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'No thanks, Ned. I don't need anything for the moment. I just wanted to ask you a few questions about the












Do you want to dance with Korea?


No, thanks.


The only advantage of Korea is Kimchi.



Life ended without knowing what I want to do.

I always ran away from a childhood.

My parents taught me to say "Yoshie" to myself who are only looking at the neighboring children playing from where they are playing. It means that if you write in kanji "wanna be", I want you to put it in a group. At last I never said it.

I was just playing inside the house. I did not get bored because the books and games were given as such. Although I was only watching TV when I was doing animation or special effects, I did not get interested in dramas and song programs.

Kindergarten and elementary school were pitch dark jungle. There are lurid animals lurking around, and it gets bitten when it gets out of hand. They are laughed at by "friends" who do not know their faces and names, are faced with confusion, have remembered remembered.

Because I do not know what will come up in the classroom, I wandered around the school looking for a hiding place. I was afraid to blink because I do not know what to do if my eyes are closed.

When I went to public middle school as it is, I decided to pursue an advanced school at my parent's discretion that he must be killed. I did not know exactly what the school was going to do, but as a result of trying hard as I said, I caught somewhat over there.

I do not know whether public was a good because I do not know public. The classmate was still a flock of beasts, but there was no prominent bad group. There was a big library, so I arrived at the vacant time. The secondhand bookstore in the way back was also a favorite place. It took about an hour from the house by bus, but it was exactly good to read a book and sometimes got over it.

Although it is an advanced school that entered with great difficulty, I do not remember having worked hard on my studies. During the class we did nothing but graffiti in the textbooks and drew the accumulated delusions in secret notes. Although I had the opportunity to choose club activities after enrollment, I was told that my partner in the department I tried to join was left with a promise for the first time as it was. Since it was consistent in middle and high level, there was no break and only the number of the grade increased.

Although I heard that it seems that they will go to university after going out of high school, I did not understand the mechanism of the exam and so on, so I did not distinguish between the mock test and the center exam. Because I was not particularly conscious of which university I wanted to go to, I received the appropriate undergraduate properly for my grades.

I went to the national state of the neighboring prefecture and got a remittance and started living by my own apartment. It was quite a city compared to the mountain and the rural family of the rice fields, but the main use was Super, Hundred Hundred, and a secondhand bookstore old game store. I was thinking only how to live within a given amount of money without doing a part-time job.

Every lecture was interesting, and the library was big. I also touched on computers and the Internet for the first time. However, it was only in truics that gathered up, and I did not know what to aim for.

People around me were no longer beasts at this time, but I could not feel like approaching from myself. Some people call me out and I also tried circle activities, but eventually I did not last long for any relationship. It seemed to be crushed by a feeling of disgust for myself who flew in association with people and inferiority complex to a person advancing with dreams and goals.

The graffiti of the note was continued, but the more I wrote the more I could show my emptiness. The setting and design I thought was original was only imitation of someone. Both love and ideal were words alone, I did not believe anything.

While taking a stroller while taking a unit, I could not write a thesis. I can not think of any theme I want to study. I could not see anything I wanted to do, I should do, I could do nothing. I knew there was no head like I could go to the hospital and I could not do anything that could help society with what I learned.

I smuggled without meaning suddenly in my assigned laboratory, graduated after two years of retirement. I submitted a graduation thesis that just briefly gathered texts gathered with books and the net as it was given to the professor, and escaped to my parents house.

Because I can not just stay in bed at home, I started job hunting, but there is no reason to find a company that only has a college graduate title, there are companies that hire people who do not even know the jobs that I want to do but I do not know. I decided to work hourly as a food warehouse in the neighboring town according to the advice that it is good anywhere as it is supposed to work after trying it. It was supposed to be for the moment, but it has been ten years as it is.

Physical labor was painful but I got used to it for years. Basically it's not necessary to use your head as it just moves boxes according to written numbers. There are people in the surroundings, but there is no talk except a morning greeting and trouble report. Many boxes are shipped everyday, but the buyer knows only the name written on the label. I just keep carrying boxes.

