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The First Black Samurai-Yasuke

Please improve the following novel to be more engaging and adding plot point of Yasuke returnig to being a missionary quitting Samurai " rologue:

The sun sank behind the horizon, casting the Japanese countryside in a warm, golden glow. In the courtyard of Nobunaga's castle knelt Yasuke, a tall, muscular African man with skin as dark as midnight. His journey to this moment had been long and treacherous, but it was only the beginning.

Chapter 1: A World Away

Yasuke lived an ordinary life in a small village on the Mozambique coast, unaware of the extraordinary destiny that awaited him. Captured by slave traders and torn from his homeland, he endured a grueling voyage across the Indian Ocean, finally arriving in the bustling port of Goa, India.

It was there that Yasuke's fate took an unexpected turn when he was purchased by Jesuit missionaries. In their service, he learned about Christianity, new languages, and the ways of the Western world. But his journey was far from over.

Chapter 2: The Land of the Rising Sun

As a loyal servant to the missionaries, Yasuke accompanied them on their journey to Japan, a land of mystique and intrigue. The beauty of the land, the complexity of its customs, and the elegance of its people captivated him. As the first African to set foot in Japan, he attracted attention and curiosity from all those who encountered him.

Chapter 3: The Encounter

In Kyoto, the capital of feudal Japan, Yasuke's life changed forever when he met Oda Nobunaga, one of the most powerful and influential daimyos of the time. Nobunaga was captivated by the African's physical prowess, intelligence, and unique background. Seeing potential in Yasuke, Nobunaga decided to take him into his service as a samurai.

Chapter 4: The Path of the Warrior

Yasuke's transformation from a slave to a samurai was fraught with challenges. He had to adapt to the rigorous training, strict code of honor, and the intricacies of Japanese society. But Yasuke's strength, resilience, and determination allowed him to excel, earning the respect of his fellow samurai and the trust of Nobunaga.

Chapter 5: The Unfolding War

As Nobunaga sought to unify Japan under his rule, Yasuke fought by his side in numerous battles. The African samurai's legend grew with each victory, as did his bond with Nobunaga. Together, they faced both triumph and tragedy, navigating the treacherous landscape of alliances and betrayals that defined the era.

Chapter 6: The Turning Tide

Yasuke's reputation as a skilled and loyal samurai grew, as did his bond with Lord Nobunaga. But in the shadows, the tides of change were brewing. Mitsuhide Akechi, once a loyal ally, had grown disillusioned with Nobunaga's rule. The resentment smoldered within him, fueled by a series of perceived slights and political maneuverings. Mitsuhide's ambition and desire for power began to cloud his judgment.

Yasuke sensed the shift in Mitsuhide's demeanor and grew increasingly wary of the samurai lord. However, loyalty to Nobunaga prevented him from openly voicing his concerns. He instead focused on his duties, ever vigilant and ready to protect his lord at a moment's notice.

One fateful evening, the Oda clan gathered to celebrate their recent victories. Unbeknownst to the revelers, Mitsuhide Akechi's treacherous plan was already in motion.

As the sun rose, the first cries of battle rang out. Mitsuhide's forces had launched a surprise attack on Nobunaga's residence at the Honno-ji Temple. Yasuke fought his way to Nobunaga's side, his sword cutting through the trait "


The sun dipped below the horizon, bathing the Japanese countryside in a warm, amber embrace. Yasuke, a towering, powerfully built African man with skin as dark as midnight, knelt in the courtyard of Nobunaga's castle, his heart thundering with anticipation. A perilous journey had brought him to this moment, and yet, it was only the beginning of a story that would span continents and rewrite history.

Chapter 1: A World Away

In a small village on the Mozambique coast, Yasuke led a simple life, blissfully unaware of the extraordinary destiny that lay before him. His world shattered when slave traders captured him, ripping him from his homeland and thrusting him into a brutal odyssey across the Indian Ocean. Fate, however, had other plans when he reached the bustling port of Goa, India.

Chapter 2: Destiny's Winds

In Goa, Jesuit missionaries purchased Yasuke, altering the course of his life. Under their guidance, he embraced Christianity, mastered new languages, and absorbed the ways of the Western world. But the wind had not finished carrying him to his ultimate destination.

Chapter 3: The Enchanted Isles

Loyal to the missionaries, Yasuke accompanied them to Japan, a land shrouded in mystery and allure. He was captivated by its breathtaking landscapes, intricate customs, and refined people. As the first African in Japan, he sparked fascination and intrigue wherever he went.

