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What kind of batteries belong to the green environmental protection battery?

The green environmental protection battery is to point to in recent years has been put into use or are development, the development of kind of high performance, no pollution batteries. At present already use large nickel metal hydride battery, the lithium ion battery and is expanded use of mercury free alkaline battery manganese zinc and rechargeable batteries and is research and development of lithium or lithium ion plastic pack and fuel cells belong to this category. In addition, it is widely used and use of solar energy for photoelectric convert solar cell (also called photovoltaic power generation), can also be included in this category.

Nickel metal hydride battery (Ni-MH) and nickel cadmium battery (Ni-Cd) have the same working voltage (1.2 V), due to the adoption of rare earth alloy or TiNi alloy anode materials for the activity of hydrogen storage material, replacing the carcinogen cadmium, which not only makes this battery became a kind of green environmental protection battery, and make a battery of energy than increased nearly 40%, to 80-60 Wh/kg and 210-240 Wh/L. The battery is 90 s gradually realize industrialization PANASONIC VW-VBK360 Battery , and the first to use in the cell phone battery. At present although it on their dominance of the gradually be lithium ion battery replaced, but mobile phone applications in Europe and America, and its market share is still at about 50%.

The lithium ion battery (Li-ion) is by can make the lithium ion embedding and take off the carbon embedded as negative, reversible intercalated-li metal oxide as the positive (LiCoO2, LiNiO2 or LiMn2O4) and organic electrolyte constitute, the working voltage of 3.6 V, so a lithium-ion battery is equivalent to three cadmium nickel metal hydride battery or nickel. Thus the batteries than energy is the over 100 Wh/kg and 280 Wh/L, and considerably more than the nickel metal hydride battery than energy. In view of the above advantages, since the 1993-2000 in just a few years, its production and usage with extremely high speed growth.

Alkaline manganese zinc dry (alkaline) compared with ordinary dry cell size has higher capacity PANASONIC CGA-S005E Battery, and have high discharge current ability. In recent years has been used on mercury zinc powder, therefore make the battery become a green battery, and become the mainstream battery products, at present the alkaline xinmeng dry cell is still BP machine use most power supply. At the same time, the world is the battery charged on the sex, an American company has launched a charged battery alkali manganese, product and application of slow growth. Such batteries keep the battery discharge characteristics, but also can be recharged using a dozen times to hundreds of times (deep recharge cycles life of about 25 times).

Lithium plastic battery (LIP) is for lithium metal anode, conductive polymers of electrolyte for new battery, the energy than has reached 170 Wh/kg and 350 Wh/L. The lithium ion battery is will present plastic of organic lithium ion battery electrolyte stored in a polymer membrane, or use conductive polymer as electrolyte, make a battery in no free the electrolyte. Such batteries can use aluminum plastic composite membrane realize hot pressing encapsulation, with light weight, shape can be arbitrary change, safety better characteristics.

Fuel cells (FC) is a kind of use of fuel (such as hydrogen or contain fuel) and antioxidant (such as pure oxygen or the oxygen in air) for power generation device directly, because avoided the carnot cycle limit, this power unit is not only high efficiency (electrochemical reactions conversion efficiency can be as high as 40% or more), and no pollution discharge gas, so is the future of efficient and clean power generation method. Many companies at home and abroad are engaged in development for mobile phones, notebook computers, the PEM fuel cell, once put into application, and its economy benefit greatly.

Seal lead-acid battery is a kind of lead-acid batteries.

The following new green battery technology and related industry development is rapid.

1. Hydrogen storage material and nickel metal hydride Battery-the nimh batteries (PANASONIC CGA-S101E/1B Battery)

2. Lithium ion embedded material and liquid electrolyte of lithium ion battery

3. Polymer electrolyte of lithium battery or lithium ion battery

4. Zinc air battery and PEM fuel cell

In addition to the above, in view of the communication industry growth, China's battery industry is with extremely high speed to promote environmental protection mercury-free alkali manganese zinc original pool and rechargeable batteries and seal lead-acid battery technology development and application expansion market.


Article 14 the mobile phone will know the battery skills

If users want to prolong battery the efficient use of the time, in addition to the quality of the charger to have the guarantee, the right skills and charging is essential, because of low quality charger or wrong charging methods would affect battery time and life cycle, the following is about to charge skills:

1. The battery before they leave the factory, manufacturers were activated processing, and the charge, so the battery are more electricity, my friends say battery charging adjustment period in accordance with the time, standby still seriously insufficient, assuming that the battery is really quality goods battery of words, this kind of circumstance should extend the setting and then 3 ~ 5 times fully charge and discharge.

