Putin Assassination Attempt

In mother Russia, you don’t assassinate the President, the President assassinates you.

When Putin is late to school, his teachers apologize for being early.

Putin is the type of guy that reads the whole terms & agreements and clicks “I disagree”

When Putin was born, he named himself and congratulated his parents

When Putin late to school, his teacher apologized for being early.

When Putin's cell phone rings in the theater, they put the movie on pause.

When Putin's little toe hits a corner, the corner cries in pain

Putin didn't lose hair , the hair simply realised that they weren't worthy enough to be over his head.

When Putin showed up late, everyone apologized for being on time.

When Putin wants the lights on, he simply turns the dark off.

When Putin Reads a book, the book gains knowledge.

Fun fact: Putin once saved water from drowning

Putin is that type of guy who tells Gordon Ramsay he doesn't like his food

when he calls the wrong number, the person apologizes for being the wrong person

Putin Skipped 2 days of school, those days are now known as Saturday and Sunday

When Putin washes his hands, the water gets cleaner.

Putin is the type of guy who says \"I don't like it\" to the barber.


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