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i'm so hesitate but I'm begging you please give me answer.

You may are not minding tho.

But, at least i have a thorn in my heart.

My doubt right now: Marwan is a person who does not keep own words, does not think that's a bad, does not mind making a friend cry with sadness.

Or Does Marwan like to harass me?

I wanna def away that.

About ur message:

> i wont be at home tmrw

> so i will have time to reply to u

i guess, i misread English, and also your writings were incorrect.

Because we are not native English speaker.

My poor English brain read it like

"I won't be home « only » tmrw. So I « can » have time to reply to u (= My tomorrow is yours)".

But, did you write it with this meaning of ?

"I won't be home « from » tmrw. So I will « might » have time to reply to u."

But in the "tomorrow", you didn't that do.

I was deeply hurt by be broken promise.

I already told you, I cried for real.


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Who is your hero?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

What is your biggest fear?

What is your favorite family vacation?

What would you change about yourself if you could?

What really makes you angry?

What motivates you to work hard?

What is your biggest complaint about your job?

What is your favorite book to read?

What makes you laugh the most?

What was the last movie you went to? What did you think?

What did you want to be when you were small?

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

How would your friends describe you?

What are your hobbies?

36. What is the best gift you have been given?

37. What is the worst gift you have received?

40. Where do you see yourself in five years?

42. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?

43. What would you do if you won the lottery?

44. What form of public transportation do you prefer? (air, boat, train, bus, car, etc.)

45. What's your favorite zoo animal?

46. If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?

48. How many pillows do you sleep with?

49. What's the longest you've gone without sleep (and why)?

52. How often do you buy clothes?

53. Have you ever had a secret admirer?

54. What's your favorite holiday?

55. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

56. What was the last thing you recorded on TV?

57. What was the last book you read?

58. What's your favorite type of foreign food?

59. Are you a clean or messy person?

60. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

61. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

62. What kitchen appliance do you use every day?

63. What's your favorite fast food chain?

64. What's your favorite family recipe?

65. Do you love or hate rollercoasters?

66. What's your favorite family tradition?

67. What is your favorite childhood memory?

68. What's your favorite movie?

69. How old were you when you learned Santa wasn't real? How did you find out?

70. Is your glass half full or half empty?

71. What's the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?

72. What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

73. What was your favorite subject in school?

74. What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?

75. Do you collect anything?

76. Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

77. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

78. Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest?

79. Have you ever had a surprise party? (that was an actual surprise)

80. Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?

81. What do you do to keep fit?

82. Does your family have a “motto” – spoken or unspoken?

83. If you were ruler of your own country what would be the first law you would introduce?

84. Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?

85. What three things do you think of the most each day?

86. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

87. What song would you say best sums you up?

88. What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee?

89. Who was your first crush?

time clocks alarms appointments schedules tan sign up form team volunteers meeting black recruitment recruiting need sign up form 5k marathon running race marathon green shoes sign up form

90. What's the most interesting thing you can see out of your office or kitchen window?

91. On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are?

92. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

93. What was your first job?

94. If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join?

95. How many languages do you speak?

96. What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

97. Who is the most intelligent person you know?

98. If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?

99. What is one thing you will never do again?

100. Who knows you the best?


I am suddenly overwhelmed by sorrow because of facing the real that I am writing nonsense in the anonymous diary. I am wondering why I am doing such a thing at the midnight. I could have done more productive things instead of wasting my time for such a unproductive thing. It always does. Although I am always thinking of spending a wonderful day in the morning, I finish the day without doing anything. Such stupid days make a stupid year and a pile of such stupid years are about to result in a stupid life. Lousy end can be seen obviously. I can't have any hope. I have no choice but to pour my uncontrollable feeling into the anonymous diary.....




  Given a circular arrangement of r0, ns “ t0, 1, . . . , nu, we define a k-chord to be

a (possibly degenerate) chord whose (possibly equal) endpoints add up to k. We say that three

chords of a circle are aligned if one of them separates the other two. Say that m ě 3 chords

are aligned if any three of them are aligned. For instance, in Figure 1, A, B, and C are aligned,

while B, C, and D are not.

ABCDB ACDE0 nu vtn − t

Figure 1 Figure 2

Claim. In a beautiful arrangement, the k–chords are aligned for any integer k.

Proof. We proceed by induction. For n ď 3 the statement is trivial. Now let n ě 4, and proceed

by contradiction. Consider a beautiful arrangement S where the three k–chords A, B, C are not

aligned. If n is not among the endpoints of A, B, and C, then by deleting n from S we obtain

a beautiful arrangement Sztnu of r0, n ´ 1s, where A, B, and C are aligned by the induction

hypothesis. Similarly, if 0 is not among these endpoints, then deleting 0 and decreasing all the

numbers by 1 gives a beautiful arrangement Szt0u where A, B, and C are aligned. Therefore

both 0 and n are among the endpoints of these segments. If x and y are their respective partners,

we have n ě 0 ` x “ k “ n ` y ě n. Thus 0 and n are the endpoints of one of the chords; say it

is C.

Let D be the chord formed by the numbers u and v which are adjacent to 0 and n and on the

same side of C as A and B, as shown in Figure 2. Set t “ u`v. If we had t “ n, the n–chords A,

B, and D would not be aligned in the beautiful arrangement Szt0, nu, contradicting the induction

hypothesis. If t ă n, then the t-chord from 0 to t cannot intersect D, so the chord C separates t

and D. The chord E from t to n´t does not intersect C, so t and n´t are on the same side of C.

But then the chords A, B, and E are not aligned in Szt0, nu, a contradiction. Finally, the case

t ą n is equivalent to the case t ă n via the beauty-preserving relabelling x ÞÑ n´x for 0 ď x ď n,

which sends t-chords to p2n ´ tq–chords. This proves the Claim.

Having established the Claim, we prove the desired result by induction. The case n “ 2 is

trivial. Now assume that n ě 3. Let S be a beautiful arrangement of r0, ns and delete n to obtain

34 IMO 2013 Colombia

the beautiful arrangement T of r0, n ´ 1s. The n–chords of T are aligned, and they contain every

point except 0. Say T is of Type 1 if 0 lies between two of these n–chords, and it is of Type 2

otherwise; i.e., if 0 is aligned with these n–chords. We will show that each Type 1 arrangement

of r0, n´ 1s arises from a unique arrangement of r0, ns, and each Type 2 arrangement of r0, n´ 1s arises from exactly two beautiful arrangements of r0, ns.

If T is of Type 1, let 0 lie between chords A and B. Since the chord from 0 to n must be

aligned with A and B in S, n must be on the other arc between A and B. Therefore S can be

recovered uniquely from T. In the other direction, if T is of Type 1 and we insert n as above,

then we claim the resulting arrangement S is beautiful. For 0 ă k ă n, the k–chords of S are also

k–chords of T, so they are aligned. Finally, for n ă k ă 2n, notice that the n–chords of S are

parallel by construction, so there is an antisymmetry axis ℓ such that x is symmetric to n´x with

respect to ℓ for all x. If we had two k–chords which intersect, then their reflections across ℓ would

be two p2n ´ kq-chords which intersect, where 0 ă 2n ´ k ă n, a contradiction.

