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はてなキーワード: seasとは


That which sleeps in the land of snow...

A distant promise that guides the lost.

The vast ocean of stars...

A far-reaching path of the departed.

The dream delivered by angels of war...

A symbol of hope and life : the Grand Exile.

At the far ends of the wish...

lie snow-white wings surpassing all.

Let us go forth, abandoning the ancient land of strife.

Bountiful skies, everlasting seas.

I pray for good tailwinds

to carry the wings of the beloved child bound for a new world.

Good tailwinds.



A Tribe Called Quest / The Low End Theory

Ambitious Lovers / Lust

Arvo Pärt / Miserere

Carlos D'Alessio / India song et autres musiques de films

Dinosaur Jr. / Green Mind

dip in the pool / Aurorae

Doom / Human Noise

Eddi Reader with The Patron Saints Of Imperfection / Mirmama

Elliott Sharp/Carbon / Tocsin

Ensemble Ecclesia / Old English Carols

Fugazi / Steady Diet of Nothing

Gonzalo Rubalcaba / Discovery (Live At Montreux)

Guns n' Roses / Use Your Illusion

Guns n' Roses / Use Your Illusion

Guy Klucevsek - Ain't Nothin' But A Polka Band / Polka Dots And Laser Beams

La Pat / La Gabbia dÓro

Lenny Kravitz / Mama Said

Nirvana / Nevermind

Painkiller / Guts of A Virgin

Pascal Comelade / Ragazzin' the Blues

Pizzicato Five / 女性上位時代

Primus / Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

Red Hot Chili Peppers / Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Simon Fisher Turner / Soundtrack of 'Edward II'

SION / かわいい

Tamia - Pierre Favre / Solitudes

This Mortal Coil / Blood

U2 / Achtung Baby

さかな / 夏

小川美潮 / 4 to 3

浅川マキ / BLACK-ブラックにグッドラック

矢野顕子 / LOVE LIFE

柴野さつき / rendez-vous

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