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Your Smile

When I met you there was spring light

And breeze in the street

My childish heart cheered

In the distant summer night of that day

I neglected loneliness

As I passed through the autumn day

A warm winter street

Reassured me of your warmth

At all times you have

A sincere look in your eyes

Even if you fall you will stand up again

I drew some strength

From your profile

That only gazes ahead .

Your smile

And your voice

Created my future

The time

That began to move

Carved out slowly changing days.

I should be able to overcome

Difficulty at any time

Because I have a dream

Now I have found

Something precious

Something that I want to protect.

I don't know the reason

for your tears that day

Beyond the upset I saw

A path leading to a dream.

I'm not afraid of mistakes

If I take a step forwards

Then I can have more faith in myself.

People look towards

The other side of sadness

This is what the sight of your back has told me

At my side

By your side

I could cry with longing to live in the moment

A dream

Without end

Must lead to somebody's future.

Don't give up


I heard your voice

I found

Something precious

Something that I want to protect

I am not alone

I am always by your side

Because I want to see your smile

From the line of "Asagao to Kase-san"














「米政府言語道断侮辱的」 橋下氏発言を厳しく非難」( http://www.asahi.com/international/update/0516/TKY201305160295.html

「橋下氏発言を非難する米政府当局者のコメント(全文)」( http://www.asahi.com/international/update/0516/TKY201305160461.html


世間では,上の朝日報道はJen Psaki氏の発言を報じたものであるかのようにする者があるが,事実誤認である

Jen Psaki氏が朝日記事に近い発言をしたのは次の記事である

「Daily Press Briefing Washington, DC May 16, 2013」( http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/dpb/2013/05/209511.htm





Mayor Hashimoto’s comment is outrageous and offensive. As the United States has stated previously, what happened in that era to those women, who were trafficked for sexual purposes, is deplorable and clearly grave human right violations of enormous proportions. We understand that mayor Hashimoto is planning to travel to the United States, but in the light of these statements, we are not sure that anyone will want to meet with him.


QUESTION: Hi, my name is Takashi from Japanese newspaper Asahi. Osaka City Mayor Hashimoto recently made a comment on the so-called “comfort women” issue, arguing that even though it is unacceptable from the moral perspective value, but the comfort women were necessary during the war period. And he also argued that it is not fair that only Japan is criticized by the United States and other countries, because there are other country military that were provided sexual service by prostitute. And do U.S. has any position on his comment or criticism against the United States?

MS. PSAKI: We have seen, of course, those comments. Mayor Hashimoto’s comments were outrageous and offensive. As the United States has stated previously, what happened in that era to these women who were trafficked for sexual purposes is deplorable and clearly a grave human rights violation of enormous proportions. We extend, again, our sincere and deep sympathy to the victims, and we hope that Japan will continue to work with its neighbors to address this and other issues arising from the past and cultivate relationships that allow them to move forward.

QUESTION: Do you describe this issue sex slave or comfort women?

MS. PSAKI: Again, I don’t know that I’m going to define it. You kind of laid out the specific details there, and we have described this issue in the past as comfort women[ii].

Go ahead in the back.
























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Japan is killed only by you.

People all over the world think that Japan is ruined by nuclear accident. But that’s not true. We know the seriousness of the nuclear accident, but don’t despair. Nuclear can’t kill us.

In 1945, A-bomb killed many people and reduced cities to ruins. But in the cities, trains restarted to run after only 3 days. People returned to and rebuilt the cities soon. 5 years after, additionally, a professional baseball team was established at the cities. Now Hiroshima and Nagasaki become leading cities in Japan. We declare again, nuclear can’t kill us.

But if people avoid made-in-Japan product by harmful rumor, Japan is ruined, really.

We understand your wish for saving your loved one from radioactivity. We promise to respond your wish in a sincere manner and concentrate on ensuring product safety. Instead, we want you to respond our wish.

In 2011, we are rebuilding cities, slowly but surely. We believe reconstruction of our homeland.

Earthquake can’t kill us. Nuclear can’t kill us. We are killed only by you.







I pray that people all over the world read this text.


Give your best anyway.

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.





  • Fundamental Techniques in Handling People(人を動かす三原則)
    • Don't criticize, condemn or complain.(批判も非難もしない。苦情もいわない。)
    • Give honest and sincere appreciation.(卒直で、誠実な評価を与える。)
    • Arouse in the other person an eager want.(強い欲求を起こさせる)
  • Six Ways to Make People Like You(人に好かれる六原則)
    • Become genuinely interested in other people.(誠実な関心を寄せる。)
    • Smile.(笑顔で接する。)
    • Remember that a man's Name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.(名前は、当人にとって、最も快い、最も大切な響きを持つことばであることを忘れない。)
    • Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.(聞き手にまわる。)
    • Talk in the terms of the other man's interest.(相手の関心を見抜いて話題にする。)
    • Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely.(重要感を与える―誠意をこめて。)
  • Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking(人を説得する十二原則 )
    • Avoid arguments.(議論に勝つ唯一の方法として議論を避ける。)
    • Show respect for the other person's opinions. Never tell someone they are wrong.(相手の意見に敬意を払い、誤りを指摘しない。)
    • If you're wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.(自分の誤りをただちにこころよく認める。)
    • Begin in a friendly way.(おだやかに話す。)
    • Start with questions the other person will answer yes to.(相手が即座に'イエス'と答える問題を選ぶ。)
    • Let the other person do the talking.(相手にしゃべらせる。)
    • Let the other person feel the idea is his/hers.(相手に思いつかせる。)
    • Try honestly to see things from the other person's point of view.(人の身になる。)
    • Sympathize with the other person.(相手の考えや希望に対して同情を持つ。)
    • Appeal to noble motives.(人の美しい心情に呼びかける。)
    • Dramatize your ideas.(演出を考える。)
    • Throw down a challenge.(対抗意識を刺激する。)
  • Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment(人を変える九原則 )
    • Begin with praise and honest appreciation.(まずほめる。)
    • Call attention to other people's mistakes indirectly.(遠まわしに注意を与える。)
    • Talk about your own mistakes first.(まず自分の誤りを話した後、相手に注意を与える。)
    • Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.(命令をせず、意見を求める。)
    • Let the other person save face.(顔を立てる。)
    • Praise every improvement.(わずかなことでも、すべて、惜しみなく、心からほめる。)
    • Give them a fine reputation to live up to.(期待をかける。)
    • Encourage them by making their faults seem easy to correct.(激励して、能力に自信を持たせる。)
    • Make the other person happy about doing what you suggest.(喜んで協力させる。)

Seven Rules For Making your Home Life Happier(幸福な家庭を作る七原則)は日本語訳無し。

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