If T is of Type 2, there are two possible positions for n in S, on either side of 0. As above, we

check that both positions lead to beautiful arrangements of r0, ns.

Hence if we let Mn be the number of beautiful arrangements of r0, ns, and let Ln be the number

of beautiful arrangements of r0, n ´ 1s of Type 2, we have

Mn “ pMn´1 ´ Ln´1q ` 2Ln´1 “ Mn´1 ` Ln´1.

It then remains to show that Ln´1 is the number of pairs px, yq of positive integers with x`y “ n

and gcdpx, yq “ 1. Since n ě 3, this number equals ϕpnq “ #tx : 1 ď x ď n, gcdpx, nq “ 1u.

To prove this, consider a Type 2 beautiful arrangement of r0, n ´ 1s. Label the positions

0, . . . , n ´ 1 pmod nq clockwise around the circle, so that number 0 is in position 0. Let fpiq be

the number in position i; note that f is a permutation of r0, n ´ 1s. Let a be the position such

that fpaq “ n ´ 1.

Since the n–chords are aligned with 0, and every point is in an n–chord, these chords are all

parallel and

fpiq ` fp´iq “ n for all i.

Similarly, since the pn´1q–chords are aligned and every point is in an pn´1q–chord, these chords

are also parallel and

fpiq ` fpa ´ iq “ n ´ 1 for all i.

Therefore fpa ´ iqfp´iq ´ 1 for all i; and since fp0q “ 0, we get

fp´akq “ k for all k. (1)

Recall that this is an equality modulo n. Since f is a permutation, we must have pa, nq “ 1. Hence

Ln´1 ď ϕpnq.

To prove equality, it remains to observe that the labeling (1) is beautiful. To see this, consider

four numbers w, x, y, z on the circle with w ` y “ x ` z. Their positions around the circle satisfy

p´awq ` p´ayq “ p´axq ` p´azq, which means that the chord from w to y and the chord from

x to z are parallel. Thus (1) is beautiful, and by construction it has Type 2. The desired result






増 "Well… do you have something you want to tell to Japanese people?"

B "yes, "Konnichiwa!" "

B "well, I would say something not only to the Japanese, but to many other people. how should I put this?

"Most people began to hate Russians by default. But this war was started by our government, not by us. Of course, we don't want this war, nobody wants it. And I assure you, our people have repeatedly gone to rallies against the government. But always people who participate in such events are sent to prison. Even people on the Internet who express a point of view that the government does not like are jailed for misinformation.

And I will not deny that some Russians have succumbed to the propaganda of our government and are expressing support for this "military operation". But many people in other countries are actually the same. They hypocritically pretend that they are concerned about the fate of Ukraine, although in fact they have only recently learned that this country even exists. In reality, if you ask them "What do they think about the DNR and LNR?", they will have absolutely no idea what are you talking about.

It's good if you sincerely worry about Uraina. But the majority worry about Ukrina and hate Russians only and only because it's a trend that their government has set. In other words, this is the same propaganda.

Well, to summarize, I just wanna say "let's just be friendly to each other." Even if our governments are not friendly to each other, this doesn't mean that we should be the same." "




•what do you think about zelenskii

•do you know other politicians except him

•how future is you predict, how future is you want (i mean politically and concretely)

•What do you think about ukranians language law

•how DNR and LNR people life is?

did you see people which changed after starting this war

•what do you think that Russian army kidnap ukranians

•what do you think about that Russian language uses «в» for any country but «он» for yours?

and anything you want to say to Japanese


  • Что вы думаете о Зеленском?
  • Знаете ли вы других политиков, кроме него?
  • Какое будущее вы предсказываете для себя? Какого будущего хотите сами? (политически и вообще)
  • Что вы думаете о законе об украинском языке?
  • Как, по-вашему, живут люди в ЛНР и ДНР?
  • Видели ли вы людей, которые изменились после начала войны?
  • Что вы думаете о том, что русская армия похищает украинцев? и зачем?
  • Как по-вашему, как в русском языке правильно писать - "на Украину" или "в Украину"?
  • Хотите ли вы что-нибудь сказать японцам?


  • Зеленский это человек с Большой буквы, который с приходом обратил внимание на народ и его потребности, Украина менялась и меняться в лучшую сторону, благодаря Народу и его культуре
  • По поводу других политиков, в Украине каждый Украинец знает всех, так как каждый Украинец в Украине интересуется и переживает за свою страну
  • О будущем скажу только одно, Все будет хорошо, и будет ещё лучше... Одно только не вернуть это жизни других людей, детей, а также детей которые потеряли своих родителей.

О своем будущем скажу только одно, что после войны усыноввлю и удочерю детей которые потеряли своих родителей

  • По поводу закона об Украинском языке, так это у каждого государства приемлемо. Но люди не правильно трактуют его. Я только за него, но сам как видите пишу Вам на русском, и в Украине никто не запрещает говорить на русском, а гос. Учреждениях просят говорить на Украинском.
  • по поводу ЛНР и ДНР, то это колония где люди не имеют свободы слова, того слова которое они имели находясь под юрисдикцией Украинского законодательства
  • По поводу изменений людей - Мы стали ещё дружней и сплаченней, люди думают не только о себе...
  • По поводу русской армии: то у меня просто нету слов... (Это варварство)
  • правильно писать "в Україну"
  • Японцам хочу сказать огромное спасибо за поддержку, понимание, и за то что видят правду и не скрывают то что творится в Украине


About my future, I'll say that after the war I'll adopt children who lost their parents in this bloodshed.



1. Что ты думаешь на счёт Зеленского?

Моё мнение, что Зеленский является лучшим президентом, который не бросил Украину и народ во время войны, как сделал это Янукович. Зеленский, его команда и наш народ делают всё возможное и невозможное для сохранения нашей страны.

2. Знаешь ли ты других политиков кроме Зеленского?

Знаю многих.

3. Какое будущее ты видишь для своей страны?

Хотелось бы чтобы территории Украины вернулись в полном составе, так как это было признано международным правом.

4. Что ты думаешь о законе про украинский язык?

Я поддерживаю этот закон, хотя в нашей стране люди общаются на разных языках, в том числе и на русском, но я ни разу не слышал информации о преследовании или конфликтах на этой почве.

5. Видишь ли ты как люди сменились после начала войны?

Наш народ очень сплотился, каждый старается помочь друг другу, война наложила отпечаток на всех, это бесконечные переживания и боль.

6. Что ты думаешь по поводу того, что российская армия похищает украинцев?

Это является ужасным преступлениям.

7. Что ты думаешь о том, что русские для любой страны говорят "в", но в случае с Украиной говорят "на"?

Я считаю что это очень не красиво по отношению к украинскому государству и людям которые там живут.

8. Что ты хочешь сказать японцам?

Хочу поблагодарить за поддержку нашей страны, пожелать мира, добра и процветания.

9. Что ты хочешь меня спросить?

Почему тебя так детально интересует ситуация в моей стране?

Надеюсь всё правильно понял


•what do you think about zelenskii?