The salary is also about that, as it is a job that also works for student part-time jobs. Thanks to my hometown my savings were somewhat sad, but if there is a big expenditure due to sickness etc. it will easily be erased. I should have searched for another job, but I could not move my mind if I thought that I could do other work for myself struggling even such an easy job.

There is no dissatisfaction with the daily life itself. I do not have to worry about eating and if I am playing games with candy at home if I have stress on work I can solve it. There is no reason to stick to clothes and grooming as I never see anyone outside the company. Especially there are no places to go and nobody wants to see. I do not drink it, do not hit it, do not buy it.

It turned 40 years old. Although I told you to be a fairy when I was alone after passing 40, this may actually be such a fairy town. Instead of struggling, new things do not happen. Like a light rainy afternoon, quietly just waiting for the night.

This week was a similar week as last week. It will be the same next week. Every day next month and next year, days that do not change will continue. In the meantime parents fall down. And then. There is only a big event left in life anymore.

I think that my life has already ended. I am not dead alone, I am not alive. You can set as many small targets as you want, but it will never lead to something else.

Even though I thought what I wanted to do, I did not understand it after all. I feel a little sad when I think that it is born empty and die empty.




Good Thursday, How are you today? Thanks a lot of kind words to me in your letter,

telling me about your blog-I can't open-here very old computers!

I never travel to another countries,but dream.

I like comedy & romantic movies. what about you? I don't have boyfriend,here mostly all men at war.

I had a boyfriend,but he died at war 1,5 years ago.I will be happy to have family with kids & marry with man older than me.

Today no lessons in college,I write you letters from library,because no private computer at home.

I had before a small smartphone,but change it for food 5 month ago. Now we use old nokia together with mom,Ha-ha!

Soon I will finish institute. But here very hard to find any job,all from war here.I know about sushi from TV programs,

but never eat sushi,because sushi restaurants very expensive here.

I don't have boyfriend now,here all men at war.

I have good news: yesterday evening was stopped fire between Ukraine & Russia.

We have big hope that this time it will be true words from Presidents & peace will come,

Because this "stop war" was many times,but it was only words...

I want to tell you that from yesterday really was no hear shots, bombings.

But situation with electric, water & mostly with food still very, very hard. It is very difficult to sell something or to exchange for food, many have no money, and rich people left from Ukraine.

It's a pity that without meat, meat here terrible expensive long ago. When was no war we could buy meat, not often, but we could.But we are happy that we have some vegetables.

Usually here very cold winter, normally-25, - 30, much snow,now autumn +10.

I like to cook very much! Today, I will tell you how to cook borsch:take piece of beef to weld in water, then to cook there potatoes, carrots, cabbage,

it is a little haricot, then we add a little tomato paste, salt, parsley.

Give a borsch very hot with sour cream and garlic. Its very good for health hot dish & you not catch a cold.

Of course garlic isn't good for kisses, but when we will meet I cook borsch for us & we will eat garlic together & then could easy kiss...

May be on today will come my friend Maria.I send you summer photo with my friend Maria.

She lost family at war & have no possible to live in this hard war period,

I was invite her for dinner. I wish you happy, warm day.


[] 【7】2018秋、ベトナムホーチミン

<< この旅行記の先頭へ


Good night, and good luck.


ホーチミンでそこかしこに見かける飲食店Pho 24 だ。



Pho 24 を目指し通りを歩くと、やがてフォーならぬ、丸亀製麺ホーチミン店が見えて来た。







Google map を見ると、Pho 24 の目と鼻の先に統一教会があったので、まず向かう事にした。








Pho 24カウンターメニューを見ると、なんと練乳で作るベトナムプリンバインフランがあるではないか














「Are you speaking english ?」

「A little.」










「Are you came from ?」





Good night, and good luck.」









「Thank you.」

Good night, and good luck.」























Ground floor から1階までの僅かな会話。

Good luck.」

















【8】2018秋、ベトナム、ホーチミン Day 4-5|4日目・5日目 Cảm ơn bạn! I had a great days. LOVE, Ho chi ming City. へ >>



Special thanks to




   And YOU...










