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Life ended without knowing what I want to do.

I always ran away from a childhood.

My parents taught me to say "Yoshie" to myself who are only looking at the neighboring children playing from where they are playing. It means that if you write in kanji "wanna be", I want you to put it in a group. At last I never said it.

I was just playing inside the house. I did not get bored because the books and games were given as such. Although I was only watching TV when I was doing animation or special effects, I did not get interested in dramas and song programs.

Kindergarten and elementary school were pitch dark jungle. There are lurid animals lurking around, and it gets bitten when it gets out of hand. They are laughed at by "friends" who do not know their faces and names, are faced with confusion, have remembered remembered.

Because I do not know what will come up in the classroom, I wandered around the school looking for a hiding place. I was afraid to blink because I do not know what to do if my eyes are closed.

When I went to public middle school as it is, I decided to pursue an advanced school at my parent's discretion that he must be killed. I did not know exactly what the school was going to do, but as a result of trying hard as I said, I caught somewhat over there.

I do not know whether public was a good because I do not know public. The classmate was still a flock of beasts, but there was no prominent bad group. There was a big library, so I arrived at the vacant time. The secondhand bookstore in the way back was also a favorite place. It took about an hour from the house by bus, but it was exactly good to read a book and sometimes got over it.

Although it is an advanced school that entered with great difficulty, I do not remember having worked hard on my studies. During the class we did nothing but graffiti in the textbooks and drew the accumulated delusions in secret notes. Although I had the opportunity to choose club activities after enrollment, I was told that my partner in the department I tried to join was left with a promise for the first time as it was. Since it was consistent in middle and high level, there was no break and only the number of the grade increased.

Although I heard that it seems that they will go to university after going out of high school, I did not understand the mechanism of the exam and so on, so I did not distinguish between the mock test and the center exam. Because I was not particularly conscious of which university I wanted to go to, I received the appropriate undergraduate properly for my grades.

I went to the national state of the neighboring prefecture and got a remittance and started living by my own apartment. It was quite a city compared to the mountain and the rural family of the rice fields, but the main use was Super, Hundred Hundred, and a secondhand bookstore old game store. I was thinking only how to live within a given amount of money without doing a part-time job.

Every lecture was interesting, and the library was big. I also touched on computers and the Internet for the first time. However, it was only in truics that gathered up, and I did not know what to aim for.

People around me were no longer beasts at this time, but I could not feel like approaching from myself. Some people call me out and I also tried circle activities, but eventually I did not last long for any relationship. It seemed to be crushed by a feeling of disgust for myself who flew in association with people and inferiority complex to a person advancing with dreams and goals.

The graffiti of the note was continued, but the more I wrote the more I could show my emptiness. The setting and design I thought was original was only imitation of someone. Both love and ideal were words alone, I did not believe anything.

While taking a stroller while taking a unit, I could not write a thesis. I can not think of any theme I want to study. I could not see anything I wanted to do, I should do, I could do nothing. I knew there was no head like I could go to the hospital and I could not do anything that could help society with what I learned.

I smuggled without meaning suddenly in my assigned laboratory, graduated after two years of retirement. I submitted a graduation thesis that just briefly gathered texts gathered with books and the net as it was given to the professor, and escaped to my parents house.

Because I can not just stay in bed at home, I started job hunting, but there is no reason to find a company that only has a college graduate title, there are companies that hire people who do not even know the jobs that I want to do but I do not know. I decided to work hourly as a food warehouse in the neighboring town according to the advice that it is good anywhere as it is supposed to work after trying it. It was supposed to be for the moment, but it has been ten years as it is.

Physical labor was painful but I got used to it for years. Basically it's not necessary to use your head as it just moves boxes according to written numbers. There are people in the surroundings, but there is no talk except a morning greeting and trouble report. Many boxes are shipped everyday, but the buyer knows only the name written on the label. I just keep carrying boxes.

The salary is also about that, as it is a job that also works for student part-time jobs. Thanks to my hometown my savings were somewhat sad, but if there is a big expenditure due to sickness etc. it will easily be erased. I should have searched for another job, but I could not move my mind if I thought that I could do other work for myself struggling even such an easy job.

There is no dissatisfaction with the daily life itself. I do not have to worry about eating and if I am playing games with candy at home if I have stress on work I can solve it. There is no reason to stick to clothes and grooming as I never see anyone outside the company. Especially there are no places to go and nobody wants to see. I do not drink it, do not hit it, do not buy it.

It turned 40 years old. Although I told you to be a fairy when I was alone after passing 40, this may actually be such a fairy town. Instead of struggling, new things do not happen. Like a light rainy afternoon, quietly just waiting for the night.

This week was a similar week as last week. It will be the same next week. Every day next month and next year, days that do not change will continue. In the meantime parents fall down. And then. There is only a big event left in life anymore.

I think that my life has already ended. I am not dead alone, I am not alive. You can set as many small targets as you want, but it will never lead to something else.

