You asked me once what running is.

You said you wanted to know what it is.

The answer is you.

It's you.


Did you get to see the top?

How the new team?

It's stronger than back then.


You can't back in time.

Just as old records are overwritten, we keep moving forward.

Sometimes it makes me sad, but that's...

The wind is blowing.

And we defy it by running.

Believing the answer we seek lies ahead.

What is strength?

What is running?

What is living?

It's all beyond the wind.

Hope resides within our hearts.

Look. The road is right before your eyes.

So we run again today.

We'll run to the edges of the earth.

Hey, do you like running?

From the line of "Run with the Wind".

Yes, I like running!

We're running to the future to make it together.


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