2. If new phone is lithium ion battery, so before 3 ~ 5 times charging commonly known as adjustment period, should be charged more than 14 hours, in order to ensure that the fully activate lithium ion activity. The lithium ion battery no memory effects, but have very strong sui sex, should give full activated PANASONIC CGR-D220 Battery, to guarantee the use of after can reach the right performance.

3. Some automation intelligent quick charger when instructions lights change, said only full of 90%. The charger will automatically change with slow charge will batteries. Best will use after batteries, otherwise, it will shorten use time.

4. Before charging and discharging lithium battery does not need special, but will not discharge damage to the battery. As far as possible when charging at the slow ChongChongDian, reduce the way quick charge; Time don't more than 24 hours. The battery after three to five times fully recharge cycles of internal after chemical will be all "activate" to achieve the best use effect.

5. Please use the original or the reputation of the good brand charger, li-ion battery to lithium battery charger with special, and follow the instructions, otherwise, it will damage to the battery, and even dangerous.

6. Have many users often in charge still leave her cell phone, actually such will be very easy to PANASONIC CGA-S101E/1B Battery damage the service life of the mobile phone, because in charge of the process, the circuit boards of mobile phone can calorific, if this time more exotic phone, may produce instant backflow current, internal parts to mobile phone damage.

7. The battery life depends on the number repeatedly charging and discharging, so should try to avoid more battery electric charge when, this will shorten battery life. Cell phone time more than 7 days, supposed to completely discharge the cell phone battery, enough electricity before use.

8. The cell phone battery have self-discharge, need not when the nimh batteries will press the residual capacity every day, about 1% of the discharge, lithium battery every day to 0.2% ~ 0.3% discharge. In for the battery, try to use the special socket, don't will the home appliance such as the Shared and the TV charger socket.

9. Though the phones in the network coverage area, but in the cell phone charge, cell phones have been unable to accept and call. At this time, can use of the mobile phone is not transfer function, will be transferred to the mobile phone side of fixed telephone in order to prevent calls lost, this kind of method for mobile phone is not in the network coverage of the area or weak signal and temporarily unable to the applicable also.

10. Don't will be exposed to high temperature or cold PANASONIC DMW-BCG10E Battery , as the dog, should not put the phone on the car, and the sun blazed through the; Or get air conditioning room, in air conditioning to be blown continuously place. When charging, the battery is a little heat is normal, but can't let it what the high temperature "suffer". In order to avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance, had better be in charge at room temperature, and don't cover anything on the mobile phone.

11. Nickel cadmium (N iCd) before the battery must ensure that the batteries are no electricity, recharging the battery must ensure that sufficient electricity after.

12. If the cell phone battery placed too long and not use, the best maintenance department to cell phones to the application for a live processing, also can use a constant dc voltage is the voltage adjustment for 5 ~ 6 V, current 500 ~ 600 mA reverse connect battery. Note that a touch namely release, the most repeated three times can, through such treatment after another, with the original adapter to "adaptation" charge.

13. Charge is not as long as possible, to no protection circuit batteries that should stop after charging, or the battery will with fever or overheating impact performance.

14. Lithium ion battery must choose special charger, otherwise may not reach the saturated state, affect their performance. Charging completes, should avoid to place in charger on more than 12 hours or more, long-term need not when should make a battery and cell phone separation.

How to use Digital camera battery

First the capacity of the battery life and said.

Battery capacity everybody can understand, is the capacity of the battery label printing! The greater the capacity to store electricity standby time more long more, but the battery life is put in charge of the circulation to describe, that is a charging a discharge for a cycle, now of the lithium ion battery general circulation 400 times the capacity of the nominal capacity is 50%-60%, professional predicate called attenuation rate, the capacity of the battery only nominal halfway through standby time and just bought at least by half, also is usually we the standby time behind mobile phone to the shorter and the last possible is a call to restart, it shows that capacity is too small, the battery with load ability is poor, and also to life! The above prove charging times and the battery life is to have a certain relationship! General filling a electric capacity will attenuation 1-5 ma (depending on the stand or fall of core).

