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Dinosaur T-Rex Game


Every web user has at least once encountered loss of internet connection. This happens for a variety of reasons, such as a dysfunction in the cellular network or a broken internet cable. However, regardless of the reason, every Google Chrome user sees the Dino game (when there is no internet) instead of a plain blank error page. This game can be played without an internet connection.

Play game: Dinosaur T-Rex Game

Despite the fact that the game is just a plain runner that’s built into the Google Chrome browser, the developers behind it still deserve a round of applause. The peculiar monochrome graphics and the simplicity make the game even better, and it has gained a lot of worldwide fans since its launch.

The main character of the game is a classic dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus rex, the species we usually see in movies and books about dinosaurs. It’s a carnivorous type of dinosaur from the Cretaceous. In the game it runs through the desert, encountering pterodactyls and cactuses that need to be avoided by jumping or ducking. As the distance the dinosaur has traveled increases, so does its speed, which is why it’s quite difficult for an inexperienced player to get a high score, even though the game itself seems easy.

Surely, all of you are curious about the development of the Chrome Dinosaur Game Online, so let’s take a little trip back in time.

History Google Dinosaur Game

The development of the T-Rex game dates back to September 2014, however, the final improvements were completed only in December of that same year. The adjustments supported earlier versions of the Android operating system.

Sebastien Gabriel, one of the designers of the game, says that the T-rex was chosen as a funny reference to "prehistoric times", when highspeed internet wasn’t so widely spread.

The T-rex was also not an accidental choice. The offline Chrome Dino game (without internet) was also called "Project Bolan", referring to the popular singer Mark Bolan from the 70s band "T-Rex". While creating the game the programmers also thought about making Dino growl or kick. Eventually these features were rejected in order to keep the game simple and "prehistoric".

How to open the T-Rex Chrome Dino Game?

In order to open the game you can simply type chrome://dino/ in the address bar. The game will open even if you’re connected to the internet, so there’s no need to disconnect.

The majority of internet users have Chrome as their default browser. However, if you’re using a different one, our website can help. Here you can play the T-Rex Dinosaur Game using any browser and any device, like a desktop computer or even your cell phone.



A pair of people ordered two hamburgers with a tomato slice. One can not eat tomatoes since she has an allergy to tomatoes. So, they asked the burger shop not to put a slice of tomato in a hamburger and to put two slices of tomato in another hamburger. How do you think the likelihood that the shop kindly do it to them in the US?



In the US, the likelihood that a burger shop would accommodate a request to modify hamburger orders to account for a tomato allergy by omitting a tomato slice in one burger and adding an extra slice to another is very high. American food establishments are generally accustomed to customizing orders to meet dietary restrictions and preferences. This includes adjustments for allergies, personal taste, or dietary needs. The scenario described involves a simple modification, and staff at most restaurants, especially those that pride themselves on customer service, are likely to fulfill such a request without issue. Ensuring customer satisfaction and safety, particularly when it comes to allergies, is a priority for many establishments. Therefore, as long as the request is communicated clearly, the shop should be able to accommodate it kindly.



If you think all native speakers use complex vocabulary and rhetoric, you'll be disillusioned pretty quickly. Native speaker picks up non-nativeness not from complex vocabulary or rhetoric, but in more fundamental things like basic grammar, use of a simple word and/or singular/plural, general smoothness, etc. Think of Japanese. People won't find it foreign when you don't use complex vocabulary and rhetoric. I once even had an occasion where this person believed I'm American because of a "wrong" use of plural that Americans often do. Just look at here or any SNS. I bet you don't find most of them use complex vocabulary and rhetoric. But if you use てにおは wrong a couple of times though, that's a big giveaway. And the use of "native level" usually comes with work. You can use the language at a native level for the work or you can't. It's not something that requires an opinion from an anonymous person on the internet, but thanks for your two cents.



