obk - 2010fav01 http://www.zshare.net/audio/73295410617593de/

01.Ohnuki Taeko - Sargasso Sea

02.Jefrey Leighton Brown - Prayer fo Earth

03.Bismillah Khan - Desi Todi

04.Yotomi Afolabi - Baba Fona Han Mi

05.Mick Karn - Tribal Dawn

06.Alpha Bate - Astral Abuse.

07.Jose Mario Branco - Cuantos e Que Nos Somos

08.Meredith Monk - Scared Song

09.地下抵抗の歌<金冠のイエス>より - ハングル語のため解読不能

10.Carlos D.Alessio - India Song(Orchestre)

11.Brion Gysin - I am

12.13th Floor Elevators - Down By The River

13.Larry Carlton - Wevin' and Smilin

14.Edu Lobo - Uma Vez Um Caso

15.Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind - Wind Words

16.O Sanmba E A Corda - Cartimba Criolo

17.Gilberto Sextet - Mozambique

18.The Stranglers - Golden Brown

19.Blaine L. Reininger / Mikel Rouse - Windy Outside

20.Mindless 021 - Pino Grigio (Lovelock edit) play at 33rpm.

21.Marcos Resende / Nivaldo Ornelas - Som E Fantasia

OUTRO.Francis Bebey - Heavy Ghetto


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