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"Then you are told that it is a river like this and you are told that this blankly white thing that was said to have been after the flow of milk is somehow understood?" The teacher hangs on the blackboard I pointed to everyone pointing to a place like a galaxy belt that was whitely hammered from the top to the bottom of the figure of a big black constellation I did.



Junior high school has junior high school subjects, high school has high school subjects, which is not qualified for graduation unless it is completed. Since the Ministry of Education establishes the number of the items and the order of that arrangement, the teachers of each homeroom teacher should do their utmost to the extent that it is possible to do as much as possible within the time range of the scientific studies being consigned Do not come.

中学校には中学校の科目があり、高等学校には高等科目があり、修了しなければ卒業資格はありません。 文部科学省では、項目数や順番を定めているため、各学級教員教員は、科学研究時間範囲内で可能な限り行うことができる範囲で最大限努力すべきである 委託しないでください。


Tokyo stock market rate slightly rebounded. Securities stocks are expensive due to expectations for increased sales, including the Daiwa Securities Group headquarters that is likable for own share buying. We also raised machinery stocks such as Makita and Hitachi Construction Machinery whose account settlement was evaluated, and LINE skyrocketed with profitable earnings settlement and a raise in investment decisions of Deutsche Securities.

東京株式市場はやや反発した。 証券は、大和証券グループ本社を含め、売り上げ増が予想されるため高価である。 また、マキタ日立建機などの決算評価された機械株を上場し、収益の決済とドイチェ証券投資意欲の向上によりLINEが急上昇しました。

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