceptional organisational skills, as they simply will probably be carrying out their unique diary-management, and keeping by themselves well apprised belonging to the most recent tendencies the two throughout photography not to mention post-production. Nevertheless zero formal certification are crucial,HP laptop keyboard a new reasonably dangerous regarding workout as well as pro knowledge essential.

Relatives photos

The family unit professional photographer can be almost entirely-studio centered. Usually addressing fractious youngsters, ones own men and women skills are usually like essential mainly because his or her knowledge for a shooter. The family unit photo throw requires diplomacy,uk panasonic charger shop and even the capacity to keep folks concentrated however laid-back. Including the symbol professional photographer, professional requirements are attractive rather then imperative.

Design photos

Removing straight into this attractive team of your business is certainly amazingly tough. The style digital photographer will stipulate a substantial real bodily portfolio of their job, and even a terrific personal internet site to make sure you function as being a gallery. His or her digital adjustment experience of your pictures these throw should really be extraordinary. Different from alot of job areas of specialist taking photographs, the style photographer need to have a realtor, that will negotiate the particular sales agreement with their function for the kids.


That image journalist is actually any storyteller, displaying the fact, by using shots hardly ever doctored before they will look for their own strategy straight into produce. Professional coaching may just be more crucial right compared to during various other job areas,vw-vbk360 for a degree can have difficulties and additionally theoretical situations to the college for you to take on. AN IMPORTANT move on course can even offer imperative connections.

Wild animals photos

Just as before, that creatures photographer needs any stand-out accounts, including a willing concern in the normal country. Through investment agencies full of photos, your budding creatures photography needs severe numbers of patience, perseverance, along with enable you to read the long video game. In need of wonderful organization and marketing and advertising proficiency, some people will surely have to allure their approach right into great romances using canine parking facilties, making admission to confined areas.

Wedding and reception photos

One particular for any adrenaline junkies belonging to the photography planet, professional wedding photographers need nervousness about metal to remain professional in the excellent picture. Addressing that availability of peoples' once-in-a-lifetime reminiscences, its many people,us nikon battery shop as well as crowd-management knowledge should really be exceptional. Ones own croping and editing skills might also want to become top-notch, for a little refined photoshopping can certainly make all the distinction somewhere between a fantastic image, including a appropriate one particular.

Your way during the occupation relies all the about your current disposition like your own skill : if you customize your career further development to be able to which you can be, you will see increasing your current skills really pleasant.


Along the way, thank you

Do all the way, the dream all the way, and read all the way, the injury all the way, the youth of this shore, I eyebrow XinWei cu, listening to the wind tells the years of the past; Go all the way, appreciate all the way, listen to all the way, drunk all the way, time of the other side, you gently walk, bring me for my whole life the oath. Smile, as a jade, just like the cold winter la month of a warming Yang; Words, amiable and gentle, like stroke and a wisp of spring breeze; The heart, clear as bright, filled with tolerance and forthright.

In the boundless huge crowd, you I meet by chance, and then silence who know each other, as world all the fate, we own the roaming in, repeated a story of others. Looking at today's you and me, read the yesterday's he and she, original all is so similar to the ends of the earth, the same scene, every moment thousands of deduction. The different stage, the same script, different actors, the same lines, perhaps, that is what the world had said the world of mortals.

Life, seems to be a little spring and fall streams, no waves without wind, go light, so of the day, that you and I, is I have dreamed of. But he is always thinking of, perhaps our stories will be something different, always feel, I want life probably shouldn't so, always think, and the story you and I should deducing other wonderful. Perhaps this is the so-called is not satisfied with it.

Not content with me, occasionally also play a song in life all much ado about nothing. The occasional upset, the occasional sentimentality, occasionally sad sorrow bosom, such me, sometimes not even willing to tolerance, but you will always smiled and said it doesn't matter. A that's ok, covers the you to my tolerance. Thank you, thank you willing to listen to me, thank you willing to understand me, thank you for your concern and care of understanding.

