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Watching "Run with the Wind".

I'm watching myself.


[] Mayweather vs Nasukawa Tenshin will become the lowest fecal match in history

Rule without kick

With the money we pay for Mayweather, we would have made other cards. That's a shame.

The rule of Mayweather Battle is unpredictable ... Inoki Ali Battle also invited conflict (Nikkan Sports) https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20181230-00431889-nksports-fight





November 11, 2018


The Simon Wiesenthal Center denounced BTS, an internationally popular Korean band whose live performance on Japan TV was cancelled.


“Wearing a T-shirt in Japan mocking the victims of the Nagasaki A-bomb, is just the latest incident of this band mocking the past,” charged Rabbi Abraham Cooper. Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights NGO.


Members of the band posed for a photo shoot wearing hats with the Nazi SS Death Head logo. The SS was a key component of the Nazi mass murder of 6 million Jews during the WWII Holocaust. “Flags appearing on stage at their concert were eerily similar to the Nazi Swastika. It goes without saying that this group, which was invited to speak at the UN, owes the people of Japan and the victims of the Nazism an apology.”


“But that is not enough. It is clear that those designing and promoting this group’s career are too comfortable with denigrating the memory of the past. The result is that on young generations in Korea and around the world are more likely to identify bigotry and intolerance as beingcool’ and help erase the lessons of history. The management of this group, not only the front performers, should publicly apologize,” Rabbi Cooper added.




この2点はかなり気になる――なぜなら日本人でも知らない「長崎広島キノコ雲の違い」を明らかにして非難していること、Mocking the victimsという表現を使って「被爆者侮辱している」とSWC認識していることを明らかにしていることから、決して「ナチの方は謝るけど、原爆部分は言いがかり」というメッセージを受け入れないという姿勢が伝わるからだ。はっきり言ってこのメッセージナチ部分がかすむほどに反核的に読み取れる。謝罪すべき対象については「日本の人々(被爆者)とナチズムの犠牲者」と「日本の人々」を最初に置く念のいりようだ――これはそういう流儀なのかもしれないが。



In das Narrenschiff, in a small family company, idiot stuffs and idiot boss and his mother are committing incest with themselves.


Leon主題歌にもなっているstingのShape of My Heart


those who play never suspectで



勿論play cards with the girlsみたいにも使えるらしくて


1.play 人の場合



2.play cards with the girlsの場合









In 2001 Kofi Annan received the Nobel Prize in conjunction with the United Nations.

The focus of his speech was global inequality.

"Ladies and gentlemen,

Today in Afghanistan a girl will be born.

Her mother will hold her, feed her and comfort her and care for her just as any mother would anywhere else in the world.

In those most basic acts of human nature, humanity knows no divisions.

But to be born a girl in Afghanistan today, is to begin life centuries away from the prosperity that one small part of humanity has achieved.

Even thought her mother would do all in her power, to protect her and sustain her.

There is a one in four risk that the girl will not live to see her fifth birthday.

Whether she does is just one of the tests of our common humanity of our belief in our individual responsibility for our fellow men and women.

But it is the only test that matters.

Remember this girl then our large aims to fight poverty, prevent conflict or cure disease will nothing distant or impossible.

Indeed those aims would seem very near and very achievable as they should.

Because beneath the surface of stats and nations, ideas and language lies the fate of individual human beings in need.

Answering their needs will be the mission of the United Nations in the century to come.

Thank you very much."




Hirai T et al. Adverse effects of human papilloma virus vaccination on central nervous system: Neuro-endocrinological disorders of hypothalamo-pituitary axis. The Autonomic Nervous System 53: 49 -64, 2016

Matsudaira T, et al. Cognitive dysfunction and regional cerebral blood flow changes in Japanese females after human papillomavirus vaccination. Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience. 4: 220–227, 2016

Takahashi Y, et al. Immunological studies of cerebrospinal fluid from patients with CNS symptoms after human papillomavirus vaccination. Journal of Neuroimmunology. 298: 71-78, 2016

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Ozawa, K., Hineno, A., Kinoshita, T. et al. Suspected adverse effects after human papillomavirus vaccination: A temporal relationship between vaccine administration and the appearance of symptoms in Japan. Drug Saf 40: 1219, 2017.

Maki Y et al. Differential Diagnosis of Immune-Mediated Encephalopathies: “Neurological Symptoms of Diffuse Brain Damage”: A New Concept. Brain Nerve 69: 1131-1141

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Geier DA, Geier MR. Quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine and autoimmune adverse events: a case-control assessment of the vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) database. Immunol Res. 2016. doi:10.1007/s12026-016-8815-9.


Auschwitz surviver "Beware of hate".

The memory of my mother, going with her three children, with my little baby sister and my two younger brothers, going to the gas chamber, is the worst memory that I carry with me for the rest of my life.