Besides the new bought the phone charging time(PANASONIC DMW-BMB9 Battery)

General new buy the phone will be informed that the three twelve hours filling, must be finished filling again! The idea is to stay in about 98-2000, when most of the cell phone battery is nickel metal hydride battery, have memory effects! That is the nimh batteries in useless over electric power is charging, might remember situation, that didn't put out that part of it may be lost if not to do so might affect the battery of standby time, now a few call all the mobile phone use lithium ion battery now, does not exist have memory effects, say in the production of the battery will have at least 1-2 times charge-discharge, sold into our hands, the battery is activated, sure, twelve hours without charge, as for a few times before standby time slightly shorter that is normal, because the battery after a period of time capacity will have loss, filling put several recovery!

Besides charging methods (PANASONIC DMW-BCF10E Battery)

Normally will last one case electricity use up, cellular phone to start alarm can charge! Don't need to be automatic shutdown to filling! Because when the battery voltage alarm has been close to the automatic shutdown voltage! Charging tip can not only full! It need not long time filling, of course, have been filled, it doesn't matter, because the cell phone battery is protection board, full automatic stop after won't fill! But some fake except battery, a lot of false battery protection board is empty, doesn't work.


How to make digital camera battery more durable

Digital camera battery is the key for the key, second in importance only lens I’m afraid, and in order to photograph in your heart, a powerful battery to provide power as a follow-up is essential. But even the best battery time, if not properly carry out maintenance and maintenance, will not take long to lose the strong power, so battery maintenance is very important.

Battery Maintenance

For a (section) digital camera battery for the duration of use, not just its quality, power on, in fact, the use of operations with the user also has great relevance. Most photographers are used after every use of the camera on the camera bag inside, or on the cupboard, took out the battery is not kept separately, this approach sounds fine, but not conducive to battery protection.

If more than 15 days do not usually use the camera, it is best to remove the battery from the camera inside the store alone, save the environment, it is best to dry and cool place, and do not store the battery together with metal objects.

According to our survey, you can buy in the market most digital cameras use lithium batteries, it is relatively easy to store. The only caveat is that if not used for long, preferably at intervals of 2 months to activate a battery, which is the charge and discharge time, this can effectively extend battery life.

As for the Ni-MH battery 5, the most annoying is the memory effect, this effect will reduce the overall battery capacity and the use of time, and as time goes on, less and less stored charge, the battery will consume the more you have to faster. Therefore, we should try to run out of power rechargeable, each charge must be sufficient to power the most full.

If you go out, the temporary use of alkaline batteries, we must remember that time out, or when unused for long periods, the battery is easy to Tangshui corrosion circuit, the digital camera battery could not escape the destiny scrapped.

For users of alkaline batteries, already mentioned above, remember the point is finished using the digital camera, remove the battery must remember to avoid the phenomenon of cell sap and damage the machine.

As for the use of rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium users. Battery charge is very particular about, bought back the batteries are generally very low or no power consumption, the first charge must be adequate. Lithium battery charging time is generally longer than 8 hours, while the Ni-MH battery charging time is generally more than 16 hours. To achieve best results, that is, the battery has reached its maximum capacity, generally more than 3 times repeated charge-discharge can. Battery with three times, the best opportunity to find a completely exhausted battery to charge again, try not to charge the battery when there are remnants of repeated charge, or will shorten battery life. After the battery charge is generally more heat, it is best to be cool and then into the camera battery.

But note that lithium batteries because there is no memory effect, so do not discharge, otherwise it will damage the digital camera battery structure, loss of battery life.

In addition, in order to avoid the loss of electricity, the use of nickel-metal hydride battery user, charging is completed, remove the battery, do not let the battery contact with the conductor while the positive and negative poles, for example, do not use your fingers touch both ends of the battery. The use of lithium users should try to keep the camera inside the battery positive and negative battery contacts clean, if necessary, wipe with a dry cloth and then gently wipe the battery.

Also note that, even if the user is to use lithium batteries, digital camera in a long time when not in use, should be completely discharged, remove the battery, stored in a dry, cool environment. The other thing to note is that both the nickel-hydrogen batteries or lithium batteries using the user, it is best not to have a charged battery on the purse, pocket, bag or container with metal objects, in order to prevent short-circuit .

Digital camera battery power Dafa:

1, to avoid frequent use of flash: If you are not professional photographers, then, except in the invisible fingers of the night, the light intensity of an ordinary day for the average digital camera, it is enough.

