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英訳:Part-time-job to writing moaning voices




When I was in college, I had a part-time job writing moaning voices incessantly.

It was a part-time job at an erotic game company that I was introduced to by one of my seniors.

The company put a lot of effort into the story of their erotic games, and the writers who worked there were all people who took pride in their writing.

From their point of view, it was a pain to write the moaning voices in the sex scenes, so they decided to leave it to the part-time workers.

Here's what the job was like.

First, I was given the "gist" of the sex scene, such as "unzipping" or "moving hips faster.

2. I would then add my own moaning voices, such as "mmm ......" and "ahhhhhh", in a reasonable amount of salt.

3. the scenario writer checks it and it's done.

That's how it went.

This may sound easy, but it is surprisingly difficult.

First of all, there is a certain length to an sex scene, so it is necessary to make it exciting precisely within that range.

The sounds used must be gradual, so that the audience does not get bored, and the excitement must be gradually increased.

It is also important to adjust the length of the text.

If the text is too short, it won't convey a sexual pleasure feeling, but if it is too long, the voice will become redundant.

In this way, a sense of balance and systematic pacing is required to get a bird's eye view of eroticism.

It was definitely not a job that I could just bang on the keyboard as I pleased.

My first work was a "younger sister" story, and I had a hard time allocating the "a" sound for the second sex scene.

If she said "aaaaah" from the beginning, it would sound like a seasoned whore's moaning voices, but if She said "an", it would not be erotic enough.

I finished it after much effort, but the writer said, "Couldn't you make it faster?” I'm disappointed.

As I was puzzling over what to do with ...... in front of the computer left by my predecessor (only the "A"key on the keyboard was strangely shiny), I noticed the existence of a file.

It was an Excel file titled "moaning-editor.xls," and it was a macro left by my predecessor specifically for making moaning voice.

By entering lines one by one in the vertically aligned cells, the phonetic elements such as vowels and consonants in each line were automatically converted into numerical values.

Furthermore, by adding and subtracting the numerical values, a value called "climax level" was calculated.

This "climax level" make a breakthrough to creating the ideal moaning voice.

If the sentence is constructed in such a way that this value gradually increases from the beginning to the end of the scene, the voice comes ideally.

It seemed that my predecessor had single-handedly created such an amazing and awesome Excel program.

I guess he wanted to share it with me, his successor, while hiding it from his boss as a secret tool.

Thanks to this tool, my work became much easier, and I could continue to make moving sounds with a stable quality.

One day, while I was working, I noticed something.

Theoretically, any text can be entered into the cell where the moaning voice is supposed input.

In other words to that, any text other than a moaning voice could be used to calculate the "climax level".

So I tried to calculate the "climax level" of famous works in the history of literature.

For example, "I have always called him teacher." for exampleis 12, and "He is reckless like his parents and has been doing nothing but losing money since he was a child. " is 30.


I have always called him teacher.


Author , Natume Soseki

Out , in 1914

Story of distressed man who robbed lover from his friend by lying.


He is reckless like his parents and has been doing nothing but losing money since he was a child.


Author , Natume Soseki

Out , in 1906

Story that revenge of one teacher, who was naughty boy in youth ,to nasty coworker.


I hadn't expected this, but as I researched, I found that many of the masterpieces were written on the same principle as my work.

In other words, the degree of "climax" increases toward the end.

The most notable example is Akutagawa's "Nobody knows where the servant" is. The number of climaxes in this story is 367.


Nobody knows where the servant


Author , Akutagawa Ryunosuke

Out , in 1915

Story of one fired servant struggle to survive and he decide throw aside his human conscience.


The scene in which a drugged married woman faints with the whites of her eyes is at most 330, so you can see how astonishing the number is.

It turns out that "climax" is a universal rule that applies to all kinds of writing.

After realizing this fact, I started to write every sentence as if it were a gasp.

And I have been successful in every aspect of my life.

In job-hunting entry sheets, too, it is the distribution of the "climax level" that is important.

For example, in the education section, if you drop out of the university with the name that has the highest "climax level" and use it as your final education, it will look very different.

(It depends on the name of the university, but in general, "dropped out" has a higher climax level than "graduated.)

As some of you may have noticed, I've been writing this article in such a way as to gradually increase the climax level.

↑The climax level of this sentence is 290.

I'd like to end this sentence here, since it's getting quite high.

Ohhhh! Aaahhhh!

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