reading isn't in anymore = reading isn't popular anymore



I want Kamina to tell me to believe in the him that believes in me


→the himなのがミソ

Don't believe in yourself. Believe in ME! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!




墓穴を掘る = dig a hole

He is digging himself into his little hole pretty well all by himself.



There's no driving incentive to push far ahead when already standing in front of the pack, and it's already too late if you start slipping behind.



結果を表す only to do が for someone to do の形で表される場合がある

Like I finally think I understood, do a word correctly, mark the correct accent for the professor to pronounce it in some way I've never heard of and mark it incorrect

ChatGPTの解釈: The speaker feels they finally grasp the concept, correctly pronounce a word with the appropriate accent, only to have the professor pronounce it differently in a way they've never heard before. As a result, the professor marks the pronunciation as incorrect


bright 輝かしい 頭の良い

blight 破滅のもと、障害 やる気をくじくもの

「彼は聡明な生徒だ」と言おうとして He's a blight student. なんて言ったら大変なことになる


level it up into/to something レベルアップさせて~にする

i ended up leveling it up into a Gardevior.


I'm leveling it up into a sports car



can't be bothered と don't bother の違い

1. 過去形場合は同じように使える

2. 現在形の do not bother は習慣的なことのみ使える

I don't bother cooking (to cook) because it's easier to eat out


3. 個別一時的な状況においては、can't be bothered を使う

I haven't eaten anything all day and I'm starving. I can't be bothered to cook. I'm going to grab some takeout.


ただし can't be bothered は習慣的なことにも使えるっぽい



scale の意外な意味









roll off the tongue


表現パターンtrip [roll, slip] off the tongue


get on someone's good side



she/he loves to get on everyone's good side


I always had this image in my mind that .... = ~というイメージがずっと頭の中にあった

I always had this image in my mind that 25 was the year I'd get my shit together



that method doesn't involve actually producing anything of your own.

=You won't actually produce anything of your own with that method.



Is there a chance that there will be more earthquakes? Or are we in the clear so far?


after quakes can happen several days after

so nobody knows for sure


in the clear


・We can get out of here now that we're in the clear. : われわれは容疑が晴れたのだから、ここから出られる。

The waves seem to arrive any time now

The waves seem to be coming at any moment



leveled by the earthquake 《be ~》〔建物が〕地震で倒壊する

7.6 is no joke, Turkey had their cities leveled at like 7.4


houses have been leveled, roads destroyed and there's a massive fire.


It’s gonna be hard to sleep through this



skew 歪める・歪曲する

askew 歪んだ Jaw becoming gradually askew 顎が徐々に歪む

skewer 串に刺す、串刺しにするように激しく攻撃する

eschew 避ける・控える


Going on A date - お互いを知るためにする単発のデート。それ以降会わないこともありうる。

Dating - デートを何度か繰り返している状態。ただし恋人関係というわけではなくまだカジュアル関係。(中にはdating = be in a relationshipだと捉える人もいるらしい)



A: what does XXX mean? これはなんて意味

B: where did you find it? it's all about context どこで見つけたん?文脈は大切よ

A: *explains the context the sentence is used in* (文脈について説明

B: cant make out using this either unfortunately 残念ながらそれを読んでもわからないな

its mostly way too rare for any information レアすぎて情報が見つから

what book is this excerpt from? それはどんな本から引用


On time に In time する


on time時間ぴったりという意味で、in timeはぴったりでなくてもギリギリ間に合っていれば使える


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    • reading isn't in anymore = reading isn't popular anymore 読書はもう流行ってない ------ I want Kamina to tell me to believe in the him that believes in me カミナに「お前を信じる俺を信じろ」と言ってほしい。 →the ...

      • I'm going in for surgery soon (= I'm having/getting surgery soon) もうすぐ手術を受ける go in for 〔富や名誉などを〕手に入れようとする、〔競技などに〕参加する、〔試験などを〕受ける ・I sent a demo...

        • he's mooching off his parents 彼は親の脛をかじっている

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