Chapter 4: Fateful Encounters

Kyoto, the heart of feudal Japan, bore witness to the meeting that would forever change Yasuke's life. Oda Nobunaga, a formidable and influential daimyo, was entranced by Yasuke's physical prowess, intellect, and exotic origins. Recognizing Yasuke's potential, Nobunaga welcomed him into his service as a samurai.

Chapter 5: A Warrior Forged

Yasuke's metamorphosis from slave to samurai was laden with trials. He navigated the grueling training, a rigid code of honor, and the complexities of Japanese society. Undaunted, he flourished, earning the admiration of his fellow samurai and the unwavering trust of Nobunaga.

Chapter 6: A Land Divided

As Nobunaga pursued his vision of a united Japan, Yasuke fought valiantly by his side in countless battles. The legend of the African samurai swelled with each victory, and their unbreakable bond deepened. Together, they braved the treacherous world of shifting alliances and betrayals that shaped the era.

Chapter 7: Whispers of Betrayal

Yasuke's renown as a skilled and devoted samurai expanded, as did his connection with Lord Nobunaga. But beneath the surface, a storm was brewing. Mitsuhide Akechi, once a staunch ally, had grown disillusioned with Nobunaga's leadership. His bitterness festered, fed by perceived slights and political machinations. Consumed by ambition and lust for power, Mitsuhide's judgment faltered.

Chapter 8: The Price of Loyalty

Yasuke detected the change in Mitsuhide's spirit and grew increasingly apprehensive. But his unwavering loyalty to Nobunaga held him back from voicing his suspicions. Instead, he redoubled his efforts, ever watchful and prepared to defend his lord at any cost.

Chapter 9: A Night of Shadows

On a fateful evening, the Oda clan gathered to revel in their recent triumphs, oblivious to the treachery that lurked in the shadows. Mitsuhide Akechi's nefarious scheme had been set in motion.

Chapter 9: A Night of Shadows

As dawn broke, the piercing cries of battle shattered the night's tranquility. Mitsuhide's forces had launched a devastating surprise attack on Nobunaga's residence at the Honno-ji Temple. Yasuke fought relentlessly, his sword cleaving through the treacherous warriors as he made his way to Nobunaga's side.

Chapter 10: Flames of Betrayal

The Honno-ji Temple, once a sanctuary of peace, was now engulfed in flames and chaos. Yasuke and Nobunaga fought back to back, their swords a blur of steel, as Mitsuhide's forces closed in. Despite their valiant efforts, they were outnumbered, and Yasuke could sense the battle was lost. With a heavy heart, he whispered a prayer for Nobunaga's soul, knowing that his lord would never surrender.

Chapter 11: A Promise Unbroken

As the temple crumbled around them, Yasuke was captured by Mitsuhide's soldiers. Imprisoned and stripped of his samurai status, he reflected on the path that had led him to this moment. Amidst the darkness, he found solace in the memories of his life with Nobunaga and his time as a missionary. A fire kindled within him, reigniting a long-forgotten purpose.

Chapter 12: The Road to Redemption

In the chaos following Mitsuhide's coup, Yasuke seized an opportunity to escape. He journeyed across war-torn Japan, seeking refuge and a chance to reclaim his former life. His determination and faith guided him, as did the memory of the missionaries who had once saved him from a life of slavery.

Chapter 13: Rebirth of a Missionary

Yasuke found solace and purpose among a group of missionaries in a remote village. Embracing his past, he became an instrumental figure in their community, sharing his knowledge of Christianity, languages, and the Western world. As he nurtured their faith, Yasuke felt the shadows of his life as a samurai slowly fade, replaced by the warm embrace of spiritual fulfillment.

Chapter 14: A Legacy Unforgotten

Though Yasuke had left the life of a warrior behind, the legend of the African samurai continued to grow. His story inspired generations, a testament to the power of resilience, courage, and the human spirit. It was a tale that transcended borders and time, a reminder that even in the darkest moments, hope and redemption could be found.


As twilight draped the Japanese countryside, Yasuke stood atop a hill, gazing at the village he now called home. His journey had been one of unimaginable hardship, transformation, and ultimately, redemption. And as the sun dipped below the horizon, Yasuke knew that his story, like the sun's eternal cycle, would continue to inspire and illuminate the hearts of those who heard it.