Even though I thought what I wanted to do, I did not understand it after all. I feel a little sad when I think that it is born empty and die empty.


Maybe, is it as expected by the Korean government?

About the radar irradiation problem, at the beginning, I was amazed at the response to the Korean side.

But, if we think carefully, is not the series of Korean side responses successful in the sense of earning time? It came to be interested.

In this case, the Korean side has not shown the intention to solve the problem at all.

If we apologized at the beginning of the first place, this problem could have been solved.

Nonetheless, the South Korean side only takes action to make the situation muddy.

In other words, is not it the purpose of the South Korean government itself to make the situation muddy?

From the beginning, is not it intentionally irradiated the radar wave to P-1 in order to create the current rude situation?

For what do the Korean government want to earn? I do not know.

Based on the verdict of the reprocessing work problem, it may take time to prepare its assets (at least in Korea) to legally acquire assets.

Alternatively, underwater negotiations towards the establishment of a unified government with North Korea are proceeding, from which we may want to miss the eyes of countries such as Japan and the United States.

Perhaps it may be waiting for diplomatic cards to be ready for the Japanese side to head down, such as the victims of abductions.

If there is no clear speculation in particular, if the Japanese side gets tired and giving up, it may be a Korean diplomatic victory.

Perhaps there is a secret ball of the Korean government that can not be thought of as an amateur.






Ridley Hits the Big Time!

あれ?日本語ではすべて「リドリー参戦!」といった具合に「~参戦!」で統一されているけど、英語版はそれぞれ違っていてバリエーションがあるのかな?  …と


むらびとVillagerVillager Comes to Town!---
ロックマンMega ManMega Man Joins the Battle!---
Wii Fit トレーナWii Fit TrainerWii Fit Trainer Weighs In!weigh in計量する、割って入る、仲裁に入る計量する→体重測定?
ロゼッタチコRosalina & LumaRosalina & Luma launch into battle!launch into始める、門出するLaunch:(ロケットなどを)打ち上げる→ほうき星天文台
リトルマックLittle MacLittle Mac Punches In!punch in打ち込むボクサー
リザードンCharizardCharizard Fires it Up!fire up火をつける、始動させる、駆り立てるほのおタイプポケモン
ゲッコウガGreninjaGreninja Makes A Splash!make a splash音を立てる、あっと言わせる、水しぶきを上げるみずタイプポケモン
パルテナPalutenaPalutena Alights!alight降りる(天から)降りる?
パックマンPac-ManPac-Man Hungers for Battle!hunger for切望するHunger←ゲーム性から
ルキナLucinaLucina Wakes Her Blade?!--ファイアーエンブレム 覚醒(Awakening)とかけてる?
ルフレRobinRobin Brings the Thunder!--サンダーソードという武器を使う
シュルクShulkShulk Foresees a Fight!foresee見越す、予見する未来視という能力がある
クッパJr.Bowser Jr.Bowser Jr. Clowns the Competition!clownふざけるいたずら
ダックハントDuck HuntDuck Hunt Takes Aim!take aim狙いを定めるカモを狙い撃つゲーム性から
ミュウツーMewtwoMewtwo Strikes Back!strike back殴り返す、反撃するミュウツーの逆襲
リュカLucasLucas Comes Out of Nowhere!come out of nowhere突然やってくるリュカはノーウェア(Nowhere)島に住んでいる
ロイRoyRoy Seals the Deal!seal the deal契約を結ぶ、取引を固めるロイ封印(seal)の剣の主人公
リュウRyuHere Comes A New Challenger! Ryu--ストリートファイター乱入時のメッセージ
クラウドCloudCloud Storms into Battle!storm into押し入る、突入するStorm Clouds(凶兆、悪いことが起こる前兆
カムイCorrinCorrin Chooses to Smash!choose to do決めるファイアーエンブレムifの「運命分岐点」で選択肢を選ぶから
ベヨネッタBayonettaBayonetta Gets Wicked!---
リドリーRidleyRidley Hits the Big Time!hit the big time成功する、一流になる、大当たりするRidley is too big.というネットミーム
シモンSimonSimon Lashes Out!lash out暴力攻撃する、食って掛かるLash(ムチ)→メインウェポンがムチ
リヒターRichterRichter Crosses Over!cross overクロスオーバーする、枠を超えるCross→横必殺技クロス十字架ブーメラン
クロムChromChrom Joins the Battle!---
ダークサムスDark SamusDark Samus Joins the Battle!---
キングクルールKing K. RoolKing K. Rool Comes Aboard!come aboard(船に)乗り込む、参加する船に乗り込む→キャプテン
しずえIsabelleIsabelle Turns Over A New Leaf!turn over a new leaf改心する、心機一転するとびだせ どうぶつの森」の英語タイトルが「Animal Crossing: New Leaf
ケンKenKen Turns Up the Heat!turn up the heat温度をあげる、強火にする、勢いを増すケンリュウと違い、昇龍拳で火を噴く
ガオガエンIncineroarIncineroar Enters the Ring!enter the ringリングに入るプロレス技を使うキャラクターなので
パックンフラワーPiranha PlantPiranha Plant Pipes Up!pipe upしゃべり(歌い)始める、甲高い声で話す、汲み上げる土管

備考)ベヨネッタの「Get Wicked」は調べてもヒットせず、いまいちわかりませんでした。Wickedは「邪悪な、いたずらな」という意味













まだ眠いテレビも見たいしお腹すいた (Good morning!)






