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Florence Italy, a guy is savagely arrested for not supplying details after being caught without a mask.

The Police are off their heads in Italy, any force needed is acceptable. We are fighting evil here people, we must unite, as times nearly up.👊





[The Local] Italian police report rise in attacks on officers enforcing mask rules



[] 日本って「Goto」するわ「空港でのウイルス検査不要」にするわ「それ国際学会で言ってみて?」な発言するわな国だけど、なぜか自由平和な国だなって

下記の ツイートフィレンツェマスクをしていなかった男性警察官乱暴逮捕される様子の動画

Florence Italy, a guy is savagely arrested for not supplying details after being caught without a mask.

The Police are off their heads in Italy, any force needed is acceptable. We are fighting evil here people, we must unite, as times nearly up.👊





[The Local] Italian police report rise in attacks on officers enforcing mask rules








交換留学 (AFS)を通じてアメリカ合衆国ルイジアナ州バトンルージュを訪れ、ホームステイである大学教授父親医師母親、同年代高校生の長男(以下、"A"と呼ぶ)の3人一家の元で留学生活をしていた。





寝室からレーザースコープ付きのスミス&ウェッソン社製.44マグナム拳銃を持ち出し勝手口へと向かい、2人に向け構え、「フリーズ(Freeze 日本語で「動くな」の意味)」と警告した。

だが被害者ピアーズに対し「パーティーに来たんです (We're here for the party.)」と説明しながら車庫の中に入り勝手口に近づいた[注釈 1]為ピアーズは発砲。弾丸被害者の左肺を貫いた。救急車が呼ばれたが、被害者出血多量により、搬送中に死亡した



差別 is here.



鼻の長い男が壁の向こうからこちらを覗いているデフォルメされた絵に「Kilroy was here」という言葉を添えた落書きのこと。



How to make pasta at home

My favorite 4-ingredient homemade pasta recipe — easy to make by hand, in a stand mixer, or in a food processor. Plus tips on how to roll out your pasta by hand or using a pasta maker.

The inspiration for it all began on our trip to the Amalfi Coast this spring, where Barclay and I became wholeheartedly convinced that we needed more 100%-from-scratch Italian food happening here at home in our little kitchen. Stat. So Barclay set his sights on perfecting homemade mozzarella this spring (more on that to come) and I came home ready to dive into the world of homemade pastas, gnocchis, and breads of all kinds. I even broke my minimalist no-new-kitchen-appliances-while-we’re-in-Europe rule and brought home an adorable little traditional pasta maker and wooden drying rack to make our pasta dreams come true.

Turns out, homemade pasta is even more delightful — and easy and delicious and fun — than I expected!

First off, the fresh pasta dough itself is a breeze to make. If you happen to own a food processor, the dough can be prepped in less than 5 minutes. (Or you can make it by hand or in a stand mixer in less than 15 minutes.) The process of rolling out the noodles is also easier than I expected, especially once I got the hang of using my little pasta maker. (I’ve included instructions below as well for how to roll out pasta using a stand mixer or a rolling pin by hand.) I’ve also enjoyed experimenting with the various different pasta flours and discovering which ones I like best for different occasions. (Short answer — I prefer “00” flour most of the time, but occasionally mix it with semolina for heartier shapes or sauces.) Mostly, though, we’ve just enjoyed eating fresh pasta. It has such a delicious, fresh, chewy, unmistakable bite to it. And it has instantly kicked some of our favorite pasta recipes up a mega notch. (Here’s lookin’ at you, cacio e pepe!)

Also fun? Inviting a group of girlfriends over on a Friday night to share a bottle of rosé as we roll out a batch of homemade pasta together. And having leftover linigune in the fridge to pull out for a quick dinner on a busy weeknight. And surprising friends and neighbors with a tupperware full of cute little fresh pasta nests as gifts. And being “that home” that now has fresh pappardelle casually draped and drying by our sunny living room window.

I’m loving it all. And if you also happen to be a fan of really good pasta, I have a feeling this might be your new favorite thing too.