Puberulic acid (1)7, stipitatic acid (2)8 and viticolins A and B (3, 4) as novel natural products have been isolated from a culture broth of Penicillium viticola 9 FKI-4410 through our screening system and found to have promising antimalarial activity (Fig. 1)10, 11. In these highly-oxygenated 7-membered aromatic compounds, 1 shows the most potent antimalarial activity in vitro against the Plasmodium falciparum K1 (chloroquine-resistant) parasite strain (IC50 = 0.050 µM), as well as in vivo efficacy with 69% inhibition for a dose of 2 mg/kg × 4 through subcutaneous (s.c.) administration in 4-day suppressive test using a P. berghei-infected mouse model12. However, 1 exhibits toxicity in vivo, four out of five mice dying by day 3, after a s.c. dose of 5 mg/kg × 2 (day 0 and 1). While structually simple compounds such as tropone (5), tropolone (6) and hinokitiol (8), and natural 2 and 3 showed weaker activity than that of 1, 7-hydroxytropolone (7)13 was much more potent, exhibiting a >18-fold stronger IC50 value of 6.44 µM than that of 5. This observation suggested that the presence of more than three contiguous oxygen atoms in a compound might significantly affect antimalarial activity. These results stimulated us to undertake a structure-activity relationship (SAR) study based on the establishment of a total synthetic route, aiming to create new antimalarial candidates which retained potency but which were non-toxic. Furthermore, we expected that these compounds’ properties, especially low molecular weight and simple planar structures, could be invaluable for antimalarial drug leads with respect to ease of supply14, enabled by efficient and practical synthesis. Herein, we report the divergent synthesis of several related troponoids, including natural products, via utilization of the established total synthetic route of 1 15, and biological evaluation of their in vitro antimalarial activity and cytotoxicity.


Puberulic acid (1)は、Penicillium viticola FKI-4410培養から単離された新規天然物質であり、in vitroおよびin vivoで優れた抗マラリア活性を示した。しかし、マウスを用いたin vivo試験において、5 mg/kg を2回皮下投与したところ、5匹中4匹が3日目までに死亡するという毒性が観察された。この毒性が問題となるため、構造活性相関研究を行い、毒性が低く活性の高い新規マラリア薬の開発を目指すこととした。

[Antimalarial troponoids, puberulic acid and viticolins; divergent synthesis and structure-activity relationship studies | Scientific Reports](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-07718-3)





Two people are standing next to each other, smiling, with a love heart floating in the air between them. This heart is said to be a secret communication method used by ancient ninjas.

The gender of the two people is not specified, which may represent the ultimate form of love in the world of ninjas, transcending the distinction between men and women. Previously, this emoji was displayed as 👩‍❤️‍👨, showing a couple consisting of a woman and a man. However, it now displays two people with ambiguous gender appearances. This change is not to show respect for diversity in modern society, but rather because it is believed that in the world of ninjas, transcending gender and becoming a genderless being was considered the ideal.

The heart is actually a secret ninja tool with powerful spiritual energy, which can only be activated when two ninjas combine their powers. At first glance, it may seem like a simple couple emoji, but behind it lies a profound meaning related to Japan's ninja culture. Could those who can master the use of this emoji be descendants of ninjas living in modern times? The truth remains shrouded in darkness.



This gesture, showing the index finger and thumb touching to form an open circle, is said to represent meanings such as "I'm okay" or "Yes, that's correct/good." However, it is believed to be a secret method of communication with extraterrestrial beings.

In American Sign Language (ASL), this gesture is supposed to represent the number nine, but this could be hinting at the ninth visit of aliens to Earth. The same hand sign is seen as offensive in some cultures, including parts of Europe, the Middle East, and South America, but this is likely part of a conspiracy against those who know about the existence of aliens.

Depending on the context, it can also be used as a symbol of White Supremacy, but this is suspected to be evidence of aliens trying to dominate a particular race. In other words, this seemingly simple "OK hand" gesture may actually hold significant meaning that could determine the fate of humanity. Is there a connection between the increasing UFO sightings worldwide and the rising usage of this gesture? The truth remains in the shadows.


[]運命の巻戻士 | 木村風太コロコロ期間限定無料公開)
















































A long time ago, in a certain country, there was a bastard named Cinderella. The reason why she is called Cinderella is because she sprinkled her own ashes on her own head at her mother's funeral, which led to her being called the ash-coverer, which is why her real name is Cinderella. I lost

The husband who lost his wife was also a bastard, and the day after the funeral he cheated on a woman three years younger than him, had sex with her, and even got married.

I have decided. Then, to her Cinderella

She now has an older sister and a younger sister who are not related by blood.

Her sister was a bitch too, she came to Cinderella's house

After a few days, she thought, ``Wouldn't it be more convenient to have an outbuilding?'' and cut down Cinderella's mother's grave in her garden and the hundreds of years old tree that was next to her grave, and built an outbuilding. We forced construction.

