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はてなキーワード: USCとは



USA: 宇佐

USB: USB-IFが提唱する高速シリアルバス


USD: 米ドル

USE: “使え”

USF: Union Suisse des Fiduciaires

USG: Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway

USH: ウシュアイア国際空港(ICAO: SAWH)

USI: 家畜の一

USJ: Universitê Saint-Joseph (Beirut, Lebanon)






Update 2:56 pm

David StuartさんFacebook引用元増田が貼っているものなので省略。



Update: 3:25 pm

Thomas Garrisonさんのコメント掲載USC(南カリフォルニア大。1880年設立名門校所属人類学者であり、リモートセンシング専門家でもある。

I applaud the young kid’s effort and it’s exciting to see such interest in the ancient Maya and remote sensing technology in such a young person. However, ground-truthing is the key to remote sensing research. You have to be able to confirm what you are identifying in a satellite image or other type of scene. In this case, the rectilinear nature of the feature and the secondary vegetation growing back within it are clear signs of a relic milpa. I’d guess its been fallow for 10-15 years. This is obvious to anyone that has spent any time at all in the Maya lowlands. I hope that this young scholar will consider his pursuits at the university level so that his next discovery (and there are plenty to be made) will be a meaningful one.



Update: 4:30 pm

Ivan Šprajcさんのコメント掲載スロベニア芸術科学アカデミー所属人類学者であり、天文考古学研究している。

Very few Maya constellations have been identified, and even in these cases we do not know how many and which stars exactly composed each constellation. It is thus impossible to check whether there is any correspondence between the stars and the location of Maya cities. In general, since we know of several environmental facts that influenced the location of Maya settlements, the idea correlating them with stars is utterly unlikely.


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