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友達 "be careful out there"

増田 "何に"

友達 "North Korea is firing at you"

増田 "よくあることだし多分大丈夫だと思うよ"

友達 "I guess we're gonna be disabled from the global internet"

増田 "そうしたらもう本当に終わりだね。どこで知ったの?"

友達 "Underground news sources"

増田 "そうなんだ。プロキシとかtorとかも使えないの?"

友達 "tor is blocked. proxies are not working. at least, most of them.

but i'm prepared. i got tor, i got proxies. dunno if it will work."

増田 "そうなんだ"

友達 "Portuguese menu for Russian tourists: "We don't service the Russians. Go eat some stones. Bon appetit."


増田 "あー"

友達 "Russians are becoming the worldwide exiles"

増田 "レストランロシア人とそうでない人の見分けがつくんだろうか"

友達 "I can't even speak Russian in online games anymore.

they don't even care that I don't support the war"

増田 "ははは"

友達 " "Customers with Russian passport are not welcomed in our restaurant. We do understand that "normal" Russians are not responsible for criminal decisions of their government, but we have to do something already. By prohibiting the Russians to come in, we're making our contribution into the free Europe for our children." "


増田 "そう"

友達 "i'm disappointed in reddit"

増田 "何?"

友達 "i read a topic "stop shout abuse at russians"

they said "fuck you, we hated you russians before the war too" "

増田 "そう"

友達 "now i see the true face of the west.

I'm so disappointed...

I'm being witchhunted just because I'm Russian.

How does this differ from what Hitler did"

増田 "国同士なんて仲がいい方が珍しいしそんなもんだよ。今ごろ気がついたの?


友達 "USA talks about "peace in all the world" is a pack of fucking shit.

when they bomb the shit out Yugoslavia, it's legit, it's legal, it's OK, nobody hates americans.

when Russia is in war, every Russian should be burned"

増田 "アメリカは仕方ないね東京裁判も不当だったみたいだし"

友達 "i'm gonna stick to Asia. I'll learn Chinese and Japanese"(注:このstickをどう訳すべきかわからない)

友達 "I always made a distinction between government and people.

When USA and other countries do some shit, that's the government.

But when usual people say that they hate Russians...

I have to get out of Russia. In that manner, we're even worse than North Korea"

増田 "そういえば脱北者っていたね"

友達 "people who ran from NK are treated well. they're heroes.

but Russian people are not wanted anywhere"

増田 "そう"

友達 "there is information that there's gonna be a martial law in Russia. 5 or 6 of march"

増田 "本当?"

友達 "only rumors"

増田 "そうなんだ"

友達 "i'm against killing at all. hide.

友達 "I guess, we're repeating the history of Germany and Japan

増田 "そこそこ良いんじゃない?"

友達 "well, in Russian reality, it'll be worse"

増田 "知らん"

友達 "60% of our people is fucking stupid. they're lazy. they were taught that war is good. that nazis are everywhere around them. that stealing is good. they're corrupted. most of those people was born in USSR"

増田 "そう"

友達 "We have to be our own country, but free. Free of Putin and corruption and violence. Though I do not want to be Russian anymore.I love Russian culture but I hate the government"

増田 "そう"

友達 "people are saying that all Russians are guilty. fucking hypocrits. when USA bombed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nobody seemed to mind.

when the West says: "We're tolerant, we're free, we're not racists", know that they lie"

増田 "そう"

友達 "the only nation that didn't say that all russians are guilty, was Japanese. I've heard that Japanese people think that only Putin is guilty. and not all Russians"

増田 "はいはい。というかそれ本当に言ってるの?"

友達 "I've asked a couple of my japanese friends"

増田 "this is.. probably very biased sample actually"(注:増田もたまに英語を使うことがある)

友達 "Well..."

増田 "私が知る限りそのredditトピック日本ネットでそこまで雰囲気変わらないと思う。ロシア食品店が襲われて壊されたらしいし"

友達 "then humankind is doomed"

増田 "ところで他の国の友達にもロシア人についてどう思ってるか聞いたの?"

友達 "they won't even speak to me, most of them"

増田 "あっ"

友達 "if they are affected by public opinion and ready to betray their friends, they're no longer my friends"

増田 "そう"

友達 "in Russia, we have a proverb "You can only find true friends in a trouble" "Друг познаётся в беде" "

増田 "日本語に似たようなことわざがあった気がしたけど今調べたら『昨日の友は今日の敵』しかなかった"

友達 "lol"


増田 "よかったね。……あ、ウクライナ人友達は話してくれるんだ"

友達 "we speak. ukrainian friends are still with me. just imagine. the victims of war are still friends with me. and this two-faced West fucks are not"

増田 "正直なところあんまり意外でもない"

友達 "those West fuck just love to write hate messages knowing that we can't do anything in return. that they are in comfort. they scream "NO TO WAR", and after that they go to a happy dinner with their families"

増田 "●●さんは本当に自分のことを西洋人とは思ってないんだな"

友達 "maybe i had some sparks of western in me. but now i fucking don't"

増田 "たいていの日本人にとって白人西洋。私も●●さんに会って話すまではそう思ってた"

友達 "well you know now that it's not"

増田 "うん"

増田 "制裁ロシア国民政府反旗を翻すことを目的に行われているらしい"(注:よく調べずに適当なことを言ったので間違ってるかも)

友達 "yes. but it's useless. people won't turn against government. they are zombified by propaganda"

増田 "デモ風景見たよ"

友達 "but there are not too much people. Russia is basically like Hitler's Germany now"

増田 "it's optimistic predict"

友達 "it's not optimistic at all. russians are being equated to fascists. they don't make the distinction. they say that we all are guilty

増田 "you have to hope you all aren't like german in Traité de Versailles"

友達 "well..."