ドンマイ ドンマイ


I say, がんばれ私! がんばれ今日


Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice,

Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly.

When the world gets in my face,

I say, Have A Nice Day.

Have A Nice Day



Do you think I'll feel better if I forgive them?

You want to forgive them?

If it would make me feel better, I might.

But the I imagine them looking all relieved afterwords, it gets under my skin.

"Piss off" ?

Yeah.. I'm a pretty petty person, aren't it?

I beg your pardon, but could you leave Miyake Hinata alone?

You might think Hinata has been holding a grudge against you since she quit school, that she's been suffering badly.

Maybe you think she spends every day crying, thinking about what happened to her.

But, but,

But that's not true!

Hinata-chan is having a super, amazing fun time with us!

She's having a really fulfilling trip of the sort you can't get where you are!

Hinata is already looking forward!

She's already walking!

She's taking her steps with us!

Unlike Hinata, I'm a real jerk, so I'll say it outright.

You can't live your lives in this halfway state forever!

You hurt someone and made them suffer!

Now you get to live with that!

That's what you get for hurting someone!

That's what you get for hurting my friend!

You think you can come crawling back now?

Piss Off!

fro the line of "Sora yori mo toi basho -- A Place Further Than the Universe"










5 reasons why Japanese Engineer are fu*king da*n

  • Because they likes "Technical document" much, though they usually study with books even it's Front-end latest technology, Many of them are just translated original EN contents or da*n not sexy sample code, it's worthless in the world which dynamically changing day by day in few months. Regardless of free latest contents which can be found everywhere, they just get Secondary Information given by some evangelists with passive mindset, it causes making this Evangelist? market stable due to this kind of information gap structure.

See also : https://anond.hatelabo.jp/20170728223725





a special type of strong glass that does not break when it gets very hot and that is used to make cooking dishes, plates etc










The balance distinguishes not between gold and lead






The rich man has his ice in the summer and the poor man gets his in the winter




「ああ、なるほど! 確かに平等だ」






A man is driving down a country road when he loses control of his car and ends up in a ditch. He gets out of the car and knocks on a farmhouse door for help. He explains his situation to the farmer. The farmer gets his horse and they walk to the crash scene. The farmer then uses rope to tie the horse to the car

"Pull, Zoomer, pull" the farmer shouts, but the horse doesn't move.

"Pull, Radar, pull" the farmer yells again, but again, the horse stands still

"Pull, Dasher, pull" yells the farmer, but the horse stands like a rock.

"Pull, Dusty, pull" shouts the farmer, and the horse finally gets the car out with minimal effort.

The driver is dumbfounded so he asks the farmer, "why do you call your horse different names?"

"You see," the farmer replies, "Dusty is blind. If he knew he was working by himself, he wouldn't have pulled."





Ballet 有 133 3,458

An Old Red Hat 有 234 3,692

Little Mouse Deer and the Crocodile 有 261 3,953

The Birthday Cake 有 82 4,035

Little Mouse Gets Ready 有 262 4,297

No, David! 有 62 4,359

Someday 有 243 4,602

Rainbow, Rainbow 215 4,817

The Ladder to Learning 226 5,043

YL0.5 Kipper and the Trolls 有 360 5,403

Pirate Adventure 有 330 5,733










a = gets.chomp

b = gets.chomp


result = 0

gets.chomp.split(" ").each{|t|

result += t.to_i


puts result





a = gets.chomp

b = gets.chomp

puts a + b








はてなブックマーク - 「どこかの同性愛コミュニティからノーマル差別的だ』っていう意見が出てきてるわけじゃなく」? デマを流さないでくださいよid:kyoumoeさん。 - みやきち日記

岩波新書同性愛異性愛を推奨みたいだけど、あれはひどかった http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kuborie/e/0bf72de60958fb338400532e9a3d73e9 読む価値まりなし。少なくとも絶対に読み返さないと思って、無償で人にあげた


はてなブックマーク - LGBTの方に質問です。「異性愛ノーマルと呼ぶこと」及び「同人



「どこかの同性愛コミュニティからノーマル差別的だ』っていう意見が出てきてるわけじゃなく」? デマを流さないでくださいよid:kyoumoeさん。 - みやきち日記









