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はてなキーワード: Coilとは


You won't fear any pain.

In the direction where you feel the pain, there's an exit.

From the line of "Dennou Coil".


When I continue into distance, I'll surely long for this place.

I see them faintly and chase the sky's fragments.

Light and shadow paint your heart when you run.

Your smiling face fills me with courage.

With just your careless words, you'll fly away on tearful days.

At any time, at any moment..

And the path goes on.

If follow this path, perhaps I'll meet you again someday.

And now, you know that the pain has bought me everything about the warmth of your words.

You paint your heart with light and shadow,

It' time to run.

Yes, it's the laughing face you make in that moment that fills me with courage.

With just your careless words,

I'll fly away on tearful days.

At any time, at any moment, Firmly hand to hand,

The path goes on,

and binds us together.

From the line of "Dennou Coil"


She was born from my kiss and your anguish.

So, you gotta come back, You should've left this Space already!

You definitely can't part from me. You're the one who gave birth to me. I'm the child you made to eat your anguish and sadness. It doesn't matter how many times you kill me, I'll always be born again. Because I'm your true soul. You wanted to throw away your feelings for your brother, and become an adult without me. I won't allow that. In this place, your don't need anything. neither the pain, nor the anguish of becoming an adult.

You're courageous, You don't fear the pain. you're courageous, who be named to be brave. You shall come back to present.

That way, there is nothing but pain and anguish.

That's why, That's why I have to go. Because from now on, I have to carry on living by myself without you.

In the direction where you feel the pain, there's an exit!

I was afraid to open my heart to someone. But I'm not afraid anymore. Even if I lose sight of it, there's always a path somewhere. People are connected through narrow paths. Even if sometimes they lose sight of them, there's no doubt they're connected. Welcome back, you. I'm back ,you.

I don't really know what is means "to be friends."

But you, Yup, you were a companion who got lost on the same path as me, and you looked for the same path I did.

But we're companions only when we're looking for the same path. A person like me, if I always stay with other people;e, I lose sight of my own path.

May be you're right.

But Let's meet again. When we get lost again. Until that time, goodbye.

I'm courageous, You're the one who gave me my name.

From the line of "Dennou Coil"



A Tribe Called Quest / The Low End Theory

Ambitious Lovers / Lust

Arvo Pärt / Miserere

Carlos D'Alessio / India song et autres musiques de films

Dinosaur Jr. / Green Mind

dip in the pool / Aurorae

Doom / Human Noise

Eddi Reader with The Patron Saints Of Imperfection / Mirmama

Elliott Sharp/Carbon / Tocsin

Ensemble Ecclesia / Old English Carols

Fugazi / Steady Diet of Nothing

Gonzalo Rubalcaba / Discovery (Live At Montreux)

Guns n' Roses / Use Your Illusion

Guns n' Roses / Use Your Illusion

Guy Klucevsek - Ain't Nothin' But A Polka Band / Polka Dots And Laser Beams

La Pat / La Gabbia dÓro

Lenny Kravitz / Mama Said

Nirvana / Nevermind

Painkiller / Guts of A Virgin

Pascal Comelade / Ragazzin' the Blues

Pizzicato Five / 女性上位時代

Primus / Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

Red Hot Chili Peppers / Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Simon Fisher Turner / Soundtrack of 'Edward II'

SION / かわいい

Tamia - Pierre Favre / Solitudes

This Mortal Coil / Blood

U2 / Achtung Baby

さかな / 夏

小川美潮 / 4 to 3

浅川マキ / BLACK-ブラックにグッドラック

矢野顕子 / LOVE LIFE

柴野さつき / rendez-vous


 アメリカ不動産バブルで作られたプール付きの豪邸が並ぶgated townが、差し押さえを食らう人が増えてghost town化していると聞く。管理する人のいなくなったプールや雨どいに溜まった水から蚊が発生し、とんでもない状態になっているという話なのである。



 それらの不動産の所有者は、HELOC(Home Equity Line of Credit)をつかって、評価額が上昇した分だけ担保価値が上昇したとみなして、借り入れを増やしていた為である。この借り入れは、住宅ローンを出している金融機関から、追加融資として、いわゆるサブプライムローン枠が適用され、高金利借金になっている。もちろん、保有資産価値が上昇した事から、クレジットカードの利用限度額も引き上げられ、より旺盛な消費生活を行えるようになっていた。



 かくして、住人の居ない家が増え、そういった家があちこちにある住宅街の資産価値暴落し、持ちこたえていた人まで、家を手放さなければならなくなる。Ghost townが出来上がるのである。

 と、キーボードの上に、蚊が落ちてきた。蚊さえ落としてしまえば、mosquito coilを燃やし続ける必要は無いのであった。



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