I belive Zelensky is the best president who did not abandon Ukraine and the people during the war, as Yanukovych did. Zelensky, his team and our people are doing everything possible and impossible.

•do you know other politicians except him?

I know many of them.

•how future is you predict, how future is you want (i mean politically and concretely)?

I would like the territories of Ukraine to return in full force, because this is what was recognized by international law.

•What do you think about ukranians language law?

I support this law. Despite the fact that in our country people communicate in different languages, including Russian, I have never heard information about persecution or conflicts on this basis.

•how DNR and LNR people life is?


did you see people which changed after starting this war?

Our people are very united, everyone is trying to help each other, the war left its mark on everyone in the form of endless experiences and pain.

•what do you think that Russian army kidnap ukranians?

This is a terrible crime.

•what do you think about that Russian language uses "в" for any country but "на" for yours?

I think this is very discourteous in relation to the Ukrainian state and the people who live there.

and anything you want to say to Japanese?

I want to thank you for the support of our country. I wish you peace, kindness and prosperity.


増 "Ah, turkestan ban Russian language?"

D "Not really "ban" but "limitation". This sounds more suitable in this case. it is the natural phenomenon for the mononational states. And multinational, actually. Using the one language as official. To strengthen the statehood. Same thing with Ukraine. More separation from the "big brother". That is the point, I guess.

By the way, they strengthened much more after these 8 years. I think it is too late to start an invasion now than these 8 years ago back then in any case. That does not mean that I support it, of course. You knew my point. We talked about it earlier. 🙂 I think that it is just "balls to the wall" (like the title from the one of Accept's albums). Recklessly in a word. It is naive to believe that they have stagnated all this time and have not developed or strengthened.


1) Another Ukranian president that just had "the luck" to get the war. Looks funny and trustworthy. Though he sometimes lacks the experience.

2) Yes I do.

3) I predict OK future for Ukraine, bad future for Russia. Russia lost any trust and contacts that it made for over 30 years. Dark decades ahead. I want good future, with no wars and with everyone helping each other.

4) Ukrainian language law? Well, it's their country. Let them speak what they want to speak. Besides, most Ukrainians speak Russian, and they even have mostly Russian cities, like Khar'kiv. I saw no oppression of Russian.

5) DNR and LNR are basically buffer states for Russia like North Korea with the same amount of freedom. It's hell on earth.

6) Had no information about that, but I had info about killing civilians and looting their homes. It's horrible. Those soldiers are monsters and they do not represent Russia. I don't count themselves as my fellow Russians. They're monsters. Barbarians. Putin's orcs. Not Russians.

7) I say let us use whatever we want. I use "на Украину" simply because I spoke it like that over 20 years and it's the correct one.

8) I love Japan and its people. I wish we could achieve peace and could work together. Please don't think bad of Russian people, we don't support this war. We're the same victims, like Ukrainians. Victims of Putin and his police state.



[] Covidiot


英辞郎 on the WEB 〈俗〉コビディオット◆コロナウイルス感染症の予防対策や警告を無視したり、食料品日用品を大量に買いだめて品薄状態引き起こし、人々の不安をあおったりするばかな人(idiot)

Cambridge Dictionary someone who behaves in a stupid way that risks spreading the infectious disease Covid-19:

https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/covidiot (derogatory, humorous, neologism) A person who is foolishly reckless with respect to avoiding contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Relating to the 2020 Covid-19 virus:

Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety.

A person who hoards goods, denying them from their neighbors.

Did you see that covidiot with 300 rolls of toilet paper in his basket?

That covidiot is hugging everyone she sees.

A person who makes themselves look like an idiot, during or after a pandemic.

1. A stupid person who stubbornly ignores 'social distancing' protocol, thus helping to further spread COVID-19.

A person that flies into a pandemic zone for holiday with their children, barely is able to return and shares their harrowing experience on social media for hero points.

1. A perfect term for those spreading, creating or publishing unverified and false information about the novel coronavirus.

2. An idiot who doubts the existence of COVID-19, therefore ignoring the need for social distancing and proper hand washing.

Covidiot: an individual who in the face of dire circumstances for all, acts selfishly toward others instead of in solidarity and with generosity.

Idiots who think Covid is a real threat and idiotically cover their face with a mask fearfully.

A person who "isn't worried" about Covid-19 because they "aren't old enough." (This does not discount the Covidiot having asthma, obesity, or another major risk factor).

Someone who goes on numerous pointless excursions during the aforementioned pandemic, often against local ruling, because they are hollow inside, utterly selfish, and, most probably, lick hand railings.

On the extreme, either denies Covid-19 is an issue at all (or real) and/or completely loses their shit and buys no more soap than usual BUT every last disenfectant product & T.P. roll.**

A person who has no medical background and makes statements about the Coronavirus pandemic founded on dubious sources, i.e. social media, an acquaintance, etc

A person who ignores the governments and health organization's recommendations in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

People that have no brain cells and can’t understand what social distancing means. People that make others life miserable in lockdown by continually mixing with others, therefore making the lockdown last longer because it fails .

A person who does not follow guidlines, listen to advice or think about their actions during the COVID-19 pandemic

A person who deliberately coughs on other people and thinks it is funny

An idiot who can’t respect common sense and basic science enough to to help stop the spread of disease.

Someone who is freaking out too much about covid and revolves everything they do around it. Also they treat anyone who doesn’t strictly follow guidelines like a murderer

Person in ICU for weeks blocking people from getting surgery

1. A covidiot is someone who rejects overwhelming evidence, provided by scientists, while promoting his opinions as facts.

2. Someone who, during a pandemic refuses to wear a mask in Walmart.

3. Anyone who thinks drinking bleach will cure anything.

Synonyms include: anti-vaccer, flat-earther, alien conspiracy theorist, climate change denier

A person who advocates for lockdowns, mandatory masks, school shutdowns, and other infringements on liberty based on unsettled science. This kind of person has nothing going on in their life except the sweet dopamine rush they get from self-righteously judging everyone else and tattling on people who don't trust the "experts." Usually talks about "science" a lot but has no background in math or science.

Someone who believes everything they hear on TV and other mainstream media, yet chooses to ignore official CDC numbers, such as how Covid has a 99.9997% recovery rate for those under 30, and 99.92% recovery rate for those 70+. They also ignore the fact that health "experts" on TV have told us that hospitals mark just about any death as a Covid death, no matter how they died, simply because they tested positive for Covid or were merely suspected of such.

Thus, these people wear their masks everywhere they go like it's a status symbol, while believing it actually does any good.






友達 "be careful out there"

増田 "何に"

友達 "North Korea is firing at you"

増田 "よくあることだし多分大丈夫だと思うよ"

友達 "I guess we're gonna be disabled from the global internet"

増田 "そうしたらもう本当に終わりだね。どこで知ったの?"

友達 "Underground news sources"

増田 "そうなんだ。プロキシとかtorとかも使えないの?"

友達 "tor is blocked. proxies are not working. at least, most of them.

but i'm prepared. i got tor, i got proxies. dunno if it will work."

増田 "そうなんだ"

友達 "Portuguese menu for Russian tourists: "We don't service the Russians. Go eat some stones. Bon appetit."