最後に、同性愛イシューLGBTイシューを本当に「わかりたい」と思っていらっしゃる方々のために、おすすめ書籍リストを挙げておきます。カーリル | 日本最大の図書館蔵書検索サイト等で探してみられてはいかがでしょう。本は怒らないし冷静だし、情報量も多くて、うちのブログなんかよりよっぽど有益ですよ。


『図解雑学 ジェンダー』(加藤秀一 他、ナツメ社)(レビュー


LGBTってなんだろう?--からだの性・こころの性・好きになる性』(藥師実芳 他、合同出版)(レビュー

ステレオタイプ社会心理学 偏見の解消に向けて』(上瀬由美子、サイエンス社



差別共生社会学』(井上俊 他、岩波書店

差別論 偏見理論批判』(佐藤裕、 明石書店

『Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity』(Bruce Bagemihl、St. Martin's Press)(レビュー

『Homosexual Behaviour in Animals: An Evolutionary Perspective』(Sommer, V. & Vasey, P. L. 編著, Camblidge University Press)(レビュー

It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living』(Dan Savage & Terry Millor [編]、Dutton)(レビュー



Independent Games Festival 2015にて




プレゼンターNathan Vella (Capybara Games CEO)

This past year has exposed a lot of hatred and some significant unpleasantness in our industry. As of tonight, there continue to be women, people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer artists who are being trolled, and spammed, and threatened, and doxxed, and hacked, and even driven from their homes. It's no longer possible for those of us in this room to ignore or minimise these issues with our industry or these issues with our art.


I know you all believe it. I know you do.

(Standing ovation)

But just as this year has exposed all that ugliness, it has also exposed a new generation of creators and activists who are fighting for video games and video game culture. They are fighting for us, the independent games community. I really don't think they want our gratitude at all. I think they need our support. I think they need us to work together as a community to show people a new way to engage with each other and play. So let's all fight back against this hate, the best way we know how: through our games, and through our teams, and through our collaborations. Let's make sure our games are not embodying any stereotypes or caricatures. Let's make sure as a community we are supportive of one another, and we are as welcoming as possible to any and all new voices. To me, it really gets to the core of what it's about to be an independent developer. We don't have any stock prices to fret over. We don't have any entrenched political dogmas. We own our art. This gives us a real opportunity to be the change that we all want see in the industry. And I think that we can change for the better, together.










I’m not sure what I just watched.


Our new music video is totally yabai (“yavay”).




Japanese slang for cool, dope, sick, ill. Fast, intense. What moves you. Yabai is yabai. There’s no other word to describe it.


Sort of like kawaii?


No no, kawaii is only for “cute” things. Yabai is for awesome things. Bite into piping-hot pizza, it tastes yabai. Once a good DJ takes the

stage, the club gets yabai. Funky Kota is totally yabai.


したりすると、そのクラブが「ヤバい」。そしてFunky Kotaは、全体的に「ヤバい

You’re losing me again.


Funky Kota is a new style of rave and house music from Indonesia. Over there they call it Dangdut, but it’s also contracted as Funkot. The beats

are hyper fast, usually around 180 to 200 BPM, like happy hardcore except with more vocal samples. “Are you ready!” “Hey DJ!” That kind of

stuff. Except to Japanese ears, it sounds like “TICCCKKEE!” It doesn’t mean anything but it gets you pumped up.

Funky Kota」は、インドネシアから来た新しいダンスミュージックで、現地では「Dangdut」ってよばれてるんですけど、同じ様に縮めて「Funkot」とも呼ばれ

てるんです。テンポが凄く速くて、BPMが、大体180から200くらい。ボイスサンプルをもっと使いまくるハッピーハードコアって感じで“Are you ready!” “Hey


What’s the Funky Kota scene like in Japan?

日本Funky Kotaシーンって、どんな感じ?

Mandokoro Takano, AKA DJ Jet Baron pioneered the craze back in 2009 on a radio talk show with the rapper Utamaru from Rhymester. He layered Funky

Kota bass lines and samples over J-pop, folk tunes and old super hero theme songs. Now he’s remixing our stuff. Very yabai.

高野政所さん(DJ Jet Baron)が、2009年ラッパーライムスター宇多丸さんのラジオから流行らせました。Funky KotaベースラインにJ-POPとかフォーク


So this is a new direction for the group? Your older songs are conservative as far as idol music go.

これは、グループにとって新しい試みなんじゃない? これまでの君たちの曲って、正統派のアイドルソングって感じだよね?

We were in before AKB48, playing free shows in Akihabara and making a name for ourselves. The current idol culture didn’t exist back in 2006.

AKB48’s rise to fame set the standard for all other acts to follow. They made idols yabai. Now you need to have a hook to stand out from the





And you’re carving out a nice niche with Funkot. You’ve played over 600 shows but are still underground. What’s the goal of the unit?



If AKB are the heroines of the idol world, then we’re the heels. We belong just outside the mainstream. Anything too popular loses its edge.

