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If you want to say the reason in one word, it's because of the opposition supporters' "beating org"

LDP supporters curse as pigs who support butchers and spread them to the world.

Of course, but there's no way you can make fun of the voters and win the election.

No, it's okay if you can win w Please try to win that way

But more than anything, you guys should know that you can't win in that way.

Do you actually bet? If you ask me, everyone will run away.

Still, opposition supporters are sick, so they can't quit.

Because it's worth living to mount and throw stones at enemies.

That's how you guys will throw away your one and only life.

It's pathetic.



fanatic(熱狂者)としてのファンは減っていて、 funファンが増えてる気がする。面白がるだけで、別の面白いことを見つけたらすぐ離れちゃう


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fun deadでるしあファン総称のことだと思ってたんですけど違うんですね 勉強になりました




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I have seen some posts asking if they should talk about "the case" even though they were not involved in it and were not born in Nagasaki or Hiroshima, and I am a bit aware of it, so I have to say what I have to say. I say this because I was born in Nagasaki, am a third generation atomic bomb survivor, and grew up hearing the stories of those who experienced the atomic bombing firsthand. I know it's a little bit too much for me, but I'm going to say this because there are very few survivors left.

In Nagasaki, children grow up hearing stories about the atomic bombing. They were stuffed into sushi for nearly an hour in the gymnasium of an elementary school in the middle of summer, with no air conditioner or fan, and told stories about the atomic bombing. That was a hard time for me. I think it must have been even harder for the old people who told the stories, but there was no way an elementary school kid could imagine such a thing, and I had forgotten most of the stories I had been told for a long time. I have forgotten most of the stories I was told. I can only remember one or two at most. There is one more hard thing. Every year around this time, a row of grotesque images that would drive the PTA crazy in other areas are prominently displayed in the hallways. These days, I hear that the atomic bomb museum has been bleached out and many of the radical and horrifying exhibits that traumatized visitors have been taken down. I don't know if they are still there, but they were there when I was in elementary school.

There was one photo that I just couldn't face when I was in elementary school. It is a picture of Sumiteru Taniguchi. If you search for it, you can find it. It is a shocking picture, but I would like you to take a look at it. I couldn't pass through the hallway where the photo was posted, so I always took the long way around to another floor of the school building to avoid seeing the photo.

Now I'm thinking that my grandfather, who headed into the burnt ruins to look for his sister, couldn't have turned away or taken a different path. There would have been a mountain of people still alive and moaning, not just pictures, and a mountain more who would have given up at the end of their suffering. He walked for miles and miles, towing his handcart through the narrow streets of rubble-strewn Nagasaki in search of his sister. My grandfather was not a child at the time, but of course there were children who did similar things. Not that there wouldn't have been. There were. I heard the story from him, and I still remember it. A young brother and sister found their father's body in the ruins of a fire and they burned it. They didn't have enough wood to burn his body, and when they saw the raw brain that spilled out, they ran away and that was the last time they ever saw him anymore.

I can never forget the story I heard when I was a kid, and even now it is painful and painful, my hands are shaking and I am crying. I keep wondering how the old man who escaped from that father's brain could have been able to unravel the most horrible trauma imaginable and expose it to the public with scars that will never heal.

Now I think I can understand a little.

The reason I can't help but talk about my grandfather and that old man, even if I have to rehash my own trauma, is that this level of suffering is nothing compared to the fact that their words will be forgotten. My hands shaking, my heart palpitating and dizzy, my nose running with tears, it's nothing compared to the tremendous suffering that was once there and will be forgotten.

So maybe it's the same thing.

My grandfather, who went through an unimaginable hell, lived to see his grandchildren born, and met his sister's death in the ruins of the fire. In other words, my grandfather was one of the happiest people in the ruins of the fire. My grandfather and that old man were, after all, just people wading in the depths of hell. I think that the suffering that even people who had experienced unimaginable pain could not imagine was lying like pebbles in Nagasaki 78 years ago, and no one paid any attention to it. Their suffering, which I can't even imagine, is nothing compared to the countless, tremendous suffering they witnessed, which they pretend never happened.