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https://anond.hatelabo.jp/20211111231157 で紹介した文章ですが、以下のように国内言語学者たちもゲノム研究を軸に研究を進めているのが現状だと思います








"Origins of the Japanese Language(2013)"

“From Koguryo to Tamna: Slowly riding to the South with speakers of Proto-Korean(2013)”

ヴォヴィン氏はアメリカ人ではなくロシア人ですが(それともも帰化してるんでしたっけ?)、それはさておき、この2本は元増田でも(「蛇足だけど」の項で)言及してあるはずですが……? 既に言及済みの文献を改めてご提示いただくのは少々困惑します。

でもって、「高句麗から耽羅へ」ってそういう論文でしたっけ? 改めて読み返してみましたけど、日琉語が朝鮮半島原住民言語であり、朝鮮語は内陸アジアから南下して朝鮮半島に入り、日琉語を駆逐した、ということを主張している論文であって、日本語の原郷については触れてないように思うんですが……「日本語の諸起源」も遼河流域について触れてなくないです? むしろ元増田引用したようにアルタイ説を強烈にdisってるような。




niwaradi 門外から議論を眺めたが対象スケールが違うのでは。素粒子実験物理の人が、基礎理論物理の人に観測もされてない粒子いっぱい持ち出して胡散臭いと言う話のように思えた。実験第一だが限界もある。


アメリカ移住して百年過ぎた英語ネイティヴ日系人血統的には日本人ですが言語系統としてはゲルマン系ですよね? ここで日系人血統いくら研究してもゲルマン語の原郷にはたどり着かないことは明らかですよね? つまり、「血統がわかれば言語系統もわかったことになる」というのは端的に論理が間違っているんですよ。


歴史言語学についてはまったくの素人だけど、最近話題になった「日本語の原郷は「中国東北部の農耕民」 国際研究チームが発表 | 毎日新聞」(はてブ)っていう記事の元になったロベーツらの論文(Robbeets et al. 2021)を読んでみたよ!






著者のロベーツは過去に著書(Robbeets 2015)を出版して、そちらでトランスユーラシア語族系統関係証明したとしているようである。残念ながら増田はその著書を読めていないので、著書の方では厳格な比較言語学手法系統関係証明されているというなら恐れ入谷鬼子母神シャッポを脱ぐしかないのだが、正直言ってめちゃめちゃ怪しく見えるよ……この論文では農業関係の語に絞って借用も含めた系統が論じられているんだけど、正直かなり無謀な気がするし、なんでこれでトランスユーラシア語族証明された扱いになってるのかちっともわからん。さすがに著書の方では基礎語彙の対応に基づいた議論してるんだよね? うーん……

かいツッコミになるけど、論文のSupplementary Informationで、お米を表す「まい」という語について論じている。著者らは琉球祖語に*maïを再建するんだけど、そこから派生した語形として与論語mai、沖縄語のmeeやmeと並んで奄美語misiやmiisɨを挙げている。いやいやどう考えても後者「めし」転訛だろ(標準日本語のエ段に対応する母音琉球諸語だとしばしばイ段になる)。まさかとは思うけど「まい」と「めし」区別がつかないで日琉語の系統を論じてるの?

追記:「それそもそも呉音じゃね?」というid:nagaichiさんの指摘を受けて追記。この論文ではちゃんと「The Chinese loan morpheme is also found in Sino-Japanese mai and entered Proto-Ryukyuan as *maï ‘rice’」と書かれていて、漢語から借用語であることは前提になってます。これは日本語の「早稲(わせ)」が朝鮮祖語*pʌsalから来てるんじゃね? っていうことを説明してるパートに付け足された部分で、借用語であることが誰の目にも明らかな「まい」に言及するのは蛇足じゃねーのと思うんですが……)

っていうか日琉祖語や琉球祖語の「土」が*mutaになってるけど何これ? *mitaじゃないの? 日本語方言形にmutaがあるから*mutaを再構したのかな? でも先行研究(ヴォヴィン 2009: 11)で指摘されてるように祖語形は*mitaだよね……(cf. 八丈語mizya)(なお標準語「つち」は先行研究によれば朝鮮から借用語

さらに、著者は3年前の論文の中でトランスユーラシア語族系統推定しているが、その系統樹では、南琉球語群(先島諸島の諸方言)のうち、まず八重山語分岐して、次に宮古語与那国語が分かれたということになっている(Robbeets and Bouckaert 2018: 158)。……なんていうか地図見ておかしいと思わないのかな。もちろんそんな分岐絶対にありえないと言うことはできないけど、こんな分岐はこれまでの琉球研究提唱されたこともない。もっと言えば、ウェイン・ローレンス2000; 2006)の言語学的な研究によって、宮古語には見られない改新与那国語八重山諸語が共有していることが明らかにされている(つまり琉球祖語がまず宮古八重山に分かれ、八重山祖語から与那国語分岐したと推定される)。大丈夫? 日本語の先行研究ちゃんと読んでる?