Being on a prime-time variety show like other Top 40 groups would rob us of our essence. But we’d thrive on a late night comedy program!

AKBヒロインなら、うちらは悪役。メインストリームからは外れてます。あんまり有名になりすぎると、エッヂがなくなっちゃうじゃないですか。他のTop 40の


Those shows like to put their guests in bikinis. Funkot club dancers tend to be dressed very sexymaybe you could play on that angle?


No, unlike some other groups we don’t do the bathing suit thing anymore! We want to keep our act more pure, more genuine.

いや、他のグループとは違って、うちらは水着とか着ませんから! うちらはうちらのやることを、純粋に突き詰めてくだけです。

Have you changed over the years?


We’re more hyper than ever! If anything, we’ve learned how to be humble. We used to expect to be pampered. I mean, that’s one of the perks of

being an idol, right? But now we aim to emulate the humble shrimp – head down, waist bowed in respect.



What makes Hyper Yoyo hyper?


Non-stop adrenaline! If we’re not having a blast on stage, then how can the audience enjoy themselves?

まらないアドレナリン! うちらがステージで爆発しなかったら、お客さんも盛り上がれないでしょ?

With the advent of live streaming sites such as Nico Nico Live, more people are content to stay at home rather than venture out to events.


Funky Kota isn’t something you listen to, it’s something you experience! The sound reverberates through your body. Watching through the

computer screen dulls the impact. The monitor stands between you and the party.

Funky Kotaは、聞くものじゃなくて体験するものです! 音が身体で反響するんですよ。この衝撃は、パソコンモニターで見てたんじゃわからないですからモニター邪魔

Even with that buffer, your new music video is pretty intense!


Oh yeah, that’s a perfect example of what our concerts are like! It was filmed inside Robot Restaurant, the most yabai place in Japan. 10

billion yen to build, all of it going into colored light bulbs and makeup for the robots.

おおぅ。あれって、うちらのギグそのものなんですよ! ロボットレストラン撮影したんです。日本で一番ヤバいスポット。あのロボットや照明を作るのに100億円かけたって話です。

It’s been all over the news since it opened last summer.


Seriously? We hope the video shows people how yabai Japan is. See, the Japanese take on Funkot is different from Indonesia, so the originators

are starting to reverse-import it. Even the way we dance isn’t authentic. It’s half cobbled together from YouTube clips, half improv.

本当に? あのPVを見て、日本いかヤバいところか知ってほしいですね。日本のFunkotは、インドネシアのとは違ってると思うんだけど、最近本家のそっちの方に、逆輸入され始めてるそうなんです。うちらはダンスも本場とは違ってるんだけど、あれって急いでyoutubeクリップから作ったのと改良したのが半々なんです。

It’s as if we’re going full circle, with DJs in Indonesia remixing copies of their original tracks…


Next step, Jakarta! We want to party with the local club kids and experience the scene firsthand. Get the authentic experience.

Imagine, our first Asian tour. How yabai would that be!?

次の目標ジャカルタ! 現地のクラブキッズパーティーして、現地のシーンを直に体験したい。本物を体験したい。想像してくださいよ。うちらの最初アジアツアーですから。相当、ヤバいですよ!?



The greater the amount of personal data that becomes available, the more informative the data gets. In fact, with enough data, it's even possible to discover information about a person's future. Last year Adam Sadilek, a University of Rochester researcher, and John Krumm, an engineer at Microsoft's research lab, showed they could predict a person's approximate location up to 80 weeks into the future, at an accuracy of above 80 percent. To get there, the pair mined what they described as a "massive data set" collecting 32,000 days of GPS readings taken from 307 people and 396 vehicles.

利用可能な個人情報がより増えたら、データはより情報価値が上がる。それどころか、十分なデータ量があれば人の未来に関する情報発見することさえ可能になる。昨年、英ロチェスター大学研究者であるAdam Sadilek氏とMicrosoftリサーチラボエンジニアであるJohn Krumm氏は80週先の人のおおよその居場所を80%の正確さで予測可能であることを発表した。研究を行うために、二人は*莫大なデータセット*と彼らがいうことろのものに注意を払い、307人と396台の乗り物から収集した32000日のGPS記録を収集した。



"Has Big Data Made Anonymity Impossible?"





