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はてなキーワード: blackjackとは


Oh god. ok.

Here we are

We're fucking in

Let's close this.

Let's take out stream how much should I gamble with $19000 my balance

When it comes to my wininngs, we have 9 grand in winnings.

That's it.

Actually, no we have more than that. I'm sorry.

We have way more than they where the fuck is Rubi she is new.

How much should I start with I think I started with 3k.

But we've lost a whole bunch of money before that so when you add that in I think so far in total were at we at about up 5k.

that's it. out of all the blackjack I've ever played on stream we are up 5k

so gamble 5k. let's gamble 5000

all right. sounds good. boom


soda:yes! yes!


soda:Okay. Okay. stand. stand. motherfucker.This fucking guy.

dealer:My turn. 12.

soda: face card.


soda:just don't get you 21.

dealer:no way.

soda:oh my god.

dealer:push hand.

soda:Jesus. Fuck. Gonna do it again.

closing time thanks for the fucking Resub.

Oh we tied.

I was at Disneyland and you fucked me Mark.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh no.

Give me an 8.

Oh my.. You're fucking kidding me. You're fucking kidding me.

Dont make me do this. Oh shit. Oh god.

Oh no. please, mark. Please!


soda:oh no

dealer:my turn.

no way.

soda: i cant fucking believe this. What do you mean?

oh my god. oh my god, dude. what do you mean. fuck. fuck.







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