友達 "in fact, if I say in Internet that I don't support war, I can go in jail for 15 years"

増田 "それにしてはあのredditロシア人普通にプーチン批判戦争反対を言ってたけど"

友達 "the law came after that post."

増田 "ええっ"

友達 "when they wrote it, it was OK. but now Putin does everything he can to stay in power. they're frantically making new laws. so they can stay in power for a little longer. what happens now is the blackest page in Russia's history. since Russia-Japan war"

増田 "日露戦争か"

友達 "USA always hated Russia. They are using every chance they get to destroy us. if instead of Russia it was Finland or China, attacking Ukraine, they wouldn't do shit about it. we several times tried to have friendly relationships with USA and each time they basically said "Fuck off, Russians". I didn't have any illusions about them before. but now I plainly fucking hate them. Japanese are the best"

増田 "また始まったよ"

増田 "具体的にアメリカは何をしてきたの?"

友達 "first time was during World War 2 lend-lease they helped us (注: チャットなので文章がところどころ適当になることがある)

we tried to be friends with them after, but they had secret plan to conquer USSR while it's weak. it was cancelled"

友達 "then Cold War, a lot of hating each other. next time we tried to be friends in 90s. "Bush's chicken legs", helping each other"

友達 "USA's bombing of Yugoslavia made us enemies again. since then, we were not friends"

増田 "どうしてそれがロシア関係あるの?"

友達 "when that happened, Russian premier Primakov was on the flight to USA. there was gonna be a deal that could help Russia greatly. when Primakov heard about Yugoslavia, he asked his pilot to turn around, back to Moscow, and cancelled that deal. in Russia, it's known as "Primakov's turn" "

増田 "なんでそれで帰るの?"

友達 "he didn't want to work with countries that act like that. it was a war crime"

増田 "プリマコフという人は今の日本ではあまり知られてませんよ。私も今初めて聞きました"

友達 "he's not well known in Russia too :D "

増田 "失脚させられたみたいだからね。こんな政治家について今のロシア報道されないのは自然だ"

友達 "he's still in government, if i remember correct"

増田 "……

エフゲニー・マクシモヴィチ・プリマコフロシア語: Евгений Максимович Примаков、ラテン文字転写の例:Evgenii Maksimovich Primakov、1929年10月29日 - 2015年6月26日」 "

友達 "ah"

増田 "やっぱりさ、西洋の人たちがロシア人全部を雑に罵倒してくるの仕方ないと思うんだよ"

友達 "meh. fuck them then. i'm not gonna contact them then"

増田 "charmという単語があるでしょう。likable appealという意味だよね"

友達 "you can say it that way, yes"

増田 "でもmagicという意味もある。超自然的で恐ろしくて強いものだ"

友達 "ok. and?"

増田 "日本語では魅力というけどこの"魅"は実は化け物のこと。


なんでアメリカ空爆ときロシア侵略とき世論全然違うのか? それはアメリカウクライナには魅力があるけどロシアやユーゴにはないからだよ。人間にはかわいくもかっこよくもない人々の命より好きな人ひとりのほうが大事なんだ"

友達 "for me, all people are the same. every life is equal. (注:ここでは彼は「生命尊い」とは言っていないが、普段の態度と前後文脈からそう思っているのが明らかなので勝手に足しておいた)

death of Yugoslavians person is as tragic as the death of American and other people"

増田 "●●さんはそうでもたいていの人はそうではないからね。だから仕方がないんだ。実のところ私も他人のこと言えないんだよ。だって私もシリア内戦とかクリミア侵略とか外国ニュースは気にしなかったのに、●●さんに出会たからってだけでウクライナ侵略ばかり気にしてるからその『西洋人たち』と同じなんだよ。だから、仕方がないと思う"

友達 "wakatta"







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「radioactive water」を他の国のメディアではどう表現しているか


こうして比較してみると、"radioactive water" はどちらかと言えば強い方の表現だなと思った。

Al Jazeera (カタール)

contaminated Fukushima water, contaminated water

Japan to release contaminated Fukushima water into sea

Japan says it will release more than one million tonnes of contaminated water from the ruined Fukushima nuclear power station back into the sea, in a decision that drew swift condemnation from China, South Korea and environmental groups and is likely to anger the fishing industry.


Arirang (韓国)

Fukushima radioactive water, contaminated water

Japan to announce Fukushima radioactive water release into sea

Tokyo appears set to formally announce its final decision on the release of contaminated water from its wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea.