増田 "あー"

友達 "Russians are becoming the worldwide exiles"

増田 "レストランロシア人とそうでない人の見分けがつくんだろうか"

友達 "I can't even speak Russian in online games anymore.

they don't even care that I don't support the war"

増田 "ははは"

友達 " "Customers with Russian passport are not welcomed in our restaurant. We do understand that "normal" Russians are not responsible for criminal decisions of their government, but we have to do something already. By prohibiting the Russians to come in, we're making our contribution into the free Europe for our children." "


増田 "そう"

友達 "i'm disappointed in reddit"

増田 "何?"

友達 "i read a topic "stop shout abuse at russians"

they said "fuck you, we hated you russians before the war too" "

増田 "そう"

友達 "now i see the true face of the west.

I'm so disappointed...

I'm being witchhunted just because I'm Russian.

How does this differ from what Hitler did"

増田 "国同士なんて仲がいい方が珍しいしそんなもんだよ。今ごろ気がついたの?


友達 "USA talks about "peace in all the world" is a pack of fucking shit.

when they bomb the shit out Yugoslavia, it's legit, it's legal, it's OK, nobody hates americans.

when Russia is in war, every Russian should be burned"

増田 "アメリカは仕方ないね東京裁判も不当だったみたいだし"

友達 "i'm gonna stick to Asia. I'll learn Chinese and Japanese"(注:このstickをどう訳すべきかわからない)

友達 "I always made a distinction between government and people.

When USA and other countries do some shit, that's the government.

But when usual people say that they hate Russians...

I have to get out of Russia. In that manner, we're even worse than North Korea"

増田 "そういえば脱北者っていたね"

友達 "people who ran from NK are treated well. they're heroes.

but Russian people are not wanted anywhere"

増田 "そう"

友達 "there is information that there's gonna be a martial law in Russia. 5 or 6 of march"

増田 "本当?"

友達 "only rumors"

増田 "そうなんだ"

友達 "i'm against killing at all. hide.

友達 "I guess, we're repeating the history of Germany and Japan

増田 "そこそこ良いんじゃない?"

友達 "well, in Russian reality, it'll be worse"

増田 "知らん"

友達 "60% of our people is fucking stupid. they're lazy. they were taught that war is good. that nazis are everywhere around them. that stealing is good. they're corrupted. most of those people was born in USSR"

増田 "そう"

友達 "We have to be our own country, but free. Free of Putin and corruption and violence. Though I do not want to be Russian anymore.I love Russian culture but I hate the government"

増田 "そう"

友達 "people are saying that all Russians are guilty. fucking hypocrits. when USA bombed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nobody seemed to mind.

when the West says: "We're tolerant, we're free, we're not racists", know that they lie"

増田 "そう"

友達 "the only nation that didn't say that all russians are guilty, was Japanese. I've heard that Japanese people think that only Putin is guilty. and not all Russians"

増田 "はいはい。というかそれ本当に言ってるの?"

友達 "I've asked a couple of my japanese friends"

増田 "this is.. probably very biased sample actually"(注:増田もたまに英語を使うことがある)

友達 "Well..."

増田 "私が知る限りそのredditトピック日本ネットでそこまで雰囲気変わらないと思う。ロシア食品店が襲われて壊されたらしいし"

友達 "then humankind is doomed"

増田 "ところで他の国の友達にもロシア人についてどう思ってるか聞いたの?"

友達 "they won't even speak to me, most of them"

増田 "あっ"

友達 "if they are affected by public opinion and ready to betray their friends, they're no longer my friends"

増田 "そう"

友達 "in Russia, we have a proverb "You can only find true friends in a trouble" "Друг познаётся в беде" "

増田 "日本語に似たようなことわざがあった気がしたけど今調べたら『昨日の友は今日の敵』しかなかった"

友達 "lol"


増田 "よかったね。……あ、ウクライナ人友達は話してくれるんだ"

友達 "we speak. ukrainian friends are still with me. just imagine. the victims of war are still friends with me. and this two-faced West fucks are not"

増田 "正直なところあんまり意外でもない"

友達 "those West fuck just love to write hate messages knowing that we can't do anything in return. that they are in comfort. they scream "NO TO WAR", and after that they go to a happy dinner with their families"

増田 "●●さんは本当に自分のことを西洋人とは思ってないんだな"

友達 "maybe i had some sparks of western in me. but now i fucking don't"

増田 "たいていの日本人にとって白人西洋。私も●●さんに会って話すまではそう思ってた"

友達 "well you know now that it's not"

増田 "うん"

増田 "制裁ロシア国民政府反旗を翻すことを目的に行われているらしい"(注:よく調べずに適当なことを言ったので間違ってるかも)

友達 "yes. but it's useless. people won't turn against government. they are zombified by propaganda"

増田 "デモ風景見たよ"

友達 "but there are not too much people. Russia is basically like Hitler's Germany now"

増田 "it's optimistic predict"

友達 "it's not optimistic at all. russians are being equated to fascists. they don't make the distinction. they say that we all are guilty

増田 "you have to hope you all aren't like german in Traité de Versailles"

友達 "well..."

友達 "in fact, if I say in Internet that I don't support war, I can go in jail for 15 years"

増田 "それにしてはあのredditロシア人普通にプーチン批判戦争反対を言ってたけど"

友達 "the law came after that post."

増田 "ええっ"

友達 "when they wrote it, it was OK. but now Putin does everything he can to stay in power. they're frantically making new laws. so they can stay in power for a little longer. what happens now is the blackest page in Russia's history. since Russia-Japan war"

増田 "日露戦争か"

友達 "USA always hated Russia. They are using every chance they get to destroy us. if instead of Russia it was Finland or China, attacking Ukraine, they wouldn't do shit about it. we several times tried to have friendly relationships with USA and each time they basically said "Fuck off, Russians". I didn't have any illusions about them before. but now I plainly fucking hate them. Japanese are the best"

増田 "また始まったよ"

増田 "具体的にアメリカは何をしてきたの?"

友達 "first time was during World War 2 lend-lease they helped us (注: チャットなので文章がところどころ適当になることがある)

we tried to be friends with them after, but they had secret plan to conquer USSR while it's weak. it was cancelled"

友達 "then Cold War, a lot of hating each other. next time we tried to be friends in 90s. "Bush's chicken legs", helping each other"

友達 "USA's bombing of Yugoslavia made us enemies again. since then, we were not friends"

増田 "どうしてそれがロシア関係あるの?"

友達 "when that happened, Russian premier Primakov was on the flight to USA. there was gonna be a deal that could help Russia greatly. when Primakov heard about Yugoslavia, he asked his pilot to turn around, back to Moscow, and cancelled that deal. in Russia, it's known as "Primakov's turn" "

増田 "なんでそれで帰るの?"