So to continue with Italian Week here on the blog today, I am sharing everything I’ve learned so far about the art of making some seriously delicious homemade pasta. I’ve tried to include lots of different methods and options to work with whatever you have in your kitchen. So please poke around and find whatever method works best for you — and report back if you give homemade pasta a try! I would love to hear how it goes.


Semolina Flour


Alright, to make 1 pound of classic homemade egg pasta, you will need the following pasta ingredients:

Flour: I really love to make my homemade pasta with “00” flour, which yields the silkiest pasta. But if I am making a sauce that is a bit more hearty, I will use half “00” and half semolina flour, which makes the pasta a bit more sturdy and helps the sauce to cling to the pasta better. That said, any of these three flours (or a combination of them) will work with this recipe:

“00” flour: My personal favorite, which makes the texture extra silky.

Semolina flour: A heartier flour, which can help the pasta cling better to the sauce. (Semolina is also my favorite flour to sprinkle on the cutting board and pasta, while you are in the process of rolling out the dough.)

All-purpose flour: Also works pretty well if this is the only flour you have on hand.

Eggs: This recipe calls for four large eggs.

Olive oil: This will also help to moisten the dough. (If the dough is still too dry, you can also add in a few teaspoons of water.)

Sea salt: We will add a teaspoon of fine sea salt to the recipe, plus I recommend adding a little extra to your pasta water when cooking the pasta.



    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
     > ⌒ヽ
    /   へ\
    /  / \\the
    レ ノ   ヽ_つ
   / /
   / /|
  ( (ヽ
  | |、\Tweet
  | 丿 \ ⌒)
  | |  ) /
 ノ )  Lノ



英語 here is kamakura! no no no no. you are nice joke.

和訳 6Vは電池が良い。


アビー パンチング ウザキ=チャンの整理



※以下の記述にはThe Last of Us Part IIのネタバレが含まれます



sophia !@sophink_:本件の発端となるTweetをした人。


アビーThe Last of Us Part IIの主人公の一人。割と嫌われている。

宇崎ちゃん本名 宇崎花。宇崎ちゃんは遊びたい!の主人公献血ポスター関連で炎上したことがある。巨乳八重歯。語尾が「ッス」(←これ好き)。


8月15日sophia !@sophink_氏が以下のようなTweetをする:

incel twitter:

(アビー画像に対して)"this is an unrealistic female body type"

(宇崎ちゃん画像に対して)"this a good design for a 19 year-old woman"




(From https://twitter.com/sophink_/status/1293294364924534787)

② これに対しAöb☠@aobyjkjkkji氏がアビーに殴られて首が飛んでる宇崎ちゃんの絵をリプする。

③ 宇崎ちゃんポスター事件に関連した、フェミニスト仕業として日本で紹介される。

④ そして炎上へ……



terminei Last of Us 1, vo jogar o 2 e desenhar algo sobre


pinup sexualmente idiota 24.6%

comic sexualmente idiota 75.4%

Last of Us 1をクリアたから、次は2をやる。後なんか描きます


エロピンナップ 24.6%

エロコミック 75.4%

(From https://twitter.com/aobyjkjkkji/status/1292688418938519552)


pra saber: opinião em guro

de boa 26.6%

é guei, mas tanko 33.5%

faz isso não 39.9%


いね 26.6%

まあ悪くはない 33.5%

やめて! 39.9%

(From https://twitter.com/aobyjkjkkji/status/1294054509950504960)


posso desenhar a uzaki-chan EMPALADA? personagem puta do caralho me sobe um ódio vendo aquele dentinho dela


(from https://twitter.com/aobyjkjkkji/status/1294143591216869376)



sophia !@sophink_氏のTweetに以下のようなリプライをする。

get the fuck out of here with that fang bimbo

ここから失せろ この牙付きバカ


(From https://twitter.com/aobyjkjkkji/status/1294340020954976258)