余談。本論文はやたらと琉球諸語から例を引っ張ってきてるけど、個人的には「本土日本語」は側系統であって琉球諸語は薩隅方言姉妹関係にある南日本語派の一分岐だという五十嵐陽介(2021)の分析妥当だと思うので、根本的に日本語琉球語を姉妹群とするかのような系統樹には納得できないんだよな(ちなみに五十嵐研究活字になったのは今年だけど5年ほど前から活発にあちこちで発表されててレジュメはresearchmapで誰でも読める状態だった。まあプレプリント以前の発表原稿の段階のもの引用しろというのは酷だと思うのでロベーツが参照してないのは仕方ない)。考古学的・人類学証拠からは、琉球列島へのヒトや言語流入比較的遅いことが推測されるけど、その頃にはとっくに日琉語は複数系統分岐してるはずなんだからcf.万葉集』の東国語)、琉球語が日琉祖語まで遡る古い系統か? っていうとどう考えても違うわけで。


ロベーツらの研究依拠しているソースの1つに、セルゲイ・スタロスチンというロシア研究者による語源辞典がある。しかしこのスタロスチンという研究者は、日本語が「アルタイ語族」に属すという証明のために色々と強引な当てはめをやっているのだ。アレクサンドル・ヴォヴィンは、スタロスチンがいかにテキトーなことを書いているか検討している(Vovin 2005; ボビン 2003: 19–26)。たとえば、スタロスチンは日本語に基づいてアルタイ祖語に*u「卵」を再構するのだが、これはどう見ても「卯」と「卵」の取り違えである。また、スタロスチンは日本祖語に*situ「湿っぽい」を再構するが、「湿」をシツと読むのは音読み(=漢語からの借用)であることは説明するまでもないだろう。こんないい加減な「語源辞典」を使って日琉語の系統を論じるってかなり勇者だと思わない?

(っていうか、スタロスチンをはじめとする「アルタイ語族」説の支持者、与那国語標準語のyにdが対応する(cf. duru「夜」;dama「山」)のを祖語形の残存だと主張してるのか(Vovin 2010: 40)。思ってた以上にやべーな)

案の定、ロベーツの著書も他の研究からボロクソ言われているようだ。ホセ・アロンソ・デ・ラ・フエンテは、彼女の著書に対する書評で、「Throughout the book there are inconsistencies which may stem from a lack of familiarity with the languages involved and their scholarly traditions」(Alonso de la Fuente 2016: 535)として、彼女満洲語転写が実にテキトーであることを指摘している。前述のヴォヴィンはさら辛辣なことを書いている(Vovin 2017。出典表記は省略)。

The recent attempts to prove that Japanese is related not only to Korean, but also to the “Altaic” languages fare even worse. In spite of the devastating critique that has been leveled at these quasischolarly publications, they [Starostin and Robbeets] still continue to sprout like mushrooms after the rain, greeted, of course, by yet another round of devastating critique...









このへんの言語史については、古代朝鮮半島には幅広く日琉語(大陸倭語;Penninsular Japonic)が分布してたんだけど、北方から朝鮮話者が進入してきて言語が置き換わった、という説(Vovin 2013)が個人的には面白いなぁと思う(大陸倭語については、Vovin 2017; 伊藤 2019; 2021も参照)。いや、素人の考えだからひょっとしたら大間いかもしれないけど。ただ、仮に大陸倭語の存在を認めるなら、日琉語の故地(Urheimat)が列島の外にある可能性もあるわけで、故地をめぐる議論どうしようかっていう議論は生まれてくるところだと思う。



著者のRobbeetsさん名字を「ロッベエツ」と書いてる新聞があったけど、日本語表記するなら「ロベーツ」じゃない? ベルギー研究者らしいけど、bが重なってるのは詰まって読むこと(促音)を示してるんじゃなくて、その前にある母音が短母音である(「ローベーツ」ではない)ことを示すためのものでしょ、オランダ語的に考えて……。