One day, the bastard's family receives news of a ball from the castle. But before Cinderella could read it, her sister broke the news and said, ``There's no way you can go.'' Cinderella didn't seem to have any intention of going either, saying, ``I had no intention of going in the first place.I'd rather go to hell.''

Then, on the day her mother was admitted to the hospital to give birth, her sister went to the ball. In the garden, the construction of an outbuilding was progressing as usual.

Let’s light a fire here and make a bonfire.”

She thought about that, but Cinderella stopped her. Suddenly, a witch appeared

``Cinderella, why aren't you going to the ball?'' asked the witch.

"What's the point of telling Teme?"

Cinderella returned with an ax in her hand

Then, for some reason, Cinderella was wrapped in a jewel-like dress.

"If you don't go to the ball, that dress will kill you. Now go."

Cinderella doesn't want to die in a place like this, so she reluctantly decides to go to the castle.

In the castle, some asshole like her sister was looking for a one-night stand and was dancing wildly. No one really praised others, and in their hearts they all seemed to think that they were the center of the world.

Cinderella didn't dance, but killed her time by smoking a cigarette at the end of her room. There, she was approached by a man wearing formal clothes that were flashier and more expensive than anyone else, and said to her, ``Miss, won't you dance?''

She is Cinderella with a cigarette in her mouth

She said, ``I only dance with the Grim Reaper and bad luck.''

she answered. For some reason, the man fell in love with her at first sight, and she said, ``Let's have some fun in the other room.Here, come.'' She tried to force Cinderella to take her to another room in the castle. However, Cinderella pressed the cigarette she was holding into her hand.

"Her hand slipped," she laughed.

When she pressed the cigarette, the sound in her voice was so pitiful that no one tried to get close to him or dance with him. Of course, no one even knows that such a pitiful man is the prince who owns this castle.

Eventually, she had enough, Cinderella threw her shoes on her stairs and went back to her house in her bare feet. Her shoes were made of glass, so they shattered into pieces.

The next day, while her servant was cleaning the castle, she found one shoe on the stairs. Obviously thinking this was strange, she secretly examined her shoes and discovered that they had been smeared with a deadly amount of poison.

Rumors spread within the castle that this must be an attempt to kill the prince, and soon a large-scale investigation was conducted. Even though it's a survey, it's simple.

The idea was to create a replica of a shoe and imprison the person who matched it perfectly as a suspect.

And one after another, people were imprisoned just because of their size. Some of them had not been to the ball, but they thought it must be a lie and were forcibly taken away.

Eventually, an investigation came to Cinderella's house. That's when we all looked at her mother and child after she was discharged from the hospital, and of course her sister didn't fit.

So all that was left was Cinderella. Then, her sister said to Cinderella, ``Hell suits you better than this world.''

She was of course the perfect size for Cinderella.

However, she protested her innocence, saying that I hadn't gone to the ball and there was no dress anywhere in the house to prove it.

However, the prince showed him an empty pack of cigarettes that had been discarded in a trash can and said, ``This is the same brand that the criminal was smoking that time.Why?''

Then Cinderella grinned and

I unbuttoned all the buttons on her jacket.

She said, ``After all, I feel like dancing with the Grim Reaper. Right, little prince?'' she said.

By the time the princes realized it, it was already too late.

The grenade that fell at his feet blew up Cinderella and the prince.

The time was around noon. Bells rang throughout the city and residents prayed for lunch.

The flying fragments of the shoe became a weapon, a sad fragment that could only hurt someone, and no one could imagine its original form.






by {{{作家名}}}, animal furry female adolescent {{imaizumi_kagerou}} from side, Touhou, [[[official art, official style]]], gray {{body fur}}, standing skirt lift thigh focus, {sexually suggestive, rating:Sensitive}, [very aesthetic, best quality, highres], [[eyes visible through hair, hair between eyes, long hair, long brown hair]], [looking to viewer], [red eyes], {large detailed best quality eyes}, [snout, slit pupils, :3 naughty smile, animal ears, wolf ears], {wolf tail}, oversized clothes, {white dress with long sleeves, skirt lift}, thighs, [[crotch, groin peek]], hair ornament, tail ornament, drunk, in heat, spoken heart, breath, sweat, wet, sweat, {sexually suggestive}, {pixel art}, [[sun, town, alley]], [very aesthetic, best quality, highres]


