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はてなキーワード: surroundとは


I want to display mathematical formulas with SSG, so I'm having trouble using it in conjunction with the KaTeX plugin.

I want to display mathematical formulas in SSG, so I have installed the KaTeX plugin.

In the case of SSG (honkit) that I use, I want to convert the part to a mathematical formula into

Enclose it in $ (dollar mark) and write the contents in so-called TeX.

In fact, the github site also supports math rendering.

I think it's pretty familiar.

I wanted to mention Excel's built-in functions. What are Excel functions?

I use the dollar mark when I want to keep the cell fixed even if it gets copied and pasted.

I want the dollars to remain dollars inside the code block.

Problems/Errors occurring

For example on the markdown source side




I thought I could escape it by adding a backslash, so that's what I did.

In the case of the SSG that I use, when converted to html,


\{% math_inline %}A\{% endmath_inline %}2


It will become. _| ̄|○

As for the hosting method, I also store the html files in a GIT repository and host them on the `vercel.app` site. Regarding markdown → html, I do it in the local environment instead of using GitHub Actions.

Things I tried myself

I confirmed that if I use full-width instead of half-width for the dollar, it would not be recognized, so I confirmed that it would work.

But this isn't a fundamental solution, is it?

Also, open the html file and use the batch replacement function to replace `{% math_inline %}` and `{% endmath_inline %}` with dollars. It seems that you need some wisdom to selectively replace only the fence code blocks at once.

Do I have no choice but to ask the plugin author?


Markdown's fence code block is a guy who repeats backticks three times.

In some cases, the only option is to ask the author to ignore the dollar sign conversion.

Don't you have any hands?

The author of the plugin seems to have stopped development a long time ago.

It seems like they won't be able to respond.

Also, in the case of inline math, it says to surround it with two dollars each, and in the case of block math, it says to surround it with two dollars + a new line, which is different from the normal syntax. I'm curious.

However, it will work even if you write it in the md source using normal syntax.













どうやらNVIDIA Surroundが悪さをしていたみたい。















Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 覚書




・SBX Pro Studioステレオソースにの有効サラウンドソースには適用されないようなので、有効にしておくことでステレオソースのみバーチャルサラウンド化できる。




round がラウンドだったら surroundサラウンドなのは簡単に類推できるだろ。本当に不規則なつづりはごく少ないよ。


Brain distant a person

Nights, downward the actual curtain on the darkish. Rather busy day time people hurried towards home, along with the family unit. Daily belonging to the noisy town also proceeds towards the an old days or weeks all the tranquility. You bent LengYue has quietly hung in the shrubs, conceal behind the cloud towards relaxation daily belonging to the famous actors equally slowly awaken, start that rudiments associated with eyes, for the pulsating complete too stunning light.

I'm keen on private, to be a person at dusk the actual quiet not to mention delightful roadway for any go around. Additionally helpful to wander by themselves from this peaceful tiny most people about the roadways of skip anyone far away. While, WE need to know your location, also need to know in case you have consider me personally, however Actually, i know that right now, AS I genuinely wish to, beneficial presume a person......

If a wind power blowing into my personal heart, a center on instantly from the thoughts from films for hills. Because a vibrant moonlight on when in front of me personally, AS I view the moon has your own shadow. After the very first planet that's delightful some blasting music artist presently of the nighttime sky, WE apparently read the your wish and your ideal. In the event the moment meteor throughout from prior to me, as i similar my personal eyes, their hands collapsed for the shooting take the leading role developed a small amount, that is certainly, I allow meteor is actually my would like most people not to mention lose for you, and even inform you about, Now i am that quiet night, not a soul, great issue around far-away place of a person......

Winter weather event really black, extended, moreover very cold, AS I nevertheless wandering in this particular lengthy long occasion, for the reason that event WE surround, allow ice cold blowing wind blowing such as me, WHEN I is not aware. My center will be as if from most people glow thinkings from the terminate, getting rid of, this steamy the actual fire. The continue within boiling, the brain within rolling, the sensing stuffed, I adore floating within......

