Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

下記はカリフォルニア大学ビアンカアセベド博士研究紹介動画書籍記事(Pod cast)、


HSP brain studies


Did you know that the brain of a highly sensitive person (HSP) works differently?

> The results of fMRI brain studies conducted by Dr. Elaine Aron, Dr. Art Aron, Dr. Bianca Acevedo and their colleagues are quite fascinating.






[Amazon] The Highly Sensitive Brain: Research, Assessment, and Treatment of Sensory Processing Sensitivity 1st Edition



> The Highly Sensitive Brain is the first handbook to cover the science, measurement, and clinical discussion of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS),

> a trait associated with enhanced responsivity, awareness, depth-of-processing and attunement to the environment and other individuals.

> Grounded in theoretical models of high sensitivity, this volume discusses the assessment of SPS in children and adults,

as well as its health and social outcomes.

> This edition also synthesizes up-to-date research on the biological mechanisms associated with high sensitivity,

> such as its neural and genetic basis. It also discusses clinical issues related to SPS and seemingly-related disorders such as misophonia,

> a hyper-sensitivity to specific sounds. In addition, to practical assessment of SPS embedded throughout this volume is discussion of the biological basis of SPS,

> exploring why this trait exists and persists in humans and other species.


>The Highly Sensitive Brain is a useful handbook and may be of special interest to clinicians, physicians, health-care workers, educators, and researchers.






[foreverbreak] Highly Sensitive People How to Tell If You’re an HSP + Shedding Light on This Misunderstood Trait

非常に敏感な人々 あなたHSPであるかどうかを見分ける方法+この誤解されている特性に光を当てる



記事への反応 -
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    • 生まれつきの性質やが? Highly Sensitive People (HSP) 下記はカリフォルニア大学のビアンカ・アセベド博士の研究紹介動画と書籍と記事(Pod cast)、 興味があればどうぞ HSP brain studies https://www...

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      • そうやって一生言い訳してなにもしてなきゃいいだろwメンタルガチャドブで乙w 我々メンタルが強靭な人間はお前らHSPがグダグダ言ってる間にやりたいことやりまーすww


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