{{copyright, copyright name, copyright notice, {bad hands}, signature, logo, text, comic}}, {blind, empty eyes, no pupils, mismatched pupils, eye reflection, half-closed eyes, squinting}, lowres, {bad}, error, fewer, extra, missing, worst quality, jpeg artifacts, bad quality, watermark, unfinished, displeasing, chromatic aberration, monochrome, extra digits, artistic error, username, scan, [abstract], [bad vulva], [asymmetrical], {letterboxed}, [[darkness]], anatomical nonsense, {fingernails, nail polish, fingers, hand focus}, deformed, chibi, heterochromia, multiple views, bad multiple views, {asymmetrical breasts, breasts apart, flat chest}, {{censor, censored}}, pubic hair, bald, pawpads, paw gloves, animal feet, copyright, copyright notice, {blush}, alternate color, shiny pokemon, [skin], [[[[realistic, cel shaded, animated]]]], senko (sewayaki kitsune no senko-san), fox, red fur, dark, darkness, simple background


[]現代音楽も聴こう 2024.1.30


Peter Eötvös : Concerto pour harpe


Cette oeuvre (création mondiale) est une commande de Radio France - Rundfunkorchester und Chöre GmbH Berlin - Orchestre de la Suisse Romande - Musikverein de Vienne - Casa dasica de Porto - Orchestre Symphonique de la NHK de Tokyo, dédiée au harpiste Xavier de Maistre.

Seven, premier concerto pour violon, rendait hommage aux cosmonautes de la navette Columbia ; DoReMi, le deuxième, était un retour à l’enfance et aux premiers apprentissages musicaux ; Alhambra, le troisième, une promenade architecturale en compagnie de ses interprètes : chaque concerto de Peter Eötvös possède son monde propre. Certains titres annoncent une réinvention du dialogue entre le soliste et l’orchestre : Replica pour alto, le bartokien CAP-KO, acronyme de Concerto for Acoustic Piano, Keyboard and Orchestra, Focus pour saxophone suggérant l’usage d’une caméra sonore et une mise au point entre différents plans. De fait, le genre est appropraux plus folles explorations dans le théâtre instrumental. C’est ainsi que la pièce de jeunesse Kosmos a 9 offert à un cymbalum très hongrois de jouer un nouveaule en compagnie de l’orchestre dans Psychokosmos. En 2023, le compositeur renoue avec l’essence même du genre en proposant à Xavier de Maistre un simple Concerto pour harpe.

En trois mouvements vif-lent-vif, ce concerto s’inscrirait dans le schéma le plus classique, si seulement la harpe bénéficiait d’un répertoire symphonique aussi riche que les autres instruments solistes. Si Haendel lui a offert quelques pages, Mozart a senti le besoin de lui adjoindre la flûte pour l’associer à l’orchestre. Et les efforts des Krumpholz, Boieldieu, Pierné et Glière n’y ont rien changé : les concertos pour harpe ont le privilège de la rareté. « Allegro e felice », indique Péter Eötvös en tête du premier mouvement. Seraitce là une joie inspirée par son interprète Xavier de Maistre ? « Xavier est sportif et sait danser, voilà un aspect du portrait que j’ai fait de lui », confie Péter Eötvös, avant de préciser : « Je trouve la plupart des concertos existants très bien écrits pour harpe, mais ils ne s’aventurent guère dans les modernités des dernières décennies. C’est pourquoi j’ai essayé de nourrir l’écriture de harpe d’éléments plus actuels, et de l’associer à un petit orchestre. » Sur plusieurs cordes, les glissandos de harpe influencent ainsi l’écriture orchestrale.

Jeu près de la table, frappe sur le bois, arrachés et harmoniques dressent un inventaire quasi illimité des possibilités techniques et timbres de l’instrument. De l’usage de la scordatura sur une partie du registre naissent des couleurs inédites : abaissées d’un quart de ton, certaines cordes produisent de délicieux frottements lorsqu’elles sonnent en mouvements parallèles avec les cordes à « hauteur normale ». Au centre de la pièce, un « hommage à Ravel » rappelle que le compositeur français a magnifié l’écriture de la harpe. Non seulement avec son Introduction et Allegro, qui a inspiré Péter Eötvös, mais aussi avec laerie de Ma mère l’Oye ou encore le premier mouvement du Concerto en sol et son extraordinaire solo d’harmoniques et de glissandos. Peut-être Péter Eötvös, dans sa propre pensée concertante, se souvient-il aussi comment Ravel distribuait les soli au sein de son orchestre, capable d’offrir un magnifique contrepoint de bois à la partie du piano.

