Was that environment something narrow-minded ?

Had the narrow-minded environment made Sensei ?

In that environment, in ramen shop, what had he thought about?

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    Even if those memories vanish, other things will remain. Things that would've turned out differently without you, or never happened at all, these results of your actions will remain. The mark that you left on them. you won't just varnish . from the l...

    • anond:20180630144652

      うっせー、 低能先生は居なかったことにされるんだよ 過去の投稿が残っていても同じことだ

      • anond:20180630144904

        If we do not learn anything from this matter, Sensei should be really erased, and future really fade out. I've very interest why he had to work as a ramen shop part-timer after had studied Islamic culture in Kyushu University . Hi, What do you think a...

        • anond:20180630215636

          いや常識的に考えてあの時期にイスラム文化なんか学んだやつはそこそこのところへ就職できないやろ。 そう言う状況だった。

          • anond:20180630215936

            Was the environment narrow-minded ? Had the narrow-minded environment made Sensei ?

            • anond:20180630233536

              低脳先生が視野が狭かったとかそう言う問題じゃなくて あの時代に生まれたら学歴が高くて専攻が良くなかったらまともな生活は送れなかったんだよ。

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              • anond:20180701003213

                Situation? The situation of Japan had made Sensei? If that is true, is there a lot of people who are like Sensei, such circumstances? Who had made such a situation in Japan?


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