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UCL Preview: Rostov vs Bayern 2016


The home side is yet to bag a single win on their first ever UEFA League season. With only one point to their credit, they reside in the third place of Group D table. Die Bayern München‘s just defeat opposite the group-leader A.Madrid has kept them on the second place with nine points

bayern vs rostov live stream




2009年 世界大学ランキング TOP25


1位(1) HARVARD University    United States

2 位(3) University of CAMBRIDGE   United Kingdom

3 位(2) YALE University       United States

4 位(7) UCL (University College London) United Kingdom

5 位(6) IMPERIAL College London United Kingdom

5 位(4) University of OXFORD United Kingdom


7 位(8) University of CHICAGO United States

8 位(12) PRINCETON University United States

9 位(9) MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (MIT) United States

10位(5) CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States

11位(10) COLUMBIAUniversity United States

12位(11) University of PENNSYLVANIA United States

13位(13) JOHNS HOPKINS University United States

14位(13) DUKE University United States

15位(15) CORNELL University United States

16位(17) STANFORD University United States


17位(16) AUSTRALIAN National University Australia

18位(20) MCGILL University Canada

19位(18) University of MICHIGAN United States

20位(23 ) University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom

20位(24) ETH Zurich(Swiss FederalInstitute ofTechnology)Switzerland


22位(19) University of TOKYO Japan

23位(22) KING'S College London United Kingdom

24位(26) University of HONG KONG Hong Kong

25位(25) KYOTO University Japan


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