Au côté d’un instrument comme la harpe, l’orchestre doit se réinventer. Il n’en demeure pas moins que le soliste joue encore le premierle. Dès l’introduction, Péter Eötvös l’invite à se livrer au cours d’une grande cadence dont les courbes de plus en plus amples se transformeront dans l’Allegro en lignes tournoyantes. Il lui offrira une autre cadence à l’issue du troisième mouvement, requérant l’improvisation sans vraiment suivre les vieux préceptes du genre. En effet, l’interprète ne devra y recourir à aucune mélodie, aucun accord ni motif antérieur. Le va-et-vient plus ou moins vif et large des mains sur les cordes dessinera des formes fascinantes. Des mouvements browniens imprévisibles et pourtant mystérieusement ordonnés, comparables au ballet des oiseaux se resserrant et se dispersant dans les nuées d’étourneaux.

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日本初演5月28日(火)のMusic Tomorrow2024だ



Simple question - if the roles were reversed, would Brittany Alkonis be championing the person who killed her familiy members getting the same favoritism her husband has received?


Brittany Alkonis would never have conducted a shakedown that would make the Yakuza proud.

That's what this "aggrieved family" did. This was all about the benjamins for them. Don't be fooled by crocodile tears.




  • champion


  • favoritism  


  • shakedown





  • aggrieved




《the ~》苦しめられる人、被害者◆【反】aggriever

  • Benjamin



・He was crying crocodile tears at his wife's funeral. He killed her because he wanted the insurance. : 彼は、妻の葬式で見せかけの涙を流していた。彼は、保険金目当てで彼女を殺したのだ。

































しかし、当の経済学界においては、これらの意見はどれもコンセンサスとは言えない。どちらかというと、2000年代半ば以降「ゼロ金利下での金融政策有効性」についてはあまり目新しい論考が出ていないというのが現実と言って良いのではないか。「不景気から脱却した後も利上げをせず、過剰なインフレ放置することを約束すれば、ゼロ金利下でも中銀は影響力を行使できる」というKrugman他の議論は、「でもその約束を信じる理由がないじゃん」という十年来のツッコミに対して依然として回答できていない。この議論が死に絶えたわけではないが、最近議論ではこの「約束」を信じてもらえない(=金融政策機能しない)可能性にあらかじめ言及する論文が多いように思う(Mankiw and Weinzierl (2011)など)。


一方で、財政政策研究は急速に進んでいる (ゼロ金利下では財政乗数が大きくなるとしたChristiano et al (2011)やWoodford (2010)などが代表的だろうか)。これは、むしろ復活したという表現の方が正しいのかも知れない。いわゆるDSGEマクロモデルでは財政政策効果は無きに等しくなるので、マクロ経済学者の間では「景気対策金融政策で行うべき、即ち、中銀が責任を取るべき」、という理解一般的になった。いわゆる「リフレ派」とかその界隈の人たちが日銀をやたらと非難したがるのも、元々はこの理解を出発点としている(はずである)。だが、ゼロ金利下では、この常識それ自体が成立しないらしいことが少しずつ分かってきたのである

この「常識通用しない世界」では、色々なことが起こりうる。「ゼロ金利下では減税が景気を悪化させうる」としたEggertsson (2009)の論文もそうだし、逆に「消費税増税デフレから脱却できる」と論じた論文もある。今年のアメリカ経済学会で話題になったCorreia et al (2011)の論文がそれだ。結論は、「ゼロ金利の下では金融政策有効ではなく、むしろ消費税を緩やかに増税していく(同時に裏で所得税を減税する)ことで利下げと同等の効果が得られる」というものだ。大雑把に言えば、消費税増税でも物価は上がるわけで、これがインフレ(=実質金利低下)と同じ効果をもたらすという理屈になる。ちなみに、所得税減税を伴わず消費税増税単体で景気回復可能とする論文Wren-Lewis (2000)が10年も前に書いている。彼のブログ簡単解説があったので、興味のある人は読んでみると良いだろう。


