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When to use a mask

・If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection.

Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing.

Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

・If you wear a mask, then you must know how to use it and dispose of it properly.










楽園こちら側」の「事実に誠意を」をほぼdeepLで翻訳してみた その2


12 Dr. Hiroshi Nishiura is one of the few professionals of mathematical models of infectious diseases in Japan, and it is well known that his ability is outstanding. However, many people don't understand mathematical models themselves (I must confess that I can't say that I understand all of the findings because I'm not a professional of mathematical models either), so his findings and comments are easily deified. Because the contents of the mathematical model are a complete black box to many people, it makes it seem like the oracle is coming out like a shrine's oracle. Much of Japan's infection control policy relies on the Nishiura theory. So there is nothing wrong with that, but one of the problems in Japan is that there is no plan B in case plan A goes bust. Dr. Nishiura is an excellent scholar. It is not God. Hence the need to have that Plan B with the possibility of making a mistake. I am greatly concerned that bureaucrats and politicians who are prone to infallibilism will mistake science for an oracle. It is only when falsifiability is assured that science can continue to be scientific.


13 数理モデル演繹法活用産物である演繹法帰納法アブダクションで補完するのが、学問の基本であり、臨床医学常識である演繹法的にどんなに正しく見えても実はそれは違っていた、ということはこの業界ではよくあることなのだ。ヘーゲルマルクスのような巨大な知性でも演繹法オンリーでは間違うのである

Mathematical models are the product of deductive methods. The deductive method is complemented by the inductive or abduction method, which is the basis of scholarship and the common sense of clinical medicine. It's a common occurrence in this industry that no matter how deducibly correct it may seem, it's actually not true. Even a huge intellect like Hegel or Marx can make a mistake by deduction alone.


14 モデルを使うな、といっているのでは決してない。ぼく自身モデルを用いて論文を書く。しかし、モデル無謬ではなく、そこには前提である仮定があり、仮定はしばしば間違っている。グラム染色活用するとは、グラム染色にできないこと、分からないことを知悉していることであり、グラム染色万能論者にグラム染色は使えない。同じことだ。英国でも数理モデル活用されているが、だからこそ英国人はその結語には非常に懐疑的で、常に反論異論が起きている。健全科学的な態度である

 I'm not saying don't use the model at all. I myself write a paper using a model. However, the model is not infallible, there are assumptions that are assumptions, and the assumptions are often wrong. Making use of Gram's stain means having full knowledge of what Gram's stain cannot do and does not understand, and Gram's stain cannot be used by Gram's stain universalists. It's the same thing. Mathematical models are also utilized in the UK, which is why Brits are very sceptical of their conclusions, and there are always counter-arguments and objections. It is a sound and scientific attitude.

感想:「前提たる仮定」がうまく訳せていなかったので「前提である仮定」にしたが、assumptions that are assumptionsになってしまった。


15 Japan's "now" is a well-controlled state of infection, which is much better than Wuhan at its worst, or Italy, Spain, France, England, or New York at the present time. The problem is that it doesn't guarantee that it will "always work".


16 懸念されるのは東京だ。感染報告が増えたことだけが問題なのではない。クラスター形成できない、トレースできない感染者が増えているのが問題である。そして、その陽性患者数に比べて検査数がずっと少ない。47人の感染者を捕捉するために100人未満(陽性者の検査日が不明だが、おそらくこのへんだろう)しか検査していないのは少なすぎる。

It is Tokyo that is of concern. The increase in reports of infection is not the only problem. The problem is that more and more infected people are unable to form clusters and cannot be traced. And the number of tests is much lower than that number of positive cases; it's too little that they only tested less than 100 people (the date of testing for the positives is unknown, but it's probably around here) to capture 47 infected people.

Again, it's not necessary to figure out all the infected people. However, it is troubling that the flow of infection, movement and clusters are out of sight. Therefore, the threshold for testing must be lowered in Tokyo. The threshold for testing varies with the circumstances. That's what I explained with the Korean example. Sticking to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "standards" will lead to a misunderstanding of the phenomenon itself. Already in the Kansai region, infected people have been found with taste and smell abnormalities, and clusters have been detected from there. I would like to make more use of the athletic sensibilities of these clinicians. I'm not sure "where" in Tokyo is the barrier to lowering the number of inspections, but that barrier needs to be removed immediately.



17 This conceptual diagram that everyone is looking at - lowering the peak of the infection and shifting it to the side. This is all a product of deduction, and I don't know if it's really true. As mentioned above, the UK estimates already suggest that this is not enough. It is possible that the damage that was shifted to the side could simply be "extra-long damage".


18  そして、ここが肝心なのだが、ピークを下げるという理念が、「ピークを下げなければいけない」という観念になり、「ピークは下がっているはずだ」という確信になり、「ピークは起きていないんだ」という自己暗示に転じてはいけないということだ。プランAに固執する日本あるあるの失敗のパターンで、ダイヤモンドプリンセスでは「二次感染が起きてはいけない」が「起きているはずがない」に転じてノーガード下船を許してしまった。「ピークが起きてはいけない」が「ピークなんて見たくない」にならないように現実を見据える必要がある。たとえ、それが我々の見たくない不都合な真実であったとしても。

And this is the key point: the idea of lowering the peak should not become the notion that the peak must be lowered, or the belief that the peak must be lowered, or the self-implication that the peak is not happening. In a pattern of Japanese failure to stick to Plan A, Diamond Princess allowed no-guard disembarkation by changing "secondary infection should not occur" to "it can't have happened". We need to keep our eyes on reality so that "peak shouldn't happen" doesn't become "I don't want to see a peak. Even if it is an inconvenient truth that we don't want to see.