It Gets Betterプロジェクトでも感じるんだけど、高校までのイジメに耐えたら、











アグリコラ WMデッキ誤訳訂正と補足

アグリコラのWMデッキについては、Table Games in the Worldで和訳が公開されている( http://www.tgiw.info/2012/03/wm5.html から辿れる。)。WMデッキについては公式の和訳が存在しないことから、このような有志による和訳の公開は貴重であり、アグリコラファンの1人として最大の感謝の意を示したい。




αデッキ http://www.tgiw.info/2012/01/wm1.html

★WM010 Klosterbewohner 修道院生活者

原文:「At the end of the game, you receive 1 Bonus point for each of the 5 columns of your farmyard that is either all rooms, all fields or all in the same pasture.」




★WM011 Bauunternehmer 建築業


★WM025 Pate 教父

原文:「Whenever you use an Action space orthogonally adjacent to an occupied "Family growth" Action space from stage 2 or stage 5, you receive 1 Grain immediately before.」


βデッキ http://www.tgiw.info/2012/01/wm2.html

★WM005 Imker 養蜂


★WM008 Bread Carrier パン運び

原文:「Once any player has built an Oven, place 1 Food on the remaining Round spaces. At the start of these rounds, you receive the Food. (If an Oven has already been built, place the Food immediately. If multiple Ovens are built, you only receive the Food once.)」



【補足】Ovenは「かまど(Fireplace)」ではなく「暖炉である(大きい進歩としては「レンガの暖炉(Clay Oven)」と「石の暖炉(Stone Oven)」がある)。また、暖炉を作るプレイヤーは誰でもよい。井戸で起動する「水運び」(I262)の暖炉である

★WM035 Postmann 郵便



★WM054 Schubkarrenschieber 手押し車使い




★WM102 Widder 雄羊


γデッキ http://www.tgiw.info/2012/02/wm3.html

★WM004 Sparbacker 即席パン屋

原文:「Whenever you build a Baking Improvement with the bread symbol, you receive 1 Grain before building the Improvement. Whenever you build an Oven, pay 1 Building resource less of your choice. (An Oven is a Baking Improvement with "Oven" in the name.)」




★WM036 Chefkoch シェフ

原文:「Each round, instead of placing your first Family member on an Action space, you may place it on this card and receive 2 Food and 1 Guest token to place that round. (You may not do this if you will be placing more people after your first without another player placing in between.)」



【補足】最後の括弧は、「遅寝(Late Sleeper)」(G037)のように、他の全プレイヤーの手番が終了するまで自分の手番がスキップされる状況でこの効果が使えると強すぎるため、それを回避する趣旨で設けられたルールである


★WM061 Hintertur 裏口

原文:「Immediately place a person that is not already placed on an Action space on the "After Family Growth also 1 Minor Improvement" Action space even if it is occupied by you or another player and take that action.」




★WM104 Schilfzich 葦栽培


δデッキ http://www.tgiw.info/2012/03/wm4.html

★WM019 Familienplaner 家族計画


★WM020 Hofschulabsolvent 農業学校卒業生


★WM023 Waldbauer 森の農夫

【補足】「労働から帰宅の間に」に相当する原文は「between the Work and Returning home phase」であり、労働フェイズ帰宅フェイズの間、すなわち「全員が家族を置いた後」を意味する。「曲芸師」(I269)や「営農家」(K289)と同様。

★WM056 Armenhaus 救貧院


★WM110 Gerateschuppen 物置小屋


εデッキ http://www.tgiw.info/2012/03/wm5.html

★WM037 Stalleinrichter 厩作り


★WM039 Pfandleiher 質屋

原文:「At any time, you may convert all the printed Victory points (if any) of an Improvement in front of you to 3 Food per point. After, you may not return or remove the Improvement and you no longer receive its Victory points. If Pawnbroker gets turned face down or discarded, you still lose the points.」




★WM055 Holzarbeiter 木こり


★WM064 Lagerfeuer キャンプファイヤー


★WM065 Begrenzungssteine 境界


畑 畑 畑 牧 牧
家 畑 空 牧 牧
家 家 家 牧 牧


家 牧 畑 空 畑
家 畑 畑 畑 畑
家 家 畑 空 畑


★WM070 Aufziehmann ゼンマイ人形

原文:「Clockwork Man counts as 1 Occupation and 1 Minor Improvement.」




★WM105 Rotherhampflug ロザラムの鋤

原文:「Whenever you use the "Plow 1 Field" Action space, you may Plow 2 fields if they are not diagonally or orthogonally adjacent to each other instead of 1.」









Facebook gets it. That's what really worries me. That's what got me off my lazy butt to write this thing. I hate blogging. I hate... plussing, or whatever it's called when you do a massive rant in Google+ even though it's a terrible venue for it but you do it anyway because in the end you really do want Google to be successful. And I do! I mean, Facebook wants me there, and it'd be pretty easy to just go. But Google is home, so I'm insisting that we have this little family intervention, uncomfortable as it might be.








まあ要は Facebook が僕を呼んでいるし、きっとそっちでやるほうがずっと楽なんだろうけど、

Google は僕にとって家だし、だからこういう家族同士のお節介焼きのようなことをやっていこうよと言ってるわけだ。


Start with a Platform, and Then Use it for Everything.




It's not even super clear whose mom he was talking about, and doesn't really matter, because nobody's mom can use the goddamn website.





福島原子力発電所CNNコメント欄 MIT科学者見解2【東日本巨大地震

When the diesel generators were gone, the reactor operators switched to emergency battery power. The batteries were designed as one of the backups to the backups, to provide power for cooling the core for 8 hours. And they did.

