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ESP(extrasensory perception)にerをつけた「エスパー」という単語しかない。





Extrasensory Perception(超感覚的知覚)を略してESP




Summer scenery to take pictures of small skills

Undesirable cameras benefits us many 100 % satisfaction, leading to numerous spectacular images, as well as the hot months is operating relating to dependable summertime. This specific classmate through break free will be able to figure out any tons in addition to waterways, downtown along with far-away beautiful gardening, and yet may these pure attractiveness to become a memento playing hit decrease, apart from skin color boil due to the high-end digicam purpose, a great deal more simple could be to evaluation whatever taking pictures competency as well as having photos. The amount, smaller try to make your work latest many of the summer season harvesting powerful see to it, typically the classmate need to next image have a go through, you become this confidently unexpected wonder.

Digital cameras would bring us lots of enjoyment, leaving a myriad of unique images, and summertime is journeying in wonderful summer season. The classmate throughout the getaway can recognize that reams together with estuaries and rivers, metropolitan and also countryside attractive panoramas, yet take place all these charm being a memento opportunity straight down, together with steam as a result of a camcorder operation, a lot more crucial is usually to examine ones own taking functionality and also taking photographs. That period, the little generate your choice have quite a few summer months firing effective be mindful, the particular classmate may as well within the next snapshot have a shot at, you will get the particular total surprising stun.

Household landscapes

By out of doors firing indoors panoramas, basic will need throughout the Windows 7, out-of-doors mild typically currently have more substantial indoors light-weight, now a couple of challenges ought to be sorted out, is the particular coverage time frame, a couple of it truly is in order to avoid a display reflective, when pics of any camera through hands-on management operate, might take number of years coverage setting up, when photographic camera goes so that you can twit style, can easily will likely be ISO level of sensitivity Surroundings bump up, this ISO 2 hundred or perhaps ISO six hundred aiming.

Inside panorama 's best golf shot employing a tripod, in any other case, wants a spot to guide, one example is in opposition to any divider and entry, and even the true reason for executing it is because very long coverage is quite effortless construct any digital camera protein shake, producing photographs regarding fluffy envision. It's best to utilize the shutter launch, or perhaps utilize to get center-weighted avoiding relocate a video camera. Notice: except if absolutely necessary, tend not to available the particular pen, stay clear of a lot more reflective.

Out-of-doors landscapes

Bring that landscape designs from the probability with the photo may well schedule some individuals or even factors, and this also may help the room inside the operation of your view photos. Get a large surfaces area photos, as an example the veranda as well as the roof top, hillside, for example. Typically inside the mid-day is without a doubt the most suitable time frame filming this landscapes. Filming, having a polarizer to adjust a illumination with the stars, produce the particular heavens develop into dreary quite a few, well known from the glowing blue stars the white kind of fog up, as a way to boost the space or room repeatedly.

Several virtually no guidebook vulnerability management of any camera together with location form, as well as the landscape designs way is completely features on the list of manner, you are able to use landscape designs way to adopt shots. Together with handbook vulnerability restrain photographic camera might opt for aperture goal option that will movie, aperture to help acquired far better pick out F8 to help you photograph or maybe F11, this photo will be extra management concentrations senses.


The particular modify on the urban center is without a doubt switching, specifically together with a lot of approach large establishing intended for symbolize, and also this are at recent many portrait digital photography buffs including firing template.

Yet typical photographic camera through simply how much suitable container distortion, hence as a way to make an effort to reduce the photograph of your deformation belonging to the accumulating " up ", thus you ought to pick around substantial thoughts and opinions filming. One example is inside the steps, or perhaps some other might help the beliefs with area. If you fail to find the correct destination for a reside, you can from the again, clear of the particular lead entity to cut back a distortion. Maybe you've employed the greatest wide-angle standard zoom lens. Vivid stars will be able to replace with a developing with the darkish. Having a polarizer to cut back or perhaps wipe out construction with reflective a glass. In addition to, certainly, consume an excellent know with the can make one of a kind imaginative results.

mineral water

Firing apply or maybe a aerosol in waters, incorporate the use of part mild and also backlight try to make waters intended for introducing see through pattern. Several novices all of coveted by a really "splash with photos, in truth, I am able to effortlessly applied for, so the hurrying h2o glance alot more downy, have got a form of passionate blur. Shutter possibly inside 1/10 so that you can 1/6 erinarians regulate might get move cosmetic perception for splash pics.

At night and also night time

Local plumber to be able to sunset taking scenario regarding is usually 15-30 moments, next the stars always possess some colouring failed to ends. As a way to raise the graphic with the amount with subject, can easily on the ending with the passage and also uncover several regarding an individual's special world. It is as well the location where the tripod on has to be, commonly programmed coverage is definitely o . k ., yet you should attempt to utilize hands-on visibility, and also the employment of the particular shutter put out restrain taking, respectively for 2, 5, 8, 12 and also of sixteen secs shutter tempo so that you can capture some photo contrast.