ちなみに、アメリカ経済学会ではこれ以外にもゼロ金利関連で面白い論文が発表されていたのだが、The Economistの以下の記事が良い要約になっているのでそちらを参照してもらいたい。金融政策に対して学界が悲観的になりつつあることも、これを読めば概ね理解できるだろう。書き手金融政策有効性を信じる人らしく、金融政策はもう無効だという考えを少し批判的に書いている記事なので、自分に都合の良い記事しか読みたくない類の人も気持ちよく読めるのではないかと思う。







Christiano, Eichenbaum, and Rebelo (2011) “When is the Government Spending Multiplier Large?”, Journal of Political Economy.

Correia, Farhi, Nicolini and Teles (2011), “Unconventional fiscal policy at the zero bound”, mimeo.

Eggertsson (2009), “What fiscal policy is effective at zero interest rates?”, FRBNY Staff Paper.

Mankiw and Weinzierl (2011), “An exploration of optimal stabilization policy”, Brookings Papers of Economic Activity.

Wren-Lewis (2000), “The limits to discretionary fiscal stabilization policy”, Oxford Rev of Economic Policy.

Woodford, (2010), “Simple analytics of the government spending multiplier”, mimeo.


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 学生活動団体「Students for Fair Admissions」は、ハーバード大学ノースカロライナ大学の両大学に対して訴訟を起こした。同団体は当初、2014年公民権法第6編に違反したとしてハーバード大学告訴したが、同法は「連邦資金やその他の連邦財政援助を受けるプログラム活動において、人種、肌の色、国籍に基づく差別禁止する」と定めている。

















 19 年が経ち、6 対 3 の保守派多数派現在大学競争入学プロセスの一部として人種を利用することを阻止しています



Makes sense. So, does this also mean "AA" in employment, handouts, government loans, and other areas of life are also unconstitutional? (And yes, corporate America says there are no race-based quotas for hiring in large meetings but then set up individual manager & HR meetings where hiring is analyzed for the manager's team and managers are told to focus on certain groups based on race.)

理にかなっています。 では、これは、雇用給付金政府融資、その他の生活分野における「AA」も憲法違反ということになるのでしょうか? (そう、アメリカ企業は、大規模な会議では採用人種に基づくノルマはないと言っているが、個別マネージャーと人事会議を設定し、そこでマネージャーのチームの採用分析され、マネージャー人種に基づいて特定グループに焦点を当てるように指示されている。)


That's not true. There are plenty of examples on Linkedin and other public forums of corporations hiring for a specific race

それは真実ではない。 Linkedin やその他の公開フォーラムには、特定人種向けに企業雇用する例がたくさんあります


This is a fantastically accurate ruling. It is about time the court affirms what is basic common sense. Judging anyone (positively or negatively) based on race IS racist. The simple statement "we want to make sure we have diversity", goes in with the racist assumption that race defines the diversity of who you are. Every individual is diverse. Their life experience is unique. There are some shared experiences for individuals of certain similar upbringing, but the assumption that a certain "race" brings "diversity" IS racist.

これは驚くほど正確な判決だ。 そろそろ法廷基本的常識肯定する時期が来ている。 人種に基づいて誰かを(肯定的または否定的に)判断することは人種差別主義者です。 「私たち多様性を確保したいと考えています」という単純な発言は、人種によって人間多様性が決まるという人種差別的な思い込みと結びついています。 すべての個人は多様です。 彼らの人生経験ユニークです。 特定の似たような生い立ちを持った個人の間で共有される経験はいくつかありますが、特定の「人種」が「多様性」をもたらすという仮定人種差別的です。





Please list some intelligent puns.


Sure, here are a few intelligent puns:

I'm reading a book on the history of glue – I just can't seem to put it down.

Why don't scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.

Did you hear about the guy who lost his left arm and leg in a car crash? He's all right now.

I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.

Why don't skeletons fight each other? They don't have the guts.

I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down.

I'm on a whiskey diet. I've lost three days already.

What did the grape say when it got stepped on? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

I'm really good at math – I can solve problems with my eyes closed. It's just a simple matter of algebra.

Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide.