BBC (イギリス)

wastewater, contaminated water

Fukushima: Japan approves releasing wastewater into ocean

Japan has approved a plan to release more than one million tonnes of contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea.


CNA (シンガポール)

treated Fukushima water, contaminated water

Japan to release treated Fukushima water into the sea: PM Yoshihide Suga

The Japanese government plans to release more than 1 million tonnes of contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Tuesday (Apr 13), in a controversial decision that follows years of debate.


CGTN (中国)

Fukushima wastewater, radioactive water

Japan determined to release Fukushima wastewater despite backlash

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Monday that the disposal of radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant cannot be postponed amid plans to rebuild the plant, despite the looming backlash from both home and abroad, broadcaster NHK reported.


CNN (アメリカ)

treated Fukushima water, treated radioactive water

Japan to start releasing treated Fukushima water into sea in 2 years

Japan will start releasing more than 1 million metric tons of treated radioactive water from its destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean in two years, the government said Tuesday -- a plan that faces opposition at home and has raised "grave concern" in neighboring countries.


DW (ドイツ)

radioactive water

Fukushima: South Korea summons Japan's envoy over dumping decision

The Japanese government has approved a controversial plan to release radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean. South Korea expressed 'strong regret' over the decision.


France 24 (フランス)

contaminated water

Japan to dump contaminated water from Fukushima nuclear station into sea

Japan plans to release into the sea more than 1 million tonnes of contaminated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear station, the government said on Tuesday.



treated water

Suga: Decision on treated water cannot be delayed

Japan's Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide says a decision on how to dispose of treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant should not be put off.


RT (ロシア)

irradiated water, Contaminated wastewater

Japanese government says it WILL release irradiated water from Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea

Contaminated wastewater at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant will be released into the ocean “in around two years,” the Japanese government has announced, despite calls from China and South Korea urging against the move.





近藤麻理恵は一冊目の本である人生がときめく片づけの魔法」が2014年アメリカ出版されたときから社会現象であり続けている。「日本の片付けと整理の術」を詳しく記したその本は、コンマリ・メソッドまたは「Kondoする」と呼ばれる、持ち物に触ってときめきを感じる(it sparks joy)かで判断する片付け法を誕生させた。しかし、やはり近藤の人気が急上昇したのはNetflixで「近藤麻理恵とお片付け」(邦題:KonMari ~人生がときめく片づけの魔法~)が放送されてからだ。ところが、この人気の急上昇により本にまつわる予期せぬ騒動が発生した。著述家であり「We Need Diverse Books」(多様な人種の子供に向けて本を与える活動をする非営利団体)の創設者の一人でもあるエレン・オーを含むSNS上の大勢の人々によれば、近藤への反発には明確な人種差別と階級意識の要素が含まれているという。Bustle(訳注:原文の掲載サイト)はオーにコメントを求めた。


すべての始まりはこうだ。Netflix番組の第5話で、近藤若いカップルが本を片付けるのを手伝う。番組の中で、そして著書の中で、近藤コンマリ・メソッドで蔵書を片付けるやり方について広く語っている。Deseret News記事に書かれた近藤が語ったことの要点はこうだ。読んでいない本や、いつかもう一度読むかもしれないという思いにとらわれている本がたくさんあるのなら、それは捨てるべきだ。また近藤は、もしほんの一部だけにときめきを感じるのであれば、一部のページだけをちぎって残すことも薦めている。





オーは、アナカナ・スコフィールド近藤についてのツイートの後で書いたガーディアン誌の記事を、自分意見に合わせるために近藤言葉意図的に誤解している例の一つとしてあげている。「ときめき(spark joy)という表現が過剰に強調されていて、その言葉近藤が本当に伝えようとしていることが置き去りにされています」。「ときめき」は実際には喜び(joy)と同じ意味ではなく、鼓動や興奮や動悸を意味する。この基本的なことさえ理解すれば、本は喜びだけでなく挑戦や動揺を読者に与えるべきだというスコフィールドの主張が無意味だということがわかるだろう。「ときめき」という言葉意味するのは、本が読者に挑戦や動揺を与えてそれが良い反応をもたらすのならとっておくべきだということなのだ。












David Devant And His Spirit Wife『This Is For Real』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdRBoQ6wWJw
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geneva『no one speaks』( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c0WyrD9nUI
Rialto 『 Monday Morning 5.19 』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eyN2I-TlyA
Out Of My Hair『 Mr. Jones』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bel0yCjYElE)
しょぼたま 『BWV1065 (4台のチェンバロのための協奏曲イ短調)』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6y9HmrRKv4
klaus nomi『after the fall』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTLzQP9J-n8
Sparks『Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y4W9yVA00c
DevoBeautiful World』( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56u6g0POvo0
S*M*A*S*H 『(I want to)kill somebody』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIshse2x6Cc)
PlasticsTop Secret Man』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi5un_z6A9M)
The New Bloods『Doubles』(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQIkQlHk8b8
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Gene『Haunted By You』( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZnGKlx4UZU

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