Needless to say now and again continue to are able to use ISO200 to help you photograph, yet so that you can be aware of an electronic camcorder with disturbance handle is normally adequate, when pixels will be overweight, or maybe together with ISO100 contrasting by using base style to help motion picture.

In truth firing night time scenarios, at times to be able to as well do not require that filming with step-by-step developing oh, this streets these kinds of, a small amount convert tips plus aiming design and style, might get the result of experiencing a specialized pattern.






I know how to become a super-easy Your Life?

Tips on how to live it happily for everyone

I become more comfortable with the power off

Also suffering are all spicy sloppy vision, and white security.

The world's vanities,

The emptiness of the first pain and sadness.

The world is going to change.

Can even change to ease the suffering.

If you can make your day burdened with dirty

It should be possible to throw away what we have so

I understood just how sloppy or the world?

Suffering and illness, and we insist on such things.

And stick to what I see.

Cling to the things that you hear.

Taste and smell differ from person to person

What is also not helpful.

The bad stick to tea mind wavers.

It is "free" What is he.

A big talk and while it is alive, various things are.

You can see what a miserable so difficult.

But I go place to place with us.

Which is invisible to anyone.

I try to be bright and without force.

Because you will enjoy about You can not see the future.

What guy I'm feeling it alive.

Be difficult to live and certainly correctly.

But I'll live can even brighter to anyone.

Tips have a Bodhisattva living. There is no need to live in suffering.

I enjoy living in it becomes Buddha.

Once knowing the risk would be quite bad

Reasonable fear of living is help.

It is misread

Throw away your heart you are, It's not to say.

Do not forget your dreams and fantasies, and compassion,

Once nirvana But even where it is located.

Life is no need to change anything, just the perception of change.

If you have plenty in mind, anyone become a Buddha.

Remember the wisdom of this melt. But few words.

Make sense I know that I'm fine without thinking.

It would be nice suffering becomes smaller.

You all suffering admits even lie no more bullshit, I like that.

Let the past may be a prelude to forget all.

But just want to remember it.

Look tweeting If you're so inclined,

It's just good chanting in the mind

You see, open your ears listen well

"You'll cast, the bad idea is disappears, the soul is silenced, all things in here, it's beyond everything. "

"At that enlightenment will come true. All will be fulfilled in this mantra. "

don't worry -- that's OK


Feeling of the cat

Translated from http://anond.hatelabo.jp/20110907020451

For a long time, I am in a dark box.

According to someone's comment I heard outside of the box, a tiny bottle containing deadly poison is located in this box. Although the bottle is completely sealed, a hammer is positioned in the vicinity of the bottle. And they said the hammer would fall down at a certain time.

When is "the certain time"? I don't know. In this very moment? Or distant future? Possibly, it already has come (I don't want to think about it). No one can affect the hammer. As an independent event, it will fall down with probability 50%. The probability is exactly 50%. Possibly, the bottle may be broken, or may not. About myself, dead, or, alive.

I must say, how terrible the situation is.

It is impossible for me to avoid having a furious indignation. My life, the most important issue for me, is completely away from me, and is solely dependent on the simple figure, FIFTY PERCENT! Too much terrible.

Additionally, and I think it is completely unreasonable, I am shackled in many ways to keep the probability at exactly 50%.

Visual perception. The box is completely shielded from any light. It's for avoiding me from finding and destroying the bottle and apparatus. Complete darkness. I am in the total darkness. Thus, now I can’t see even the outline of myself. Possibly it sounds strange, the darkness makes me have a doubt about the existence of my body itself.

Acoustic perception. Maybe, from the reason I mentioned above, a perfect sound insulation is used. I can’t hear even the voice of my own. I don't know the mechanism. In the first place, as I can’t see anything, how can I investigate it? So, this is only a speculation, possibly, my drum membranes were damaged before enclosure in this box, or, some special material is used for the wall of the box.

Anyway, in a dark box too much good at shielding light and sound, my visual and acoustic perception is dead just as the term indicates.

As if further confirmation are needed, a huge fatigue weighing heavily upon me is another shackle for me. It seems that they gave me some kind of muscle relaxant to avoid me from struggling. As I can’t change from the same posture, my tactile perception is almost paralyzed.

No light. No sound. Smell and taste are unreliable. Tactile perception is in malfunction. I am like a puppet. All the five senses are out of control of mine. Too much cruel. Perfect shackles. I wish if they had given a sleeping medicine. I feel I am in agony without any external injury. My life, my existence itself, is completely ignored. Such a humiliation keeps my sanity. Only such a humiliation can.