Along the way, just behind the one season blossom has collected, have already in the years flows through place vanished, lift. Magging issues.it, those flowers, then no longer in those days Ming yan; Walk off, those figure, also do not know when from my life disappear; For a around, those familiar with smile, and those who agreed upon oath, and has set up a file in the baptism of the mood swept away. Looking back, QiFengChuYu also only you have been, from beginning to end with reckless abandon.

I know, you are always on, maybe not at nearby, but has lived in my heart. You are in my heart, so, I count the mirror in flower, and cicadas in the eyes of the tender you smile and looked at on the water, and know that you SiQi born rich, and son ChengYue vow.

You know, more than any other, I in the character of the much a slightly thin cool. Those who love, I do not say, and not understand; Those good, I don't talk, and not unknown; Those who warm, those carefully, I pretended that I don't know, but one can see in the eye, and talks to heart. I'm not good at expressing, doesn't mean I don't have felt in the heart, on the contrary, a warm action, a concern of look in the eyes, a warm words, of all things, I kept away, and put it in my heart.

Since always, all don't understand you in my life to a role play, from that year to now, you and I walked all the way from strangers, to close right now, our story is in what the beat is a? Perhaps the story is finalizing a play, also or two hearts were there, but I thank you have in this warm attitude in my MingTu.

Thank you for the lonely in my time took me by the hand, and thank you for making me again believe a fairy tale of aestheticism, thank you for your face my unreasonable never give up, thank you for your tender feelings with the whole life the warmth of my I thin cool, thank you to accompany me along the way. To you, please make I say thank you, thank you let me in such years can also ease dream, let me be able to a insignificant posture face a window to listen.

The dream flowers, quietly away, and in a hurry fell, some people, quietly, and silently walk, that time, like water flowing silence, from refused to make a little I stopped, and our story? Our story will end in where? Tomorrow's you I is near at hand, or the apart?






Feeling of the cat

Translated from http://anond.hatelabo.jp/20110907020451

For a long time, I am in a dark box.

According to someone's comment I heard outside of the box, a tiny bottle containing deadly poison is located in this box. Although the bottle is completely sealed, a hammer is positioned in the vicinity of the bottle. And they said the hammer would fall down at a certain time.

When is "the certain time"? I don't know. In this very moment? Or distant future? Possibly, it already has come (I don't want to think about it). No one can affect the hammer. As an independent event, it will fall down with probability 50%. The probability is exactly 50%. Possibly, the bottle may be broken, or may not. About myself, dead, or, alive.

I must say, how terrible the situation is.

It is impossible for me to avoid having a furious indignation. My life, the most important issue for me, is completely away from me, and is solely dependent on the simple figure, FIFTY PERCENT! Too much terrible.

Additionally, and I think it is completely unreasonable, I am shackled in many ways to keep the probability at exactly 50%.

Visual perception. The box is completely shielded from any light. It's for avoiding me from finding and destroying the bottle and apparatus. Complete darkness. I am in the total darkness. Thus, now I can’t see even the outline of myself. Possibly it sounds strange, the darkness makes me have a doubt about the existence of my body itself.

Acoustic perception. Maybe, from the reason I mentioned above, a perfect sound insulation is used. I can’t hear even the voice of my own. I don't know the mechanism. In the first place, as I can’t see anything, how can I investigate it? So, this is only a speculation, possibly, my drum membranes were damaged before enclosure in this box, or, some special material is used for the wall of the box.

Anyway, in a dark box too much good at shielding light and sound, my visual and acoustic perception is dead just as the term indicates.

As if further confirmation are needed, a huge fatigue weighing heavily upon me is another shackle for me. It seems that they gave me some kind of muscle relaxant to avoid me from struggling. As I can’t change from the same posture, my tactile perception is almost paralyzed.

No light. No sound. Smell and taste are unreliable. Tactile perception is in malfunction. I am like a puppet. All the five senses are out of control of mine. Too much cruel. Perfect shackles. I wish if they had given a sleeping medicine. I feel I am in agony without any external injury. My life, my existence itself, is completely ignored. Such a humiliation keeps my sanity. Only such a humiliation can.