19 Repeatedly. It's common knowledge in this industry that deductive methods are complemented by inductive methods. Nevertheless, PCR is often false-negative and has little power to determine the status of infection. That's why "testing everything" is so wrong. However, a serum test measuring immunoglobulin IgM and IgG would provide a more accurate picture of the "status of infection in the population. This, however, is not infallible. It is difficult to use for individual cases because it misses early infection, which is why it misses early HIV infection.Whether antibody testing is useful in individual cases remains to be tested, but it is well suited for epidemiological studies on a population basis. Roughly speaking, we can confirm whether the "infection is rampant" in Tokyo right now, or whether it's just an unfounded fear.


As a precedent, serology tests in London showed that the 2009 pandemic flu was 10 times more likely than previously predicted. Antibody testing is often performed after an outbreak, but now is a good time to examine COVID-19, which is becoming a chronic pandemic.


20 英国さらアグレッシブだ。家庭で抗体検査を行い、「感染である」とわかればそれを自宅での自己隔離根拠に使おうというのだ。ロックダウンが起きている中で、検査陰性は「自己隔離不要」を意味しないため、その戦略に欠陥はある。が、考え方としては「感染全体を抑え込みたい」というもので、検討価値はあると思う。

The UK is even more aggressive. The idea is to test for antibodies at home, and if they are found to be infected, they will use it as a basis for self-isolation at home. That strategy is flawed because with the lockdown in place, a negative test does not mean "no self-sequestration". However, the idea is that we want to control the infection as a whole, and I think it is worth considering.


21 東京でどのくらいの感染が起きているか帰納法確認必要であり、有用だ。その結果がどうなるかは預言者ではないぼくには分からない。が、どんな結果が出てきても、それを受け入れ、場合によっては自説を変えて、プランBに移行することにも躊躇しない態度が科学者には必要だ。科学者は、首尾一貫していないことにかけて、首尾一貫していなければならないのだ。形式においては首尾一貫していなくても、プリンシプルプロフェッショナリズムにおいて一貫しなければならないのだ。事実に誠意を。 

Inductive legal confirmation of how many infections are occurring in Tokyo is necessary and useful. I'm not a prophet, so I don't know what the outcome will be.However, no matter what the outcome, scientists need to accept it and not hesitate to change their thesis and move on to Plan B in some cases. Scientists have to be coherent in their inconsistencies.They may not be coherent in form, but they must be coherent in principles and professionalism. Good faith in the facts. 




楽園こちら側」の「事実に誠意を」をほぼdeepLで翻訳してみた その1








1 Most of what I'm about to write is no different from what I've said and done in the past. However, I have been asked the same question repeatedly, so I would like to reiterate it. We have received many inquiries from overseas as well, so we should have prepared the same content in English, but due to time constraints, I'm afraid I'll have to skip it. This article is designed to be read without basic knowledge of infectious diseases and jargon, but it is rather difficult to understand. Please forgive me for that.


2 The fact that the number of COVID-19 reports in Japan is very low compared to other countries is attracting attention from home and abroad. Is it true? It has been pointed out that the number of tests is so small that we may be misreading the actual number of infected people.

感想home and abrodeでいいんだろうか?

3 However, this point is wrong at various layers. In the first place, Japan does not aim to capture all the numbers of COVID-19. Whether it's administrative testing or insured care, the state basically has a testing strategy in mind to diagnose, hospitalize, and isolate critically ill patients who need to be hospitalized. It is natural that they "haven't figured it out" and they don't intend to. That's not a bad thing.In fact, the situation is the same in every country, large or small, and no country, whether in the United States, Europe, or Asia, is aiming to "capture the whole number.




The WHO is not asking for such a thing. But instead, Japan gives PCR to asymptomatic returnees and isolates asymptomatic test-positive people in hospital (wasn't it home for people with minor illnesses?). It has not been coherent in its principles. So, people get anxious because "we're not sure what they want to do". It's a failure in the press.



4 The difference between Korea and Japan is the "result" and not the "purpose". In South Korea, where the number of infected people had surged in one place, we had to focus on inspections in and around the area. If such a phenomenon (let's call it an overshoot) occurs in Japan, the number of inspections will increase. When the situation is different, arguing only on the basis of the number of tests without observing the situation is like trying to say, "That team made 50 sliding tackles while this team made only one," without watching a football game. In games where you don't have to slide (e.g., when you're in possession the whole time), even 0 times isn't a "mistake," and of course 50 times isn't a mistake.