Within the 8 hours, another power source had to be found and connected to the power plant. The power grid was down due to the earthquake. The diesel generators were destroyed by the tsunami. So mobile diesel generators were trucked in.

This is where things started to go seriously wrong. The external power generators could not be connected to the power plant (the plugs did not fit). So after the batteries ran out, the residual heat could not be carried away any more.

At this point the plant operators begin to follow emergency procedures that are in place for a “loss of cooling event”. It is again a step along the “Depth of Defense” lines. The power to the cooling systems should never have failed completely, but it did, so they “retreat” to the next line of defense. All of this, however shocking it seems to us, is part of the day-to-day training you go through as an operator, right through to managing a core meltdown.

It was at this stage that people started to talk about core meltdown. Because at the end of the day, if cooling cannot be restored, the core will eventually melt (after hours or days), and the last line of defense, the core catcher and third containment, would come into play.

But the goal at this stage was to manage the core while it was heating up, and ensure that the first containment (the Zircaloy tubes that contains the nuclear fuel), as well as the second containment (our pressure cooker) remain intact and operational for as long as possible, to give the engineers time to fix the cooling systems.

Because cooling the core is such a big deal, the reactor has a number of cooling systems, each in multiple versions (the reactor water cleanup system, the decay heat removal, the reactor core isolating cooling, the standby liquid cooling system, and the emergency core cooling system). Which one failed when or did not fail is not clear at this point in time.

So imagine our pressure cooker on the stove, heat on low, but on. The operators use whatever cooling system capacity they have to get rid of as much heat as possible, but the pressure starts building up. The priority now is to maintain integrity of the first containment (keep temperature of the fuel rods below 2200°C), as well as the second containment, the pressure cooker. In order to maintain integrity of the pressure cooker (the second containment), the pressure has to be released from time to time. Because the ability to do that in an emergency is so important, the reactor has 11 pressure release valves. The operators now started venting steam from time to time to control the pressure. The temperature at this stage was about 550°C.

This is when the reports about “radiation leakage” starting coming in. I believe I explained above why venting the steam is theoretically the same as releasing radiation into the environment, but why it was and is not dangerous. The radioactive nitrogen as well as the noble gases do not pose a threat to human health.

At some stage during this venting, the explosion occurred. The explosion took place outside of the third containment (our “last line of defense”), and the reactor building. Remember that the reactor building has no function in keeping the radioactivity contained. It is not entirely clear yet what has happened, but this is the likely scenario: The operators decided to vent the steam from the pressure vessel not directly into the environment, but into the space between the third containment and the reactor building (to give the radioactivity in the steam more time to subside). The problem is that at the high temperatures that the core had reached at this stage, water molecules can “disassociate” into oxygen and hydrogen – an explosive mixture. And it did explode, outside the third containment, damaging the reactor building around. It was that sort of explosion, but inside the pressure vessel (because it was badly designed and not managed properly by the operators) that lead to the explosion of Chernobyl. This was never a risk at Fukushima. The problem of hydrogen-oxygen formation is one of the biggies when you design a power plant (if you are not Soviet, that is), so the reactor is build and operated in a way it cannot happen inside the containment. It happened outside, which was not intended but a possible scenario and OK, because it did not pose a risk for the containment.

So the pressure was under control, as steam was vented. Now, if you keep boiling your pot, the problem is that the water level will keep falling and falling. The core is covered by several meters of water in order to allow for some time to pass (hours, days) before it gets exposed. Once the rods start to be exposed at the top, the exposed parts will reach the critical temperature of 2200 °C after about 45 minutes. This is when the first containment, the Zircaloy tube, would fail.

And this started to happen. The cooling could not be restored before there was some (very limited, but still) damage to the casing of some of the fuel. The nuclear material itself was still intact, but the surrounding Zircaloy shell had started melting. What happened now is that some of the byproducts of the uranium decay – radioactive Cesium and Iodine – started to mix with the steam. The big problem, uranium, was still under control, because the uranium oxide rods were good until 3000 °C. It is confirmed that a very small amount of Cesium and Iodine was measured in the steam that was released into the atmosphere.

It seems this was the “go signal” for a major plan B. The small amounts of Cesium that were measured told the operators that the first containment on one of the rods somewhere was about to give. The Plan A had been to restore one of the regular cooling systems to the core. Why that failed is unclear. One plausible explanation is that the tsunami also took away / polluted all the clean water needed for the regular cooling systems.

The water used in the cooling system is very clean, demineralized (like distilled) water. The reason to use pure water is the above mentioned activation by the neutrons from the Uranium: Pure water does not get activated much, so stays practically radioactive-free. Dirt or salt in the water will absorb the neutrons quicker, becoming more radioactive. This has no effect whatsoever on the core – it does not care what it is cooled by. But it makes life more difficult for the operators and mechanics when they have to deal with activated (i.e. slightly radioactive) water.

