English lesson feat. Hatena

In short, don’t you have any guts, do you?


I’m saying the animals should stay locked in a cage.


Whoof. Alas. No. This is just no. Ah no. A killing happiness vibe. Light attribute. Hitting my weak point. Mm. I’m dying. Dying right here. Gee. Am I done. I’m done. I knew my Dark attribute is done. Geez.


Put on a murderer face, at least.


Though you haven’t published solo work.


Long eared rabbit-chan! Long necked giraffe-san! Impressive bookmarker aukusoe! Me, me, it was me!!!

(耳が長くてウサギちゃん! 首が長くてキリンさん! ブコメ面白くてaukusoe! 俺だ俺だ! 俺だった!!!

  • Ohhhh. Aahhhh. I shouldn't do this. I shouldn't do that. I shouldn't do it. He has such a happy aura. It's light. He's exploiting their weaknesses. Hmmm... We're going to die. I'm going to die. Aaaaaaah! Can't stand it any longer. Oh no. The dark attr...

  • Gwaaaaay I’m dead-and-go

  • Oh! Fuck me!!!

  • Japan should die.

  • 俺もやってみようと思ったけどネタが思いつかないから誰かお題出して


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