The right to control the life and death of myself is completely deprived. I hate such situation. The core determinant of the continuity of my life is completely dependent upon, solely upon, a pure probability. Completely away from anyone's will. I hate it, again, I hate it!

Why do I have to be enclosed in such a box? In such a ridiculous box, why do I have to be in fear of life and death with such perfect shackles?

Unreasonable. Cruel.

I am lonely. Am I feeling empty and flat? Difficult to avoid sobbing? No. My loneliness is much deeper. I am in a sea of void. I am alone. Completely alone. As an orphan, I was thrown into this endless darkness. I am quivering in the absolute zero.

There is no perspective in this box. Only the darkness is here. I can’t feel the bottle and the hammer. I can’t feel the wall, the bottom, and the ceiling neither. They should be there. But all the five senses of mine are deprived. I feel like there is nothing. While those things have some meanings.

Speaking honestly, I am not so sure I am in a box. I am sure that what I am exists. I am thinking. I am fantasizing. It is the evidence showing the uniqueness of mine, which is called the ego or the consciousness or the mind, is solid. But, is the uniqueness is truly enclosed in the box? Is it possible that it is floating in another space? I can’t eliminate such doubts.

Possibly, what I am here is floating in the end of the universe, or is lying down at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Or going down from a vent of the Kilauea volcano, maybe.

I don't have any method to know how the box (enclosing me) is. All the senses of mine are dead. It is impossible for me to determine whether here is inside of a box or not.

In addition to that, I am not so sure that I am truly alive. I don't have any way to confirm such a simple thing. Possibly, the 50% probability has already passed beyond me. Maybe I am already dead. I am still alive, maybe. Injected with muscle relaxant, shallow breathes, weak heartbeats. Or, cessation of all of them, simply leaving meat bolus.

I am deprived of any capability of controlling my own body. Who can say that my mind resides in the body continuing vital activities? The five senses have been poisoned with the total darkness. They can’t function as sensory organs. I don't have any chance to know the truth. Possibly, any supposition is fabricated by myself. The situation surrounding me and the uniqueness of myself are components of programmed role-play, possibly.

About the existence of mine, I can’t determine the behavior. I hate to admit it, but I am in the middle of fluctuation.

I wish someone could find me. I wish someone could open the box and observe how I am, and determine what I am. There is not enough power inside me to do so. All I can do is to continue to quiver in the loneliness.

If I were the Almighty, I could say "Let there be light". I know it is impossible. But I can‘t help feeling how nice it would be if I could say so.

My own free will! It could fix every fluctuation surrounding myself!

At the same time, longing produces shadow. If the box is opened, I will be found and observed. As a result, what I am will be determined. To tell the truth, I can’t look away from the fact I am anxious about being determined.

Although I am unable to determine whether I am alive or dead by myself, I am afraid of the death. I am afraid that I am determined as a dead. I can’t accept. Still I can’t feel, I can’t imagine the death as a specific phenomenon. Probably, that is why I am afraid of death.

No, it should not be restricted to me. King of virtue. Deadly murderer. Regular folks. All the same. Maybe, the elder people or patients of bad disease could have some imagination sufficiently close to the true death. But, even so, it is impossible to know the specific experience of death.

In the end, death is the final destination with overwhelming significance. The time and the consciousness have an absolute irreversibility. Death also has the absoluteness which can’t be changed. Even if it is a ritual pass point or an outstanding impressive event.

Myself, the mind of mine here is, will be vanished at the moment at which how I am is determined. If they deprive the lukewarm water, in which I can’t feel the temperature, it is impossible for me to avoid exposing myself to the air.

I am afraid of such an irreversible change. It is not limited to the determination of death. Also I am so anxious that I am determined being alive.

The current existence of myself is like a tiny, tiny illusion standing on an endless point. Not larger than that. Not smaller than that. Not longer than that. Not shorter than that. No expansion. No shrinkage. Standing upon a unique single point. It is mathematically correct. I am something like a ghost staying upon such a point, having confusion about identity of myself.

The point exists at every position on a plane of coordinates, at the same time, not existing at a certain position. If a certain event occurs, on that moment, it will converge me to a single point among all the space-times, in which the event has occurred, as if having me step off a bus. Without any concern. Even if the point and I have been a one. The illusion, which has stayed in such a point, has possibilities of being real and being vanished like a mist, to an equal degree.

Now, I am existing in every time-space, I have every nature. At the same time, I am suffering from the loneliness that I am away from every nature. I wish someone can find me. At the same time, I am so anxious that where I will be, and that how I will be at that moment.

I have been released from the law of cause and effect. I am undetermined ever, for ever.










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