But Plan A had failed – cooling systems down or additional clean water unavailable – so Plan B came into effect. This is what it looks like happened:

In order to prevent a core meltdown, the operators started to use sea water to cool the core. I am not quite sure if they flooded our pressure cooker with it (the second containment), or if they flooded the third containment, immersing the pressure cooker. But that is not relevant for us.

The point is that the nuclear fuel has now been cooled down. Because the chain reaction has been stopped a long time ago, there is only very little residual heat being produced now. The large amount of cooling water that has been used is sufficient to take up that heat. Because it is a lot of water, the core does not produce sufficient heat any more to produce any significant pressure. Also, boric acid has been added to the seawater. Boric acid is “liquid control rod”. Whatever decay is still going on, the Boron will capture the neutrons and further speed up the cooling down of the core.

The plant came close to a core meltdown. Here is the worst-case scenario that was avoided: If the seawater could not have been used for treatment, the operators would have continued to vent the water steam to avoid pressure buildup. The third containment would then have been completely sealed to allow the core meltdown to happen without releasing radioactive material. After the meltdown, there would have been a waiting period for the intermediate radioactive materials to decay inside the reactor, and all radioactive particles to settle on a surface inside the containment. The cooling system would have been restored eventually, and the molten core cooled to a manageable temperature. The containment would have been cleaned up on the inside. Then a messy job of removing the molten core from the containment would have begun, packing the (now solid again) fuel bit by bit into transportation containers to be shipped to processing plants. Depending on the damage, the block of the plant would then either be repaired or dismantled.

Now, where does that leave us?

・The plant is safe now and will stay safe.

Japan is looking at an INES Level 4 Accident: Nuclear accident with local consequences. That is bad for the company that owns the plant, but not for anyone else.

・Some radiation was released when the pressure vessel was vented. All radioactive isotopes from the activated steam have gone (decayed). A very small amount of Cesium was released, as well as Iodine. If you were sitting on top of the plants’ chimney when they were venting, you should probably give up smoking to return to your former life expectancy. The Cesium and Iodine isotopes were carried out to the sea and will never be seen again.

・There was some limited damage to the first containment. That means that some amounts of radioactive Cesium and Iodine will also be released into the cooling water, but no Uranium or other nasty stuff (the Uranium oxide does not “dissolve” in the water). There are facilities for treating the cooling water inside the third containment. The radioactive Cesium and Iodine will be removed there and eventually stored as radioactive waste in terminal storage.

・The seawater used as cooling water will be activated to some degree. Because the control rods are fully inserted, the Uranium chain reaction is not happening. That means the “main” nuclear reaction is not happening, thus not contributing to the activation. The intermediate radioactive materials (Cesium and Iodine) are also almost gone at this stage, because the Uranium decay was stopped a long time ago. This further reduces the activation. The bottom line is that there will be some low level of activation of the seawater, which will also be removed by the treatment facilities.

・The seawater will then be replaced over time with the “normal” cooling water

・The reactor core will then be dismantled and transported to a processing facility, just like during a regular fuel change.

Fuel rods and the entire plant will be checked for potential damage. This will take about 4-5 years.

・The safety systems on all Japanese plants will be upgraded to withstand a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami (or worse)

・I believe the most significant problem will be a prolonged power shortage. About half of Japan’s nuclear reactors will probably have to be inspected, reducing the nation’s power generating capacity by 15%. This will probably be covered by running gas power plants that are usually only used for peak loads to cover some of the base load as well. That will increase your electricity bill, as well as lead to potential power shortages during peak demand, in Japan.

If you want to stay informed, please forget the usual media outlets and consult the following websites:









puts '0からどこまでの範囲の素数を探しますか?終端の数を入力してください。'
last_num = gets.chomp.to_i

if last_num < 1
  puts '素数はありません'
elsif last_num < 2
  puts '素数は1だけです。'
  puts 1
  puts 2
  sosuu_hairetu = [2]#既知の素数を格納する配列
  ichi = 0#素数の入っている配列を参照する時に使う
  count = 3#これが素数である比較する対象
  while count <= last_num
    sosuu_hairetu.each do |waru|#それまでに分かっている素数比較する
      if count%waru == 0#割りきれたら他のに移る
        count = count+1
    puts count
    sosuu_hairetu[(ichi = ichi + 1)] = count
    count = count+1
  puts last_num.to_s + 'までに素数は' + ( sosuu_hairetu.length + 1 ).to_s + '個ありました。'





puts '二つの値の間にある偶数の合計を表示します。'

puts 'まずは小さい方の数を入力してください。'

m = gets.chomp

puts '次に大きい方の数を入力してください。'

n = gets.chomp

o = 0#最後に出力する数

while m <= n

if m % 2 == 1

o = o + m


m = m+1


puts '二つの値の間にある偶数の合計は' + o.to_s + 'です。'

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