Hanyu Yuzuru is not only fans but also anti-sticky and disgusting

The one I've been listening to often, that's true. Looking at the comments of related articles, I'm scared of many people who say they don't like the w ay of divorce. In addition to writing comments, it's amazing to put stars on all the close opinions. I think divorce all of a sudden is short-sighted, but that's about it, it's just marriage. There were other ways, and some people even said that they should have protected their spouse even i f they stopped skating. If you don't want to meet a stalker, if you don't want to meet a molester, what's the difference? If this is a female idol, if you don't like it, you can only say it if you stop it, right? I guess there are a lot of strange people like that around him.

  • There are many passionate and dangerous individuals among the fans and anti-fans of Yuzuru Hanyu.


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