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Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' ♪

Keep the doggies movin'♪

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' ♪










I (love the dog which is big and) fluffy.

この文の場合、I と fluffy.だけはもともとの位置に残るかんじです。





Article 14 the mobile phone will know the battery skills

If users want to prolong battery the efficient use of the time, in addition to the quality of the charger to have the guarantee, the right skills and charging is essential, because of low quality charger or wrong charging methods would affect battery time and life cycle, the following is about to charge skills:

1. The battery before they leave the factory, manufacturers were activated processing, and the charge, so the battery are more electricity, my friends say battery charging adjustment period in accordance with the time, standby still seriously insufficient, assuming that the battery is really quality goods battery of words, this kind of circumstance should extend the setting and then 3 ~ 5 times fully charge and discharge.

2. If new phone is lithium ion battery, so before 3 ~ 5 times charging commonly known as adjustment period, should be charged more than 14 hours, in order to ensure that the fully activate lithium ion activity. The lithium ion battery no memory effects, but have very strong sui sex, should give full activated PANASONIC CGR-D220 Battery, to guarantee the use of after can reach the right performance.

3. Some automation intelligent quick charger when instructions lights change, said only full of 90%. The charger will automatically change with slow charge will batteries. Best will use after batteries, otherwise, it will shorten use time.

4. Before charging and discharging lithium battery does not need special, but will not discharge damage to the battery. As far as possible when charging at the slow ChongChongDian, reduce the way quick charge; Time don't more than 24 hours. The battery after three to five times fully recharge cycles of internal after chemical will be all "activate" to achieve the best use effect.

5. Please use the original or the reputation of the good brand charger, li-ion battery to lithium battery charger with special, and follow the instructions, otherwise, it will damage to the battery, and even dangerous.

6. Have many users often in charge still leave her cell phone, actually such will be very easy to PANASONIC CGA-S101E/1B Battery damage the service life of the mobile phone, because in charge of the process, the circuit boards of mobile phone can calorific, if this time more exotic phone, may produce instant backflow current, internal parts to mobile phone damage.

7. The battery life depends on the number repeatedly charging and discharging, so should try to avoid more battery electric charge when, this will shorten battery life. Cell phone time more than 7 days, supposed to completely discharge the cell phone battery, enough electricity before use.

8. The cell phone battery have self-discharge, need not when the nimh batteries will press the residual capacity every day, about 1% of the discharge, lithium battery every day to 0.2% ~ 0.3% discharge. In for the battery, try to use the special socket, don't will the home appliance such as the Shared and the TV charger socket.

9. Though the phones in the network coverage area, but in the cell phone charge, cell phones have been unable to accept and call. At this time, can use of the mobile phone is not transfer function, will be transferred to the mobile phone side of fixed telephone in order to prevent calls lost, this kind of method for mobile phone is not in the network coverage of the area or weak signal and temporarily unable to the applicable also.

10. Don't will be exposed to high temperature or cold PANASONIC DMW-BCG10E Battery , as the dog, should not put the phone on the car, and the sun blazed through the; Or get air conditioning room, in air conditioning to be blown continuously place. When charging, the battery is a little heat is normal, but can't let it what the high temperature "suffer". In order to avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance, had better be in charge at room temperature, and don't cover anything on the mobile phone.

11. Nickel cadmium (N iCd) before the battery must ensure that the batteries are no electricity, recharging the battery must ensure that sufficient electricity after.

12. If the cell phone battery placed too long and not use, the best maintenance department to cell phones to the application for a live processing, also can use a constant dc voltage is the voltage adjustment for 5 ~ 6 V, current 500 ~ 600 mA reverse connect battery. Note that a touch namely release, the most repeated three times can, through such treatment after another, with the original adapter to "adaptation" charge.

13. Charge is not as long as possible, to no protection circuit batteries that should stop after charging, or the battery will with fever or overheating impact performance.

14. Lithium ion battery must choose special charger, otherwise may not reach the saturated state, affect their performance. Charging completes, should avoid to place in charger on more than 12 hours or more, long-term need not when should make a battery and cell phone separation.



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