2, try to avoid unnecessary zoom operation: zoom the camera lens stretched it out a reduction, is power digital camera battery. You can move the pace of hyperactivity, with “artificial zoom” approach instead of “camera zoom” to save power.

3, Do not let the screen has been lit: If the case of small power, can turn off the LCD screen, use the viewfinder to adjust the picture composition, is for a digital camera, LCD should be considered the most power-hungry components, general digital camera, LCD screen after closing time can be used when the original length of about 3 times.

4, less shooting and video: minimize the use of multi-shot feature and video capture video, as the completion of these functions is to use the built-in buffer body to temporarily save the screen shot, the power consumption a lot.

5, should not frequently open, shut down: Many users know that the display stays lit is power, so in order to save electricity use to frequent opening and shutdown. In fact, frequently open, shut down the electricity wasted consumption than bright display even more, especially for larger diameter lenses, but also requires a substantial expansion of the camera, the switch is power. Most digital cameras have automatic shutdown option, this setting should not be set too short, otherwise easily lead to frequent opening and shut down. Of course, frequent artificial opening, shut down and should be avoided.

6, optical image stabilization not normally open: Optical image stabilization is by driving the lens or image sensor pack components, offset by the subject matter images and the relative motion between the sensor achieved. Either way the optical image stabilization, would result in no small power consumption, in particular some models can be anti-shake mode is set to “always on” so that power loss will be caused by the more powerful. To this end, we have a good scene in the light should turn off the optical image stabilization feature, you must use, should also be less “always on” mode.






MIT develops new fast-charging battery technology ideal for automobiles

February With the world going mobile and billions of new devices requiring electrical storage, battery technology is almost certainly due for a renaissance in the near future and recent developments suggest MIT will play a role in the next significant battery technology. Less than a week ago, we reported on work being done by MIT's Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems (LEES) that could become the first technologically significant and economically viable alternative to conventional batteries in 200 years. Now a second new and highly promising battery technology is emerging from MIT - a new type of lithium battery that could become a cheaper alternative to the batteries that now power hybrid electric cars.

Until now, lithium batteries have not had the rapid charging capability or safety level needed for use in cars. Hybrid cars now run on nickel metal hydride batteries, which power an electric motor and can rapidly recharge while the car is decelerating or standing still.

But lithium nickel manganese oxide, described in a paper to be published in Science on Feb. 17, could revolutionize the hybrid car industry -- a sector that has "enormous growth potential," says Gerbrand Ceder, MIT professor of materials science and engineering, who led the project.

"The writing is on the wall. It's clearly happening," said Ceder, who said that a couple of companies are already interested in licensing the new lithium battery technology.

The new material is more stable (and thus safer) than lithium cobalt oxide batteries, which are used to power small electronic devices like cell phones, laptop computers, rechargeable personal digital assistants (PDAs) and such medical devices as pacemakers.

The small safety risk posed by lithium cobalt oxide is manageable in small devices but makes the material not viable for the larger batteries needed to run hybrid cars, Ceder said. Cobalt is also fairly expensive, he said.

The MIT team's new lithium battery contains manganese and nickel, which are cheaper than cobalt.

Scientists already knew that lithium nickel manganese oxide could store a lot of energy, but the material took too long to charge to be commercially useful. The MIT researchers set out to modify the material's structure to make it capable of charging and discharging more quickly.

Lithium nickel manganese oxide consists of layers of metal (nickel and manganese) separated from lithium layers by oxygen. The major problem with the compound was that the crystalline structure was too "disordered," meaning that the nickel and lithium were drawn to each other, interfering with the flow of lithium ions and slowing down the charging rate.

Lithium ions carry the battery's charge, so to maximize the speed at which the battery can charge and discharge, the researchers designed and synthesized a material with a very ordered crystalline structure, allowing lithium ions to freely flow between the metal layers.

A battery made from the new material can charge or discharge in about 10 minutes -- about 10 times faster than the unmodified lithium nickel manganese oxide. That brings it much closer to the timeframe needed for hybrid car batteries, Ceder said.

Before the material can be used commercially, the manufacturing process needs to be made less expensive, and a few other modifications will likely be necessary, Ceder said.

Other potential applications for the new lithium battery include power tools, electric bikes, and power backup for renewable energy sources.

The lead author on the research paper is Kisuk Kang, a graduate student in Ceder's lab. Ying Shirley Meng, a postdoctoral associate in materials science and engineering at MIT, and Julien Breger and Clare P. Grey of the State University of New York at Stony Brook are also authors on the paper.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy.





