I'm so tired!

Actually, it was the beginning that I was asked to talk about acting on behalf of Netares

I didn't really talk about it

I won't waste your kindness, so I'm going to challenge myself with a trendy story

Here are some messages for Madoka and others.

Madoka: Everyone, thank you for watching

I was able to see some darkness, but do n’t mind! "

Sayaka: “Thank you!

Was my cuteness conveyed enough? "

Mami: “I ’m happy to see you but I ’m a little embarrassed…”

Kyoko: Thank you for watching!

To be honest, my feelings in the work are true! "

Homura "Thank you" Fusa


Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, Kyoko, Homura, I “Thank you all!”


Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, Kyoko, Homura “Why are you?

Thank you again! "

Real really end


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