My name is Max Eisen, and I'm a survivor of Auschwitz.

I saw her walk, I remember, all I could see was her back.

Carrying a baby in her arm, and my two little brothers.

There were no goodbyes said.

Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. Over 1.1 million of those were killed here, in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

I was fifteen years old when I arrived here, May of 1944.

A9892. Hungarian Transports.

Max has returned every year for the past two decades to tell his story.

Here we are,

I want you to sort try to smell what this place smelled like.

Can you hear the voices?

Scratches with their hands. They were trying to go through cement walls just to get away from the gas that was killing them.

Imagine 2,000 people fighting each other for a breath of air.

You could to say that this is the last will and testament of people who died here.

From darkness to light, what a wonderful thing it is to know that you're alive.

Every year Max joins the March of the Living, in memory of those forced on 'death marches' from the camps.

Some 12,000 people recently marched with Max from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I'm thinking of my family, who have to no markers, no graves, whose ashes have been blown to the four corners of the earth.

I don't know how I survived.

I'm amazed how I survived.


I'd like to tell a lot to the world.

Respect each other, no matter what religion or colour you are.

Hatred against Jewish people is alive and well all over the world.

I come back here to tell others not to go down this terrible road of hatred and intolerance.


It' a warning. Beware.

This place reminds you to beware of hatred.

from BBC.




ゾクチェン - Wikipedia https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%BE%E3%82%AF%E3%83%81%E3%82%A7%E3%83%B3#cite_note-22



註 13. 「ミラム」は、「夢見」(ゆめみ)あるいは「夢示」(むじ)と漢訳





Dream yoga - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_yoga

Dream Yoga or Milam —the Yoga of the Dream Stateis a suite of advanced tantric sadhana of the entwined Mantrayana lineages of Dzogchen (Nyingmapa, Ngagpa, Mahasiddha, Kagyu and Bönpo).

Dream Yoga are tantric processes and techniques within the trance Bardos of Dream and Sleep Six Yogas of Naropa.


To make the time we spend dreaming more meaningful, we must first recognize that we are dreaming.

That is the first exercise.

The next step is called transforming the dream; the third is known as multiplying.

The fourth practice is to unify the dream with the clear light.

Recognizing, transforming, multiplying and unifying the dream with the luminosity of the true nature; these four outline the essential applications of dream yoga.


iPhone Xノッチが美しい理由」って記事があがってて、おいおいあんなにダサいって言われてるのにそういうステマがくるか!と思ってリンク踏んだら

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658 名前番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載禁止です (ワッチョイW 6b85-z/R1)[] 投稿日:2018/05/09(水) 19:10:12.34 ID:ZSTwhRcz0 [1/2]




One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents of it was in pennies.

Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one's cheeks burned with the silent imputation of parsimony that such close dealing implied.

Three times Della counted it. One dollar and eighty-seven cents. And the next day would be Christmas.

【読む必要のない文学作品といえば?】聖書過大評価されており、必ずしも「読む必要のない21冊」 米誌「GQ」が選定 [979264442]




It's a bit like the crossroads of the sea, isn't it?

Is it?

Then people leave here to go all over the world, huh?


It's kind of amazing, isn't it?

What is?

In two days, we're leaving here. But this view will remain the same, right?

Of course, will.

We'll go to Antarctica, and come back to home, but boats will still come here every day, and the city will be full of people, going to school, working their jobs, hanging out with their friends, They'll all keep living their lives..

It' the same in our home country.

School's still being held, They're probably having dinner right about now.

In places we've never seen, locations we've never been, so many people are living so many kinds of lives, every day, without stopping. That's amazing!

Even though it's common sense, but we know you're getting at.

From the line of "A Place Further Than The Universe"


You don't alone. I don't want to anybody to die.

To my mother and my father.

Dad. Mom.

Thank you for raising me.

This might be my last letter.

If you're ever reincarnated…

and marry each other again,

I would want to be your son again.


I wasn't supposed to end like this.

I was supposed to find happiness, and show you I was happy.

That was the plan. So…

So, I'm praying…

that you would have me as your son again.


How with that sound?

I think it's good as is.

Sir, Is there anyone else you would want to send a letter to?

Maria. To Maria.

Ones to Ms.Maria?

Yes, she's a girl I grew up with. We've known each other since we were kids. She was like a sister to me. She told me she liked me. I think I liked her, too.

But I shipped out before we started acting like a true couple. We didn't even kiss.

Maria, How are you doing?

Do you remember the time you confessed your feelings for me?

I was really, really, really happy.

Maria. Maria, I want to go home to be by your side.

I don't want to die.

I want to go home, to be beside you.

Wait for me, please.

I can't open my eyes anymore,

Are you getting everything down?

Yes, I am.

Violet. Send off the letters for me.

