CRPS and POTS continue to be presented as case reports in association with HPV vaccination, particularly from Denmark and Japan. These were initially assessed by GACVS in 2015.24 These conditions include a spectrum of diverse symptoms, making assessment using administrative health collections challenging. In June 2017, new data from Japan that assessed cases with diverse symptoms, including pain and motor dysfunction, were presented to the Committee. The cases were identified from a nationwide epidemiological survey involving multiple hospital medical departments of various disciplines including pain, neurology, rheumatology, paediatrics and psychiatry/psychosomatic medicine. These complex syndromes manifested in both sexes, although were more common in girls, and occurred in both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. The Committee concluded that since their last review, there is still no evidence to suggest a causal association between HPV vaccine and CRPS, POTS or the diverse symptoms that include pain and motor dysfunction.

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  • 英語が読めねーんだよ、いわせんな

    • 日本語なら読めるってわけでもないよね 低能先生のことだから、自分が擁護してる日本語の「批判」の方もぜんぜん目を通してないだろう

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  • てかまじで逃亡かよこのカス お前(そしてNATROMも同じこと言いそうだがw)の言う利点って所詮統計の上のものでしかなくて、副作用に苦しむ、そしてこれから苦しむかもしれない個...


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