5 全数把握ができていない疾患など山のようにある。日本ではインフルエンザの「全数」把握はしておらず、定点観測である疫学上、感染対策上、それで十分な情報が得られているからだ。日本で毎年風邪が何例発生しているか、正確に把握したデータはない。レセプトデータを見ればわかるじゃないか、というのも間違いで、なぜなら多くの風邪患者は(ぼくのように)受診せずに自然に治るまで待っている。医療に限らず、経済学でも政治学でもデータサンプリングから母数を推定するのがほとんどで、「全数」は非効率的状態把握法なのだ

There are many diseases for which the total number of patients is not known. In Japan, we do not have a "total" number of influenza cases, but only a fixed-point observation. Because that's enough information, both epidemiologically and in terms of infection control. There is no accurate data on how many cases of the common cold occur each year in Japan. It's also a mistake to say that you can tell by looking at the receipt data, because many cold patients (like me) don't see a doctor and wait until they are cured naturally. Not only in medicine, but also in economics and political science, data are mostly based on sampling to estimate population numbers, and "whole numbers" is an inefficient way of grasping the situation.


6 We have not seen the devastation in Japan as in Italy, Spain or New York City. There is no medical collapse in a critically ill patient, no use of the operating room as an ICU, no piling up of bodies on a skating rink with no place to put them. Even if the "numbers" are not known, it is a fact that the current situation in Japan (including Tokyo) is much better controlled than in other countries.


7 Even so, you may be interested in "Well, what about the actual situation? There are estimates. For example, Dr. Hiroshi Nishiura and his group estimate that the number of mild illnesses in Japan may be twice the reported number. The catch rate is 0.44, with a 95% confidence interval of 0.37-0.50.


8 Although the study was based on data from China, there is no guarantee that the Chinese COVID-19 demographic is the same as the Japanese one. Also, since the original study did not include asymptomatic patients or those with minor illnesses that did not require hospitalization, the number of infected patients estimated on that basis would inevitably be an underestimate. If you are more paranoid, it's not unreasonable to believe that "the Japanese and Chinese viruses are different because of the mutation" (although I don't think so).


9 This does not diminish the value of the paper itself. The model must always use existing parameters, and it is often impossible to prove the external validity of these parameters. If the underlying parameters are not reasonable, the predictions will not be correct. A model assumes a simplified world insofar as it is a model. A model without simplification, which is an adjectival contradiction.


To complain about these "assumptions" of the mathematical model is like complaining, for example, "You can't explain disease B," when a randomized controlled trial is conducted for disease A. This is a meaningless tirade against the honor of the industry.


10 しかし、論文読み手にとっては別である

However, it is different for the reader of the paper.

A mathematical model that assumes a certain hypothesis should have internal academic validity, but it is the responsibility of the reader, as a resident of the real world, to appraise it in the real world.


Just as the RCT findings for disease A should not be used for disease B, it is natural to understand the limitations of the mathematical model and to be careful when applying it to the real world. For example, it would be wrong to read the paper and conclude that the total number of infected people in Tokyo is about 500 as of March 26.

感想;「読み手は別である」を「読み手にとっては別である」に変更し、「制限限界」は「limitations and limitations」になったので片方削った。

11 People make mistakes. The models are also wrong. Being wrong is not a big deal. The problem is to notice your mistakes and make corrections. Already, a group at Imperial College London has admitted that its original estimate that the peak of the infection should be moderated was "wrong" and has revised its prediction that the ICU will soon fail if it does not fight the virus fairly aggressively.




















































これはSafeHands Challengeからまりました。このチャレンジは、有名人世界リーダー、そしてあらゆる場所で手を洗う方法を示す人々を魅了しました。



また、WHOはGlobal Citizenと協力して、世界中の主要なミュージシャンとの一連のバーチャルコンサートであるSolidarity Sessionsを立ち上げています










WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 - 16 March 2020

16 March 2020

Good afternoon everyone.

In the past week, we have seen a rapid escalation of cases of COVID-19.

More cases and deaths have now been reported in the rest of the world than in China.

We have also seen a rapid escalation in social distancing measures, like closing schools and cancelling sporting events and other gatherings.

But we have not seen an urgent enough escalation in testing, isolation and contact tracing – which is the backbone of the response.

Social distancing measures can help to reduce transmission and enable health systems to cope.

Handwashing and coughing into your elbow can reduce the risk for yourself and others.

But on their own, they are not enough to extinguish this pandemic. It’s the combination that makes the difference.

As I keep saying, all countries must take a comprehensive approach.

But the most effective way to prevent infections and save lives is breaking the chains of transmission. And to do that, you must test and isolate.

You cannot fight a fire blindfolded. And we cannot stop this pandemic if we don’t know who is infected.

We have a simple message for all countries: test, test, test.

Test every suspected case.

If they test positive, isolate them and find out who they have been in close contact with up to 2 days before they developed symptoms, and test those people too. [NOTE: WHO recommends testing contacts of confirmed cases only if they show symptoms of COVID-19]

Every day, more tests are being produced to meet the global demand.

WHO has shipped almost 1.5 million tests to 120 countries. We’re working with companies to increase the availability of tests for those most in need.

WHO advises that all confirmed cases, even mild cases, should be isolated in health facilities, to prevent transmission and provide adequate care.

But we recognize that many countries have already exceeded their capacity to care for mild cases in dedicated health facilities.

In that situation, countries should prioritize older patients and those with underlying conditions.

Some countries have expanded their capacity by using stadiums and gyms to care for mild cases, with severe and critical cases cared for in hospitals.