The right to control the life and death of myself is completely deprived. I hate such situation. The core determinant of the continuity of my life is completely dependent upon, solely upon, a pure probability. Completely away from anyone's will. I hate it, again, I hate it!

Why do I have to be enclosed in such a box? In such a ridiculous box, why do I have to be in fear of life and death with such perfect shackles?

Unreasonable. Cruel.

I am lonely. Am I feeling empty and flat? Difficult to avoid sobbing? No. My loneliness is much deeper. I am in a sea of void. I am alone. Completely alone. As an orphan, I was thrown into this endless darkness. I am quivering in the absolute zero.

There is no perspective in this box. Only the darkness is here. I can’t feel the bottle and the hammer. I can’t feel the wall, the bottom, and the ceiling neither. They should be there. But all the five senses of mine are deprived. I feel like there is nothing. While those things have some meanings.

Speaking honestly, I am not so sure I am in a box. I am sure that what I am exists. I am thinking. I am fantasizing. It is the evidence showing the uniqueness of mine, which is called the ego or the consciousness or the mind, is solid. But, is the uniqueness is truly enclosed in the box? Is it possible that it is floating in another space? I can’t eliminate such doubts.

Possibly, what I am here is floating in the end of the universe, or is lying down at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Or going down from a vent of the Kilauea volcano, maybe.

I don't have any method to know how the box (enclosing me) is. All the senses of mine are dead. It is impossible for me to determine whether here is inside of a box or not.

In addition to that, I am not so sure that I am truly alive. I don't have any way to confirm such a simple thing. Possibly, the 50% probability has already passed beyond me. Maybe I am already dead. I am still alive, maybe. Injected with muscle relaxant, shallow breathes, weak heartbeats. Or, cessation of all of them, simply leaving meat bolus.

I am deprived of any capability of controlling my own body. Who can say that my mind resides in the body continuing vital activities? The five senses have been poisoned with the total darkness. They can’t function as sensory organs. I don't have any chance to know the truth. Possibly, any supposition is fabricated by myself. The situation surrounding me and the uniqueness of myself are components of programmed role-play, possibly.

About the existence of mine, I can’t determine the behavior. I hate to admit it, but I am in the middle of fluctuation.

I wish someone could find me. I wish someone could open the box and observe how I am, and determine what I am. There is not enough power inside me to do so. All I can do is to continue to quiver in the loneliness.

If I were the Almighty, I could say "Let there be light". I know it is impossible. But I can‘t help feeling how nice it would be if I could say so.

My own free will! It could fix every fluctuation surrounding myself!

At the same time, longing produces shadow. If the box is opened, I will be found and observed. As a result, what I am will be determined. To tell the truth, I can’t look away from the fact I am anxious about being determined.

Although I am unable to determine whether I am alive or dead by myself, I am afraid of the death. I am afraid that I am determined as a dead. I can’t accept. Still I can’t feel, I can’t imagine the death as a specific phenomenon. Probably, that is why I am afraid of death.

No, it should not be restricted to me. King of virtue. Deadly murderer. Regular folks. All the same. Maybe, the elder people or patients of bad disease could have some imagination sufficiently close to the true death. But, even so, it is impossible to know the specific experience of death.

In the end, death is the final destination with overwhelming significance. The time and the consciousness have an absolute irreversibility. Death also has the absoluteness which can’t be changed. Even if it is a ritual pass point or an outstanding impressive event.

Myself, the mind of mine here is, will be vanished at the moment at which how I am is determined. If they deprive the lukewarm water, in which I can’t feel the temperature, it is impossible for me to avoid exposing myself to the air.

I am afraid of such an irreversible change. It is not limited to the determination of death. Also I am so anxious that I am determined being alive.

The current existence of myself is like a tiny, tiny illusion standing on an endless point. Not larger than that. Not smaller than that. Not longer than that. Not shorter than that. No expansion. No shrinkage. Standing upon a unique single point. It is mathematically correct. I am something like a ghost staying upon such a point, having confusion about identity of myself.

