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Sunday Session

Positive Spiritual Momentum

1. Get on the covenant path and stay there

  Sacrament>Prayer, Repentance

Putting Off Natural Man

>Personal Miracle Follows

 >Lead to Exaltation 

Keep the Commandments >Daily Repentance

2. Discover the Joy of Daily Repentance

3. Learn About God

Discern truths of God vs Counterfeits of Satan

>>Moses temptation> DEPART FROM ME SATAN

CAST SATAN's influence out from your life

>Let God Prevail in your life

4. Expect Miracles

5. End Conflict in Your Personal Life

Humanity, Forgive, and Seek forgiveness

Seek an end to personal conflict

Sharp Tongue resentment or someone who hurt you

pray for those who despisely use us

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