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寄付隠蔽みんなで騙せば怖くない MITと他もいくつか

伊藤穣一 MITメディアラボ前所長

ニコラス・ネグロポンテ (Nicholas Negroponte) MITメディアラボ創設者名誉教授

ローレンス・レッシグ (Lawrence Lessig) ハーバード大学法学部教授

ピーター・コーヘン (Peter Cohen) MITメディアラボ前開発部長

ラファエルライフ(Rafael Reif)MIT理事長

セスロイド(Seth Lloyd) MIT機械工学教授

リチャード・ストールマン (Richard Stallman) MITコンピュータ科学人工知能研究所 (CSAIL) 客員研究員GNUプロジェクト創始者フリーソフトウェア財団 (FSF) 代表


Reid Hoffman apologizes for role in Epstein-linked donations to MIT


My few interactions with Jeffrey Epstein came at the request of Joi Ito, for the purposes of fundraising for the MIT Media Lab. Prior to these interactions, I was told by Joi that Epstein had cleared the MIT vetting process, which was the basis for my participation. My last interaction with Epstein was in 2015. Still, by agreeing to participate in any fundraising activity where Epstein was present, I helped to repair his reputation and perpetuate injustice. For this, I am deeply regretful.



MIT Media Lab founder defends embattled director's decision to accept money from Jeffrey Epstein (The Boston Globe)

In an e-mail to the Globe sent after the meeting, Negroponte said he told Ito that “he should” take Epstein’s contribution, and “I would say that again based on what we knew at the time. . . . “Epstein is an extreme case. But then do you take Koch money? Do you take Huawei money? And on and on?” Negroponte said.



On Joi and MIT

I had known of Joi’s contact with Epstein since about the beginning. He had reached out to me to discuss it. We are friends (Joi and I), and he knew I would be upset by his working with a pedophile.


Joi believed that he did not. He believed Epstein was terrified after the prosecution in 2011. He believed he had come to recognize that he would lose everything. He believed that whatever else he was, he was brilliant enough to understand the devastation to him of losing everything. He believed that he was a criminal who had stopped his crime. And nothing in his experience with Epstein contradicted this belief.

エプスタインはもう虐待者ではないと Joi は信じていた。エプスタイン2011年起訴された後、恐怖に襲われている、と伊藤穣一は信じていた。エプスタインはすべてを失うことになるのを認識するに至ったと伊藤穣一は信じていた。いずれにせよ、エプスタインはすべてを失うという絶望理解する十分な知性があると、伊藤穣一は信じていた。エプスタインはもう犯罪を犯さな犯罪者だと、伊藤穣一は信じていた。伊藤穣一はエプスタインに会って、その信念に矛盾することを何も感じなかった。

IF you are going to take type 3 money, then you should only take it anonymously. . . . Good for them, for here, too, transparency would be evil.


Sure, it wasn’t blood money, and sure, because anonymous, the gift wasn’t used to burnish Epstein’s reputation.


I know that Farrow’s article is crafted to draw the following sentence into doubt: Everything Joi did in accepting Epstein’s money he did with MIT’s approval. I trust the MIT review will confirm it (yes, I remain exactly that naive). So why is he resigning, rather than others in the administration?


And if Ito must go because Epstein’s wealth was accepted anonymously, who else should go because of blood money accepted openly? Will the planet have an equal advocate who demands justice for the Koch money? Or the victims of opioid abuse for the Sackler money?


So put the parts together: The MediaLab accepted an anonymous contribution from Epstein through the help and direction of Joi. The Lab did not (as “Professor Anonymous” wrote to me, his outrage apparently blinding him to irony) “help reputation-launder a convicted sex offender.” It would have, had it not be anonymous; but that’s the point about it being anonymous.

要点をまとめると、メディアラボJoi の補助と指示によりエプスタインから匿名寄付を受け取った。メディアラボ有罪性犯罪者汚名を雪ぐことは何もしていない。匿名でなければ、汚名を雪ぐことがあったかもしれないが。それが匿名であることのポイントである


Peter Cohen, a former director of development and strategy, said in a statement that when he joined the Media Lab in 2014, it already had established procedures for handling Epstein’s contributions. Cohen said he understood that those policies were “authorized by and implemented with the full knowledge of MIT central administration.”



少女虐待容疑の米富豪のMIT寄付、理事長が容認 大学ぐるみで匿名化 (AFPBB)

MITセスロイド(Seth Lloyd)教授がエプスタイン被告から寄付を受けたことに対する感謝状に、ライフ氏の署名があることを、同大とエプスタイン被告との関係調査している法律事務所から知らされたという。

Letter regarding preliminary fact-finding about MIT and Jeffrey Epstein不正資金に対する調査途中経過報告)

Second, it is now clear that senior members of the administration were aware of gifts the Media Lab received between 2013 and 2017 from Jeffrey Epstein’s foundations. Goodwin Procter has found that in 2013, when members of my senior team learned that the Media Lab had received the first of the Epstein gifts, they reached out to speak with Joi Ito. He asked for permission to retain this initial gift, and members of my senior team allowed it. They knew in general terms about Epstein’s history – that he had been convicted and had served a sentence and that Joi believed that he had stopped his criminal behavior. They accepted Joi’s assessment of the situation. Of course they did not know what we all know about Epstein now.