友達 "he didn't want to work with countries that act like that. it was a war crime"

増田 "プリマコフという人は今の日本ではあまり知られてませんよ。私も今初めて聞きました"

友達 "he's not well known in Russia too :D "

増田 "失脚させられたみたいだからね。こんな政治家について今のロシア報道されないのは自然だ"

友達 "he's still in government, if i remember correct"

増田 "……

エフゲニー・マクシモヴィチ・プリマコフロシア語: Евгений Максимович Примаков、ラテン文字転写の例:Evgenii Maksimovich Primakov、1929年10月29日 - 2015年6月26日」 "

友達 "ah"

増田 "やっぱりさ、西洋の人たちがロシア人全部を雑に罵倒してくるの仕方ないと思うんだよ"

友達 "meh. fuck them then. i'm not gonna contact them then"

増田 "charmという単語があるでしょう。likable appealという意味だよね"

友達 "you can say it that way, yes"

増田 "でもmagicという意味もある。超自然的で恐ろしくて強いものだ"

友達 "ok. and?"

増田 "日本語では魅力というけどこの"魅"は実は化け物のこと。


なんでアメリカ空爆ときロシア侵略とき世論全然違うのか? それはアメリカウクライナには魅力があるけどロシアやユーゴにはないからだよ。人間にはかわいくもかっこよくもない人々の命より好きな人ひとりのほうが大事なんだ"

友達 "for me, all people are the same. every life is equal. (注:ここでは彼は「生命尊い」とは言っていないが、普段の態度と前後文脈からそう思っているのが明らかなので勝手に足しておいた)

death of Yugoslavians person is as tragic as the death of American and other people"

増田 "●●さんはそうでもたいていの人はそうではないからね。だから仕方がないんだ。実のところ私も他人のこと言えないんだよ。だって私もシリア内戦とかクリミア侵略とか外国ニュースは気にしなかったのに、●●さんに出会たからってだけでウクライナ侵略ばかり気にしてるからその『西洋人たち』と同じなんだよ。だから、仕方がないと思う"

友達 "wakatta"





One thing that's being lost in all the talk of Russian logistical difficulties is the presence of and resistance of the Ukrainian army, both regular and reserve.

The narrative seems to have grown of late that the only reason the Russian forces aren't pushing forward faster and further is because of a lack of fuel for vehicles and food for its troops. This is exemplified by the discussion around "the column" north of Kyiv.

But that does a disservice in some respects to the thousands of Ukrainian troops fighting a bitter battle in front of the Russians. Yes, the supply problems are not helping Russia, but it's simply not the case that if they just had fuel they would be able to advance unhindered

There are many brigades holding the line around and inside Kyiv, providing a blocking force that is putting up a determined resistance to the Russian advances. This is not just scattered handfuls of SF and near partisan forces, this is several brigades of regular troops

Similarly, to the east of Kyiv there is something on the order of at least 8, and as many as 12-13 brigades, regular and reserve, holding a line that runs roughly to Kharkiv, down to the Donbas front, to Mariupol and back towards Zaporizhzhia.

That, arguably more so than logistic issues, is what has been holding the Russian tide back this long. Strung out their elements may be, but they're still providing a determined resistance across the majority of the front. The problem is for how long?

As much as they've been taking a toll on the Russians, they've been suffering casualties of their own, expending stocks of ammunition and losing critical equipment like tanks, artillery, and other armoured vehicles.

Even the Ukrainian defence ministry seems worried about the build up of Russian forces occuring in front of these positions and the fraility of their defensive line. Despite the stream of images of burning or captured Russian kit they've been advancing steadily this whole time

And while everyone focuses on Kyiv and the idea that the Russians are planning to storm the city block by block (which seems highly unlikely when they can just shell it to pieces from the outside), a lot of people have been missing the real danger in the east and south.

One area of interest is the Russian build up to the west of Kharkiv, which seems likely to result in a push towards Poltava and behind it, Kremenchuk, home to one of the few bridges across the Dnieper from there all the way south to Zaporizhzhia.

To the east of that, there is serious concern about a possible Russian thrust in the region around Izyum-Slovyansk-Severodonetsk, with the real risk of some Ukrainian forces being pocketed in the later

Equally as concerning, Russian forces have moved up to the area around Vasylivka-Orikhiv and are poised to move on Zaporizhzhia, which possesses the southern most bridge across the Dnieper available to the Ukrainians.

Not that this bridge doesn't need to be captured, nor even the city. The Russians merely have to get close enough to deny its use through artillery and direct fire as a supply route to their forces in the east.

This leaves the many brigades operating east of Kharkiv (possibly as many as 8) in a dire situation, where the only line of communication to the west of the Dnieper for all the brigades would be in the Dnipro/Kamianske region.

If they wait too late to try and make a break for the bridges, this will involve a running battle with the Russians across some pretty good tank country, with multiple Ukrainian brigades having to bunch together and cram themselves across four or five bridges in the region

To make matters worse, Mariupol is not expected to be able to hold for more than another four or five days, after which the forces surrounding it will be free to join the offensive north. In short, things are getting a bit dicey in the east.

They're not much better in the south, with Russian forces closing around Mykolaiv. The defenders are putting up a brave resistance, but inexorably being pushed back. Russian forces have already pushed on to the north and reached the area around Voznesens'k.

Here again they're facing fierce resistance as the Ukrainians fight to protect the next bridge across the Pivdennyi Buh river, but again the Russian advance keeps grinding on.

The latter course actually seems more likely as a force attacking Odesa more directly would be left miles from friendly forces and dependent on over the beach supply lines, whereas an attack just behind Mykolaiv would help support the assault there and be closer to friendlies

But then the Russians have not been averse to surprising us with some of their odd operational choices, so who knows, maybe they will go for the jewel that is Odesa and its port in one go?

And again, herein lies part of the problem with the Kyiv narrative, and the idea that victory will be defined by the capture or not of the capital. If Odesa falls and the Russians secure the entire southern coast line, that is a major problem for Ukraine and its economy

Obviously, I mean outside of the war itself, thinking ahead to the potential peace. If Russia maintains control of all these areas in a negotiation then they basically have Ukraine by the balls, so to speak. This in many ways is far more important than Kyiv

Thus I think we need to temper our expectations. The Ukrainians have done brilliantly, better than almost anyone expected, but we're gradually creeping towards the decisive moment and none of that has much to do with what's happening around the capital.

Slow Russian progress there is encouraging and that's helping to keep aid corridors open to the east, but I fear people are putting far too much emphasis on it just because it's the biggest city and the centre of government. Russia doesn't need to seize Kyiv to "win"

The fights in the south and east are far more important in the grand scheme of things, and unfortunately those seem to be the ones the Russians are winning, albeit it slowly. If the east in particular collapses, that frees up an enormous number of Russian men and equipment

Men and guns that can be shifted west and south, to Kyiv and/or Odesa as required. It's a grim outlook I'm afraid, but I wish the Ukrainian defenders the very best of luck. It's possible they can still carry the day, but it looks like it might take some kind of miracle 😞 /end












このページを見るとわかるとおり、得点はMobility, Workplace, Pay, Marriage, Parenthood, Entrepreneurship, Assets, Pensionの8項目がそれぞれ100点満点で評価されており、日本はPayとWorkplace評価特に低い。






質問Does the law mandate equal remuneration for work of equal value?(法律では、同じ価値仕事には同じ報酬を与えることが義務づけられているか?)