Thank you for helping me.

I don't feel alone.

I am right here. I am right by your side.

I need touch you me. I need your touch.

I am holding your hand now, sir.

Oh I'm getting cold

Dad Mom Maria

"Kiss me"

"Thank you"

"Everything will be okay, sir. I promise your letters will be delivered.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to protect him.

I'm sorry that let him die.

I don't want to anybody to die.

from the line of "Violet Evergarden"

from a battlefield with love.





まだ眠いテレビも見たいしお腹すいた (Good morning!)






ドンマイ ドンマイ


I say, がんばれ私! がんばれ今日


Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice,

Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly.

When the world gets in my face,

I say, Have A Nice Day.

Have A Nice Day



Do you think I'll feel better if I forgive them?

You want to forgive them?

If it would make me feel better, I might.

But the I imagine them looking all relieved afterwords, it gets under my skin.

"Piss off" ?

Yeah.. I'm a pretty petty person, aren't it?

I beg your pardon, but could you leave Miyake Hinata alone?

You might think Hinata has been holding a grudge against you since she quit school, that she's been suffering badly.

Maybe you think she spends every day crying, thinking about what happened to her.

But, but,

But that's not true!

Hinata-chan is having a super, amazing fun time with us!

She's having a really fulfilling trip of the sort you can't get where you are!

Hinata is already looking forward!

She's already walking!

She's taking her steps with us!

Unlike Hinata, I'm a real jerk, so I'll say it outright.

You can't live your lives in this halfway state forever!

You hurt someone and made them suffer!

Now you get to live with that!

That's what you get for hurting someone!

That's what you get for hurting my friend!

You think you can come crawling back now?

Piss Off!

fro the line of "Sora yori mo toi basho -- A Place Further Than the Universe"



Welcome to the article

It's pleasure that you had acceess this QR.

The man on that sticker is called "Takahiro Karasawa" and he actually exists.

He became famous as a kind of "Internet memes" and become popular in Japan.

So I want to spread this memes into world, when you find this please tweet this sticker with tags #尊シール ,#TakahiroKarasawa and it will expand!




  • Sing
  • 声をかくす人






アメリカ人は狂っている? Americans are crazy?

米人気YouTuber今度は“ 日本嘲笑動画“で非難沸騰 (BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN) - Yahoo!ニュース

USA popular YouTuber Now blaming with "Japanese ridicule video" (BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN) - Yahoo! News




America's YouTuber, who has more than 15 million followers, Logan Paul has criticized the online upgrading of videos that thoroughly chills culture and customs when visiting Japan.



Paul posted a video shot of the body of a person who committed suicide at the foot of Mt. Fuji of Japan at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan at the end of 2017 and posted it to YouTube, and since it was flooded with criticism, he just deleted the video and apologized.



This video was posted on December 29, 30, 2017 before upgrading dead suicide bodies' videos.



In the video, in front of Kaminarimon in Tokyo, Asakusa, Paul talks like this.



"Do not forget to pay tribute to culture, because in Japan" respect "is everything."



However, from the next moment, there is a dangerous act of putting out loud, "Running creatures coming everywhere!", "Running the crowd everywhere!", Running through the crowd, incense smoke-burning incense burner Finally, the scene is being asked by security guards who are asked to leave.



Furthermore, immediately after finding a Game Boy in another place and purchasing it, he shouts loudly and crushes it on the road and destroys it, bringing complaints to the store "I can not play the game."



Escalate dangerous acts on public roads. Throw a cushion imitating a Pokemon ball to a passenger car while driving, and the passenger car suddenly stops. In addition to throwing a Pokemon ball cushion into a running bicycle basket or throwing it toward a cafeteria clerk, obviously looking annoying, finally hitting a policeman who is talking with the citizen at last.



Moving to the market, this time I am surprising the driver by jumping from behind with a friend to the running Thalle, and jumping to the loading platform of the track that is slowing down. Buy octopus feet and fish, walk around the town with bare hands grabbing the exposed fish, ask the passersby "Let's have a fish?", Or lie down on the carriageway. After pushing the fish against the glass door and closing up the woman who turned away her eyes, we left the octopus and the fish on the trunk of the taxi that was running and left.



After that, in the middle of the pedestrian crossing of downtown, we are pulling down pants and exposing the lower body of one pants.



Not only acts of danger but also acts of treating acts and food at the temple precincts and the like are interesting while ignoring Japanese culture. While laughing loudly, repeating these acts, Paul's remarks are inserted at the beginning repeatedly "I must pay homage" every time.