Memories fade inexorably every time people talk about them. The memories that those people could not allow to be forgotten are now largely forgotten; the tremendous suffering of 78 years ago is mostly gone, never to be recounted again. Those who suffered the most from the atomic bombing died rotting in the ruins of the fire, unable to tell anyone about it. Many of those who saw it with their own eyes kept their mouths shut and took it with them to their graves. Most of those who spoke a few words are now under the grave.

Compared to the words of the old men, my own words are so light. I would rather keep my mouth shut than speak in such light words. But still, someone has to take over. I realize that even my words, which are so light, are only the top of the voices that are left in this world to carry on the story of the atomic bombing. I know how it feels to wonder if someone like myself is allowed to speak about this. Still, I hope that you will not shut your mouth. This is the result of our silence.

Sometimes I almost choose to stop imagining the unimaginable suffering and live my life consuming other people's suffering for the fun of it. I am writing this while I still have some imagination of the suffering of the old people whose voices, faces, and even words I can no longer recall.

Translator's note: The original post in Japanese is a response to a post by a Japanese contributor who wondered if he was qualified to speak out on the subject of the A-bomb when he was not from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but still spoke out about Barbie and the A-bomb. I translated it here because I think it deserves to be read by the world.



バービーオッペンハイマーを合わせた #BARBENHEIMER ハッシュタグについてまとめた






Now that I’ve seen #BARBENHEIMER, I highly recommend watching #BARBIE first, then #OPPENHEIMER!


“Barbie” is really fun, but “Oppenheimer” stays with you

you don’t wanna be thinking about “Oppenheimer” while watching “Barbie!” (Or maybe you do?)