NG理由:No applicable provisions could be located(該当する規定は見つかりませんでした)




四条 使用者は、労働者女性であることを理由として、賃金について、男性差別的取扱いをしてはならない。



質問:Can a woman work in a job deemed dangerous in the same way as a man?(危険とされる仕事でも、女性男性と同じように働けるのでしょうか?)

サブ項目:Jobs deemed hazardous(危険とみなされる仕事

NG理由:Labour Standards Act, Art. 64-3.2(労働基準法第六十四条の三②)



第六十四条の三 使用者は、妊娠中の女性及び産後一年を経過しない女性(以下「妊産婦」という。)を、重量物を取り扱う業務有害ガスを発散する場所における業務その他妊産婦の妊娠出産、哺ほ育等に有害業務に就かせてはならない。

② 前項の規定は、同項に規定する業務のうち女性妊娠又は出産に係る機能有害である業務につき、厚生労働省令で、妊産婦以外の女性に関して、準用することができる。







質問:Can a woman work in an industrial job in the same way as a man?(女性でも男性と同じように工業系の仕事ができるのでしょうか?)


NG理由:Labour Standards Act, Art. 64-2(労働基準法第六十四条の二)



第六十四条の二 使用者は、次の各号に掲げる女性を当該各号に定める業務に就かせてはならない。

一 妊娠中の女性及び坑内で行われる業務従事しない旨を使用者に申し出た産後一年を経過しない女性 坑内で行われるすべての業務

二 前号に掲げる女性以外の満十八歳以上の女性 坑内で行われる業務のうち人力により行われる掘削の業務その他の女性有害業務として厚生労働省令で定めるもの










質問Is there legislation on sexual harassment in employment?(雇用におけるセクシャルハラスメントに関する法律はありますか?)

NG理由:No applicable provisions could be located(該当する規定は見つかりませんでした)


第十一条 (職場における性的言動に起因する問題に関する雇用管理上の措置等)

第十一条の二 (職場における性的言動に起因する問題に関する国、事業主及び労働者の責務)

第十一条の三 (職場における妊娠出産等に関する言動に起因する問題に関する雇用管理上の措置等)

第十一条の四 (職場における妊娠出産等に関する言動に起因する問題に関する国、事業主及び労働者の責務)



質問:Are there criminal penalties or civil remedies for sexual harassment in employment?(雇用におけるセクシャルハラスメントには、刑事罰民事上の救済措置がありますか?)

サブ項目1:Criminal penalties(刑事罰

NG理由1:No applicable provisions could be located(該当する規定は見つかりませんでした)

サブ項目2:Civil remedies(民事上の救済措置

NG理由2:No applicable provisions could be located(該当する規定は見つかりませんでした)











The Advance of Russia and the New World

A new world is being born before our eyes.

Russia's military operation in Ukraine has opened a new era - and in three dimensions at once.

And, of course, in the fourth, internal Russian dimension.

Here begins a new period both in ideology and in the very model of our socio-economic system - but we should talk about this separately a little later.

Russia is restoring its unity - the tragedy of 1991, this terrible catastrophe of our history, its unnatural dislocation, has been overcome.

Yes, at great cost, yes, through the tragic events of the actual civil war, because now there are still brothers shooting at each other, separated by belonging to the Russian and Ukrainian armies - but Ukraine as the anti-Russia will no longer exist.

Russia is restoring its historical wholeness by gathering the Russian world, the Russian people together - in its totality of Great Russians, Belarusians and Little Russians.

If we refused to do this, if we allowed the temporary division to take hold for centuries, we would not only betray the memory of our ancestors, but we would be damned by our descendants - for allowing the collapse of the Russian land.

Vladimir Putin took upon himself - without a bit of exaggeration - a historical responsibility, deciding not to leave the resolution of the Ukrainian question to future generations.

After all, the need to resolve it would always remain a major problem for Russia - for two key reasons.

And the issue of national security, that is, the creation of Ukraine as an anti-Russia and an outpost for Western pressure on us, is only the second in importance among them.

The first would always remain a complex of divided people, a complex of national humiliation - when the Russian house first lost part of its foundation (Kiev), and then was forced to accept the existence of two states no longer one, but two peoples.

That is, either to abandon its history, agreeing with the crazy versions that "only Ukraine is the real Russia," or to gnash their teeth helplessly, remembering the times when "we lost Ukraine.

Bringing Ukraine back, that is, turning it back to Russia, would be more and more difficult with each passing decade - the recoding, derussification of Russians, and the setting against Russian Little Russians-Ukrainians would gain momentum.

And if full geopolitical and military control of the West over Ukraine were consolidated, its return to Russia would become impossible at all - it would have to fight the Atlantic bloc for it.

Now this problem is gone - Ukraine has returned to Russia.

This does not mean that its statehood will be liquidated, but it will be restructured, re-established and returned to its natural state as part of the Russian world.

In what borders, in what form will the union with Russia be fixed (through the CSTO and the Eurasian Union or the Union State of Russia and Belarus)? This will be decided after the end of the history of Ukraine as anti-Russia.

In any case, the period of the split of the Russian people is coming to an end.

And here begins the second dimension of the coming new era - it concerns Russia's relations with the West.

Not even Russia, but the Russian world, that is, the three states, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, acting geopolitically as one.

These relations have entered a new stage - the West sees Russia's return to its historical borders in Europe.

And it loudly resents it, although deep in its heart it must admit that it could not be otherwise.

Did anyone in the old European capitals, Paris and Berlin, seriously believe that Moscow would give up Kiev? That Russians would forever be a divided people? And at the same time that Europe is uniting, when German and French elites are trying to seize control of European integration from the Anglo-Saxons and assemble a united Europe? Forgetting that the unification of Europe was only possible thanks to the unification of Germany, which happened by Russian good (albeit not very clever) will.

To take a swing at the Russian land after that is the top of ingratitude, but of geopolitical stupidity.

The West as a whole, and even more so Europe separately, did not have the strength to keep in its sphere of influence, let alone to take Ukraine.

Not to understand this, one had to be just geopolitical fools.

More precisely, there was only one option: to bet on the further collapse of Russia, that is, the Russian Federation.

But the fact that it did not work should have been clear twenty years ago.

And fifteen years ago, after Putin's Munich speech, even the deaf could hear that Russia was coming back.

Now the West is trying to punish Russia for coming back, for not justifying its plans to profit at its expense, for not allowing the expansion of the Western space to the east.

In seeking to punish us, the West thinks that relations with it are of vital importance to us.

But that's not true anymore - the world has changed, and not just the Europeans, but the Anglo-Saxons who run the West, understand this very well.

No Western pressure on Russia will get us anywhere.

Both sides will suffer losses, but Russia is ready for them morally and geopolitically.

But for the West itself, an increase in the degree of confrontation has enormous costs - and the main ones are not economic at all.

Europe, as part of the West, wanted autonomy - the German project of European integration does not make strategic sense while maintaining Anglo-Saxon ideological, military and geopolitical control over the Old World.

And it cannot succeed, because the Anglo-Saxons need a controlled Europe.

But Europe also needs autonomy for another reason - in case the United States moves to self-isolation (as a result of growing internal conflicts and contradictions) or concentrates on the Pacific region, where the geopolitical center of gravity is shifting.

