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はてなキーワード: Go homeとは


You don't alone. I don't want to anybody to die.

To my mother and my father.

Dad. Mom.

Thank you for raising me.

This might be my last letter.

If you're ever reincarnated…

and marry each other again,

I would want to be your son again.


I wasn't supposed to end like this.

I was supposed to find happiness, and show you I was happy.

That was the plan. So…

So, I'm praying…

that you would have me as your son again.


How with that sound?

I think it's good as is.

Sir, Is there anyone else you would want to send a letter to?

Maria. To Maria.

Ones to Ms.Maria?

Yes, she's a girl I grew up with. We've known each other since we were kids. She was like a sister to me. She told me she liked me. I think I liked her, too.

But I shipped out before we started acting like a true couple. We didn't even kiss.

Maria, How are you doing?

Do you remember the time you confessed your feelings for me?

I was really, really, really happy.

Maria. Maria, I want to go home to be by your side.

I don't want to die.

I want to go home, to be beside you.

Wait for me, please.

I can't open my eyes anymore,

Are you getting everything down?

Yes, I am.

Violet. Send off the letters for me.

Thank you for helping me.

I don't feel alone.

I am right here. I am right by your side.

I need touch you me. I need your touch.

I am holding your hand now, sir.

Oh I'm getting cold

Dad Mom Maria

"Kiss me"

"Thank you"

"Everything will be okay, sir. I promise your letters will be delivered.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to protect him.

I'm sorry that let him die.

I don't want to anybody to die.

from the line of "Violet Evergarden"

from a battlefield with love.




「Do not eat inside」っていったら

Go home?」って返された。

戸惑ったから「If you eat」って答えといたけど、



Low Guy Rock 啓蒙 Old man



Low Guy Rock 啓蒙 Old man

作詞作曲 オレと他の増田



|Em    |   B♭|Em   |   B♭

お布施もらって生きている 芸の出来ない道化師

|Em    |   B♭|Em   |   B♭

光るHeadに   飾り載せ  出張った腹を見せつける

|F     |   G|F    |    G|

Sizeが合わないCostume それを褒め合うFoolish people

|F     |   G|F    |    G|

お里が知れてるmonkey共 貴様ら全員Go Home!

|B    |


|C   |B   |Em  |G    |

Low Guy   Rock   啓蒙   Old man

|C   |B   |Em  |G    |

Low Guy   Rock   啓蒙   Old man

|C   |B   |Em  |G    |

H・G・D・V Fat Man  啓蒙   Old man

|C   |B   |Em  |Em   |

今日も  リッチコピーす る




警察に連れられgo home

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