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One-Shota in English (おねショタ英語で支持しよう)

I believe that the One-Shota is one of the best category of a hentai anime/cartoon/dojinshi, etc.

First, no matter whether you are an ugly and old guy or a gentle man, you can project yourself into a beautiful young boy (Shota). In other words, you will become a perfect Shota while you watch a hentai material.

Second, your desire to be like a child should be fulfilled. Shota who has no sexual knowledge is kindly welcomed by an elder sister, and you will be getting spoiled by her. She must be kind and helpful.

In conclusion, I recommend the One-Shota hentai things. Let's have a fun with helpful and hot elder sisters.



In this world how will this fly into eternity

How we'll strike away, so you can eternally

With this try and burn and strike int eternity

Over here, I was born to fight again

Why did I lie that I loved you, why did I.

Ny heart tonight,I believe cries born in pain.

Why did I lie that I loved you, why did I.

My heart tonight. oh wait this part, I know.

Where is part a paling day, where's only time rely

and to hear again the wind destroyed my heart, the wind is gone

In this world I fail to ind you in your eternity

I will kiss the prince that's fighting up there eternally

We'll decide how woo this fly into eternity

over here, I will love this starry day






1) I think this issue got solved by yesterday's patch. Could you check again?

2) I believe this issue got solved by yesterday's patch. Could you check again?

(2)の I believeは、「修正であることを確信しています」なのか「もしかしたらたぶん直ってるので」なのか、どっちなんだろう

Believe辞書を引いてみると「物・事の真実存在を信じる、が本義。確信の弱い時にも用いる」と書いてあって、これ文脈から判断するの無理くね? という


ThinkもBelieve意見の表明であり、 "This issue got solved by yesterday's patch" よりは弱いというのは理解できるので、


とはいえひとつ単語が「信じる」と「たぶん…だと思う」の両方で使われるってどういうこと? というのが正直言って理解できない



I believe 月の光溶けるかりそめのメロディ

Dive your dive 嘆きの海 逃れられない時を知る















| 【全訳】米国史上最年少の女性下院議員キング牧師ばりの演説

| https://courrier.jp/news/archives/150572/


| Watch Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Inspiring Women’s March Speech | NowThis

| https://youtu.be/TNJZhuZCYow


Hello! Thank you. New York City!

Thank you all.

Are you all ready to make a ruckus?

Are you all ready to fight for our rights?

Are you all ready to say that in the United States of America everyone is loved, everyone deserves justice, and everyone deserves equal protection and prosperity in our country.

It is such an honor to be here, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’re gathering here today, the weekend before Martin Luther King Day.

Because I believe this moment and where we are right now is a resurgence from where the civil rights movement left off.

And we are here to carry the torch forward.

Because when we talked about racial and economic justice, racial and social justice, we started to really extend those issues to the issues of economic justice, environmental justice, and the intersectionality and interconnectedness of all our fights.

Justice is not a concept we read about in a book.

Justice is about the water we drink, justice is about the air we breathe.

Justice is about how easy it is to vote.

Justice is about how much ladies get paid.

Justice is about if we can stay with our children after we have them for a just amount of time – mothers, fathers, and all parents.

Justice is about making sure that being polite is not the same thing as being quiet.

In fact, oftentimes the most righteous thing you can do is shake the table.

Last year we took the power to the polls.

And this year, we’re taking power to the policy, because we have taken back the House of Representatives.

And that’s just step one.

This year we’re gonna organize.

This year we’re gonna fight for voting rights.

This year we’re gonna keep pushing, because 2020, we took – in 2018 we took the House of Representatives, and through 2020, we’re gonna take the White House and Senate, too.

That’s what we’re gonna do because we need to advance and fight for an America where all people are welcome and no people are left behind.

And I know that while this year has been historic, there’s a lot more congresswomen left here in this audience right now.

There’s a lot more city councilwomen.

There’s a lot more workers that will be building businesses.

There’s a lot more – and I know that there’s a future president out here, too.

Let us remember that a fight means no person left behind.

So when people want to stop talking about the issues

that Black women face,

when people want to stop talking about the issues

that trans women or immigrant women face,

we gotta ask them, why does that make you so uncomfortable?

Because now, this is the time that we’re gonna address poverty.

This is the time we’re gonna address Flint.

This is the time we’re gonna talk about Baltimore & the Bronx, and wildfires, and Puerto Rico.

Because this is not just about identity, this is about justice.

And this is about the America that we are going to bring into this world.

Thank you all very, very much.



yes, I am. I am saving myself for my future wife, because I believe she deserves all of me, not just what is left.

This view is not held as widely in America as it used to be.


Just as every night is followed by dawn, I believe that every rain eventually lets up.

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