Portable electronic equipment battery technology

1, about the trickle charge, rapid charging and stable battery charging algorithm

According to the energy requirements of the final application, a battery may contain up to 4 lithium ion or lithium polymer battery core, its configuration will have a variety of change, at the same time with a mainstream power adapter: direct adapter, USB interface or car charger. Remove the core quantity, core configuration or power adapter type difference, the battery has the same charge characteristics. So they charge algorithm. Lithium ion and li-ion polymer battery best charging algorithm can divided into three phases: trickle charge, rapid charging and stable charge.

trickle charge. For depth discharge core to charge. When core voltage in less than about 2.8 V, use a constant 0.1 C of the current charging for it.

fast charging. Core voltage trickle charge more than the threshold, improve the charging current rapid charging. Fast charging current should be lower than 1.0 C.

stable voltage. In the fast charging process, once the core 4.2 V voltage, stable voltage phase began. This is through the minimum charge current or timer or of the two joint to interrupt charge. When the minimum current below about 0.07 C, can interrupt charge. The timer is to rely on a default to trigger the timer interrupt.

Advanced battery charger with additional security function normally. For example, if the core temperature exceeds the given window, usually 0 ℃-45 ℃, charge will be suspended.

Remove some very low-end equipment, now on the market/li-ion polymer lithium ion battery solutions are integrated with the outer components or, in accordance with the characteristics of the charging to charge, this is not just to get better effect charge, but also for safety.

lithium ion/polymer battery charge is an example of applications-double input 1.2 A lithium battery charger LTC4097

LTC4097 can be used to exchange adapter or USB power supply for single quarter/polymer lithium ion battery. Figure 1 for double input 1.2 A lithium battery charger LTC4097 schemes. It USES constant current/constant voltage algorithm charging, from exchange adapter power charge, programmable filling up to 1.2 electric current A, and with USB power can be as high as 1 A, at the same time, automatic detection in each input voltage whether there. This device also provide USB the current limit. Applications include PDA, MP3 players, digital camera, light portable medical and test equipment and big color cellular phone. The performance characteristics: no external micro controller charging termination; The input power automatic detection and choice; Through the resistance from the exchange of charging adapter input can be as high as 1.2 A programming charge current; The resistance of programmable USB charging current is up to 1 A; 100% or 20% USB charging current set; The input power output and existing bias NTC (VNTC) pin as a 120 mA drive ability; NTC thermistors input (NTC) pin for temperature qualified charged; Pre-settings battery voltage with floating plus or minus 0.6% accuracy; Thermal regulation maximize charge rate and free hot air LTC4097 can be used to exchange adapter or USB power supply for single quarter/polymer lithium ion battery. The use of constant current/constant voltage algorithm charging, from exchange adapter power charge, programmable filling up to 1.2 electric current A, and with USB power can be as high as 1 A, at the same time, automatic detection in each input voltage whether there. This device also provide USB the current limit. Applications include PDA, MP3 players, digital camera, light portable medical and test equipment and big color cellular phone.

2, lithium ion/polymer battery scheme

Lithium ion/polymer battery charge scheme for different number of core, core configuration, and power types are different. At present mainly have three main charging scheme: linear, Buck (step-down) switch and SEPIC (booster and step-down) switch.

2.1 linear scheme

When the input voltage in big with the charger with sufficient clearance of core after opening voltage, it is linear scheme, especially 1.0 C fast charging current than 1 A big too much. For example, MP3 players usually only one core, capacity from 700 to 1500 mAh differ, full charge voltage is open 4.2 V. MP3 player power is usually the AC/DC adapter or USB interface, the output is the rule of 5 V; At this time, the linear scheme is the most simple, most charger of the efficiency of the scheme. Figure 2 shows for lithium ion/polymer battery solution linear scheme, basic structure and linear voltage neat device.

linear scheme charger application examples-double input Li + charger and intelligent power source selector MAX8677A

MAX8677A is double input USB/AC adapter linear charger, built-in Smart Power Selector, used for rechargeable single quarter by Li + batteries portable devices. The charger integration of the battery and the external power source and load switch charging all the power switch, so that no external MOSFET. MAX8677A ideal used in portable devices, such as smart phones, PDA, portable media players, GPS navigation equipment, digital camera, and digital cameras.