Another option is for patients with mild disease to be isolated and cared for at home.

Caring for infected people at home may put others in the same household at risk, so it’s critical that care-givers follow WHO’s guidance on how to provide care as safely as possible.

For example, both the patient and their care-giver should wear a medical mask when they are together in the same room.

The patient should sleep in a separate bedroom to others and use a different bathroom.

Assign one person to care for the patient, ideally someone who is in good health and has no underlying conditions.

The care-giver should wash their hands after any contact with the patient or their immediate environment.

People infected with COVID-19 can still infect others after they stop feeling sick, so these measures should continue for at least two weeks after symptoms disappear.

Visitors should not be allowed until the end of this period.

There are more details in WHO’s guidance.


Once again, our key message is: test, test, test.

This is a serious disease. Although the evidence we have suggests that those over 60 are at highest risk, young people, including children, have died.

WHO has issued new clinical guidance, with specific details on how to care for children, older people and pregnant women.

So far, we have seen epidemics in countries with advanced health systems. But even they have struggled to cope.

As the virus moves to low-income countries, we're deeply concerned about the impact it could have among populations with high HIV prevalence, or among malnourished children.

That’s why we’re calling on every country and every individual to do everything they can to stop transmission.

Washing your hands will help to reduce your risk of infection. But it’s also an act of solidarity because it reduces the risk you will infect others in your community and around the world. Do it for yourself, do it for others.

We also ask people to express their solidarity by refraining from hoarding essential items, including medicines.

Hoarding can create shortages of medicines and other essential products, which can exacerbate suffering.

We’re grateful to everyone who has contributed to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Since we launched it on Friday, more than 110,000 people have contributed almost 19 million U.S. dollars.

These funds will help to buy diagnostic tests, supplies for health workers and support research and development.

If you would like to contribute, please go to who.int and click on the orangeDonate” button at the top of the page.

We’re also grateful for the way different sectors of society are coming together.

This started with the SafeHands Challenge, which has attracted celebrities, world leaders and people everywhere demonstrating how to wash their hands.

This afternoon WHO and the International Chamber of Commerce issued a joint call to action to the global business community. The ICC will send regular advice to its network of more than 45 million businesses, to protect their workers, customers and local communities, and to support the production and distribution of essential supplies.

I’d like to thank Paul Polman, Ajay Banga and John Denton for their support and collaboration.

WHO is also working with Global Citizen to launch the Solidarity Sessions, a series of virtual concerts with leading musicians from around the world.


This is the defining global health crisis of our time.

The days, weeks and months ahead will be a test of our resolve, a test of our trust in science, and a test of solidarity.

Crises like this tend to bring out the best and worst in humanity.

Like me, I’m sure you have been touched by the videos of people applauding health workers from their balconies, or the stories of people offering to do grocery shopping for older people in their community.

This amazing spirit of human solidarity must become even more infectious than the virus itself. Although we may have to be physically apart from each other for a while, we can come together in ways we never have before.

We’re all in this together. And we can only succeed together.

So the rule of the game is: together.

Thank you.




質問: Do you think of the problem that you saw on the ship originated from was it because of the bad examples of a scientific decision making in terms of the crisis management that was happening on the ship?

答え: The simple answer is the lack of CDC as I said before. Why the situation inside that cruise ship had an inadequate infection prevention? I think (this) is because of the lack of principle. The infection prevention is a principle, and the principle will lead to the procedure not the other way around.

The principle will never be given by the bureaucrats, because they never had infection prevention training, they don't have an experience, and they don't have a system. CDC has should have all of these.

質問You have argued Japan need something like a CDC. Could you elaborate more about your argument? What shortcoming do you see in the current system in Japan?

答え:For CDC, you need to have a concrete, separate, independent system among experts who can make a dicision in responding to these infectious disease epidemics. This has to be proffesional, they need to have an authority, they need to have an autonomy, and they need to have a clear independence. There should not be any cross-cutting from anybody from the backyard, because I've seen many things that are decided behind the scene.











私は中国人です。中国インターネットからコロナウイルスに関する情報収集しています。ここで、新しいコロナウイルスからあなた保護することができるいくつかの手段を共有します。それはあなたの命を救うかもしれません。多くの外国人は、新しいコロナウイルスは単なるインフルエンザ一種だと考えていることを知っていますしかし、それは真実ではありません。死亡率はインフルエンザよりもはるかに高いです。 HuBei州以外での死亡率は低いです。なぜなら、私たちウイルス拡散遮断するために極端かつ強力な手段を講じているからです。感染人口が急速に増加すると、地元医療システムは短時間故障します。病院は、呼吸困難のある発熱患者でいっぱいになり、医療資源の不足は大きな犠牲者を出します。これが現在武漢で起こっていることです。中国は数千人の医師武漢派遣し、たった1週間で2つの新しい病院建設し、多くの検疫センターを準備しました。しかし、まだ十分ではありません。

まず、個人的機器は非常に重要です。 n95マスク現在中国で長い間売り切れています中国には最大の手術用マスク製造業があることに留意してください。どんなに高価であっても、できるだけ多く購入してください。

n95メディカルマスクを購入できない場合は、n95産業マスク使用できますヨーロッパにいる場合は、FFP2 / FFP3マスクを購入してください。これらは同じフィルタリングレベルを持っていますn95マスクバルブが付いている場合でも、それはあなた保護できますが、感染している場合は他の人を保護できません。