The family vote was only ever going one way…


Barbie first it is #Barbenheimer















バービー公式アカウントが「スタイリストKen がここにも」的な反応するのは完全にアウト。





Japan review

Japan review it's been a year since I

moved to Japan and I thought it made

sense to finally rate Japan I will talk

about things I like and the things I

don't like which seems to be the only

two options available if you have

opinions about this country

so sugoi or did you know Japan is

actually really bad it's got a lot of

survival issues okay I will list one

good thing and bad thing and I will not

hold back there's no trash bins

where I'm gonna put my trash

I have to put in my pocket


there's always these generic things that

you hear or yes when we you visit it's

kind of weird but then you realize it's

not a big deal anyway let's start off

with number one reason I like Japan

it feels like a giant playground no I

don't mean in the Logan Paul kind of

sense of doing whatever the hell you


but rather there's a infinite things all

right lazy feels like to explore and

experience and I've been here a year now

and I don't think I'm gonna get bored

anytime soon although I am having a

child so I don't know how much more I

have time to experience

but it really feels like a whole new

world and if you visited you can

probably relate to it and I'm glad that

even a year in it still feels incredibly

fresh and I even would say that you

realize that the best part of Japan

aren't the touristy places kind of

obviously but there are so many areas

that I found that I really enjoy

visiting and this is probably more

specific to me but you know Tokyo is

very busy and so many times I just catch

myself surrounded by what feels like

hundreds of people and they have no idea

who I am

everyone is just doing their own thing

and that feels so [ __ ] good

now once it was staring at me no one's

following me no one's being weird you

guys are weird and I'm just kidding I

just love the feeling of being able to

exist in public and uh not worrying

about what everyone else is doing like

I've said this before but I genuinely

enjoy talking to fans or when people

approach me it always makes me happy but

it can be kind of frustrating to always

wanting to just do your own thing and

always be

you know so yeah let's move on to the

bad things of Japan number one reason

Japan is bad it's kind of a heavy

subject and I haven't seen anyone else

really talk about it it's not brought up

very often at least and that is cones

there's too many cones in Japan once you

see it you cannot unsee it they're

everywhere they say oh Japan has so many

vending machines there's like five per

one person no the opposite

there's more cones than people why are

there so many cones I need to know we

got the tall ones we got the small ones

we got the funny ones the cute ones the

sexy ones I do like those I just don't

understand that whoever plays these

cones think I'm just gonna barge through

oh thank God there's cones here

otherwise I had no idea what I was gonna

and I realized the cone history of Japan

stretches centuries okay if you played

Animal Crossing sometimes it's a

Japanese game so sometimes you get these

items right you're like oh that's kind

of weird I don't know exactly what that

is but it's probably something Japanese

and then you get the bamboo thing and

you're like what the hell is that what

am I even gonna do with that and then

you see it in real life here in Japan

you're like holy [ __ ] it's a cone that's

a cone they're everywhere

I feel like they are following me

I'm glad I was able to talk about this

I'm for one and willing to call out

Japan knock it off man no more cones

there's enough cones let me tell you

something even better than cones you may

have noticed new merch finally it's been

forever my mom came over she had

unofficial merge because I literally

have no other merch I've hadn't hadn't

merch I'm sorry Mom so we spruced up the

logo got a cool back design the team

that worked on it really truly

understand how my brand and I think they

did such a good job these pieces look

amazing and I think you guys are gonna

really like them as well these are

available for limited time only so make

sure you order now so excited to finally

have this merch available thanks to

amaze for making this happen we are

gonna have one piece that will stay on

the store so my mom will not buy the

wrong merch but for a limited time that

piece will be available in this color

off-white kind of color it looks really

nice and then after that you can still

get it but not in this color that's

you want this one yeah I get it

so yeah check that out if you're

interested I'm so happy about these

designs and I hope you guys would like

them as well all right reason number two

I like Japan yay when we first announced

that we were gonna move to Japan there

was so many people just saying how bad

Japan is actually did you know Japan is

really bad did you know this I have to

list all these reasons now because

everyone is like thing and then thing

Japan ah so I have to tell them and I

it's actually but one thing in

particular that people said was that old

people really don't like foreigners they

hate them so when I was gonna stop by to

say hi to our neighbors who was a little

older at least some of them I was

terrifying I heard all these stories you

know like what are they gonna do to us

so I had my guard up ready for the worst

and I was met with nothing but kindness

and welcoming and I felt like a total

dick for having this preconceived ideas

thanks to other people

and just a side comment like yes there

are definitely probably people that

don't like foreigners and all that stuff

but I realized I should let my own

experience is dictate how I feel about

certain things maybe that's just

ignoring a problem I don't know it just

feels like it's a bad way to approach

life if you always have a negative

expectation you know it's smiling people

may Smile Back

smiled back

thank you sometimes they don't and

that's okay you know anyway my point

being Japanese people are very in my own


are very nice and friendly the majority

at least and yes even to foreigners I

feel like they are especially nice to

foreigners because they think we're like

a kid lost at Disneyland or something

I just asked for directions I didn't

need you to walk me for half an hour to

this specific place I was going but

thank you I appreciate it a lot of times

I go bouldering alone and there's always

other groups of people being supportive

and yelling like I'm about there like go

you can do it I love it I think it's

great you know or if you're small

talking with people people generally

want to communicate with you and I love

having those moments but of course

there's times where people are like oh

you're a foreigner I don't feel like

even trying

which again it's fine speaking of which

reason I don't like Japan number two

their language

I have lived here for a year and I'm not

fluent in Japanese

I am dumb I am very dumb I remember the

moment we moved here I had studied some

Japanese and I was like

Let's test out this knowledge that I

have acquired let's go I'm just gonna

come in it's gonna be dangerous and you

enter a store for the first time and

they're like


what oh

what the classic the most common

experiences that you have aren't

necessarily what you're taught in the

textbook yay I know I think that's the

same for anyone learning a language for

the first time but don't even get me

started on the kanji main what the [ __ ]

is this I feel like Japanese is such a

hard language obviously but I don't

think people realize how hard it is at

least me personally because the more you

learn the more you realize you don't

know [ __ ]