それにしてもマンチュリア(いわゆる満州)を「中国東北部」と呼ぶの、ヤウンモシㇼを「日本北部」と呼ぶようなもので、先住民族である満洲人の存在を透明化し漢人の入植を自明のものとする植民地主義的な用法から政治的に正しくないと思うんだよな。ちゃんマンチュリア or 満州と呼ぶべきでは。

Q. 増田って賭けに強いの?

A. スプリンターズSではダノンスマッシュ秋華賞ではユーバーレーベン、菊花賞ではステラヴェローチェ天皇賞(秋)ではコントレイルエリザベス女王杯ではアカトリノムスメの勝利を予想していました。マイルCSではグランアレグリアに賭けてますジャパンカップは今度こそコントレイルが勝つはず。


niwaradi そもそも著者が多く日本大学学者が共著者に10人以上いてNature編集部レビュワー賛同したはずなので学会で揉めてる分野なのかな?日本語朝鮮語の共通祖先はどこかにあると思うが。

共著者が多いのは、色んな分野にまたがって調査してる理系論文だとよくあることだと思いますNature基本的理系雑誌なんで言語学みたいな文系領域事情にはあんまり明るくなかったんじゃないでしょうか。ちなみにその「日本語朝鮮語の共通祖先はある」って考え方にめっちゃ反対してるのが本文で言及したヴォヴィンです。最新の論文(Vovin 2021)では日本語起源は「アルタイ語族」じゃなくてオーストロアジア語族だーって気炎を上げてます(ほんとかよ)。

behuckleberry02 大野晋先生が生き返ってあと数十年研究してくれんかな


c_shiika 令和の騎馬民族征服王朝説だったか…… / ウマ増田さんはウマの記事ちゃん増田投稿するべきだと思うの


mori99 話は逸れるが、恐れ入谷鬼子母神とか、増田、何歳だよ。※あるいは寅さんフリーク




[] そのごじゅうご

タイムムーブススロウリーッス              JP Cooper/September Song ( You were my September song Summer lasted too long Times moves so slowly When you're only fifteen )
















1. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not / Arctic Monkeys

2.Relationship Of Command / At The Drive-In

3.Slaughter Of The Soul / At The Gates


5.K. AND HIS BIKE / the band apart


7.Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath

8.Hate Cres Deathroll / Children of Bodom

9.Deathrace King / The Crown

10.Whisper Supremacy / Cryptopsy

11.The Sound of Perseverance / Death

12.Deepest Purple / Deep Purple

13.Once Upon The Cross / Deicide

14.Like An Everflowing Stream / Dismember

15.Sonic Firestorm / Dragonforce

16.Images & Words / Dream Theater

17.Tarkus / EL&P

18.Left Hand Path / Entombed


20.Strictly Commercial / Frank Zappa

21.Appetite For Destruction / Guns N' Roses

22.One Kill Wonder / The Haunted

23.Treasure Chest / Helloween


25.Screaming Symphony / Impellitteri

26.The Number of The Beast / Iron Maiden

27.Painkiller / Judas Priest

28.Kasabian / Kasabian

29.In the Court of the Crimson King / King Crimson

30.Korn / Korn

31.Led Zeppelin Remasters / Led Zeppelin

32.Retribution / Malevolent Creation

33.Antichrist Superstar / Marilyn Manson

34.De-Loused in the Comatorium / The Mars Volta

35.Blood Mountain / Mastodon

36.Rust in Peace / Megadeth

37.obZen / Meshuggah

38.Master of Puppets / Metallica

39.Ride the Lightning / Metallica

40.Domination / Morbid Angel

41.Ace of Spades / Motorhead

42.Lovelsee / My Bloody Valentine

43.Black Seeds of Vengence / Nile

44.In There Darkened Shrines / Nile

45.Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka / Nile

46.The Downward Spiral / Nine Inch Nails

47.Never Mind / Nivana

48.Slowly We Rot / Obituary

49.Ghost Reveries / Opeth

50.Best of Ozz / Ozzy Osbourne

51.Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! / Panteta

52.Consuming Impulse / pestilence

53.Dark Side Of The Moon / Pink Floyd

54.Sailing the seas of the Cheese / Primus

55.Antipop / Primus

56.Operation: Mindcrime / Queensryche

57.Kid A / Radiohead

58.Rage Against The Machine / Rage Against The Machine

59.Rising / Rainbow

60.Blood Sugar Sex Magic / Red Hot Chili Peppers


62.2112 / Rush

63.REIGN IN BLOOD / Slayer

64. SLIPKNOT / Slipknot

65.IOWA / Slipknot


67.Silense / Sonata Arctica

68.Good morning / SPECIAL OTHERS

69.Effigy of the Forgotten / Suffocation


71.The Divine Wings Of Tragedy / Symphony X

72.Toxicity / System of a down

73.World Downfall / Terrorizer

74.Lateralus / Tool

75.De Profundis / Vader

76.Elephant / The White Stripes

77.Close to The Edge / Yes


79.あぶらがこ(亀盤)/ あぶらだこ

80.生命力 / チャットモンチー

81.MUSIC / フジファブリック

82.南蛮渡来 / 暗黒大陸じゃがたら

83.無罪モラトリアム / 椎名林檎

84.大人 / 東京事変

85.Revolutionary / 9mm Parabellum Bullet




別に聞き取れなきゃ、Would you speak more slowly please?とか言えばいいだろコミュ障かよ





欧米の道迷いに関する書籍「mountain navigation」には以下の記述がある。「

work your way slowly downhill folowing streams, as these tend to lead eventually to havitation」とあるように、川筋に下っていけば、やがて居住地にたどり着くという考え方もある。






Your Smile

When I met you there was spring light

And breeze in the street

My childish heart cheered

In the distant summer night of that day

I neglected loneliness

As I passed through the autumn day

A warm winter street

Reassured me of your warmth

At all times you have

A sincere look in your eyes

Even if you fall you will stand up again

I drew some strength

From your profile

That only gazes ahead .

Your smile

And your voice

Created my future

The time

That began to move

Carved out slowly changing days.

I should be able to overcome

Difficulty at any time

Because I have a dream

Now I have found

Something precious

Something that I want to protect.

I don't know the reason

for your tears that day

Beyond the upset I saw

A path leading to a dream.

I'm not afraid of mistakes

If I take a step forwards

Then I can have more faith in myself.

People look towards

The other side of sadness

This is what the sight of your back has told me

At my side

By your side

I could cry with longing to live in the moment

A dream

Without end

Must lead to somebody's future.

Don't give up


I heard your voice

I found

Something precious

Something that I want to protect

I am not alone

I am always by your side

Because I want to see your smile

From the line of "Asagao to Kase-san"



The publication in France of our book Impostures Intellectuelles [1] appears to have created a small storm in certain intellectual circles. According to Jon Henley in The Guardian, we have shown that ``modern French philosophy is a load of old tosh.''[2] According to Robert Maggiori in Libération, we are humourless scientistic pedants who correct grammatical errors in love letters.[3] We shall try to explain here why neither is the case.

Some commentators go farther, attacking not our arguments but our alleged motivations for writing the book. Julia Kristeva, writing in Le Nouvel Observateur, accuses us of spreading ``disinformation'' as part of an anti-French politico-economic campaign[4]; she was even quoted (we hope misquoted) by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera as saying that we should undergo psychiatric treatment.[5] Vincent Fleury and Yun Sun Limet, again in Libération, accuse us of seeking to divert research funds from the social to the natural sciences.[6] These defences are curious: for even if our motivations were indeed as ascribed (and they most certainly aren't), how would that affect the validity or invalidity of our arguments? We have the modest hope that calmer heads will soon prevail among both our supporters and our critics, so that the debate can focus on the substantive content of our book.

Which is what? The book grew out of the now-famous hoax in which one of us published, in the American cultural-studies journal Social Text, a parody article chock-full of nonsensical, but unfortunately authentic, quotes about physics and mathematics by prominent French and American intellectuals.[7] However, only a small fraction of the ``dossier'' discovered during Sokal's library research could be included in the parody. After showing this larger dossier to scientist and non-scientist friends, we became (slowly) convinced that it might be worth making it available to a wider audience. We wanted to explain, in non-technical terms, why the quotes are absurd or, in many cases, simply meaningless; and we wanted also to discuss the cultural circumstances that enabled these discourses to achieve such prominence and to remain, thus far, unexposed. Hence our book, the noise and the furore.