Guess what happens? So i'm scared on the dark, though adore within the night. So i'm scared on the cold, just who dropped fond of snow. I adore one, not saying you. WHEN I forget a person, though cannot explain. Since you also contain your own dream, you could have ones own goal, you could have your task, you could have much more the position and responsibilities. Well, i find it difficult to trouble you, find it difficult to supply you with difficulty, alot more cannot help you for WE distractions. Although I'm sure your own with the mind even wish to everybody, however I am able to only place you with the spirit. Silence from the heart belonging to the range to pass-up most people...







村上春樹:「常に卵の側に」( http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1064909.html )でハアレツに寄せられたコメントの一部です。


Title: To Mr. Murakami: a few words of reply from an egg

Name: A Philosopher

City: State:

First, let me welcome you to the region. Second, I would like to disagree with you about your description of literature as a skilful lie. A lie must, by definition, involve malice, deception, whereas literature is about imagination: there is no malice about that. Unfortunately, much of what you hear lately on international TV about Israel are indeed lies, not even fiction. You say that Israel is the wall and the Palestinians are the eggs, just because we have Tanks. You tend to forget that the Palestinians are part of more than one billion Muslims in the world, many of whom would like to get rid of Israel if they just could. You also forget that if the situation were reversed and the Palestinians were instead in possession of tanks, there wouldn`t be any eggs left in the middle-east. The wall we build is exactly to protect us, as eggs, from the wolf lurking outside. And If the terrorists didn`t use their own eggs as shield, they wouldn`t break either. All the best to you.





Title: Like Quixote tilting at windmills

Name: Fed Up

City: Barcelona State:

I don`t doubt that this fellow`s books may be addictive, but I do doubt the value of getting hooked on stories that are all, apparently, based on a false ontology of the world being clearly divided into "walls" and "eggs." As talkback #1 points out, even tank-drivers have their fragility, and to deny their humanity by summarily labeling them "walls," and considering them to be part of some chimerical menace called "the system," is to paint a thin veneer of chivalry over a rotten base of moral recklessness.

What`s been going on in Sderot over the last several years? Have Gazans, driven to desperation by the evil system-monster, been left with no option but to toss their eggs against the walls that surround them? Is it evil for people on the receiving end to retreat unto bomb-shelters (aka "walls") against which these eggs can`t help but break?

Mr. Murakami, walls don`t break eggs unless there is someone throwing those eggs.




Title: wall & eggs

Name: JR

City: Amsterdam State:

bit folish to say that the only option is that the hurt civilians are the eggs and the israeli tank and bombs are the wall. Never thought that the israel people are the eggs in a small basket called eretz jisrael which is surrounded by a rather large muslim wall?

No fiction here mr , just hard facts.

Kind regards from the Netherlands


負傷した人々が卵でイスラエル戦車爆弾が壁だとしか言えないなんてちょっとまぬけだね。もっと大きいムスリムの壁に包囲されたイスラエルの地(eretz jisrael)という小さなかごにいる人たちが卵だって考えなかったのかね?フィクションじゃないよ、ちゃんとした事実だ。


Title: re #5

Name: B

City: SF State: CA

I get where you`re coming from because I`m tired of utopian solutions from dreamers in Europe.

But I believe Murakami is a guy who also understands the tank driver and our kids in Sderot. I know we`re not used to having media acknowledge our citizens as people, so we get defensive, but I give Mr. Murakami the benefit of the doubt.

From his speech I feel he`s criticizing the entire system that has our neighbors trying to destroy us in the first place and the world legitimizing it and the common acceptance of boycotting Israel because it`s the in thing to do. This guy is acknowledging our fight to overcome this as individuals and as societies.

This guy is deeper than our critics from Europe, and this guy is a novelist, not a critic.

In Norwegian Wood he painted a really accurate picture of some self-righteous university organizations, quite similar to many of our critics. All I`m saying is before dismissing him or arguing, see that he`s not picking fights or sides.. besides us eggs






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