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Japan continues to question why ROKS Gwanggaeto the Great destroyer did not respond to communication from the JMSDF patrol aircraft. However, this makes it all the more difficult to understand why the aircraft did not receive the distress signal from the rescued vessel. Even in the video released by Japan’s MoD, the aircraft crew mentions two ROK Coast Guard rubber boats and the distressed North Korean wooden boat. It is impossible for the aircraft crew to have been unaware of the rescue situation.
















分かったよ、半端にボケてゴメンな。最初からpees boatって書けばよかったな…


Two years have passed since I moved to a developed country



I am working as an engineer in the IT area, but I managed to hold it for some 2 years.

I do not have confidence yet, and I feel even more confident about my confidence for the rest of my life, the excellence of my colleague.

If I do not desperately do it I am working everyday with feelings that it is not amusing even if I receive a notification outside the fighting strength.

Still, in Japan, I think that Japan has much better skill than CTO in that area.

In the future I thought that if I could return to Japan and contribute to the Japanese society, Japan that is visible from the outside is bad.

What is bad, first aspect of politics.


The point that democracy is not fully functioning against the fact that there are stupid citizens who blind the LDP, such as Abe's descent.

That other party is also not good. Hope party? What is that lady like that disciple of Ru Ooshiba? Rou Koike?

The more you do not have it, the stupid will be clouded in katakana and psychology. You idiots, you guys say this. I love Katakana anyway, I love psychology, 100% I do not say big things. What is Y's Spending. Do not fix what you normally call katakana.

Since the political system is over in the first place, I think that it is the cause of failure of not receiving popular people, especially elderly people, only short-term and useless policies absolutely. So we will not attack only the LDP.

It is too fatal that politics is not rational and it is impossible to include the policy that should be done. Because it ends with poppiness if I can not vote.

Unfortunately, the trend of changing the political system probably will not happen if it fails.

In recent decades, politicians have accelerated the declining birthrate and aging society to a distortion with outlook on the preferential treatment for the elderly + measures against the declining birthrate.

The decline in Japan's birthrate and birthrate is partly spontaneous, but the world's low birthrate and aging society is not caused by natural phenomena.

There is not any future that putting all the energy to surrender the tax to the old man by tax free over medical care. It was already late when we were discussing whether a large amount of tax would be used due to politicians' old elderly votes or ten years ago, so it was already late, we have not corrected the orbit again so far I am going to politate on the same route.

An aged politician does not think about a short-circuiting policy, the future. Citizens delight in the immediate economic policy.

Grass grows now, as the nation 's collapse has become a reality.

If the declining birthrate and the aging population advanced at this pace as it is, the Japanese boat will sink in 20 years. Two years ago I thought I would have 30 years.

I gave up completely to Japan's politics. Defeated entertainment is not funny. I'm saying that it is japanese, but I do not dislike it. To give up means to accept failures.

Next is the aspect of business.


Did you have a business anywhere other than bidding? I do not have pieces of creativity. There is no further ethics.

What is it, Mercari or DeNA or moral business or something is a social sin. I just confused society, did not I? The country and the country came to know not ethics.

Ethics of the Japanese are lower than the Japanese think.

Although I derail for a while, accident happens in front of my eyes, the idiots who take pictures with smaho are not minorities at all Nationality is bad.

Even though there is service only where money is involved, do not say hospitality as if it were the national character of the Japanese.

It is not a minority to be a completely individualist society and people are troubled and help people.

At this time new creative business is born from one to the next. It is at an unthinkable pace in Japan. Of course, there are many doubtful businesses as to whether it will become money, but it is better than Japanese society where there is no brain except copying the business of another company at all.

So almost no company wants to work in Japan.

And the fall of the company. Almost no international competitiveness. Even large corporations will be crushed.

With this aging birthrate and declining birthrate, you can not contribute even to domestic demand with the elderly who can not see the future if it is full of old people.

There are no people with a declining birthrate. It seems that young people are supporting the LDP by thinking positively as being a seller's market completely.

There is only one person who is not merely a policy of an aging population declining birthrate. Your future is pitch dark.

Were I so stupid as to whom I thought of going back to Japan? What? It is certain that at least the field of view and experience has been much lower than it was now.

If I see myself two years ago, I feel mercy only now.

Indeed it is visible that it will collapse in another few decades Indeed it will not be possible to return to Japan.

Why do I have to board a sinking ship? Parents are the only team to surrender, only you are to protect yourself.

Originally I decided not to make children from the uncertain future of society, not myself. I think that choice was right.

Politician Now, if you are not stupid, it means that you are doing intentional bankruptcy activities.

It is good that you are only interested in being inspected. I do not know anymore.

At the very least, please try to make Japanese citizens work in the world. If the hurdle of labor visa goes down, then you will be able to do it if you have English proficiency.

I had a lot of hardships. Although it is inferior to native, I am working without problems.

Oh, I wanted to go back to Japan. . .


[] Glass Bottom Boat

(グラス・ボトム・ボート) ガラス底の船







After dinner, my partner treated me to a glass bottom boat ride.






fresh off the boat






Free On Board




あと 思ったが放送中止の方の 「boat」って shipじゃないの?


仮12話はNice ship.でも通るが、本12話を見ると改めてNice boat.は秀逸だったと判る。

ネタバレ最終話って まとめサイトで見た気にならない方が楽しめる


まとめサイトであらすじと 米を読んだあとに 最終話 見てきた。

言うほど ひどくはないと感じた。

10分過ぎの コメントevaって言われている「心理描写」と ひっくり返した料理ゴミ袋に入ったのを見たシーンが あったから 普通に理解できた。

首ちょんぱを見せるのは 映画seven」をヨットでは 阿部定事件も思い出したり。

「なかにだれもいませんよ」はその前に「たしかめさせてください」って台詞があるから 行為としては残虐だけど 唐突ではない。


行為を表層的に見るのでなくて 意味を視てたら 僕みたいな微妙オタクでも 楽しめた。

あと 思ったが放送中止の方の 「boat」って shipじゃないの?

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