MAX8677A can work in independent USB and the power input AC adapter or two input either one of the input. When connecting external power supply, intelligent power source selector allows the system not connect battery or can and depth discharge battery connection. Intelligent power source selector will automatically switch to the battery system load, use the system did not use the input power supply parts for battery, make full use of limited USB and adapter power supply input. All the needed electric current detection circuit, including the integration of the power switch, all integration in the piece. DC input current highest limit can be adjusted to 2 A and DC and USB input all can support 100 mA, 500 mA, and USB hung mode. Charge current can be adjusted to as high as 1.5 A, thus support wide range of battery capacitive. Other features include MAX8677A thermal regulation, over-voltage protection, charging status and fault output, power supply good surveillance, battery thermistors surveillance, and charging timer. MAX8677A using save a space, hot enhanced, 4 mm x 4 mm, 24 of the pins TQFN encapsulation, regulations, work in exceptional temperature range (40 ~ + 85 ℃).

2.2 Buck (step-down) switch scheme

When A 1.0 C of the charging current more than 1 A, or the input voltage of the core than with high voltage open many, Buck or step-down plan is A better choice. For example, based on the hard drive in the PMP, often use single core lithium ion battery, the full of open is 4.2 V voltage, capacity from 1200 to 2400 mAh range. And now PMP is usually use the car kit to charge, its output voltage in a 9 V to 16 between V. In the input voltage and battery voltage is the voltage difference between high (minimum 4.8 V) will make linear scheme lowers efficiency. This kind of low efficiency, plus more than 1.2 A 1 C fast charging electric current, have serious heat dissipation problems. To avoid this kind of situation, will the Buck scheme. Figure 3 for lithium ion/polymer battery charger scheme Buck diagram, basic structure with Buck (step-down) switching voltage regulators completely the same.

2.3 SEPIC (booster and step-down) switch scheme

In some use of three or four lithium ion/polymer core series equipments, charger of the input voltage is not always greater than the battery voltage. For example, laptop computers use 3 core lithium ion battery, full charge voltage is open 12.6 V (4.2 V x3), capacity is 1800 mAh to 3600 mAh from. Power supply input or output voltage is 1 6 V AC/DC adapter, or is car kit, the output voltage in a 9 V to 16 between V. Apparently, the linear and Buck solutions are not for this group of batteries. This is about to use SEPIC scheme, it can in the output voltage is higher than when the battery voltage, can be in the output voltage less than when the battery.

3, and power detection algorithm is proposed

Many portable products use voltage measurements to estimate the remaining battery power, but the battery voltage and surplus power relationship but will with the discharge rate, temperature and battery aging degree of change, make this kind of method can top 50% margin of error. The market for longer to use product demand unceasingly strengthens, so the system design personnel need more accurate solution. Use capacity check plan come to measure battery or consumption of electricity, will be in a wide range of application power to provide more accurate estimate of the battery power.

3.1 power detection algorithm is one of the examples of application, function complete list, double the battery portable battery application design

power detection principle. Good capacity check plan at least to have battery voltage, temperature and battery electric current, measuring method; A micro 9 a; And a set of and the verification of the punishment power detection algorithm is proposed. Bq2650x and bq27x00 is full capacity check program function, with a measuring voltage and temperature of the digital converter (ADC) and a measuring electric current and charging sensor the asp. These capacity check plan also has a microprocessor, is responsible for the implementation of the Texas instruments power detection algorithm is proposed. The algorithm can compensate the lithium ion battery life.low self-discharge, aging, the temperature and discharge rate, and other factors. Chip embedded microprocessor as host system processor save these calculation burden. Capacity check program can provide remaining power state information, bq27x00 series products also offer surplus can Run Time (Run Time to Empty) host may at any Time to capacity check plan these information query, then LED indicator light through or displays will inform the user battery. Capacity check meter is very easy to use, the system processor need only configuration 12 C or HDQ communication drive can.

The battery circuit description. Figure 4 (a) can be used for identification of IC functions with typical application circuit batteries. According to the use of IC testing program is different, the battery needs to have at least three to four outside the terminal.

VCC and BAT pins will even to the battery voltage, so that for, C power and the battery voltage measurement. The battery is connected a grounding resistance smaller detection resistors, let capacity check meter high impedance SRP and SRN input can monitor sensor resistance on both ends of the voltage. Through testing the current flows through a resistor can be used to judge the battery or release the amount of electricity. Designers choose detection resistance value must be considered when resistance on both ends of the voltage can't more than 100 mV, low resistance may be more hours in current errors. Circuit board layout must ensure that SRP and SRN to testing from as close as possible to the connection of the resistor sensor resistance end; In other words, they should be the Kelvin attachment.