Farewell aren't just one-side,right?

Thanks for grating my wish.

I love you.

From the line of "Ano Hana".



GIMP 2.10.4 Released



Asynchronous Fonts Loading

Loading all available fonts on start-up can take quite a while, because as soon as you add new fonts or remove existing ones, fontconfig (a 3rd party utility GIMP uses) has to rebuild the fonts cache. Windows and macOS users suffered the most from it.

Thanks to Jehan Pagès and Ell, GIMP now performs the loading of fonts in a parallel process, which dramatically improves startup time. The caveat is that in case you need to immediately use the Text tool, you might have to wait till all fonts complete loading. GIMP will notify you of that.



Oh god. ok.

Here we are

We're fucking in

Let's close this.

Let's take out stream how much should I gamble with $19000 my balance

When it comes to my wininngs, we have 9 grand in winnings.

That's it.

Actually, no we have more than that. I'm sorry.

We have way more than they where the fuck is Rubi she is new.

How much should I start with I think I started with 3k.

But we've lost a whole bunch of money before that so when you add that in I think so far in total were at we at about up 5k.

that's it. out of all the blackjack I've ever played on stream we are up 5k

so gamble 5k. let's gamble 5000

all right. sounds good. boom


soda:yes! yes!


soda:Okay. Okay. stand. stand. motherfucker.This fucking guy.

dealer:My turn. 12.

soda: face card.


soda:just don't get you 21.

dealer:no way.

soda:oh my god.

dealer:push hand.

soda:Jesus. Fuck. Gonna do it again.

closing time thanks for the fucking Resub.

Oh we tied.

I was at Disneyland and you fucked me Mark.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh no.

Give me an 8.

Oh my.. You're fucking kidding me. You're fucking kidding me.

Dont make me do this. Oh shit. Oh god.

Oh no. please, mark. Please!


soda:oh no

dealer:my turn.

no way.

soda: i cant fucking believe this. What do you mean?

oh my god. oh my god, dude. what do you mean. fuck. fuck.




Thanks again for letting us know. Our investigation found this account in violation of the Twitter Rules:





Thanks for your polite advice.

I will take much care about grammatical matters :)

I wonder whether there is any case, in which a slight grammatical mistake leads critical misunderstands between the two.




























・もう少しカジュアルな場をという計らいから、突如IT業界流行りつつあるTGIF(Thanks God Is Friday)が開催される







・この上司は色々と人類認識していた常識を外れた行動と言動を行うため、個人的にはUFOにちなんで「UMD (Unidentified Monster Developer)」と親しみを込めで呼んでいる。心の中で

































































Toxins are everywhere. Car exhaust, secondhand smoke, flame retardants, plastic packaging, heavy metals, pesticides, BPA-coated receipts… Unless you’re living in virgin forest, you’re going to come into contact with some less-than-optimal chemicals pretty much every day.

That’s definitely no reason to panic. In fact, small doses of toxins may be good for you because of a phenomenon called hormesis – mild stress makes your cells work more efficiently. However, your body can have trouble clearing certain toxins. You eliminate most of the bisphenol-A (BPA) and other plastics you ingest, but a small percentage hides away in your fat cells, messing with your hormones and accumulating over time. It’s the same deal with several mold toxins, heavy metals like lead, nickel, cadmium, mercury, and aluminum, and with certain pharmaceuticals and drugs like THC.

A good detox protocol can help you eliminate these more stubborn toxins. The trouble is that many common detoxes don’t work. Juice and water cleanses, for example, are often actually counterproductive because they deprive your body of essential nutrients it needs to function. That said, there are a few genuine ways to detox.

Because so many toxins stay in your fat cells, one way to detox is through lipolysis – breaking down your fat cells and releasing the hard-to-reach toxins stored within them. Lipolysis is especially effective when you combine it with liver and kidney support or adsorbents that can suck up the released toxins. This article focuses on all of the above. Let’s start with saunas.