for English speakers Japanese is

considered one of the most difficult

languages and because it's just so

different I listed it as bad because

that was my first kind of experience

with it coming here but the more I

interact with people the more it feels

like I'm unlocking new skills you know

oh I made a phone call for the first

time oh I could ask someone over the

phone I know big deal but it's like oh I

can actually do that or even just having

a small tiny yes shittiest conversation

with a stranger it's still something and

it feels good you start to all of a

sudden understand you know a movie if

you're watching oh I understand actually

what's going on here or I can play games

and kind of get what this they're saying

I have to look up words obviously but to

me all those new experiences that it

unlocks to me is very rewarding even

though it's such a challenge I would

actually now say it's a good thing I

played it on its head it was a good

thing all along but I obviously have a

long [ __ ] way to go

and it just I don't think it will damage

time reason number three I like Japan

this is nothing to do with Japan to say

it's more related to me taking a more

relaxed approach to YouTube for my

entire 20s I did nothing but YouTube

that was my life and that's okay but I

also think it was a little toxic

probably you know if I wasn't making

videos I sure as hell was thinking about

making videos I uploaded videos during

our honeymoon

and it feels really good to finally be

free from it you know and I can discover

other things in life there are other

things in life

a new hobbies and interest that I've

always wanted to do I can do and have so

much fun with it surfing I know I would

love for the longest time and I finally

get to do it and it's so [ __ ] amazing

I love learning new things anything that

isn't necessarily connected to all of

this on the internet and that is

something I'm very very grateful that I

discovered so yeah it's not really Japan

I could have done that anywhere but it's

largely why I enjoyed so much here

reason I don't like Japan number three

this is probably the most trickiest one

and it's the rules what are the rules

Japan has so many rules and it's a bit

conflicting for me to complain about

because a lot of the best stuff about

Japan not the best stuff but a lot of

the reasons why Japan works so well is

because of the rules you know the trains

are always on time things just work in

general it's hard to explain the streets

are clean people aren't loud in public

and so on and these are sort of societal

rules that make it happen more or less

but sometimes There are rules that just

don't make any sense and I have no

problem following rules as long as I

understand the reason for it you know

don't talk on the phone on the train

because it's generally annoying when

other people do that to you A lot of it

is just be thoughtful of other people

it's not just about you and that just

makes it more pleasant for everyone but

one rule is especially which I talked

about before is the fact that because of

kovid I'm not allowed to be in the

delivery room for our baby for more than

two hours that's because of covered

rules it just doesn't make sense to me

and I tell people about this like uh

family and friends and they're always

like well why don't you just ask them or

like why don't you talk to them I'm sure

you can there's got to be somewhere and

it's like no it's Japan okay there are

rules and people follow the rules for

better or worse you know so the more I

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Warming up with a quickmatch

Turning Vanpire into swiss cheese with Empires ranged weapons

Wraiths jumps on me and tear me to shreds


I have no idea what I'm doing but it's fun


「蜂の巣」はturn someone into swiss cheese

ボコボコ」はtear someone to shredds



Shut up about Japanese translation already

Trash can't even speak English and wants to play western games



Blocking it in Japan is better. That way you can feel superior just for having it in your library.

→「所有してるだけで」が「having it in your library」






電車からFun Fun We hit the KIMOI KIMOI」というフレーズが聞こえる







 デビューアルバムTEDDY BEARS SING」のB-1「I DON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE」の<ステレオバージョン>はナントリードボーカル女の子の声が左で、真ん中がフィルコーラスしかも、ところどころリードボーカルの3倍くらいの大きさでコーラスが<邪魔をする>といってもいいほどの前代未聞のバランス!です。




 また'50年代中期には「暴力教室」をはじめ「HIGHSCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL」など<怒れる若者>をテーマにした映画が続々と作られ、その代表としてJ・ディーンが登場し、代表作が「理由なき反抗」-REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE -でした。このように、当時の若者キーワードの一つは<REBEL>であり、「乱暴者」のマーロン・ブランドのような皮ジャン、サングラスバイクというスタイル流行しました。