The First Black Samurai-Yasuke

Please improve the following novel to be more engaging and adding plot point of Yasuke returnig to being a missionary quitting Samurai " rologue:

The sun sank behind the horizon, casting the Japanese countryside in a warm, golden glow. In the courtyard of Nobunaga's castle knelt Yasuke, a tall, muscular African man with skin as dark as midnight. His journey to this moment had been long and treacherous, but it was only the beginning.

Chapter 1: A World Away

Yasuke lived an ordinary life in a small village on the Mozambique coast, unaware of the extraordinary destiny that awaited him. Captured by slave traders and torn from his homeland, he endured a grueling voyage across the Indian Ocean, finally arriving in the bustling port of Goa, India.

It was there that Yasuke's fate took an unexpected turn when he was purchased by Jesuit missionaries. In their service, he learned about Christianity, new languages, and the ways of the Western world. But his journey was far from over.

Chapter 2: The Land of the Rising Sun

As a loyal servant to the missionaries, Yasuke accompanied them on their journey to Japan, a land of mystique and intrigue. The beauty of the land, the complexity of its customs, and the elegance of its people captivated him. As the first African to set foot in Japan, he attracted attention and curiosity from all those who encountered him.

Chapter 3: The Encounter

In Kyoto, the capital of feudal Japan, Yasuke's life changed forever when he met Oda Nobunaga, one of the most powerful and influential daimyos of the time. Nobunaga was captivated by the African's physical prowess, intelligence, and unique background. Seeing potential in Yasuke, Nobunaga decided to take him into his service as a samurai.

Chapter 4: The Path of the Warrior

Yasuke's transformation from a slave to a samurai was fraught with challenges. He had to adapt to the rigorous training, strict code of honor, and the intricacies of Japanese society. But Yasuke's strength, resilience, and determination allowed him to excel, earning the respect of his fellow samurai and the trust of Nobunaga.

Chapter 5: The Unfolding War

As Nobunaga sought to unify Japan under his rule, Yasuke fought by his side in numerous battles. The African samurai's legend grew with each victory, as did his bond with Nobunaga. Together, they faced both triumph and tragedy, navigating the treacherous landscape of alliances and betrayals that defined the era.

Chapter 6: The Turning Tide

Yasuke's reputation as a skilled and loyal samurai grew, as did his bond with Lord Nobunaga. But in the shadows, the tides of change were brewing. Mitsuhide Akechi, once a loyal ally, had grown disillusioned with Nobunaga's rule. The resentment smoldered within him, fueled by a series of perceived slights and political maneuverings. Mitsuhide's ambition and desire for power began to cloud his judgment.

Yasuke sensed the shift in Mitsuhide's demeanor and grew increasingly wary of the samurai lord. However, loyalty to Nobunaga prevented him from openly voicing his concerns. He instead focused on his duties, ever vigilant and ready to protect his lord at a moment's notice.

One fateful evening, the Oda clan gathered to celebrate their recent victories. Unbeknownst to the revelers, Mitsuhide Akechi's treacherous plan was already in motion.

As the sun rose, the first cries of battle rang out. Mitsuhide's forces had launched a surprise attack on Nobunaga's residence at the Honno-ji Temple. Yasuke fought his way to Nobunaga's side, his sword cutting through the trait "


The sun dipped below the horizon, bathing the Japanese countryside in a warm, amber embrace. Yasuke, a towering, powerfully built African man with skin as dark as midnight, knelt in the courtyard of Nobunaga's castle, his heart thundering with anticipation. A perilous journey had brought him to this moment, and yet, it was only the beginning of a story that would span continents and rewrite history.

Chapter 1: A World Away

In a small village on the Mozambique coast, Yasuke led a simple life, blissfully unaware of the extraordinary destiny that lay before him. His world shattered when slave traders captured him, ripping him from his homeland and thrusting him into a brutal odyssey across the Indian Ocean. Fate, however, had other plans when he reached the bustling port of Goa, India.

Chapter 2: Destiny's Winds

In Goa, Jesuit missionaries purchased Yasuke, altering the course of his life. Under their guidance, he embraced Christianity, mastered new languages, and absorbed the ways of the Western world. But the wind had not finished carrying him to his ultimate destination.

Chapter 3: The Enchanted Isles

Loyal to the missionaries, Yasuke accompanied them to Japan, a land shrouded in mystery and allure. He was captivated by its breathtaking landscapes, intricate customs, and refined people. As the first African in Japan, he sparked fascination and intrigue wherever he went.

