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She was born from my kiss and your anguish.

So, you gotta come back, You should've left this Space already!

You definitely can't part from me. You're the one who gave birth to me. I'm the child you made to eat your anguish and sadness. It doesn't matter how many times you kill me, I'll always be born again. Because I'm your true soul. You wanted to throw away your feelings for your brother, and become an adult without me. I won't allow that. In this place, your don't need anything. neither the pain, nor the anguish of becoming an adult.

You're courageous, You don't fear the pain. you're courageous, who be named to be brave. You shall come back to present.

That way, there is nothing but pain and anguish.

That's why, That's why I have to go. Because from now on, I have to carry on living by myself without you.

In the direction where you feel the pain, there's an exit!

I was afraid to open my heart to someone. But I'm not afraid anymore. Even if I lose sight of it, there's always a path somewhere. People are connected through narrow paths. Even if sometimes they lose sight of them, there's no doubt they're connected. Welcome back, you. I'm back ,you.

I don't really know what is means "to be friends."

But you, Yup, you were a companion who got lost on the same path as me, and you looked for the same path I did.

But we're companions only when we're looking for the same path. A person like me, if I always stay with other people;e, I lose sight of my own path.

May be you're right.

But Let's meet again. When we get lost again. Until that time, goodbye.

I'm courageous, You're the one who gave me my name.

From the line of "Dennou Coil"




In France, Ms. Roberts also found a desperate letter from the mayor of Le Havre in August 1945 urging American commanders to set up brothels outside the city, to halt the “scenes contrary to decency” that overran the streets, day and night. They refused, partly, Ms. Roberts argues, out of concern that condoning prostitution would look bad to “American mothers and sweethearts,” as one soldier put it.





No doubt there were atrocities by Americans in this war, as there were in every war in history. However, there were millions of decent men and women in the Army, and barely a few bad ones. Ms. Roberts’s book is unfair to the millions who served this nation well, most giving up years of their lives, many risking their lives and others losing their lives on Normandy beaches and in the frozen snow of Bastogne.




















君は袋いっぱいの豆を手渡される。本当に100万匹いそうなこの部屋の猿に一袋では足りない。ならば本当に選別を、などと思っている間に第二波殺到。差し出される紙にはいずれもアルファベットが打たれており、「Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed.」「MARLEY was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that.」「In 1913, when Anthony Patch was twenty-five, two years were already gone since irony, the Holy Ghost of this later day, had, theoretically at least, descended upon him.」などと書いてはあるものの君には何のことやらわからず、君がよく知るシェークスピアであるところの「To be, or not to be」だとかは探そうとしても、猿にせっつかれて見つけている余裕が無い。適当意味のある英文に見えるものに豆を与えていたら、周囲は徐々に剣呑な空気になり、そういえばさっきつき返した紙にはキリル文字が書いてあったんじゃないかということに思い至るも、東欧文学まで原文でフォローできている君であろうはずは無く、殺気立っている猿達に奪われるようにして豆を与えているので袋の豆も尽き、いよいよ進退窮まったと助けを求めて船井の方を見れば、そこにはただ一匹の巨大な猩々がにまにまといやらしい粘着質の笑いを浮かべているだけで、君は脛に飢えた猿の歯が食い込むのを感じて倒れ、毛深い無数の腕が掴みかかり……夢でさえあればそこで目が覚めるはずだったのだけれど。


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