謝罪動画でも収入を得る Earn revenue even with apology video

筆者がこのビデオを見つけたYouTuberオンラインビデオニュースサイト「We The Unicorns」(本部ロンドン)は、この動画問題視。「ひゃあ、これは不快だ」というコメントをつけてFacebookビデオシェアし、15万回シェアされている。さらに、ポール非難する書き込みが5万4000件ついている。

YouTuber who I found this video and online video news site "We The Unicorns" (Headquarters / London) are problematic. Share a video on Facebook with a comment "This is uncomfortable", 150,000 shares are being shared. In addition, there are 54,000 writings that condemn Paul.


一方、「日本自殺の森で、自殺死体に遭遇した」というタイトル12月31日にアップした動画の波紋は続いている。 We The Unicornsによる記事は、動画の影響が大きかったことを物語る。

Meanwhile, the ripple of the movie uploaded on December 31 is continued with the title "I came across suicide bodies in the Japanese suicide forest". The article by We The Unicorns tells us that the influence of animation was great.



The article further reported that Paul's upgraded videos went immediately to the top of YouTube's trend page quickly and earned $ 7,000 to $ 56,000 in a short time until revenue was invalidated .



On Change.org, which carries out online signing activities for various campaigns, a signature requesting "deletion of Paul's YouTube channel" began right after the "dead body movie" was up, and in the early morning of January 8 (Eastern time) Approximately 370,000 signatures are gathered from inside.



Sarah, a Japanese fan and living in New York who signed this campaign, says:



"It is dangerous that Paul is seriously considering that it does not pay respect to a certain culture, even if revenue of a certain video is invalidated, he can earn revenue from YouTube only by other videos and comments There are enough followers to get it, his followers are often teenagers, parents do not control what they are watching online, what to see for the children I think that teaching not only buys a terminal but also is the parent's responsibility. "



As of January 7, YouTube's Paul's channel has not been stopped. On the contrary, his channel's followers have increased by about 5.8 million people in the past week.


YouTubeアメリカ人を狂わせた YouTube made Americans crazy.


President Trump and YouTuber are crazy symbol of USA?





Tillerson also addressed the U.S.'s relationship with China amid the tension with North Korea. He said the two countries have had talks about how to secure North Korea's nuclear weapons in the event of the regime's collapse -- with the U.S. reassuring China that it would retreat back below the 38th parallel that divides North and South Korea if it ever had to invade the North.








まず、単純にTOEIC 750点くらいって小学生低学年くらいの言語力なんだから大人向けをすらすら新聞読めなくても全くおかしくない。







The House is set on Thursday to pass its own version of the tax bill, which would cut taxes by more than $1.4 trillion over 10 years and broadly rewrite the business tax code.


下院 - 木曜日 - 税制法案 - 減税 - 1.4兆ドル - 10年 - 書き換える - 法人税



下院 / 木曜日にセットされる / 下院バージョン税制法案を通すために / その法案っていうのは減税する / 1.4兆円以上も / 10年以上かけて / それで、広く書き換える / 税制法案


But as with the health care debate earlier this year, the Senate emerged as the inconstant ally in President Trump’s pursuit of a major legislative accomplishment in his first year.

医療健康保険 - 今年早く - 上院 - 一定しない仲間 - トランプ大統領 - 追求 - 法案実績 - 1年目

でも/ 健康保険議論と同様に / 今年早くの

上院が現れる / 一定しない(常に賛成するとは限らない)仲間として / トランプ大統領が追い求めること / 主要な法案の実績 / (トランプの)1年目の




その as は、「〜と同様に」という意味接続詞。だから、この as with the health care debate は、「健康保険議論におけるのと同様に」つまり健康保険についての討論の場合にもそうであったように」という意味日本語では、こういう時は普通は「健康保険についての討論でもそうだったが、」というように、逆接でない「が」を使ってなんとなくつなぐ。(こういう日本語に関する知識も役に立つ)

なお、こういう as や with の意味や使い方は、辞書や基本例文集に載っているので、しっかり調べればわかる。僕は高校1年で授業で教わった。辞書ジーニアスオススメ。基本例文集は丸暗記しよう。







The House : よく分からんけど国会的な物でしょう。

is set on Thursday : 受動なのは動作主体が他だから大統領? / 国会(みたいなの)が木曜に開催される。

to pass : (法案を)通す。

its own version of the tax bill : 今回の会のという意味its own version

which would cut taxes by more than $1.4 trillion over 10 years : by普通に「〜による」みたいな感じで良いんじゃない。

and broadly rewrite the business tax code. : 法人税やね。would rewriteからs抜ける・・・

But as with the health care debate earlier this year, the Senate emerged as the inconstant ally in President Trump’s pursuit of a major legislative accomplishment in his first year.

But〜year,まで : オバマケアトランプが止めた話・・・。(政治の話になってるね・・・

the Senate emerged as the inconstant ally : Senateがトランプの味方として出てきた。

in President Trump’s pursuit of a major legislative accomplishment in his first year. : トランプの初年度の立法的成果。


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