使い捨てマスク理論的には1回しか使用できないため、ご家族のために産業マスク/防毒マスクを準備する必要があります。それは冗談ではありません。中国では、防毒マスクさえ売り切れました。 3M HF-52マスク3M 6500および7500シリーズマスクお勧めします。呼吸器用に十分なn95フィルターを購入することを忘れないでください。 p100フィルターも優れていますn95マスクが完全に売り切れた後、家族のために4つのマスクを購入しました。







薬物に関しては、医師たちがまだ試みているので、私は誰も推薦できません。レムデシビル効果的だと思いますが、まだ実験中であり、市場から購入することはできません。彼らは武漢病院でレムデシビルテストしており、10日後に結果が出ることを願っていますしかし、多くの中国医師によって有効であることが証明された薬物があり、長い間マラリア対処するために使用されてきました。ヒドロキシクロロキンです。 OTCではないため、処方箋なしでは購入できません。医師に尋ねる前に薬を使用しないでください。

ニューヨーク日本香港などの混雑した都市アパートに住んでいる場合は、新しいコロナウイルスエレベーター内に広がる可能性があることに注意してください。コロナウイルス下水道にも広がる可能性があり、2003年に混雑したアパートSARSが発生したとき香港で非常に有名な問題によって証明されました。 。




【How to protect your family from the new coronavirus

I'm a Chinese. I have been gathering information about the coronavirus from the Chinese internet. Here I share some measures that can protect you from the new coronavirus. It may save your life. I know that many foreigners think the new coronavirus is just some kind of flu. However, it's not the truth. The death rate is much higher than the flu. The death rate outside of HuBei province is low because we have taken extreme and strong measures to cut off the virus spreading. When the infected population rises rapidly, the local medical system will breakdown in a short time. The hospitals will be full of fever patients who have breathing difficulties, and the shortage of medical resources will cause huge casualties. This is what happening in WuHan now. China has sent thousands of doctors to Wuhan and built two new hospitals in just one week, and prepared many quarantine centers. BUT it's still not enough now.

First, personal equipment is extremely important. The n95 masks have been sold out for a long time in China now. Keep in mind that China has the largest surgical mask manufacturing industry. Please buy them as many as possible now, no matter how expensive.

If you can't buy the n95 medical masks, the n95 industry masks can also do the job. If you are in Europe, please buy the FFP2/FFP3 masks, they have the same filtering level. If the n95 masks have a valve, it can still protect you but it can't protect others if you are infected.

The one-time masks can be used only one time theoretically, therefore you need to prepare industry respirators/gas masks for your family. It's not a joke. In China, even the gas masks have been sold out. I recommend the 3M HF-52 respirator, the 3M 6500 and 7500 series respirators. Remember to buy enough n95 filters for your respirators. The p100 filters are also good. I bought four respirators for my family after the n95 masks are completely sold out.

The common surgical masks or medical masks are also important. They can't prevent the coronavirus 100% but they can highly reduce the risks. Please buy them as many as possible. In China, many local governments have announced that it's illegal to use public transmission without a medical mask. The cotton masks are useless, don't buy them.

The eye protectors can help you to prevent being infected through the eye. We have strong evidence that the new coronavirus can spread through the eye-air contact. If you can't buy them, the swimming glass can do the same job (even better).

Considering that you may face masks shortage, the 75% alcohol disinfectant and UV disinfection lamp can disinfect masks for reusing them. Prepare enough alcohol disinfectant and a UV lamp for your family.

Don't use dirty hands to rub your eyes. Clean your hand with a portable hand sanitizer before eating and drinking.

When the new coronavirus outbreaks in your city and you have to go to the hospital to treat other diseases, please remember to wear n95 masks, eye protectors and gloves. Many patients and doctors are infected in Chinese hospitals. They weared the common medical masks but they are not 100% effective.

Before the coronavirus outbreak in your city, please prepare a fueled car. Don't trust the government when they say it's under control. Escape your city before things become too bad and lockdown (I don't know if the US government can lockdown a city). The people who escaped WuHan are lucky now. Those people who believed the government and stayed in WuHan is facing a disaster. Many families are infected. First one person has a fever and breathing difficulty, then all the family members are infected one by one. The hospitals are full of patients and hundreds of patients die every day. Nurses and doctors mentally breakdown. It's a nightmare.

When it comes to drugs, I can't recommend anyone since the doctors are still trying. I believe the Remdesivir is effective however it's still in the experiment and you can't buy them from the market. They have tested Remdesivir in WuHan hospital and hopefully the result will come out in 10 days. However, there is one drug that has been proved effective by many Chinese doctors and it has been used for dealing with malaria for a long time. It's Hydroxychloroquine. It's not OTC, therefore, you can't buy it without a prescription. Don't use any drugs before asking your doctor.

If you are living in an apartment in a crowded city like New York, Japan, and Hong Kong, please remember that the new coronavirus can spread in the elevator. The coronavirus can also spread through the sewer and it has been proved by a very famous issue in Hong Kong when SARS outbreaks in a crowded apartment in 2003. Seal your drains in the toilet if anyone has been infected in your apartment and please avoid using elevators.