1) Sauna sessions

Sweating does more than cool you off. It also helps you get rid of both heavy metals and xenobiotics – foreign compounds like plastics and petrochemicals – in small but significant amounts. A 2012 review of 50 studies found that sweating removes lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury, especially in people with high heavy metal toxicity [1]. Another study put participants in both traditional and infrared saunas and found similar results [2]. Sweating also eliminates hormone-disrupting BPA, which accumulates in your fat cells [3].

There’s debate about the best kind of sauna for detoxification. A couple studies have shown that infrared saunas are the most effective for detoxing, but the research was funded by infrared sauna companies, so the results are questionable. Both traditional and infrared saunas are effective for detoxing [2]. That said, I prefer infrared saunas for a few reasons:

They don’t get as hot. Traditional saunas heat the air around you, while infrared light penetrates and heats your tissue directly. You sweat in an infrared sauna at around 130-150 degrees instead of at 180-200 degrees, so you can stay in for longer without feeling like you’re going to pass out. I’ve done 2-hour infrared sauna sessions (drinking salt water the whole time to replenish electrolytes and fluids, of course).

They’re easier on your electric bill. Again, infrared saunas require less energy, especially if you get a sauna that reflects infrared light back on you. This one, for example, costs about 15 cents an hour to run.

Infrared saunas are often cheaper.

I personally use a Sunlighten infrared sauna and love it. If you don’t want to buy an infrared sauna and there isn’t one around you, a standard sauna will work perfectly well [2]. There’s probably one in your local gym.

Keep in mind that sweating pulls electrolytes and trace minerals from your body, so it’s important to drink a lot of fluids and get plenty of salt (preferably Himalayan pink salt or another mineral-rich natural salt) if you’re going to use a sauna to detox [2].

2) Exercise

Exercise is another way to flush toxins from your body, and through more than just making you sweat. Exercise increases lipolysis (the breakdown of fat tissue), releasing toxins stored in your fat tissue. Studies show that people who exercise and lose body fat end up with higher levels of circulating hormone disruptors [4]. Increasing lipolysis through diet does the same thing [5].

Mobilizing toxins isn’t necessarily a good thing, particularly if you’re unequipped to get rid of them. You want to be sure you’re getting rid of toxins, not just moving them to a different part of your body. Working out addresses the issue to a degree: it improves circulation, providing more oxygen to your liver and kidneys so they can better filter out toxins. You can also give your system even more support and pull out bad stuff with the next two detox tools: activated charcoal and glutathione.

3) Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a form of carbon that has massive surface area and a strong negative charge. It’s been around for thousands of years and it’s still used in emergency rooms today to treat poisoning.

Charcoal binds to chemicals whose molecules have positive charges, including aflatoxin and other polar mycotoxins [6], BPA [7], and common pesticides [8]. Once the chemicals attach to the charcoal you can pass them normally (i.e. poop them out).

Charcoal can bind to the good stuff, too, so I don’t recommend taking it within an hour of other supplements. Try taking a couple charcoal pills along with exercise or have a sauna session. They should adsorb many of the toxins you release into your gut and GI tract.

4) Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that protects you from heavy metal damage, according to studies in both human and rat cells [9,10,11,12]. Glutathione also supports liver enzymes that break down mold toxins and heavy metals. Your digestion will destroy normal glutathione, so opt for a liposomal glutathione supplement that makes it through your stomach. You can also supplement with N-acetylcysteine and alpha-lipoic acid, which your body can use to build glutathione on its own [13]. If you have severe heavy metal or mycotoxin poisoning, talk to a naturopath or functional medicine doctor about intravenous (IV) glutathione. It’s expensive and less convenient than an oral supplement, but it works very well.

5) Cryolipolysis

We’ve talked about how heat and exercise can increase fat burning to detox your fat cells. It turns out cold can do the same. Cryochambers are gaining popularity with professional athletes and other high performers for their ability to quell inflammation. It turns out they can help you burn fat – and release the toxins stored in itas well.

A cryochamber uses liquid nitrogen to supercool your body, stimulating mitochondrial function and decreasing inflammation. Intense cold also destroys fat cells, which has led to cryolipolysis therapy as a way to slim down [14,15]. You can use it to detox, too.