Brain distant a person

Nights, downward the actual curtain on the darkish. Rather busy day time people hurried towards home, along with the family unit. Daily belonging to the noisy town also proceeds towards the an old days or weeks all the tranquility. You bent LengYue has quietly hung in the shrubs, conceal behind the cloud towards relaxation daily belonging to the famous actors equally slowly awaken, start that rudiments associated with eyes, for the pulsating complete too stunning light.

I'm keen on private, to be a person at dusk the actual quiet not to mention delightful roadway for any go around. Additionally helpful to wander by themselves from this peaceful tiny most people about the roadways of skip anyone far away. While, WE need to know your location, also need to know in case you have consider me personally, however Actually, i know that right now, AS I genuinely wish to, beneficial presume a person......

If a wind power blowing into my personal heart, a center on instantly from the thoughts from films for hills. Because a vibrant moonlight on when in front of me personally, AS I view the moon has your own shadow. After the very first planet that's delightful some blasting music artist presently of the nighttime sky, WE apparently read the your wish and your ideal. In the event the moment meteor throughout from prior to me, as i similar my personal eyes, their hands collapsed for the shooting take the leading role developed a small amount, that is certainly, I allow meteor is actually my would like most people not to mention lose for you, and even inform you about, Now i am that quiet night, not a soul, great issue around far-away place of a person......

Winter weather event really black, extended, moreover very cold, AS I nevertheless wandering in this particular lengthy long occasion, for the reason that event WE surround, allow ice cold blowing wind blowing such as me, WHEN I is not aware. My center will be as if from most people glow thinkings from the terminate, getting rid of, this steamy the actual fire. The continue within boiling, the brain within rolling, the sensing stuffed, I adore floating within......

Guess what happens? So i'm scared on the dark, though adore within the night. So i'm scared on the cold, just who dropped fond of snow. I adore one, not saying you. WHEN I forget a person, though cannot explain. Since you also contain your own dream, you could have ones own goal, you could have your task, you could have much more the position and responsibilities. Well, i find it difficult to trouble you, find it difficult to supply you with difficulty, alot more cannot help you for WE distractions. Although I'm sure your own with the mind even wish to everybody, however I am able to only place you with the spirit. Silence from the heart belonging to the range to pass-up most people...





Tonight, the star are obsessed heart

【 1 】 searching. Summer mood

Warm sunshine in the body and melted the remaining the sorrow, but increase some warm meaning. Half a narrowed her eyes, look long rear its head, the suspension of the golden ball still smiled at me. The window, have always liked position, whether in the coffee shop or the teahouse or is a fast-food restaurant, as long as is the place all to sit down for the habitual by a window. So, I can clearly see the outside world, see clearly in the outside walk every one.

I am a fear of stay in that vague world people, can now, are steps into the relationship that vague. Once the countless times told himself, the person to work to clear and plainly, clean, neat. But, now of oneself, not only drag, ya, indecision is at sixes and sevens, blurred.

Summer, is a hot season, also is a easily lose season. Each people all have everyone's temper, and summer, let everyone's temper to acme. Stimulate each other's sensory nerve, little the release of anger. They have with anger, with anger passing, also have with anger of fighting the performance...

All kinds of people are full of all kinds of release methods, and I still slowly, don't worry about being by your side. Pay attention to you every day the fickle mood, ponder your mood every day of good and bad. Sometimes think, time is like a medicine, and like a poison. It makes us forget the pain before, but start the next paragraph sad. It let we abandon our past and desolate, but to a desolate.

【 2 】 summer. Away from grief

Spring as the fallen petal go, wearing a suit LuYeEr of summer in the jump in the warm wind coming, I like winning, jubilant welcome the arrival of the summer. I like summer, like the warm sunshine. Like the sunrise, also like the sunset. Like the golden sun, also like the warmth of sunshine.

Where there is sun, and I feel that my world will not too cold.

Where there is sun, and I feel that my life not too dark.

Where there is sun, and I think the world is full of hope.

Had the sunlight, I have confidence has been waiting for you.

The recent weather and began to change is full of sunshine in the morning, and at noon, will see the sun's trail, the change is the roaring winds, bully touching each corner, don't allow a little resistance. Recently is always looking for a variety of ways, to ease his trouble and sorrow. No longer let oneself and sad hook, no longer let yourself with tears become attached to, so, no longer let their sorrow.

Recently, always looking for all kinds of things to do, like have do not like, just like it or not, will be serious to do. So it won't have too much time to think some the mess of things, so that it doesn't always have my insignificant problem into the inside and you weep alone.