 麻雀同様4人(あるいは3人)いればすぐにできたのがR&Rの特徴でしたが、ニュー・ヨークのようにせまいところで大声を上げれば、お母さんに怒鳴られるだけですからストリートへ出るわけです。50'sのDoo Wapブームの背景は街角ストリート・コーナーが似合ったわけです。






 このホームレコーディングが、実は<スペクターサウンド>の根幹なのです!<BACK TO MONO>の意味もこのことなので、一つのかたまり大人数、熱気、乱雑の中の整理、複雑の単純化、そして<ホーム>、これが彼の求めたものでした。かたまりは<MONO>、大人数はミュージシャンの数、熱は<ハルブレインドラム>、整理は<J・ニッチェアレンジ>、単純化は<L・レビンミックス>、そしてホームは<西海岸>、これがスペクターサウンドの中味の分析ですが、詳しくはこれも後述します。


 この当時のロックンロール少年と同じく、スペクターギター少年でした。本名フィル・ハーヴェイとしてインストレコードも発表しています。また'58、'59年はインストロックの当たり年で、チャンプ栖の「TEQUILA!」が#1になったり、B・ホリーのインスト版ともいえるファイヤーボールズ、リンクレイ、そしてジョニーハリケーンズサント&ジョニーサンディー・ネルソン(「TO KNOW HIM~」のドラムデビュー前の彼です)、そして極め付きはギターインスト王者、デュアン・エディーの登場でした。

 日本ではなぜか、ほとんど評価されませんでしたが、ギターリストとして一番の人気とヒットのあった人で、そのサウンドユニークさとポップ・シーンへの影響は大きいものがありました。またイギリスでの人気は特に異常で、'60年の人気投票では1位でした(すごい!)。近年リバイバル・ヒットした「PETER GUN」などは後の<007シリーズ>や<バットマン>のもとになったともいえますし、日本では未公開の映画「BECAUSE THEY'RE YOUNG」のテーマは、彼の"トワンギー・ギター"と流麗なストリングスとのコンビネーションは、すぐアル・カイオラが取り入れて「荒野の7人」となって登場、西部劇インストテーマの基本形となりました。また「ビートルズがやってくる ヤァ!ヤァ!ヤァ!」のジョージマーチン楽団の「リンゴテーマ」も、まさにD・エディーのマネジャープロデューサーレスター・シルで、テディー・ベアーズの録音の際、隣のスタジオ仕事をしていて知り合ったといわれ、この人と出会ってなければ<スペクターサウンド>はこの世に存在しなかったといえるほど重大な出会いでした。

 シルはこの時すでにスペクタープロデューサー向きであることを見抜き、早速契約を結び、最初に買った曲のタイトルナント「BE MY GIRL!」。


 例えば、R&Rの時代になって<BE>という動詞で始まるビッグ・ヒットは「BE MY BABY」が第1号です(BE CAREFUL~などの慣用句を除く)。簡単なようですが、作る側にまわってみると、これが簡単に言い切れるものではないのです。まさにこれをスパッと言い切れるのが<スター>なのです。「TO KNOW HIM~」の断定と「BE」の命令。このシェイクスピア調の、時代がかったともいえる口調が、逆に新味を呼んだのではないでしょうか。この大時代的で、且つ直接的な手法は「I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND」(ユーモアの点ではJ&Pの方が数段上ですネ!)に共通したものを感じます

 シルと契約直後、スペクターはD・エディのセッション見学しています。さっそく実地訓練をさせようというシルの計らいで、時は'59年の4月の後半でした。この年のエディーの最大のヒットは6月に発売された「FORTY MILES OF BAD ROAD」(9位)で、この曲はナントベースドラムだけをイントロでフィーチャーした、ポップス史上初のヒット曲>なのです。さて、ベースドラムイントロといえば「BE MY BABY」ですが、この2曲の因果関係についての疑問を、10年ほど前の<ニュー・ミュージック・マガジン>で発表したことがありましたが、時期的にはこの推論が成り立つようです。が、モチロン、その因果については全く憶測の域は出ておりません。






 スペクターにとって、このニュー・ヨークでの修行時代の最大の収穫はベン・E・キングヒット曲「SPANISH HARLEM」をJ・リーバーと共作できたことでしょう。これはR&Rビジネスへの切符を手に入れた、つまり、お墨付をもらったということ......って、最大の自信となったことは疑う余地はあり.....