HDQ pin need external and resistors, this resistance should be located the host or the main application, such capacity check plan to the battery and portable devices when sleep function enable connection broken. Advice and resistance choose 10 k Ω.

battery identification. A low cost WeiMao batteries are getting more and more serious, these cells may not contain OEM requirements of security protection circuit. So, genuine battery may contain figure 4 (a) shows the appraisal circuit. When to identify the battery, the host to contain IC (bq26150, the function is cyclic redundancy check (CRC)) issued the battery packs a ask value (challenge), the CRC will contain battery according to this inquiry value and, in the building of the IC in CRC polynomial calculation the CRC value. CRC is based on the host of command and IC secret in the query of the definition of the CRC polynomial completed, the host in CRC values calculated with the calculation result of well battery comparison to identify the appraisal success.

Once the battery through the appraisal, bq26150 will issue commands to ensure that the host and quantity test plan of material lines between normal communication. When the battery connection interruption or to connect, the whole the identification process will be repeated again.

double the battery application. Figure 4 (b) for use bq26500 support double the typical application of lithium ion battery circuit. In order to support more battery, and this circuit is adding a adjustable regulators. Capacity check millions of BAT pin and the bottom of a battery anode linked to complete the variable voltage measurement of the battery.

Host to be able to read capacity check plan of variable voltage measurement battery, to make sure the end of discharging threshold and charging terminate threshold. As for the remaining state power (RemainingStateofCapacity), do not need to read can use directly.

The above bq2650x and bq27x00 etc capacity check plan provides the battery manufacturer a simple to use options, this scheme L [just measuring battery voltage to be precise, so these capacity check plan can be applied to various battery framework, and can support the battery identification and double the battery application '

3.2 power detection algorithm is an example of applications another, can apply to all kinds of general voltmeter new IC.

Today's many manufacturers can provide a variety of voltmeter IC,, the user can choose the suitable function device, to optimize the product price. Use voltmeter measurement of storage battery parameters, the separate architecture allows users in the host custom power measurement algorithm within. Eliminating embedded processor battery cost. On this to Dallase semicconductor company called cases of DS2762 chip for typical analysis. A new separate voltmeter IC, its structure see chart 5 (a) below.

DS2762 application characteristics

DS2762 is a single quarter of lithium battery voltmeter and protection circuit, integrated into a tiny 2.46 mm x 2.74 mm inversion of packaging. Due to internal integration for power detection of high precise resistance, this device is very save a space. It is the small size and incomparable high level of integration, for mobile phone battery and other similar handheld products, such as PDA, etc, are all very ideal. Integrated protection circuit continuously monitoring the battery voltage, over voltage and flow fault (charging or discharge period). Different from the independent protection IC, DS2762 allow main processor surveillance/control protection FET conduction state, such, can DS2762 through the protection of the power system and the control circuit implementation. DS2762 can also charge a battery consumption has depth, when the battery voltage within three V, provide a limit of the charging current recovery path.

DS2762 accurate monitoring battery current, voltage and temperature, the dynamic range and resolution of common satisfy any mobile communication product testing standards. The measurement of current for internally generated when the integral, realize the power measurement. Through the real-time, continuous automatic disorders correct, the precision of power measurement can be increased. The built-in measuring resistance due to eliminate manufacturing process and temperature and cause resistance change, further improve the precision of the voltmeter. Important data stored in 32 bytes, can add the lock EEPROM; 16 bytes of SRAM are used to keep dynamic data. And DS2762 all communication all through the 1-Wire, more communication interface node, minimize the battery and the connection to the host. Its main features for; Single quarter of lithium battery protector; High precision current (power measurement), voltage and temperature measurement; Optional integrated 25 m Ω measuring resistance, each DS2762 after fine-tuning alone; 0 V battery restore charge; 32 bytes can lock EEPROM, 16 bytes SRAM, 64 a ROM;

1-Wire, node, digital communication interface; Support more battery power management, and through the protection system control FET power; Dormancy mode power supply current only 2 µ A (most); Work mode power supply current for 90 µ A (most); 2.46 mm x 2.74 mm inversion of packaging or 16 feet SSOP package led, and both are can choose with or without detection resistance; After has with e

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