The point exists at every position on a plane of coordinates, at the same time, not existing at a certain position. If a certain event occurs, on that moment, it will converge me to a single point among all the space-times, in which the event has occurred, as if having me step off a bus. Without any concern. Even if the point and I have been a one. The illusion, which has stayed in such a point, has possibilities of being real and being vanished like a mist, to an equal degree.

Now, I am existing in every time-space, I have every nature. At the same time, I am suffering from the loneliness that I am away from every nature. I wish someone can find me. At the same time, I am so anxious that where I will be, and that how I will be at that moment.

I have been released from the law of cause and effect. I am undetermined ever, for ever.





東京電力のgoing concernに赤信号がともったわけである









FAO has urged heightened international surveillance against foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) following three recent incursions in Japan and South Korea.



UK - Foot and Mouth concerns 04 May 2010

So far Japan has had to slaughter 385 animals ? buffaloes, cattle and pigs.

“We are worried because the rigorous biosecurity measures in place in the two countries were overwhelmed, pointing

to a recent, large-scale weight of infection in source areas, very probably in the Far East,” said FAO’s Chief

Veterinary Officer Juan Lubroth.

国連FAO(国際連合食糧農業機関)の獣医主任Juan Lubrothは日本口蹄疫により385頭の動物の処理があったとのニュースコメントし「日本韓国で厳密なバイオセキュリティ規制措置があるにも関わらず極東地域ソースと思われる口蹄疫の発生のあることに憂慮している」と述べた。

“In the past nine years, incursions into officially FMD-free countries, as were Japan and the Republic of Korea, have

been extremely rare so to have three such events in four months is a serious cause for concern,” he noted.

“We also have to ask ourselves if we aren’t facing a possible replay of the disastrous 2001 FMD transcontinental

epidemic which spread to South Africa, the United Kingdom and Europe after earlier incursions in Japan and South

Korea,” Lubroth added.


FMD in Japan and South Korea heightens global concern






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> http://anond.hatelabo.jp/20070722231000

同志社大学大学院 総合政策科学研究科 総政リレーコラム GM-UAWの苦悩


3. アメリカ資本主義の中の労働といえば、個々人の労働成果の高低が報酬の多寡と連動し、個人差が大きい「成果主義的」な報酬システムや条件のよい企業を求めて転々と転職するような流動性の高い労働市場イメージしがちである。たしかに成長過程にある新興IT企業ホワイトカラー労働者では、それらと近似する現実のあることを否定はしない。だが、労働組合組織されたユニオンセクターで働く多くのブルーカラー労働者にはそれとは全く異なるしくみと慣行があるのが実態であり、このランシング工場もその例外ではない。たとえば、組合員内部には、階層格差が全くなく、したがって入職してから経験を積むにつれてより上位の地位に昇進するキャリアもない。細かくみると、チームリーダーには多少の上乗せ賃率(時間当たり0.5ドル)があったり、修理などを行う保全労働者とラインのオペレーターとでは時間賃率に差があったりするが、工場労働の大半を占めるラインのオペレーターの時間賃率はいかなる部門と職種であれ、また年齢、勤続、性別に関わりなく全くの同一額である(時給26.16ドル)。要するに働きぶりの個人差を反映する査定や熟練形成に伴う昇進キャリアのない世界が厳然と存在しているのである。査定があり、職長(フォアマン)への昇進キャリアのある日本工場組織アメリカのそれとの大きな違いがここにある。

7/24 2:00頃追記

中岡望の目からウロコのアメリカ >> アメリカ最大の自動車メーカーGM経営危機の真相






Take Action: Respect for Toyota Workers


Workers at Toyota's Georgetown, Ky., plant need your support. Employees who are injured at work have lost their jobs. Full-time workers are being replaced with temporary workers who make half the pay and have little or no health insurance.








UAW - Features : Workers’ Rights Board hears concerns of Toyota workers; Panel recommends limits on use of temporary workers


A major concern is the company’s widespread use of so-called “temporary” workers, who work for months and even years in hopes of winning full-time employment. They earn $13 an hour - less than half the wages earned by full-time Toyota manufacturing workers.

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