 ま.... ドリフターズの「THERE GOES MY BABY」...にストリングスをフィーチャーする手法を....ことも<スペクターサウンド>への引金になったと、私は思います。その手法プロデュースしたジーン・ピットニーの「EVERY BREATH I TAKE」は、全くドリフターズ調でしたが、すでに<スペクターサウンド>は出来上がっていた、ともいえる、本家を凌ぐ作品でした。<ゴフィン&キング>との最初作品でしたが、この日のセッションにはリーバー&ストラーをはじめ、B・バカラック、B・マン&C・ウェイル、アルド出版社代表のD・カーシュナーら、そうそうたる顔ぶれが集まったといいます。そしてこの作品が、ここに集まった全ての人にスペクターの印象を強く与えることとなり、一緒の仕事が始まるわけです。特にこの曲で印象深いのはドラムフレーズですが、G・ゴフィンの証言によれば、フィルドラマーゲイリーチェスターに指示をして、それが実に的確だった、ということです。





 '60年代初めにシュレルズがキャロル・キングの名作<WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW

....きっかけに、ガール Permalink | 記事への反応(0) | 09:24



本田宗一郎」はマンネリ視聴者が激減した大河ドラマの再起をかけ、2056年に主演 田中誠人大河ドラマとしては初めて経営者を題材として製作された。


この「本田宗一郎」を皮切りに大河ドラマ歴史的日本人経営者を取り扱うようになり、2058年Fun to Drive」(主人公豊田章男)、2060年「トランヂスタラヂヲ」(主人公井深大)、2063年「Direct」(主人公岩田聡)と立て続けに経営者シリーズ製作し、ヒットを繰り返した。























Fun to drive?









自転車含めて 任意保険を”強制化”して罰則を超重くしよう。




Putin Assassination Attempt

In mother Russia, you don’t assassinate the President, the President assassinates you.

When Putin is late to school, his teachers apologize for being early.

Putin is the type of guy that reads the whole terms & agreements and clicks “I disagree”

When Putin was born, he named himself and congratulated his parents

When Putin late to school, his teacher apologized for being early.

When Putin's cell phone rings in the theater, they put the movie on pause.

When Putin's little toe hits a corner, the corner cries in pain

Putin didn't lose hair , the hair simply realised that they weren't worthy enough to be over his head.

When Putin showed up late, everyone apologized for being on time.

When Putin wants the lights on, he simply turns the dark off.

When Putin Reads a book, the book gains knowledge.

Fun fact: Putin once saved water from drowning

Putin is that type of guy who tells Gordon Ramsay he doesn't like his food

when he calls the wrong number, the person apologizes for being the wrong person

Putin Skipped 2 days of school, those days are now known as Saturday and Sunday

When Putin washes his hands, the water gets cleaner.

Putin is the type of guy who says \"I don't like it\" to the barber.



Should be scared! It's fun!

Du wirst Angst haben! Es macht Spaß!








最古 → https://b.hatena.ne.jp/hotentry/all/20050210



Cyndi Lauper ”Girls Just Want to Have Fun原曲:Robert Hazard






Ill island traps and kills lambs just for fun




fun fiction (人が答えてるの)

・derivative work(直訳で派生活動) (googleweblio翻訳










fun fiction」を次数上げると「fun fiction fun fiction」になる、ダサい

「derivative work」の次数を上げると「derivative derivative work」になるがこれを凝縮して「W derivative work」とかで、まぁまぁダサい

自分的には日本と同じ考え方で「3rd creation」なんかでいいと思うんだけど、「1st creation」「2nd creation」という概念が普及していないからいきなり3rdは難しいか




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Kan Nishida アメリカ国旗赤色ハート日本国旗


CEO/Exploratory, Having fun with data, riding bicycles/waves, listening Jazz/HipHop/DubStep, or playing with two kids




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