When you have a fever, please measure the body temperature many times a day. The patients may only have low fever. Some patients (the percentage is still not sure) will have breathing difficulty in about one week. When you feel it's diffcult to breath, please report to your doctor as soon as possible.






ALL WE NEED IS LAUGH feat. annie the clumsy / WHALE TALX



"I smoke 'cause I'm hoping for an early death, and I need to cling to something




普段音楽を聴かないけど去年キャッチコピーにひかれてHey! Say! JUMPSENSE or LOVEを買った。






  • ファンファーレ
    • 急に落ち着いた。ピアノ。おっと明るくなった。
    • 夏??夏なのか??夜明からいきなり夏??
    • 素晴らしい世界って言ってるからから抜けたってことでいいのか?
    • 僕らってのは前の曲と同じで君と僕ってことのようだ。
    • 君に恋をしている僕の夏みたいなかんじ。僕って自分JUMP
    • 夏とかリゾートなかんじ。
    • また「きっかけ」が出てきた。
    • 寂しくて泣いていた時に出会ったのか?
    • 恋だと気づいて思いはまだ伝わっていないようだ。
  • はな壱もんめ
    • なんか急に秋祭りみたいになってきたぞ。ちょっと怖い。
    • 鳥居とかせっせせーのよいよいよい!的な。怖い。帰れないじゃんこれ。鬼太郎かよとうりゃんせかよ。
    • 関ジャニが歌いそう。
    • やっぱり君をさらいたいのか。
    • これは君と僕なのか。
    • ぐーぐるりすと??あ、To Doリスト?なんか急に現代っぽくなったな。わからん
    • 君に誘惑されてるかんじ?
    • 立場は君の方が有利っぽいな。
    • 君をさらって現実に帰ってくるかんじ?
    • お祭りグループでいったかんじなのか?
    • さらいたいのに「またね」って言ってる。押し切れなかったかんじ?
    • 踏み出せなくてもだもだしているんだろうか。
  • 愛だけがすべて
    • えっ?ラテンラテン??なんで急に??
    • またありふれている日常なのか。
    • 扉はまだ開いていない。何かまた求めてるのか。
    • ここまでは恋の話だったけどこっからは愛の話?
    • ちょっと辛い状況なのを励ましているかんじ?
    • どこからでも駆けつけてくれるんだ。愛によってなのかな。
    • これも一人称二人称が出てこないな。Youはあるけど。
    • IはLoveneedしているから愛は手に入れてないんだな。了解した。
  • Lucky-Unlucky
    • また夏っぽい。太陽と光がまぶしそうなイントロ。混乱。
    • 息を吹き返したことにしておこう。
    • 普通世界なのかな・・・
    • きっかけ」また出てきたー。きっかますなあ。
    • 色々とうまくいってないかんじなんだ。
    • なんか見つかったのか。よかった。
    • 見つかったのにEmpty Heart??なんで??まだ完全に見つかってないから心は空っぽなの?
    • 前のがゾンビから空っぽの心にまだ何も入ってないの?
    • 二番でもEmpty Heartって言ってるように聞こえるからこれから心を満たそうとしてるのか。
    • 思い通りにいかないことを楽しめるようになったのか。よかった。
    • 色々起きたことを受け入れられるようになってきたのかな?
    • 「君」が出てきてないってことはこれは僕オンリーの歌なのか?
  • Love Equation
    • ポップな感じが続いてるー。曲が可愛いな。
    • また素直になれないのか!いーかげんにしとけよー。大変だからさ。
    • 君のことばかりで振り回されて大変だな。
    • しかし前向きだ。いいかんじだ。
    • 夏っぽいなー。
    • やっぱり思いがかなってないのか。頑張れよ。
    • 自分気持ちを強く主張するようになったな。よかったなー。
    • ベタ惚れかよ。
    • 突っ走る覚悟を決めたんだな。よかったな。獣になって突っ走るのかな。
    • 現実四苦八苦・・・常に現実が厳しいんだな君らの世界は。大変だな。
    • 曲展開がレトロでよかったわ。
    • なんかこっから見守る立場になってしまった気がする。
  • アイノユウヒ
  • パレードが始まる
    • ん?なんかOPに戻ったかんじだな。
    • スタジアムなかんじ。すげーフィナーレ感。鐘なってるよ!
    • えっ駆け引きとか雨とか落ちたー!!!辛いの!?!?最後だよこれ!?!?泣くなよおい!!
    • あー!Trust meつったきがする!よかった!
    • おおー!君を連れてくって言い出した!前向き!
    • 曲展開がCOSMICに似てる。
    • New worldに来たのか!二人で来たんだね。よかった!
    • 扉が開いて新しい世界に連れていきたいってなったんだ。
    • なのに終わり方!!終わり方が唐突!!!
  • パレードは終わらない
    • オーケストラ!!
    • EDっぽーい。スタッフロール流れてきたー。
    • 曲いいなー。
    • あっやっぱ一人で進むんだ。大変だなーいつも一人で。歌う人は八人もいるのに。
    • 曲いいなー。展開すげーいいなー。
    • 何かを求めるスタンスは変わらないけれど前向き感すげえ。
    • なんかセリフ入ってきたけど一人だけ「僕」側の人間がいるな。分かってるとかそういう答えをするやつ。
    • ということは一人だけ僕であと七人が支えてくれる人達ってこと?
    • 「僕ら」って誰と誰だ・・・僕と支えてくれる人達
    • 最後Believe yourselfか!がんばれよ!
    • ・・・あれ、隙間空いてなんか変なのが始まったぞ・・・
    • 赤飯??二十日??なんだよくわかんない。何歌ってんだ?
    • あ、発芽!!!
    • ニッポンの男女??愛でろ?芽出ろ?かわいくてごめんね??
    • めめめめめっつって終わったぞ。おまこれどうしたらいい??
    • ぽかーん。