Joi sought the gifts for general research purposes, such as supporting lab scientists and buying equipment. Because the members of my team involved believed it was important that Epstein not use gifts to MIT for publicity or to enhance his own reputation, they asked Joi to agree to make clear to Epstein that he could not put his name on them publicly. These guidelines were provided to and apparently followed by the Media Lab.


Information shared with us last night also indicates that Epstein gifts were discussed at at least one of MIT’s regular senior team meetings, and I was present.


I am aware that we could and should have asked more questions about Jeffrey Epstein and about his interactions with Joi. We did not see through the limited facts we had, and we did not take time to understand the gravity of Epstein’s offenses or the harm to his young victims. I take responsibility for those errors.



Famed Computer Scientist Richard Stallman Described Epstein Victims As 'Entirely Willing' (The Vice)

Early in the thread, Stallman insists that the “most plausible scenario” is that Epstein’s underage victims were “entirely willing” while being trafficked.


メーリングリスト投稿されたストールマンメールを含む一連のスレッドは、記事最後PDF ファイルで閲覧できる。

制限文字数を超えたため、続きは寄付隠蔽みんなで騙せば怖くない MITと他もいくつか 続きに書きました。



2014年9月 大学が不適格とした犯罪者から資金を得るための偽装工作匿名化

2019年8月 少女虐待の罪を犯した犯罪者だとは知らなかったと嘘の釈明

2019年9月4日 公民権運動指導者などに相談した結果、メディアラボの再建を支援するために所長継続を明言

2019年9月6日 元職員偽装工作告発メールのやりとりが記事掲載される

2019年9月7日 数週間の熟慮の末、メディアラボ所長やMIT教授職を即刻辞めることが最善だと判断メディア取材はすべて答えなかった)

MIT伊藤教授、辞任へ 少女虐待の米富豪から資金


How an Elite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (The New Yorker)

Dozens of pages of e-mails and other documents obtained by The New Yorker reveal that, although Epstein was listed as “disqualified” in M.I.T.’s official donor database, the Media Lab continued to accept gifts from him, consulted him about the use of the funds, and, by marking his contributions as anonymous, avoided disclosing their full extent, both publicly and within the university.


Director of M.I.T.’s Media Lab Resigns After Taking Money From Jeffrey Epstein (The New York Times)

But near the end, one of Mr. Ito’s staunchest supporters, Nicholas Negroponte, a founder of the media lab, said he had told Mr. Ito to take the money and would do it again. That prompted Mr. Ito to send an email to Mr. Negroponte in the middle of the night, complaining that he was undercutting his ability to make amends.



Director of M.I.T.’s Media Lab Resigns After Taking Money From Jeffrey Epstein (The New York Times)

At a meeting on Wednesday night with media lab personnel, Mr. Ito said he had “screwed up” by accepting the money, but that he had done so after a review by the university and consultation with his advisers.

水曜日ラボ総会で、伊藤氏は「(エプスタインから)金を受け取ったときはどうかしていた。しかし、大学確認してもらって、アドバイザ確認してもらってから、金を受け取った」と説明していた。実際は、The New Yorkers の記事によれば、匿名化して資金を受け取った。記事が出る直前まで、資金大学確認してもらったと同僚にすら嘘をついて、所長の座に留まろうとした。

この伊藤氏を、MIT 関係者を多く含む233名が、保身のための嘘の謝罪を出した勇気と受け取った資金の返却の約束をとても尊敬しており、彼は、思慮深く、謙虚で、道徳観念がしっかりしていて、寛大である、と署名して認めている。支持者は、彼の嘘がばれたあと、この署名ページを削除している。

We greatly admire the courage behind Joi’s public apology for his connections to Epstein, and his commitment to financial restitution. ... to his character: thoughtful, humble, principled, and generous.

署名者の数名は エプスタイン事件が飛び火した伊藤穣一MITメディアラボ所長の支援サイト立ち上がる に紹介されている。この署名では自分たちを次のように評価している。

At MIT, we pride ourselves on our ability to rise above complex challenges and, with openness and rationality, improve ourselves and the world around us.

MIT 関係者だけでなく、取締役を務めていた財団ニューヨークタイムズも嘘がばれる前、伊藤穣一氏を次のように評価し、擁護していた。

Jeffrey Epstein’s Donations Create a Schism at M.I.T.’s Revered Media Lab

Other organizations have also stood behind Mr. Ito. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, where he has been on the board since 2011, said in a statement that it believed his apology “is sincere.” The MacArthur Foundation said Mr. Ito “has addressed his associations in a manner that warrants no action by the foundation at this time.” The New York Times Company, where Mr. Ito has been a board member since 2012, declined to comment for this article.

John S. and James L. Knight 財団 彼は誠実

MacArthur 財団 彼とエプスタイン関係で当財団対処することが何もないと彼は説明してくれた

ニューヨークタイムズ コメント拒否(この記事ニューヨークタイムズ掲載されている)



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