[3] night. sensational

With only a sunshine gradually exit out of the window, the moonlight slowly emerging, tight with all kinds of the stars also slowly appeared in the sky. The earth is a light moonlight and the stars into romantic ornament night. Little stars sings like pearl inlaid in under the canopy, ShanShanDe with a light, and the next you said nothing, as if to see this wonderful night.

Into that familiar with the place, the habitual open air conditioning, open the curtains, the outside world is still so wonderful, the stars and not because night and receding, but more glow. At the moment, finally understand, why do so many people like stars in the night, the night the crush.

Tonight's you, different from ordinary, striking a little can't believe. Don't know is his vision, or a real feelings, whether true or not true world. All like tonight's you, suddenly a few days before the fall of all scores brought. Perhaps that is part of your charm.

Night, still as black, so quiet. Just, tonight's night, less afraid.

I and, as usual, quiet looking at the sleeping you, the mouth cape raise filar silk smile and this is that light taste happiness?





Winter warming Yang

Early winter sky, like the patient's face the overcast, day to sink. Anxiety emotions such as this pervading the mist, tightly in my mind, catch my breath. This noon, the sun finally broke through the cloud and mist, show smiling face. The golden sunshine, the clear as on snow, warm warm silver fai in the flow. My heart like this in the window sunshine, suddenly lit up. On the vast expanse of the forms.it, bathed in the warm sunshine, the in the mind unspeakable joy, really want to in the sparkling on snow run, to release under pressure in the life, the one anxious heart, make it in the warm Yang blowing quiet quiet stretch open, as Snow White pure it gently the each place, leave a light the tranquil, calm in heart ripples.

The winter warm Yang heartily of vent to their hot, sprinkle with golden way way, the snow on glaring multicoloured halo, like in a split up around me gorgeous flowers. And as a series of colorful picture, in my sight of dreaming floating, I stand still didn't dare move, very afraid that move will put it like running scared. The sun be warm in my body, face and hands gently touched, a thick warm meaning in my heart rise, and then a puzzling to love is full whole body. Oh! I see, the soft touch, it's like my lover it. As the sun jade-like stone son bright smile, as if appear in the shadows. And when she left the same way, or that naughty smile, two small dimples with the face. She bantered said "to chase me! After a good deal for you win." I'm excited, but at a loss, just gazing at the light faded away in her in in the distance, RenXue the ground I do the footprints of the lonely, in lightly sigh.

Sunshine slowly breeze snow, the BaiXueShan quietly accept this trust god's touch. Like the girl like falling in love with lover's arms in school, doing the colorful dream. I was the true meaning of the snow moved and also enjoy stealthily warm winter sun kissing. The light sad like the like melted, had been in my memory, such as the white as forms.it of, did not leave traces. My heart immersed in the warmth of sunshine, and in the winter it forms.it quietly in fell asleep.

The winter warming Yang, don't abandon not to leave, waiting at my side, as my mother was waiting for the I, with all my heart, have no complaint. It let me understand, life not only it is the exhaustion of body and mind, worried restlessness. There is a kind of beautiful scenery, on our side. In fact they have been waiting for us, as long as pay attention side a flower, a leaf, a wisp of spring breeze, a rain, a snow, a blue sky, and so on. Like I say to this winter warm sample, calm down to, fine fine ground to observe, and deeply to taste, will get unexpected harvest.




Japan is killed only by you.

People all over the world think that Japan is ruined by nuclear accident. But that’s not true. We know the seriousness of the nuclear accident, but don’t despair. Nuclear can’t kill us.

In 1945, A-bomb killed many people and reduced cities to ruins. But in the cities, trains restarted to run after only 3 days. People returned to and rebuilt the cities soon. 5 years after, additionally, a professional baseball team was established at the cities. Now Hiroshima and Nagasaki become leading cities in Japan. We declare again, nuclear can’t kill us.

But if people avoid made-in-Japan product by harmful rumor, Japan is ruined, really.

We understand your wish for saving your loved one from radioactivity. We promise to respond your wish in a sincere manner and concentrate on ensuring product safety. Instead, we want you to respond our wish.

In 2011, we are rebuilding cities, slowly but surely. We believe reconstruction of our homeland.

Earthquake can’t kill us. Nuclear can’t kill us. We are killed only by you.







I pray that people all over the world read this text.





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