Soon after,

Death approaches the physician,

expressing his anger for tricking him and disobeying Death's rules.

But because the physician is Death's godchild,

he does not punish him. Death then warns the physician that if he was to ever trick Death again,

he will take the physician's life.

Not much later, the king's daughter becomes

ill and the physician goes to see her as well.

The king promises his daughter's hand in marriage and the

inheritance of the crown if the physician cures her.

When the physician visits the princess, he sees Death at her feet. Ignoring this,

he is captivated by the princess's beauty and thoughts of being her husband. The physician then turns the princess so that Death is at her head. He then feeds her the herb.

Just as the princess is coming around,

Death grasps the physician by the arm and drags him to an underground cavern.

In this cave are thousands upon thousands of candles, each burned down to different lengths.

Death explains that the length of each candle shows how much longer a person has to live.

When Death shows the physician his candle, the latter notices that it is very short,

showing that the physician doesn't have much longer to live.


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