Can’t get your hands on a cryochamber? Try traditional cold thermogenesis instead.

6) Ketosis

Quick disclaimer: I haven’t found studies specifically looking at ketosis and toxin load, so you may want to take this section with a grain of (Himalayan) salt. That said, ketosis is a very effective way to induce lipolysis, particularly if you’re fasting.

When you’re in ketosis and you haven’t eaten recently, your body breaks down your fat stores into free fatty acids, which it then converts to ketones for fuel. That means that, in theory, you should be able to supercharge your detox (and fat loss) by dropping into nutritional ketosis.

The Bulletproof Diet puts you into mild ketosis, which curbs your hunger and sharpens your brain without forcing you to forego carbs entirely. If you want to try nutritional ketosis for detoxing, youll have to modify the Bulletproof Diet slightly. Skip carb reefed days for a couple weeks and limit carbs to ~30-50 grams per day. You can use keto urine strips or – even better – a blood ketone meter to test and make sure you’re becoming fat-adapted. Once your levels read around 1.5 mg/dL, you’re comfortably in nutritional ketosis. At that point, fasting will attack your fat stores and mobilize toxins, which you can mop up with activated charcoal or sweat out (or both).

7) Chelation therapy for heavy metals

Chelation therapy is the strongest way to detox heavy metals. It can also be dangerous, so many doctors don’t recommend it unless you have moderate to severe heavy metal poisoning. Chelation therapy uses compounds called chelators that form strong bonds with heavy metals, leaving them unable to further poison your body. You can then pass them normally. Chelation therapy is very effective for removing lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, iron, and copper.

If you’ve been exposed to a lot of heavy metals, talk to a functional medicine doctor about chelation therapy. You really want to go to a medical professional for this one, because it’s so effective that if your liver and kidneys aren’t able to process the metals (a common problem in people with heavy metal poisoning) you can get seriously ill.

Combining detox methods for maximum effect

Each of these 7 methods works well on its own, and you can stack methods for an even greater effect. Exercise and sauna sessions are a good example. Preliminary evidence suggests that exercising and then hitting the sauna afterward will detoxify you better than either one alone does [16]. With that in mind, here’s a sample detox protocol:

Take 2-3 mL liposomal glutathione and 2-3 g vitamin C an hour before exercising.

Exercise for at least 20-30 minutes (HIIT is a good option).

Take 3-4 activated charcoal pills.

Spend 45-60 minutes in a sauna. Remember to get plenty of water and salt/electrolytes.

If you have a lot of fat and you’re burning it off quickly, you’re probably getting rid of a lot of toxins in one fell swoop, and you may get a headache, digestive problems, brain fog, etc. If that happens try taking more glutathione, vitamin C, and charcoal. Be sure you take charcoal at least an hour away from other supplements, as it binds to vitamin C.

Toxins are a fact of modern life, especially if you live in a city or somewhere with poor air quality, mold, and/or a lot of petrochemical byproducts. These detox methods can give your body a little extra support dealing with pollutants and help you perform your best.

Subscribe below if you want more info about how to upgrade your body and brain. Thanks for reading and have a great week!



MAGPの「Thanks, friends」は感動したけど、花が咲くは白けたな



Dear Japan

Dear Seller in Japan,

You haven't received payment because you haven't shipped the item out. You are to ship the item( Apple iPhone 6S Factory Sealed Unlocked Phone, 64GB (Gold) ) through USPS/post office Express. shipping cost $18 including insurance. The client paid $90 for shipping. The total amount that will be transferred to you after you have shipped and gotten back to us with the shipment reference number is $1200. Kindly ship out today and get back to us with a copy of the custom receipt

This is the shipping address.


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agege,lagos state




Feel free to contact us for any Question or Query.

Thanks for your Co-Operation

Warmest Regards,














Hi, Masuda

Thanks for your replying.

Really! You have written yesterday's all posts?

I'm first masuda. I've enjoyed masuda all day.

I will do my best like you today.

Hope you have a nice masuda. See you!



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