元ネタは https://www.expatexplorer.hsbc.com/global-report/ に載ってるランキングで、日本が32位になったことについて



Helpによると、HSBC expat (オフショア銀行業務を担うHSBC100%子会社)がその顧客のみならず、広く海外駐在員用のSNSから


id:moons 英国金融大手企業で自社の駐在員にどこで働きたいか聞いたんでしょ

id:fefefefe 調査対象HSBC駐在員だけ?

id:otihateten3510 なんか分析が雑じゃね? 「HSBCホールディングスが各国の駐在員に聞いた」







id:next_neet あくまで(多くは先進国出身であろう中流ホワイトカラーの)expat=駐在員を対象としたオンライン調査の結果なので

id:halpica 「各国の駐在員」というのは多分エリート

id:Shin-Fedor “「各国の駐在員が働きたい国ランキング」”だから、わりとビジネスエリートの話









"Commissioned by HSBC Expat and conducted by a third party research company YouGov, 18,059 expats based in over 30 countries or territories were questioned in 2019."

"As a specialist provider of offshore savings and wealth management for expatriates, of course we invited our customers to take part. But we also wanted a truly international snapshot of expat life. We contacted online communities and used expat social media sites to ensure as many different international expat groups were included."





"In order for the results and league tables to be statistically significant, we need a minimum sample size of 100 expat respondents from each location. Although we had respondents from over 100 locations this year, 33 met the minimum number of responses required" https://www.expatexplorer.hsbc.com/survey/pages/about


"Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun" "A global powerhouse of innovation, Japan’s fascinating history, rich traditions and diverse geography create a unique expat experience."  https://expatexplorer.hsbc.com/country-guides/japan


時をかける日本人、あるいは All You Need Is Vote






anond:20190824134241  クルーグマン嫌われ過ぎワロタ

主にMMT economistsから。(尻馬に乗ってる奴もいるが)

https://twitter.com/paulkrugman/status/1164604703424090112 のリプライ

twitter.com/mtwestra/status/1164778010534244352  おめーもサマーズもMMTから一つ二つアイディアぱくってて乙 Looks like @LHSummers and yourself picked up an idea or two from MMT. Congratulations on finally catching up with reality!

TFW you look down your nose at the economic prowess of a Nobel laureate in economics.  ノーベル賞受賞者の腕前を煽る

Your model was/is/always will be a fraudulent misrepresentation.Retire.     さっさと引退しろウソツキ

Complete snake oil rhetoric... What a hyperbolic & disingenuous numb skull. Or he's intentionally fear mongering.  完璧ガマの油レベルインチキレトリック、誇張、腹黒  大げさな恫喝

@RaulACarrillo (弁護士 lefty lawyer) 

Why can't you and the others just recognize that you were wrong for YEARS while others were consistently right?    他の人が一貫して正しい一方で自分が何年も間違っていたと認識すればいいだけなのにそうできないのはなぜよ?  

This is intellectual gatekeeping and a disservice to the public. A little integrity would be nice.          国民全体に対する害毒でしょ。

This is you. Spring 2011. When it mattered. @DeanBaker13 was right to call you out.                 8年前にディーンイカーに名指しで間違いを指摘されてたじゃん。


All progress must come from the maintstream”                    ハイハイ進歩は主流派からしか出てこない、出てきちゃいけないっていつものやつね。

shamelessly trying to force decades of heterodox research into a memory hole.      非主流派経済学の何十年もの研究成果に知らんぷりかよ。恥知らずめ。 8年前にフルワイラーに言われわたことを忘れたとは言わせないぞ?

@FadhelKaboub Economics Prof.(Denison university)

Paul, your intellectual dishonesty is mindboggling.                   おめーの知的誠実性の欠如にはめまいがするわ。こっちが30年も言ってたことを「2019年ジャクソンホール」で発見、だと? #恥知らず


Umm. I remember when you bashed Stephanie Kelton for saying what you are now saying. Do I need to link to your own words of just a few months ago to spur your memory of your own words of just a few months ago?




When you say it’s gonna happen “now

Well when exactly do you mean?

See I’ve already waited too long

And all my hope is gone

You shut your mouth

How can you say

I go about things the wrong way?

I am human and I need to be loved

Just like everybody else does


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Featured Merges

Revert CoreDNS to 1.3.1 in kube-up (and Kubeadm as well):

CoreDNS 1.5.0 contains substantial scalability improvements over 1.3.1.

However, config files are changed, and blocked being able to upgrade clusters.