Joelは前作(Last of Us)の主人公で今作主人公たるアビーの親の仇。Last of Us 2でアビーに殺されるけど、前作主人公がこんな殺され方していいのか、と炎上したのよね。この炎上にAöb氏は思うところがあったようで、この絵には炎上させた連中へのイラつきがこもっていた可能性もあるわね。





acabei de entender tudo agora

tão me cancelando no japão e tudo mais porque acham que eu sou uma mina feminista, que é stan da Abby, e social justice warrior lacradora de extrema esquerda

ou seja são otakus de direita ancaps me cancelando

Tô suave meu parceiro KKKKKKKKKKKKKK







宇崎ちゃんの(恐らくはネガティブな)絵を描きたいなーと思っていたところにsophia !@sophink_氏からの絶好球が来たんで書いちゃったってところでしょうね。8月10日Tweetから考えれば、Last of Us 2も絶賛プレイ中だったはずだし。


















GoogleのCode Labとかならすぐに遊べます


from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import numpy as np

x = np.array([-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7]) # from Mon to Sun

y = np.array([1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17]) # From Apr13 to onward

X, Y = np.meshgrid(x, y)

# Number Data of New Infection Patient

Z = np.array([[ 98,161,127,150,204,185,107], # Apr13

[100,123,125,134,166,107,76], # Apr20

[40,112, 47, 46, 164,159, 90], # Apr27

[87, 57, 37, 23, 39, 36, 22], # May4

[15, 28, 10, 30, 9, 14, 5], # May11

[ 10, 5, 5, 11, 3, 2, 14], # May18

[ 8, 10, 11, 15, 22, 14, 5], # May25

[ 13, 34, 12, 28, 20, 26, 14], # Jul1

[ 13, 12, 18, 22, 25, 24, 47], # Jul8

[ 48, 27, 16, 41, 35, 39, 35], # Jul15

[ 29, 31, 55, 48, 54, 57, 60], # Jul22

[ 58, 54, 67,107,124,130,111], # Jul29

[102,106, 75,224,243,206,206], # Jul6

[119,143,165,286,293,290,188], # Jul13

[168,237,238,366,260,295,239], # Jul20

[131,266,250,367,463,472,292], # Jul27

[282,276,260,377,473,482,302]]) # Aug3 : encliding expectations = prev week number + 10

fig = plt.figure(figsize=(10,8))

ax = Axes3D(fig)

ax.set_xlabel('Day', fontsize=16)

ax.set_ylabel('Week', fontsize=16)


ax.get_proj = lambda: np.dot(Axes3D.get_proj(ax), np.diag([0.8, 1.2, 1, 1]))

ax.plot_wireframe(X, Y, Z)

ax.plot_surface(X, Y, Z, cmap=plt.cm.jet, rstride=1, cstride=1, linewidth=0)












自己肯定感(自分評価) に回しても問題ないと違う?ダメだとしたらなんでん?



2019-02-20 (anond:20190220120144)

差別偏見増長になるので積極開示しないだけで、犯罪者になりやすい傾向、犯罪者になりやすい生育環境 ってのはある


例えば、発達障がい、中でもアスペCU特性(Callous-Unemotional Traits:無感覚感情的特徴)など







CEO外科医弁護士警察官シェフ などに多いそう



Am I a psychopath? You asked Googlehere’s the answer

If you’re not an athlete, and your heart rate is lower than average, you may be interested to discover that bradycardia, as it’s known, is more strongly correlated with psychopathy than smoking is with lung cancer.

That doesn’t mean everyone with a slow heart rate is a psychopath, but a very high percentage of psychopaths have slow heart rates.Why on earth would that be the case?

It turns out that there are a number of physiological traits strongly linked to psychopathy, including tell-tale patterns of activation in the brain and autonomic nervous system.

One theory is that psychopaths inherit a set of genes that make it harder to experience fear or excitement.



Googleサイコパス のことを聞いてみた結果




サイコパス特別心拍数が低い とか無かったよ

ほえ〜 ↓

Resting heart rate and psychopathy: Findings from the Add Health Survey


Despite the prior linkages of low resting heart rate to antisocial behavior broadly defined, less work has been done examining possible associations between heart rate to psychopathic traits.


No significant relationship between heart rate and psychopathic traits, or heart rate and a measure of cold heartedness, was found after controlling for age, sex, and race.



Turing.jl vs Stan in Julia

I'm having a few days off so I want to spend the time learning Julia. I'm working mostly in R and Python, and my work involved a lot of Bayesian stuffs which I usually use either Stan or PyMC3 for. Recently I've been playing around with Julia, and I've heard a lot of praises for Turing.jl for probabilistic programming. I wonder if anyone here ever used it? What are some pros and cons against, say, Stan or PyMC3?

