Australian's ViewPoint

Australian's Hierarchy

1. We are great White Australian! We never hant our people!

2. White People. We do not hant white poeple!

3. Whole. They are smart being! How crucial those who eat them!

4. Animals. Of course, we eat them all. In our viewpoint, pig are not smart.

5. Aborigine. We sometimes hant them.

6. Kangaroo. We very often hant them.

7. Black People. If not white, that being is not human.

8. Fuckin Yellow Monkeys. They are not human, not animals, nor beings. If female, fuck them all.

9. Fuckin Jap. Eat whole. We nationally attach their whole research ships.

10. Fuckin Indian. Curry Being. If we find them, we hant them.




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