Absent a migration tool, the project reverted the change. Users of large clusters (5000+ nodes) should still plan on using 1.5.0 via CoreDNS version customization but need to know that upgrading won’t work.




I hope not on sale I need a cooking all day and all day New York in the state that up cut did you say Bethany home google stick creator.



























but [Fujifilm doesn't] really disclose the protocol between the lens and camera, so we need to do the reverse engineering by ourselves.

It's a really time-consuming process so we need to prioritize support for Sony E mount, our L-mount system, existing DSLR mounts and Micro Four Thirds.





















Police arrested Malcolm Davidson, a 27 year old white male, resident of Wimbledon, in a pumpkin patch at 11:38 pm Friday. Davidson will be charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, public indecency, and public intoxication at the County courthouse on Monday.

The suspect allegedly stated that as he was passing a pumpkin patch, he decided to stop.You know, a pumpkin is soft and squishy inside, and there was no one around here for miles. At least I thought there wasn’t.” He stated in a phone interview from the County courthouse jail.

Davidson went on to state that he pulled over to the side of the road, picked out a pumpkin that he felt was appropriate to his purposes, cut a hole in it, and proceeded to satisfy his allegedneed.”

“I guess I was just really into it, you know?” he commented with evident embarrassment. In the process, Davidson apparently failed to notice the Wimbledon Municipal police car approaching and was unaware of his audience until officer Brenda Taylor approached him.

It was an unusual situation, that’s for sure.” Said officer Taylor. “I walked up to [Davidson] and he’s … just working away at this pumpkin.” Taylor went on to describe what happened when she approached Davidson.

“I just went up and said, ‘Excuse me sir, but do you realize that you are screwing a pumpkin?’ He got real surprised as you’d expect and then looked me straight in the face and said, ‘A pumpkin? Damn … is it midnight already?'”




そして何より腹立たしいのが、大学でこんな文章課題に出す講師存在だ。どうせ拾ってきたんだろう、とググると数秒で見つかる。https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/peter-peter-pumpkin-pleaser/ とかね。どう見てもやっつけ仕事だ。




「おそらく 7:3 位で女性が多いです。同じ学科で毎年同じ講師なので、毎年こんな感じだと思うんですが……」
















| 【全訳】米国史上最年少の女性下院議員キング牧師ばりの演説

| https://courrier.jp/news/archives/150572/


| Watch Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Inspiring Women’s March Speech | NowThis

| https://youtu.be/TNJZhuZCYow


Hello! Thank you. New York City!

Thank you all.

Are you all ready to make a ruckus?

Are you all ready to fight for our rights?

Are you all ready to say that in the United States of America everyone is loved, everyone deserves justice, and everyone deserves equal protection and prosperity in our country.

It is such an honor to be here, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’re gathering here today, the weekend before Martin Luther King Day.

Because I believe this moment and where we are right now is a resurgence from where the civil rights movement left off.

And we are here to carry the torch forward.

Because when we talked about racial and economic justice, racial and social justice, we started to really extend those issues to the issues of economic justice, environmental justice, and the intersectionality and interconnectedness of all our fights.

Justice is not a concept we read about in a book.

Justice is about the water we drink, justice is about the air we breathe.

Justice is about how easy it is to vote.

Justice is about how much ladies get paid.

Justice is about if we can stay with our children after we have them for a just amount of time – mothers, fathers, and all parents.

Justice is about making sure that being polite is not the same thing as being quiet.

In fact, oftentimes the most righteous thing you can do is shake the table.

Last year we took the power to the polls.

And this year, we’re taking power to the policy, because we have taken back the House of Representatives.

And that’s just step one.

This year we’re gonna organize.

This year we’re gonna fight for voting rights.

This year we’re gonna keep pushing, because 2020, we took – in 2018 we took the House of Representatives, and through 2020, we’re gonna take the White House and Senate, too.

That’s what we’re gonna do because we need to advance and fight for an America where all people are welcome and no people are left behind.

And I know that while this year has been historic, there’s a lot more congresswomen left here in this audience right now.

There’s a lot more city councilwomen.

There’s a lot more workers that will be building businesses.

There’s a lot more – and I know that there’s a future president out here, too.

Let us remember that a fight means no person left behind.

So when people want to stop talking about the issues

that Black women face,

when people want to stop talking about the issues

that trans women or immigrant women face,

we gotta ask them, why does that make you so uncomfortable?

Because now, this is the time that we’re gonna address poverty.

This is the time we’re gonna address Flint.

This is the time we’re gonna talk about Baltimore & the Bronx, and wildfires, and Puerto Rico.

Because this is not just about identity, this is about justice.

And this is about the America that we are going to bring into this world.

Thank you all very, very much.


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両親のセックス を見せるのは「児童虐待」って反応で、

who went as far as to call it “child abuse”.

“I think its totally wrong,” commented Kim. “It’s bordering on child abuse and social services would not be pleased.” The commenter then went on to suggest that the parents could face legal ramifications for having sex in front of their child. “What if they wake up? Revolting and I wouldn’t be able to not say anything. There’s absolutely no need to do it in the same room so the fact they do is just disgusting.”

Is it ever okay to have sex with your child in the room?


▼ How To Have Sex With Your Kids In The House — An Age-By-Age Guide



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