Turing.jl dev here. There are various differences between Turing, Stan and PyMC. Most importantly, Turing is only adding a thin layer to your Julia code, and you can, therefore, use any Julia code or library that exists in your models. This means you can easily use NN, the GPU, ODEs and whatever you like. By doing so, Turing is also more easily hackable. Another big difference is that Turing allows you to combine samplers and provides inference algorithms for continuous and discrete RVs. For the continuous case, we have an excellent implementation of Stans HMC and other variants, provided in a library that also can be used independently. The support for discrete RVs is mostly using particle Gibbs, but we are working on a JAGS style sampler atm. That said, Turing is much younger than the other PPLs. We probably lack specific tools, or you might run in some corner cases we didn’t think of, but we are working hard on getting bugs fixed ASAP and respond to questions quickly.




here I go? なんか違うな


サガフロ1 の Last Battle -Asellus-、まよい、battle #4

サイレントヒルオープングの曲、You're Not Here、I Want Love

えりかとさとるの夢冒険の  タイトル曲OP

源平討伐(FC)の 源平討魔伝テーマフィールドBGM A、戦闘BGM A、義経琵琶法師

ミシシッピ殺人事件の フィールド曲、ゲームオーバーになったとき流れる

隠れ月(Shade)の  intro〜hidden moonOver the meaning

東方の 少女さとり、デザイアドライブラストカルティズム~ 現し世の秘術師

トロピコ 大体全部




English lesson feat. Hatena

In short, don’t you have any guts, do you?


I’m saying the animals should stay locked in a cage.


Whoof. Alas. No. This is just no. Ah no. A killing happiness vibe. Light attribute. Hitting my weak point. Mm. I’m dying. Dying right here. Gee. Am I done. I’m done. I knew my Dark attribute is done. Geez.


Put on a murderer face, at least.


Though you haven’t published solo work.


Long eared rabbit-chan! Long necked giraffe-san! Impressive bookmarker aukusoe! Me, me, it was me!!!

(耳が長くてウサギちゃん! 首が長くてキリンさん! ブコメ面白くてaukusoe! 俺だ俺だ! 俺だった!!!


Download stable version of todo.sh and todo_completion from Gina's github page

Download todo.cfg, actions, filters, lib from here, and place them in the same folder.

Chmod +x todo.sh and all the files within actions.

Edit todo.cfg and change file locations and colour settings

Source todo_completion and common.sh from .bashrc, and add a line to use the alias 't' for todo.sh.

Reload .bashrc using $ source .bashrc

Start using todo.sh...















「I'm traveler. tripper. I'm not local person. I have no idea of here」とか言い続けても、








Which mouth cunt is the one that's been talking nuptial?

What's with that face? What's that look on your face? Open your mouth cunt and give me an answer. Open your mouth and put a sir on before and after you open your mouth and spit out your cum. Got it, Tadpole?

OK! we will now begin our morning erection summit. Speak in the language of the dick here. I want you to listen to me like you do when you listen to a hypnotic voice, with a little pussy juice coming out of your eardrums to get a good eardrum passage. That's good!

The sea is a cunt. Recap!

Is this Tom? Yes, it's a dick.

The Groman Dam has broken and a man juice flood is brewing.

Now, I'm going to give the glans a thirty-three-seven beat so that you can prepare for the event with anal tightening and no illness or accident. It's "Anne Anne Hammett".

Impregnate her, impregnate her, Oraa! Get it up, get it up, get it up. Impregnate, impregnate, impregnate, impregnate, ora, ora, ora!

ヌプヌプ喋っているが、「talking nuptial」と翻訳されたのは狙っているのかなんなのか。nuptialは結婚の、交尾のの意味


アンアンハメ拍子が、It's "Anne Anne Hammett"と、訳されてしまうのも、やはり固有名詞的な翻訳の難しさなんでしょうね。



全体周知の時は @here とかつけるだろ



Shouldn't "whites" be correctly discriminated against in corona?

Shouldn't "white people" be correctly discriminated against in corona?