Chapter 4: Fateful Encounters

Kyoto, the heart of feudal Japan, bore witness to the meeting that would forever change Yasuke's life. Oda Nobunaga, a formidable and influential daimyo, was entranced by Yasuke's physical prowess, intellect, and exotic origins. Recognizing Yasuke's potential, Nobunaga welcomed him into his service as a samurai.

Chapter 5: A Warrior Forged

Yasuke's metamorphosis from slave to samurai was laden with trials. He navigated the grueling training, a rigid code of honor, and the complexities of Japanese society. Undaunted, he flourished, earning the admiration of his fellow samurai and the unwavering trust of Nobunaga.

Chapter 6: A Land Divided

As Nobunaga pursued his vision of a united Japan, Yasuke fought valiantly by his side in countless battles. The legend of the African samurai swelled with each victory, and their unbreakable bond deepened. Together, they braved the treacherous world of shifting alliances and betrayals that shaped the era.

Chapter 7: Whispers of Betrayal

Yasuke's renown as a skilled and devoted samurai expanded, as did his connection with Lord Nobunaga. But beneath the surface, a storm was brewing. Mitsuhide Akechi, once a staunch ally, had grown disillusioned with Nobunaga's leadership. His bitterness festered, fed by perceived slights and political machinations. Consumed by ambition and lust for power, Mitsuhide's judgment faltered.

Chapter 8: The Price of Loyalty

Yasuke detected the change in Mitsuhide's spirit and grew increasingly apprehensive. But his unwavering loyalty to Nobunaga held him back from voicing his suspicions. Instead, he redoubled his efforts, ever watchful and prepared to defend his lord at any cost.

Chapter 9: A Night of Shadows

On a fateful evening, the Oda clan gathered to revel in their recent triumphs, oblivious to the treachery that lurked in the shadows. Mitsuhide Akechi's nefarious scheme had been set in motion.

Chapter 9: A Night of Shadows

As dawn broke, the piercing cries of battle shattered the night's tranquility. Mitsuhide's forces had launched a devastating surprise attack on Nobunaga's residence at the Honno-ji Temple. Yasuke fought relentlessly, his sword cleaving through the treacherous warriors as he made his way to Nobunaga's side.

Chapter 10: Flames of Betrayal

The Honno-ji Temple, once a sanctuary of peace, was now engulfed in flames and chaos. Yasuke and Nobunaga fought back to back, their swords a blur of steel, as Mitsuhide's forces closed in. Despite their valiant efforts, they were outnumbered, and Yasuke could sense the battle was lost. With a heavy heart, he whispered a prayer for Nobunaga's soul, knowing that his lord would never surrender.

Chapter 11: A Promise Unbroken

As the temple crumbled around them, Yasuke was captured by Mitsuhide's soldiers. Imprisoned and stripped of his samurai status, he reflected on the path that had led him to this moment. Amidst the darkness, he found solace in the memories of his life with Nobunaga and his time as a missionary. A fire kindled within him, reigniting a long-forgotten purpose.

Chapter 12: The Road to Redemption

In the chaos following Mitsuhide's coup, Yasuke seized an opportunity to escape. He journeyed across war-torn Japan, seeking refuge and a chance to reclaim his former life. His determination and faith guided him, as did the memory of the missionaries who had once saved him from a life of slavery.

Chapter 13: Rebirth of a Missionary

Yasuke found solace and purpose among a group of missionaries in a remote village. Embracing his past, he became an instrumental figure in their community, sharing his knowledge of Christianity, languages, and the Western world. As he nurtured their faith, Yasuke felt the shadows of his life as a samurai slowly fade, replaced by the warm embrace of spiritual fulfillment.

Chapter 14: A Legacy Unforgotten

Though Yasuke had left the life of a warrior behind, the legend of the African samurai continued to grow. His story inspired generations, a testament to the power of resilience, courage, and the human spirit. It was a tale that transcended borders and time, a reminder that even in the darkest moments, hope and redemption could be found.


As twilight draped the Japanese countryside, Yasuke stood atop a hill, gazing at the village he now called home. His journey had been one of unimaginable hardship, transformation, and ultimately, redemption. And as the sun dipped below the horizon, Yasuke knew that his story, like the sun's eternal cycle, would continue to inspire and illuminate the hearts of those who heard it.


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