But the confrontation with Russia, into which the Anglo-Saxons are dragging Europe, deprives Europeans of even a chance for autonomy - not to mention the fact that in the same way they are trying to impose on Europe a break with China.

While the Atlanticists are now happy that the "Russian threat" will unite the Western bloc, those in Berlin and Paris cannot but understand that, having lost hope of autonomy, the European project will simply collapse in the medium term.

That is why independent-minded Europeans are now completely uninterested in building a new iron curtain on their eastern borders - realizing that it will turn into a corral for Europe.

Whose century (half a millennium to be exact) of global leadership is in any case over - but various options for its future are still possible.

Because the construction of a new world order - and this is the third dimension of current events - is accelerating, and its contours are becoming clearer through the sprawling cover of Anglo-Saxon globalization.

The multipolar world has finally become a reality - the operation in Ukraine is unable to rally anyone but the West against Russia.

Because the rest of the world can see and understand perfectly well - this is a conflict between Russia and the West, this is a response to the geopolitical expansion of the Atlanticists, this is Russia's return of its historical space and its place in the world.

China and India, Latin America and Africa, the Islamic world and Southeast Asia - no one believes that the West rules the world order, much less sets the rules of the game.

Russia has not just challenged the West - it has shown that the era of Western global dominance can be considered fully and finally over.

The new world will be built by all civilizations and centers of power, of course, together with the West (united or not) - but not on its terms and not by its rules.



朝5時に目が覚め、することもないのでスマホをいじっていると、以前言及したブルマー情報局というサイトで、フランス映画「Peppermint Soda」でブルマーが見られると書いてあった。しばらくはブルマーについて調べるのはよそうと思っていたのだが、目覚めた直後には自制心があまり働いていないせいだろうか。ついつい時間を費やしてしまった。たばこを吸ったことはないのだが、禁煙をしていてつらいのは目ざめの一服我慢することじゃないか、とあてずっぽうで考えた。

映画「Peppermint Soda」の概要

原題は「Diabolo menthe」で、1977年に公開された青春映画だ。監督はDiane Kurysで、女優でもある。ウィキペディアによれば半自伝的な作品が多い。以下、英語版ウィキペディアから抜粋する。














一方で、グーグルで「少女 ヌード」と画像検索すると一件も引っかからない。正しい処置だと思う。けど、大企業によるあからさまな検閲は正しくてもなんだか怖い。




たとえば英語版wikipediaの「Pornography_in_Europe」を読んでいると、「Like Denmark and the Netherlands, Sweden does not regulate pornography and the country has no age laws for the possession or viewing of pornography.」つまりスウェーデンでは18歳未満であってもエロ本を見ることは違法ではないのだ。「Some shops follow a voluntary limit and do not sell to minors.」ともあり、実際には売らない店もあるらしいのだが、売るなと法で定めているわけではない。

またフィンランドでは「It is legal to sell pornography in any store, but magazines may not be sold to buyers less than 15 years of age, and hardcore is restricted to buyers aged at least 18.」つまりソフトコアなら15禁、ハードコアなら18禁とわかれているらしい。











Nuclear dick-waving




No nuclear dick-waving, please. This might get serious.


Believe it or not, mutual nuclear dick-waving does not make anyone safer.





Has the Beneficiary/Applicant ever withheld custody of a U.S. citizen child outside the United States from a person granted legal custody by a U.S. court, voted in the United States in violation of any law or regulation or renounced U.S. citizenship for the purpose of avoiding taxation?


Is the Beneficiary/Applicant now or has he/she ever been a member of, or in any way connected or associated with the Communist Party, or ever knowingly aided or supported the communist party directly, or indirectly through another organization, group or person, or ever advocated, taught, believed in, or knowingly supported or furthered the interests of communism?


Did Beneficiary/Applicant, between March 23, 1933 and May 8, 1945, in association with either the Nazi Government of Germany, either order, incite, assist or otherwise participate in the persecution of any person because of race, religion, national origin or political opinion?


Has the Beneficiary/Applicant ever left the United States to avoid being drafted into the U.S. Armed Forces?


Does the Beneficiary/Applicant plan to practice polygamy in the U.S.?


Has the Beneficiary/Applicant within the past ten years been a prostitute or procured anyone for prostitution, or intend to engage in such activities in the future?


Has the Beneficiary/Applicant ever knowingly encouraged, induced, assisted, abetted or aided any alien to try to enter the U.S. illegally?


Has the Beneficiary/Applicant ever illicitly trafficked in any controlled substance, or knowingly assisted, abetted or colluded in the illicit trafficking of any controlled substance?


Has Beneficiary/Applicant ever engaged in any unlawful commercialized vice, including, but not limited to, illegal gambling?


Does the Beneficiary/Applicant intend to engage in espionage in the U.S.?




My argument regarding Russia's behavior:

1) Moscow switched from deterrence to compellence

2) The key issue is Moscow believes Kyiv will remain hostile and is increasing its defensive capabilities

3) the costs of inaction are greater than an escalation

Ukraine currently lacks a strong long-range fires capability. If they acquire that, they will have stronger conventional deterrence vis-à-vis Russia and could strike Russian cities. So a military escalation would be more costly for Moscow in the future than now.

If they use force, Russia will use it to achieve political goals and inflict pain on Ukraine to alter their incentives. This could be done by destroying military units, inflicting casualties, taking PoWs, and degrading their ability to defend against future escalations.

Russia could possibly achieve this by using its standoff fires capability or conducting a limited ground offensive, which would either involve a planned withdrawal (possibly with POWs) or with Russian forces outside Kyiv. A large-scale, long-term occupation is unlikely.

These military options would be less costly and risky for Russia than a large-scale occupation, which could also affect their view of the costs and benefits. In addition, deliveries of Javelins and Stingers are unlikely to affect the outcome or serve as a strong deterrent.

A key question is how much pain does Putin believe he has to inflict on Ukraine to sufficiently alter Zelensky's perception of the cost and benefits of agreeing to Russia's demands? I think Putin accepted that he may have to use force when he authorized the buildup in the fall.

Even if NATO agrees to some of Russia's concessions, that won't solve Russia's most pressing problem: a hostile Ukraine that is rearming. Ukraine is developing longer-range missiles domestically, which is still a red line for Moscow even if they aren't provided by NATO.

I think a military escalation is more likely than not at this point. Russia was hoping it could compel the US to force Kyiv to make concessions. That hasn't happened, so Russia will likely use military force to compel Ukraine to make concessions.







“The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide
































sangping :「あったらいいのになぁと思うWebサービス/アプリ」を入力したら、近いWebサービスorアプリを紹介してくれるWebサービスorアプリ




 This Idea Does Not Exist(https://thisideadoesnotexist.com/)


The Buddha's temple bells toll the message...

that all existence is impermanent.

The sal tree's blossoms turn white to grieve him :

a reminder that all who flourish must fall.

Indulgence does not last.

It shall but be like a spring night's dream.

The dauntless shall meet their end.

They shall be as mere dust before the wind.

from the line of "Heike Monogatari".