Discrimination and persecution related to coronaviruses is now widespread worldwide.

There is a concrete and wide-ranging summary of the situation.


"List of Incidents of Foreign Fear and Racism Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic"



That is the English version of Wikipedia article.

With Google Chrome, right-click → Translate to Japanese, but the translation is a bit rough, but anyone can read it in Japanese.

The contents are like this.


>> In France, after the new coronavirus was confirmed on January 24, 2020, a lot of harassment and discrimination against Asians occurred [41]. It is aimed at Asians such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino [42], and taxis and trains that refuse to board Chinese, Korean, Japanese have appeared [41] [43] ].

>> French newspaper Le Courrier Picard featured an Asian woman in a mask on the top page on January 26, 2020 with the heading "Yellow Alert".

>> On March 8, 2020, a Japanese restaurant in Rivoli, Turin, Piedmont, was targeted for arson by a teenager who teased his owner and called him an epidemic carrier. [191]


Not limited to the above, Wuhan and Africans in China, Chinese and infected people in Japan.

Discrimination, whether in the United States, Egypt, Africa or anywhere in the world, exists at all.

In a sense, it's almost equal. Under extreme circumstances, it is not uncommon for "weak" people to be able to keep themselves without creating enemies.


However, what I want to say is not a used phrase such as "Let's live kindly with philanthropy."

There is no objection to it. If the world can eliminate discrimination and prejudice, I naturally want it.

But what I felt was a big question before that. It can be called academic interest.


Chinese discriminate against Wuhan natives, Japanese discriminate against Chinese, and Europeans discriminate against Asians.

I see, there is a reason to that, considering the spread of coronavirus infection. "From what you see, what's dangerous is that area".

Roughly, it may be the result of thinking about "weak" people.


But here's the strange thing. Asians, Africans, yellows and blacks, they are discriminated against in many places around the world.

Frankly speaking, it's safe to say that blacks have little to do with the coronavirus. It's just that the original sense of discrimination has surfaced.

These ethnic groups and regions are equally discriminated against. It is a sense of discrimination that is based on fear but is incorrect but makes sense.


However. Then why isn't "white people" discriminated against?


From April to May, the coronavirus showed an explosive spread in the West.

In the ranking of the number of infected people in the world, the United States is alone, with 1.34 million people, accounting for more than a quarter of the total infected people of 402 million people as of May 10.

After the second place, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Brazil and France are followed, and each has more than 100,000 domestic cases.

Excluding Brazil, everything from 2nd to 7th is Europe. The word "Western Europe" is clearly the most dangerous coronavirus-contaminated area / infectious zone in the world.


However. Strangely enough, there is little talk that "white people, Europeans, and Americans are discriminated against in the world."

Of course it is not zero, but while looking for one "white discrimination", it is possible to find "Asian discrimination", "Black discrimination" and "Yellow discrimination".

It is said that what is currently expanding in the world is not the first wave from China, but the second wave from Europe, which is the pandemic.


With this, it is still understandable that the "white man" continues to do the right thing cleanly and correctly and has succeeded in corona countermeasures.

However, white people have continued to discriminate among Asians since the beginning of the spread.

In January and February, it was not uncommon to hear that Asians were already walking around in the country, calling them "Corona Corona."

By all means, white people are the incarnation of evil. It's not a good thing.


Regardless of the early stages of the epidemic, now that the "hotbed of corona infection" has moved there, it should be possible for white people to hate it.

Otherwise, it cannot be called "equal discrimination". As a result, it is wrong.



If you think about the reason here, after all, "targets are races / objects that originally had hostility",

The hypothesis may be that "there are restrictions on mobility and there are white Asian societies, but few non-white societies are white."

It must be interesting to study the area academically.


However, historically, I've seen that "white people" crusade various places with the Crusades and do all they can to the contrary.

I think that the trilingual diplomacy of Britain has created the situation in the Middle East, where terrorism is frequent nowadays, and has repeatedly carried out wrongdoing by repeatedly discriminating against blacks, Indians, and yellow races.

So, isn't it right here to try to discriminate against white people correctly?


Non-white society is a little too kind to "white people".

It was around this time today when I was thinking about that.

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