= 日本語文ここから =










= 日本語文ここまで =

= 英訳ここから =

 Ryuichi Yoneyama is a Japanese politician and a former Governor of Niigata Prefecture. At this time, Yoneyama is a Member of the House of Representatives.

 In recent days, Yoneyama continues claiming "Some particular Japanese pop cultures, such as Manga/Anime, are not suitable for public space in Japan."

 Furthermore, Yoneyama also continues claiming "We'd better push these Manga/Anime Fandom people into any specific areas."

 On the other hand, Japanese Fandom people and creators of Manga/Anime criticize Yoneyama. They say "Does Yoneyama think that Manga/Anime is 'Degenerate Art/Entartete Kunst'? Does Yoneyama want to push Manga/Anime Fandom into 'Ghetto'?" Because Yoneyama's claim reminds them of the memory that Nazi government forbade many germany artists producing/exhibiting their own arts and that Nazi did it with saying "sound mind".

 Therefore, on 2021/11/20, to Fandom of Manga/Anime, Yoneyama posted a tweet like below.

 "With making up a fake discrimination, are you assuming yourself to be a member of Jewish people who are persecuted?"

 As a result, it seems that Fandom and Creators of Manga/Anime are right.

 Yoneyama's tweet suggests that Yoneyama is probably a historical revisionist. Yoneyama's tweet obviously associates "making a fake discrimination" with "being Jewish people". If Yoneyama didn't think that Shoah(it is generally called Holocaust) is a fake discrimination, he never associates "making up a fake discrimination" with "being Jewish people."

 We'd better watch Yoneyama's behavior carefully.

= 英訳ここまで =



Games for Windows LIVE(GFWL)のサービス2014年7月終了
















システム変更MOD、装備MODクエストMODクリーチャーMODなど多岐にわたるが、これらのいくつかがFallout Script Extender (FOSE)というモジュール必要としている






2021-10-12 update (if you are seeing CRC = D32E228B errors):

Bethesda has released an update labeled on Steam.

This does two things: removes GFWL, and updates the compiler to VS2019.

I do not have a timeframe for when FOSE can be updated to this new version.

(意訳)そんなリソースねぇ、 (゚⊿゚)シラネ.
















ほとんどツクールの素材だけで作ったような作品だと「盗人講座」、「Fantasy War」、「Holy Knights-忘れられた手紙



ツクール95作品ほとんど遊んだことは無いんだけど「REAL LOVE OVER LIE」は印象的だった。ただ、1・2どちらを遊んだのかが覚えていない。




海外作品で「Door Kickers」みたいな見下ろし型の作品があって良かったんだけどタイトルを忘れた。


御茶ノ水電子製作所の「second Anopheles」、「Duolith」、「LONGESTCAPERUNNER」


林檎通信の「最後の夏」、「Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?」、「A Fine and Private Place(体験版)」



クイーンオセロットの「Mental Mutant」、「夜の声」、「ルーカス







TEST SHOOTING2 METEOR」、「Warning Forever」、「機動打者サンカンオー」、「超連射68K」、「スペースクウィーン











Nowadays, on the Internet, a wide variety of people spread one-sided principles and arguments from their individual standpoints, and good and silent Internet users like me are forced to receive impure information mixed with shallow thinking and false vanity. In order to reduce my personal exposure to their information, I would like to identify as miscreants those people who are becoming more and more influential through popular agitation and extremist claims.

 I try to block all information about "them" by means of a content block, but to treat a large number of people as inhuman for unjustified reasons is psychologically isolating and does not ensure the health of my mental health. By publicly sharing what I believe to be legitimate reasons here, I hope to prevent mental isolation and ensure a healthy internet life.


オリンピックゲーム音楽ドラクエ と NieR な時点でなにも良くない


At tonight’s opener, the organizers used the music of Koichi Sugiyama, a notoriously homophobic and ultranationalist Japanese composer—despite warnings that it might go over very badly.

(今夜の開会式では、主催者からの警告にもかかわらず、ホモフォビアで超国粋主義者作曲家として知られる すぎやまこういち氏 の音楽が使われた。) 


He’s denied the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese troops in the late 1930s. He has stated that the Korean women who were working as sexual slaves to the Japanese empire were actually happy-go-lucky prostitutes. He’s a misogynist who does not believe in the equality of the sexes, and a homophobe who doesn’t believe children should be taught about homosexuality or that LGBTQ people should receive government support as “they don’t produce children.”

(彼は1930年代後半の日本軍による南京大虐殺否定している。日帝性奴隷として働いていた朝鮮人女性は、実は幸せ売春婦だったと発言している。彼は男女の平等を信じないミソジニストであり、同性愛について子供たちに教えるべきではない・LGBTQの人々は "子供を生まない "ので政府支援を受けるべきだとはないと考える、ホモフォビアである。)


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics were supposed to be a showcase of all that’s good about Japan. But through carelessness, greed, and incompetence, it keeps showing that Japan is run by an ossified elite who lack an understanding of basic human rights, tolerance, and common sense.”



[The Daily Beast] A Notoriously Hateful Japanese Composer’s Music Just Opened the Tokyo Olympics







なにせ、worst って入れると "worst olympics" 、"worst ceremony"、"worst olympics ceremony" って





This looks like the rehearsal! Hard to watch !



[FOX SPORTS] ‘Like attending a funeral’: Fans slamworst ever’ Opening Ceremony




But in another – especially considering the controversy behind the Games and the toll they are taking on Japan and the world – this lackluster ceremony is a huge letdown. What's the point of all the risk, all the testing and quarantining and masks, if this is the best emotion and spectacle we can muster?



[USA TODAY] Review: The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony was more of a whimper than a bang





NieR も倫理的に十分ヤバいけど NieR は誰も触れないのかもな

▼ NieR

 → NieR はドラッグ オン ドラグーン シリーズ世界を共有している悪趣味な厨二ゲーム






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Any person, no matter how creative, does not have the right to mock the victims of the Nazi genocide.



The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemns past anti-Semitic jokes as well as reported bullying of disabled individuals, made by Japanese comedian Kentaro Kobayashi, who is the show director of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.


According to Japanese media reports, Kobayashi utilized the mass murder of six million Jews by the Nazis in a script for his comedy act in 1998. In his act, he made malicious and anti-Semitic jokes including “Let’s play Holocaust.” Kobayashi is reported to have made distasteful jokes about disabled individuals.


Any person, no matter how creative, does not have the right to mock the victims of the Nazi genocide. The Nazi regime also gassed Germans with disabilities. Any association of this person to the Tokyo Olympics would insult the memory of six million Jews and make a cruel mockery of the Paralympics,” stated SWC Associate Dean and Global Social Action Director, Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

"どのような人間であれ、どんなにクリエイティブ人間であろうと、ナチスによる虐殺被害者嘲笑する権利はありません。ナチス政権は、障害を持つドイツ人もガスによって殺害しました。どのような形であれ、この人物東京五輪に関与することは、600万人のユダヤ人についての記憶に対する侮辱であり、パラリンピックに対して残酷嘲笑することです。"と、ラビ=エイブラハム・クーパー(SWC Associate Dean and Global Social Action Director)は声明を出しました。

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